Janeite Tag!

~Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
Thank you, Miss Jane Bennet, for tagging me with this super fun 'Janeite tag'! Dashed good idea!
~Tell how you were introduced to Jane Austen and share one fun fact about your Janeite life (this fun fact can be anywhere from "I stayed up all night reading Emma," to "I visited Chawton and met Anna Chancellor.").
I was introduced at the age of twelve, when my mother bought Pride and Prejudice 1995. Even before watching, I loved this movie so much. Immediately, after my first viewing, it was officially my favourite movie ever! Then I started reading the books, watching other movies... you know, I'm practically addicted now.
Fun fact: I watch Pride and Prejudice 1995 at every birthday of mine. I know how to dance Mr Beveridges Maggot and several other Jane Austen dances.

~Answer the tagger's questions.
~Do you have a favourite Austen couple?  If so, what do you think their married life would be like?
As much as I adore Elizabeth Bennet and her Mr Darcy, the honour goes to Mr Knightley and Emma (as portrayed by Johnny and Romola, of course.) Their married life will be long and happy - they will tease, laugh with each other and always stay best friends!

 ~Who is your favourite minor character, in any of Miss Austen's books?
I love Kitty Bennet!

 ~List 3-7 of your favorite Austen quotes.
"Nonsensical girl!" (Mr Knightley)
"If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more." (Mr Knightley)
"An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents. Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr Collins... and I will never see you again if you do." (Best EVER. Mr Bennet)
"You take delight in vexing me!" (Mrs Bennet)
"Shelves in the closet? Happy thought indeed!" (Lizzy Bennet)
"Ship-court?!!" "No, Harriet. Court-ship!" (Harriet Smith and Emma Woodhouse)
"Oh, how I wish this rain would stop!" "I wish YOU would stop." (Mrs and Mr Palmer)
(I know some of these aren't from the books, but from the moves. But... yeah, I couldn't resist. Especially Mr Palmers'. :)

 ~How many JA books do you own?
ALL. *Proud look*

 ~What Austen character do you think you're most like?
I'm nonsensical, like Emma Woodhouse - but I can also be really emotional. So I'd say Marianne Dashwood, with some Emma Woodhouse throw-in.

 ~Have you read the Juvenilia?
Sorry! No. What is it?

 ~Favorite movie/TV adaptation of an Austen novel?
Need I answer this? No, I don't. Read this post again if you don't know yet. I watch it every birthday and I'm a die-hard fan. You know what it is.
Thank you Jane, that was fun!


  1. Thanks for doing the tag! =) I'm glad you like the idea and I loved your answers. That P&P95 Watching Tradition sounds like an incredible idea! (And the Juvenilia are the short stories Jane wrote when she was a kid/teenager, haha. Some of them are hysterical, in my opinion. ;D)

  2. Oh, I *might* have read the Juvenillia after all then. Is it 'the Watsons' and those shorter stories?

  3. The Juvenilia includes things like "Love and Freindship" and "The Beautifull Cassandra". :D "The Watsons" and "Sanditon" were her unfinished novels, so I don't think they'd be part of the Juvenilia. (But there are some editions I've seen that put "The Watsons" in the back of the Juvenilia, so...I don't know, haha.)

  4. No, I haven't read the Juvenilla after all then. Do you think they'd be free on kindle? I'll have a look because it sounds awesome. :-)

  5. Well, you can get them for 99 cents on Kindle, haha. Otherwise, I'm sure you can read them on the internet--they're public domain books. =)

  6. I have no idea what Mr Beveridges Maggot is, but it sounds like a lot of fun! And it must be fun to tell people :D

    Ahh Mr. Knightley and Emma I see ;) Maybe I'm just not remembering Emma right...

    Mr. Bennet, telling it like it is!!!

    I have never heard that Mr. Palmer quote, but it is awesome!! I will now use it whenever I get a chance!!

    Liked your answers :D

    P.S. Your posts have been wonderful recently!!!

  7. Thank you Ashley!

    Mr Beveredges Maggot is the dance Darcy and Elizabeth dance together at Netherfield Park.

    Watch Sense and Sensibility - Mr Palmer has lots more hilarious quotes!


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