Things I need to do before I visit Emma:

Someone on Pinterest said in the caption on this picture: "Just watch this show for the hairstyles." She is right.
(Not that I didn't want to watch The Paradise before this, though.)

One more week and then the craziest three weeks ever will commence. (I will refrain myself from talking in capital letters because I remember two years ago I wanted to make a classy sort of blog and I must do my fifteen-year-old self proud.)

Before next week though, I have a number of things to do, and, because I actually DO them when people know I need to do them, I will paste them on zee blog. (Also, I need a blog post excuse, and also, it will add to the general excitment. Also it gives me a jolly good excuse to talk about Downton Abbey because I am currently watching said show.)


1. Pack my suitcase and weigh it. It's almost packed, but the general finishing touches must be done this week. (This will be a jolly lovely task, for obvious reasons.)

2. Write a short story for my sister's birthday. One of my sisters had her sixteenth birthday yesterday (Scrumptious chocolate cake alert!) and my lame excuse as a present was 'order a story.' I do this sometimes, and basically I let them choose a story idea and I write down a short story for them. (Hashtag the life of a writer, right?) She said it must be a surprise, so I'm writing down a story about pink princesses and - kidding, kidding. (The said sister is not that kind of girl.) I'm not telling you what the story is about because said sister is just about the only family member who follows my blog posts devotedly. Anyways, happy birthday dear sister! (I wrote 'happy birthday dead sister' first. This is awkward.)

3. Load the batteries of the camera. (About cameras - some of you may expect pictures of Emma and me. I'm afraid I ain't ready yet to demonstrate my face to the internet. Buuuut we will try to show, in other ways, what our stay was like. We promise to make it vivid despite the lake of facial pictures.)

4. Make sure Beau Dermott wins Britain's got Talent.

5. Finish Downton Abbey Season Six!!!!! YES, we're watching it!! It's sooo good. Watching Downton Abbey hits so close to home; and I'd missed it so much. Of course, I know all the spoilers (but fret ye not, my lips are sealed... unless you ask.) but personally I think that makes it even MORE fun to watch. We're on episode six tonight.
Some spoiler-free thoughts so far: 1. Andy is so cute. 2. Daisy is quite stupid. 3. I actually like Thomas Barrow. 4. Tom is TOO NICE. And he looks old. Where's my old (as in, young) Tom? 5. The way Cora says 'ghastly' is hilarious. 6. I love Edith and Mary's new suitors. Especially Edith's. (She's fiiiiinally found the right one, haha.)

6. Do my last exam for the year on Tuesday! (Sociology.)

7. GET EXCITED. (Also, do French and study Sociology, bleh.)

8. Finally; I want to read some books this week. I haven't done proper "free time" reading in a dramatically long time, and I'm SHOCKINGLY behind on my Goodreads reading challenge, which is a news of distressing nature. I need to read the "Refiner's Fire Trilogy" and then some short books that are quick to read till I'm ahead of my Goodreads schedule.


What are your plans for this week?


    Oooh delightful list Naomi! :-D

  2. You should watch all of Downton over again when you finish Season Six. That's what I did! Seven days!!

  3. I somehow missed the posts about you guys getting to meet! I'm so happy for you two! You're going to have the best-est, most fun time in your life (so far)!

  4. Lovely Downton Abbey pictures :-) Matthew is very cute, I must say. (Cannot wait to see him as the Prince in "Beauty and the Beast." Arrrrrggggggggggggg that movie needs to come out NOW.)

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BEAU DERMOTT MUST WIN BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT. SHE MUST. Seriously, I cannot believe what an amazing voice she has. She's fantastic. I can't wait to see her on Broadway someday!!!

    What am I planning for this week? I've got to clean my room and my desk--they look like disaster areas right now, what with all the leftover books and papers and junk from last semester and everything. And I want to work on my new novel some more :-)

    Have a wonderful time with Emma!!!! I know you will :-) (And I hope you like America. We're very far from perfect but we do our best, don't ya know ;-) )

  5. Seven days! Then six, five, four, three, two, one, and then you'll be with Emma!!!

    I have watched America's Got Talent before, but never Britain's Got Talent. Maybe I should, for the accents. (Among other things.)

    I don't comfortable (quite yet, maybe later) to put my face on the internet either, so when I take a vacation I just take loads of scenery pictures and then spam my readers with them. xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

  6. Just wanted to say two things...

    1) I'm soooo excited that you'll be visiting Emma!
    2) I personally hope that Wayne Woodward wins Britain's Got Talent 'cause he sings beautifully. (AND he sings Frank Sinatra songs.) Just saying. :)


    1. OH YES!!!! Wayne Woodward is my second favourite act in the show - I loooove his voice!

  7. YOU'RE LEAVING SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! I hope your travels go smoothly and you have barrels of fun! I shall say in advance: "Welcome to America!!!!!!" :D

  8. SIX MORE DAYS! Wow! This is CRAZY! How did it sneak up so fast?? It seems like such a short while ago that you were announcing your upcoming trip for the very first time. Ohhhh! You must be enormously excited! I can hardly imagine. :D

    I like your to-do list. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you. (No, I'm not saying I don't think you can do it. I've learned my lesson. Naomi can get A LOT of stuff done in a week when she sets her mind to it! *wink*)

    Sounds like Downton Abbey season 6 is going to be quite interesting. I did see the first episode, but then we decided we'd better wait to watch more until we could borrow it from the library (because we didn't really want to pay for it on Amazon anymore). Does Tom ever get married? (You can spoil it for me. I like spoilers. ;))

    Aww. Writing a story for your sister's birthday is such a cool idea! I like it. :D

    Lovely post, Naomi!!

    1. I don't think Tom ever gets married. He might kind of 'find a girl' in the later episodes - because there was a tiny hint about that in the last episode we watched. I don't know for sure though, but I know he doesn't get married. :-)


    Man. I want to write as amusing blog posts as you do! :D But anyway, best of luck getting these things checked off your list. I'll be praying for you girls' visit :)

    P.S. The way Cora says "ghastly" IS hilarious. I'd forgotten about that xD

  10. I'm so excited for you!!!! I will be thinking of you on June 4th (which coincidentally is the day I'll be doing my photography job I told you about. The fact that that it's your "big day" just makes me more excited for the 4th!)

    Anyways, I love your list and I'm sure you'll get it all done!! Your excitement will help you along. ;) Go, Naomi!! You can do it! :D

    (Again, I'm so excited for you and Emma! Squeee!!)

  11. 1. Ahhh, I always procrastinate with it, but packing can be so fun!

    2. "dead sister"-- hahaha :D

    5. Enjoyyy! I'm still in Season 4, but very much looking forward to 6(except that it will be the end *sniff*). Daisy is stupid, Tom looks old, you like Thomas Barrow, and Edith's suitor is pleasant? Wow, those is very different from my current opinions;)

    I will NEVER forget Matthew. :( That picture is too much.

    5 days(and 23 hours) left! It's coming so soon!

    1. HAHA. Season four is probably my least favourite DA season (maybe that was season 5, I always mix them up.) But yeah, Tom is still super cool and young-looking in there, and Thomas is still oily and smug in there, and Edith has a less pleasant suitor in there as well. But you'll LOVE Edith's suitor in THIS season!! :-)


  12. Whoops... how did I come so far behind blogging that I'm several days late...


    Side note: only 5 more days to go. FIVE. MORE. DAYS.

    Hey, that's a cool idea, writing a story for your sister's birthday. I like that. ;) And goodness, dead sister. *snort*

    YES YES YES LOAD YOUR CAMERA BATTERIES I'M COUNTING ON THEM. (Are you going to take your laptop over, or are you going to just use Emma's? ;D)

    I haven't been following Britain's Got Talent (I find there are more duds than gems in those kinds of shows :P) but I just HAD to find out who Beau was and... WOW. She has a good set of pipes on her. Wish I had them. *ahem* But now I want to watch all her other performances. :D (And how do you propose to make her win, may I ask? Bribery? ;P I'm guessing you text in a vote, like we do here in our talent shows. I'm also guessing you may have a phone now, since you've mentioned texting before - that's exciting, if that's the case.)

    OH OH OH STOP TALKING ABOUT DA!! I really want to watch it, I just wish it didn't have such horrid issues in it. >:/ Grr...

    Oh, your last exam FOR THE YEAR?! Wow. This is bigger than I thought. ;)

    #7 shouuuldn't be too hard. I think I know you well enough to say that much.

    Haha. Naomi wants to read books. Who'd have thought?! That's just SUCH a change. I mean, Naomi never reads books. Oh, no, no indeed. *shakes head*

    What am *I* going to do this week? Well, nothing as exciting as exams and reading books and flying halfway across the globe to visit a certain starry-eyed girl who owns bunnies and writes on a farm... 'twould appear my (lot in life?) week will be overflowing with school and cleaning. Whoop whoop whoopee. *sigh* I shall try to be happy. *fakes a smile* After all, there is a positive way to look at things. I can feel as though I'm Cinderella as I am cleaning the bathroom and singing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and dream I'm wearing that gorgeous blue ballgown and dancing with my Prince. One must look on the bright side.

    ~Miss Meg

    1. YES I'LL SEND YOU PICTURES. Yes, I'm taking my dear Jane (my laptop, haha) with me! :-)

      I agree, a lot of Britain's Got Talent is complete trash. I don't really follow it strictly - as we don't have a tv; I just watch the Youtube clips. (Whiiich takes up a lot of time. I'm quite glad it's over now - the final was last Saturday and Beau didn't win SIGH and I was quite disapponted.) No, I didn't vote - I haven't a clue how. :-P (Yeah, I think you have to download a free app for it.) I just kind of HOPED in my head, haha. :-) (And no, I don't have a phone. I call 'chatting' texting sometimes because it's just the same principal except on a laptop, haha.)

      Sorry. DA DOES have issues, but all in all it's superbos.

      You are so good to be cheerful - go you! :-) Have a nice week, dear!

      ~ N

  13. Ehhhhhhh, I cannot take all this! THIS IS SIMPLY TOO EXCITING!! *flails*

    Basically, I won't know what to do with myself for the next five days. ;-P

    Sadie and I read this together when I got back home. She laughed at the part about "doing your fifteen-year-old self proud" and I laughed at the "happy birthday dead sister". And I agree with you 200% -- Tom is TOO NICE and too old. I miss my old Branson. Now he's always smiling and making jokes. What happened to my riotous Irish chauffeur? (It's such a shame.) OH AND DON'T YOU LOVE BERTIE?!?!?!


  14. Have to agree with you on Tom-HE'S TOO BLOODY NICE AND TOO BLOODY OLD (Wha...no....but I love Branson....I do...a lot) and YASSSSS on Edith finally finding the one!!! And yes, I do miss Matthew on the show...a lot.....

  15. I do hope you will be able to send photos dear! :-D
    I really can't wait for this!
    What am I up to this week? Finishing my first semester of university (wut) and catching up on some good period drama goodness.
    Agree so much about Branson!!!!!

    4 DAYS 4 DAYS

    *tries to calm down*

    I so hope your flight will be safe and have fun in the U.S!! (Don't you dare to be bored)

    Yours sincerely,

  17. Oh goodness, JUST 4 MORE DAYS!!! I hope you have a lovely, lovely visit!!!

    Mmm - plans for this week is basically finishing school. I've just got this one last week, and then, SUMMER!!


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