What I thought of "Love and Friendship"

1. It's VERY FUNNY. Probably the funniest Jane Austen movie I've ever seen. I laughed a lot - there was always someone laughing in the room for at least one of every five lines or something.

2. Sir James, Frederica's unintended, is my favourite. He's completely stupid (and he's no SOLOMON) but he's hilaaarious and he just steals the show with his, "Oh, it's Churchill - put alltogether like that! I saw a Church, but I didn't see a Hill, you see. Haha!" and his, "How jolly. Tiny green balls. What are they called?"

3. Kate Beckinsale was EXCELLENT in her role as Lady Susan. Like, woow-you-are-a-GOOD-actress-like-Emma-Thompson-level-actress. Every line sizzled in mean-ness and witty-ness and dry Janeious humour.

4. Oh yes - Lady Susan is not nice. I disliked her strongly, but yet I enjoyed her presence on screen. She's definitely Jane Austen's most 'evil' protagonist - and ugh, my heart goes out to her dear daughter, Frederica. I'd rather have Mrs Bennet as a mother than Lady Susan Vernon. Mrs Bennet is stupid - Susan is most definitely not. She's too clever for her own good.

5. Frederica is a DARLING. I felt really sorry for her; and I wish the love story between her and Reginald had been more developed. 

6. Reginald deCourcy was a dream, but I'm kinda of disappointed that he proposed to the one and only you-know-who. I wish he had been attracted to Frederica from the very start, because they were so good for each other. I'm glad he seemed very much in love with her in the end, though. Their wedding was cute. (He was cute.)

7. I loved the way the characters were introduced. It is unlike anything I've seen before in a movie.

8. I loved Reginald deCourcy's sister; and her husband, Charles. They were really cute and sweet. (The sister (forgot her name) reminded me of Caroline Lee from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved sometimes, though. But then like 90 times nicer. Still.)

9. The LINES. SO many of them were so so funny. 
"Go sir! Or I shall have you whipped." "Outrageous! Have you never met him?" "Oh no, I know him well - I'd never speak to a stranger like that."
"Do you know the fourth commandment?" "Thou shalt not..." "No, it's a thou shalt. Not a thou shalt not. That's what lack of education does for you."
"What a delightful family pose."

10. The little ginger pastor was really sweet. He was my brother's favourite. :-P

11. I didn't like Susan's American friend. She was a nuisance. Her husband; Stephen Fry (too old to rule and too young to die) was funny, but not as funny as I had expected. (This is Jeeves. He could have recieved funnier lines.)

12. Mrs Mainwairing was very well acted. Her crying faces = PRICELESS.

13. I HATED the Mainwairing-plot, though. Thus, I disliked the ending, and I was disappointed in it. Like, COME ON WHAT. And aww-noo-what. :-P Also, it was too fast. And wierd. And just... I didn't like it.

14. Why did people treat Susan and her daughter as if they were the same age?! They swapped fiancées!!

15. All in all, it was a very good movie. Not excellent and amazing; I have to say. It wasn't very romantic; and there weren't any characters that really warmed my soul and that I loved to bits, and I was disappointed with some things - but I would recommend it, and gosh - JANE AUSTEN IS HILARIOUS. I love her. :-)


  1. It looks like a really funny movie, I have to borrow the original story from the library and read that first before I can watch it, though. I can't wait to see it! I've watched the trailer around a million times. Or something like that.

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. I'm reading 'Lady Susan' now. It's so much easier to follow after you've seen it, though. :-)
      Ha me too - I've seen the trailer LOTSOFTIMES.

  2. Yup. Pretty much exactly my and my parents' reactions, as well ;) Sir James is now one of the most oft-quoted characters ever. I think my favorite part with him was when he was talking about "the Twelve Commandments." "…Because they are wrong." xD

    I agree, DeCourcy was a dear, cute chap, but I did wish he would have have a touch more sense. But Lady Susan is, after all, a master of manipulation, so we can't be too hard on him, I suppose.

    Weren't DeCourcy's parents adorable?!?! "You mean you want me to just read it, no punctuation?"

    I enjoyed this post ever so much :)

    1. YESSSS. HAHA. The Twelve Commandments bit.
      (True. I do like him.)

      HAHA. THE PUNCTUATION BIT. I loved that bit A Lot. :-)

  3. "Fredrica's Unintended". :)

    Ok, now I want to see it all the more!!

  4. So glad you got to see this :-) It sounds really book-accurate, which is great!!

    AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH LADY SUSAN IS SO SO SO AWFUL. She made me furious--really, truly furious--when I read the book back in high school . . . and I was extremely pleased to see that she was finally defeated in the end (although if I'd had my way, she would have received a much MORE severe punishment than what she got.)

    Yeah, I didn't reeeeeeeeeeeeally like Reginald DeCourcy in the book; he was much too easily persuaded and led-about-by-the-nose-ish. Yes, I know Lady Susan is a good manipulator and stuff . . . but seriously, he just LET her walk all over him. No backbone. *frowns*

    How about the costumes--did they do a good job with those?

  5. Glad you enjoyed this - I loved it! I thought they did the ending well considering the book's not really finished, but I agree about Stephen Fry, they should have given him more to do!! And I kind of wanted them to go off book, so that Frederica could end up with the "little ginger pastor", haha - they had chemistry! (Also costumes were gorgeous :D)

  6. Yep, it is quite funny, but like you, I agree that there were no characters that I truly fell in love with. Although I really wish the pastor had more screen time. He was an absolute doll! And Frederica, of course. She's the sweetest little thing, and I think her purity is what made me dislike Reginald. He was soooo blind to Lady Susan's faults and her just irked me so dreadfully. I rarely watch movies where the lead characters are ones I can't stand so I'm not sure I'll ever watch it again, but it did have its entertaining moments. And the quips were superb, in true Jane Austen style!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  7. Wow! You were so quick to write this post I didn't even have time to comment on your original post and ask you to tell us what you thought of the movie! Haha. This was a lot of fun to read. Sounds like it was a very entertaining film, and now I really want to see it. It's too bad the ending was a disappointment to you, though. :(

    ~Miss March

  8. I really loved seeing this too! But I think I need to watch it again, just to keep who's who, and what got swapped when. There's a lot of entanglements! I really liked Frederica too, and loved the wedding!

  9. BAHHH you beat me!!! Mine is in Composition still...

    Nice thoughts though! Sir James... oh my goodness. "I thought Church and Hill, but couldn't see either-- all I could see was this big house!!"

    The hilarious thing is, I went to see this movie with a couple of friends (siblings) and then went to their house for dinner afterwards and their mom served peas! Of course, I had to jump right on that quote...

  10. I'm tryyying to skim this (emphasis on the word 'trying') because guess what?! I'm hopefully going to go see it! :D I had friends who went to see it and loved it too, and my Mum said she'd be happy to go, so it's just a matter of whether or not our cinemas will be playing it. So hopefully... yes. :D

    ~Miss Meg


  12. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. AH! I'm still so glad you got to see it. :-) And I'm glad it was funny -- funny movies are sometimes just what a person needs. My favorite line from the trailer is still, "Be gone, or I shall have you whipped!"

  14. Sooo...I'm trying to decide if I want to see this or not. I've already read the book, and I didn't really like it. I don't like Lady Susan (who does? I mean, except for every man she meets) and I didn't like the ending. I don't like the whole Manwaring thing. There are enough things that I didn't like in the book (and I've heard there's a strong implication at the end of the movie of something worse than Jane Austen, even in Lady Susan, would have implied. That is another thing I know I wouldn't like.)
    So what I'm wondering is: Is it worth it to see it for everything besides the things I don't like and the inappropriate relationships and implications? I have super high standards for movies (like, I didn't even finish watching LRtC because of some of the content). So I'm asking you--being the picky, high-moral person I am, should I see this movie?

    1. I thought it was an excellent movie; and... you know, it's an Austen book. It's funny and insanely clever and the dialogue lives like gold.
      Maybe though, in your case - I don't know, maybe you would be a bit disappointed? The ending was disappointing to me - and as you say you have super high standards, it might not be down your alley. I'd still recommend it though, but you might not be 100% satisfied with it. I don't know. :-P


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