Five things you could do to make your day better

1. Have a spontaneous meet-up with a friend. 
When you randomly hear that a friend happens to be nearby, hop on a bike and go have a random meet-up. Just a chat and a laugh and a 15-minute windy walk is worth it. There is something about spur-on-the-moment decisions that makes my love for life skyrocket to a high level. I should do more of it. I love it when an ordinary day ends up having a quick change of plan to make it a bit special. It does not happen often, but when it does it does my heart good.

2. Go through a movie/season and just rewatch all your favourite scenes. 
Don't listen to those people who think that's weird - just do it. It's so much fun, and sometimes one doesn't have time to watch everything but one still has A Desire to relive certain scenes. I went through the entire season of Berkeley Square when I was staying at my grandparents' several weeks ago, and just watched all the Ned and Matty scenes because those two are adorable. The other day I watched the last episode of Downton Abbey again and then the day after I was like, 'I'm still not over that episode; I have to rewatch some scenes.' So I did. Edith and Bertie are so cute and I can't even tell you how proud I am of Thomas and the way he turns out in the end.

3. Learn a chapter of the Bible by heart. 
My goal one day is to know an entire book by heart - like that man who performed at the convention I went to in England back in July, and acted out the entire book of Luke (it was amazing) - but I am not very good at learning stuff word for word, so I'm trying for a chapter. Of course the first one I want to learn by heart is 1 Corinthians 13. Learning Bible verses by heart used to be something I absolutely hated, but now I so see why it's important and helpful. Reading the Bible is one thing, but remembering it and living it is another thing - and the latter is so much easier when you have verses stored up in yo brain.

4. Write down prayers. 
Getting distracted is easy easy EASY; I mean, can I get an amen? Even without a phone; even without music on the background - my brain just crawls away. Also, prayer is so important; and so powerful - and I don't want to ignore it. Being focused during prayer is important also, and avoiding distractions during prayer is therefore essential. What helps for me is writing down my prayers. Writing is one of the ways I express myself, so I'm not saying it's good for everyone, but writing down my prayers has helped me so much and I really recommend it!

5. Listen to all the cliché feel-good songs.
Hey, just forget a second about being stereotypical; if you want to jam on Happy and Can't Stop the Feeling while doing the dishes, just freaking do it. If you've listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack 100 times already but your heart still says it can handle more, just put it on again and sing your heart out. (Confession: I listen to One Direction now and then. K. Don't judge me.)

Give me something I should do to make an ordinary day extraordinary.


  1. I've been doing #2 and 5 throughout this year and it really does make you feel better :D

  2. Something to do to make an ordinary day extraordinary:

    Buy a doughnut with rainbow sprinkles.

    Also, hug a sibling and tell them they're special. That one's very important.

    (I listen to 1D too ;-) "Best Song Ever" is a major classic.)

    1. Yes, hugging siblings. yes.

      (Best Song Ever is fun! :-))

  3. What fun ideas!! *whispers* don't worry, you're not alone. I listen to a little bit of one direction too... ;P

  4. Ahh this is so great. I LOVE spontaneous activities. Sadly, it's a little hard to do them often where I live, due to our distance from everything (and everyone ha).

    I need to do the movie/ tv show favorite moments thing more often.

    I've started picking a weekly Bible verse that I try to memorize during the week. I'm nowhere near ready for a chapter yet, but that is definitely a GREAT idea.

    AMEN. Prayer journaling helps me focus, too. The problem is that I don't write fast enough for my brain so sometimes I get impatient and would rather just talk to God. But then my focus starts to waver...I think I need a balance of both. :)

    HAPPY MUSIC YAS. I went to a swing dance this past Saturday and they played all sorts of my favorite tunes-Glen Miller and Frank Sinatra and such. And "Can't Stop the Feeling". ;D It was grand fun.

    1. Yeah, where I live also feels like it's out of everyone's reach. I know what it feels like. :-)

      Yes, a balance of both is good too - that's what I do too.

      GLEN MILLER. We've been listening to his stuff in the car lately and 'sit dancing' in the car and it was so much fun. (A SWING DANCE?!? That sounds so much fun? Send me pictures?)


    But on a cheerier note, where I am not weeping and begging you to spill all your blogging secrets, (seriously though, do you want chocolate?? or books???? LET ME BRIBE YOU PLEASE!!) this is really a fabulous post!!
    All five of these things I WILL TOTALLY BE DOING this fall and hopefully for the rest of my life. I just bookmarked this post so I can come back to it and read it every 2 weeks!

    And, because of what a wonderful post this is, I will NOT disown you for listening to One Direction.
    Cause now that you mention it, I was thinking about listening to them the other day but then I was like: "no I can't, HOW COULD I LIVE WITH MYSELF???" Or basically that anyway, but I think I might listen to them on occasion, seeing as The Best Blogger In The History Of Ever™ does it, than maybe I can to??? IF I GET BURNED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AS PUNISHMENT I AM COMING BACK TO HAUNT YOU, NAOMI.

    aaanyway this comment was VERY crazy, but I hope it made you laugh none the less. THIS POST WAS THE BEST THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING!!!!!

    1. THX :-) <3

      Hahahaha, One Direction has such a bad rap. Some of their songs are meh, but others are just so. dang. catchy. And they're sort of cute. :-P

      Your comment made me laugh out loud, haha! Thank you!

  6. literally number 5 makes me so happy. one of the best moments Ive had the past few months was when my best friend and I danced like crazy to old school One Direction. yes, we're both in our twenties. no, we didnt care. and it was awesome.
    and randomly meeting up with friends? yES. I love it. I randomly took a trip to visit my brother yesterday and it was awesome. I love it when people just text me last minute and say "hey Im in the area." its wonderful.

    this post was so cute

    1. Ok, to be fair, old school 1D is awesome. That sounds so much fun. :-)
      Ah, yes, that sounds so nice.

  7. -Take a moment to actually look at nature. Pick up a leaf or pause to look at the moon.
    -Be brave and talk to a stranger.

  8. Well, I was spontaneous and went with my conductor to the carnival of flowers about half an hour before the others, the result was a lovely conversation with the dear man over strawberries and cream and just the two of us laughing happily in the warm sun as we sat on the park bench. Really liked this post dear!

  9. Aww, I love these kinds of posts. <3

    1. I can't really do that, because I live in the country, in the middle of whoop-whoop, and though I CAN bike ride to my grandparents house, it takes about 40 minutes of hard work, and it's a bit too dangerous to go places by myself. But planning things spontaneously is definitely fun!! :D

    2. I've never done this. :P I'm a chronological kind of person and it actually grieves me to take the story out of order. *ahem* But hey, no judgement coming from me if you do that... just don't make me do it. ;P

    3. Oh, I've been trying this! I'm not very quick at it, but so far I've memorized 1 John chapters 1, 2 and part of 3. It's slow going, but I definitely feel like I'm getting somewhere, and it really is helpful. I wish I was better at it, though.

    4. I haven't done this very much. I normally say my prayers, because my brain goes too fast to write it all down (like... WAY TOO FAST. :P)... but yes, it is very easy to get distracted. :/

    5. Hehe, yeah, I love listening to feel-good songs!! 110% approve. <3
    (I don't normally listen to 1D, but I did listen to a car pool karaoke with Harry Styles and James Corden this afternoon, because a friend recommended it to me. It was funny, and I laughed a lot, but I think James is 10x cooler than Harry. xD)

    Something you should do to make an ordinary day extraordinary?
    Do something out-of-your-way nice for someone. It will make your day so much better. And if you can convince them, sing a silly duet with a sibling. That's always something I do. XD (On a daily basis.) (Maybe even hourly basis.) (I highly recommend "I Can Do Anything Better Than You" from Annie Get your Gun.)

  10. 4 and 5.


    Because writing helps me focus too and sometimes shallow songs were super fun. (I like One Direction too. Be not ashamed.)

  11. AGH. I love this post so much! Some things that I do just to brighten my day is just ignoring the fact that I have school and rereading a good book (or skimming through it), kinda like your thing with the TV. :) I love going back and looking at Anne of GReen Gables pins tho, that ALWAYS makes me so happy. Also texting my friends and just talking about what God has been revealing to us in His word. LOVE doing that.

    That's all I can think of right now, but I know there is more. Loving your blog!


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