Pretty yellow sunlight

Pretty yellow sunlight 

In the morning, peeking through the curtains. Begging for outside company, it felt like. The sound of the alarm clock was not a dreadful sound today. Because of the gold substance waiting outdoors. It helps so so much. I opened my window and said hi.

During breakfast. One felt like eating ones oatmeal and cornflakes with the windows wide open. Siblings came down in flowery jumpsuits with spaghetti straps and bright coloured shorts.

Then I missed my bus so my mum took me to the station. The car was parked under our huge big tree but the sun got through and the pretty yellow sunlight caught the car.

The train station! Intoxicated with a gold, calm spell. Eyes squinting. Here and there in the crowd a teenage boy flicking around his cool hair, looking even cooler in the sunlight, and a lady looking uncomfortable in her office heels. No sweat yet though, because it was only twenty five minutes past seven o'clock. The air is still fresh.

In the train. Eyes close. People read newspapers. A man with orange glasses and 4 wooden beaded bracelets on his left arm reads his with a grumpy face. I wonder why. Because it's a SUNLIT MORNING. Dude.

Walking from the station to college, over Brussels' pavements and crossing the busy road. Out came my 5£ sunglasses. Around me: A girl in a summer top, a lady with cool sandals and a beautiful classy Indian lady with an Audrey Hepburnesque black dress and beautiful black curls. (Street fashion goals!)

After four hours of supposed productivity and apparently education classes the small class that was present today went into the pretty streets of Brussels to find some place to drink something.

The streets of Brussels. The yellowness splashing on the cobbles and the great Medieval houses. The horse for the tourist horse and carriage drinking his well needed water. So many tourists and so many languages. People eating waffles and ice-cream and taking pictures of the famous (and stupid) statue of the peeing boy and wearing shaded specs. We were students who had just finished 4 hrs of classes and who had 4 more hrs to go but the atmosphere in the city screamed holiday.

A entrepreneuring band of a guitar, saxophone and a drum-kit played songs from their album they were trying to sell. And they played 'Havana havana' and 'Hit the road Jack.' They were talented. And played and played their songs with such gusto in the blazing city sunlight, sweat trickling on their foreheads. People were sitting on the pavement. Listening and selfie-ing, and wanting their legs to get tanned.

We found a café with coloured chairs outside. Bought scandalously expensive drinks. The sun was pouring down over us. The cool drinks were much appreciated.

Walking back to college through the glass pink famous shopping Galerie Royalle of Brussels. I walk there almost daily but today it was more beautiful than normal. The sun shone down through the glass ceiling. The fancy chocolate shops and glove shops gave passers by cool inviting breezes and the tulips planted in big flowerpots nodded lazily, their yellow and red colours smiling at me.

4 more hours of class, luckily the rooms were cool and the teachers were in good moods because the first day of what felt like summer had cast a spell of cheerfulness over everyone. The Dutch class was hilarious and chill. 

In the train at 6 o'clock people were cheerful, but tired - the sunlight and the sweat making everyone drowsy and dizzy. A nice-looking dark-skinned boy was sleeping on the seat next to me. Another guy in shorts was reading a thick book about Stephen Hawking. He had big glasses and looked extremely nerdy and intelligent. I just looked outside. At the green leaves of the trees whizzing past. At the people in skirts and shorts and tank tops and T-shirts and real shirts with the sleeves rolled up. At the rays of sunlight streaming down from the heavens onto my train seat.

Drinking water. Sweaty but happy after a long day of classes. The bus drove me home. It drove past so many deliciously FULL trees of luscious bunches of pink blossom. WOW.

When I came home, my brother was playing the piano with the headphones on, because my littlest sister was sleeping upstairs. My little sisters were in their pyjamas, drawing tiny little adorable pictures of potted flowers and cacti. It was almost seven o'clock but the whole downstairs floor was light with evening sun rays. I ate leftover pancakes with strawberry jam and then with chocolate 'hagelslag' and I drank a huge glass of milk.

I closed my bedroom window and closed the curtains.

Oh my word
Pretty yellow sunlight.
You made an ordinary day quite extra.


  1. NAOMI. Why does your writing make me so very happy??? Now I have alllllll the summer feelings and I want to go for a walk and ice cream and tidy my room and play my ukulele. You just brought sunlight to my day. <3

  2. I really don't have anything more to say to this than a *happy sigh*. <3

    (Also, it took me ages to realize that you were writing about your first day of summer. :P I just forget that people in the Northern Hemisphere have their seasons start differently to us - our seasons start with the month, not part way through! Gosh, it's so confusing. :P)

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  3. No! It's not summer yet. Summer officially starts in June but this was yesterday and it sure felt like summer. 🌞🌞

  4. This has got me so stinking excited for the trip to Germany this Summer (it's still being decided if I can go so will email you when it's comfirned as we're possibly coming through Belguim) :D

  5. Oh Evie, that would be so so cool!

  6. This almost made me like summer 😁

  7. So beautiful. <3
    Thank you for those visuals today!

  8. BEAUTIFUL! You write SO WELL, Naomi. <3 Also, please accept my friend request at Goodreads. :)

  9. Man, you are lucky to be studying in Holland. Seems like the weather is beautiful there. Here in California in spring it is also nice, I just wish people dressed with more class.

    P.S. just posted some poetry, if you want to check it out. #totallynotselfpromotion

    1. NOT HOLLAND!!! BELGIUM. *shocked face* :-D

  10. This was beautiful. ♥♥♥


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