Things you can do

Things you can do this summer/whenever

- Learn how to play the guitar (if you can't yet)
- Go visit a place nearby in your country (or state) where you haven't been yet
- Wake up at 4 or 5am and go on a sunrise walk
- Make pizza + Eat it (of course eat it duh)
- Write a book and illustrate it. Like even a short book for kids. Give it a go!
- Try writing a song. You may have an inner Ed Sheeran.
- Set phone-use rules. That way you don't waste away your summer.
- Make some cold beverage. IDK. Some kind of unique coloured lemonade.
- Sew something
- Do something sweet for your mum; like make a video or pick a bouquet.
- Write freakin cool letters to around the world
- Draw lil' imaginary people
- Read the Bible. all of it
- Make waffles + eat it (of course eat it)
- Rewatch Fiddler on the Roof (or *insert your favourite musical*)
- Watch an epic series. Like Poldark. (yeah, watched season 1 and man, I love it I love it)
- Learn something new. for ex. learn all the countries and capital cities of the world. (My sister did it in three days. I know. She is freaking fantastic.)
- Play the piano for 2 hrs
- Have deep talks with friends and also laugh a lot with friends. Plz don't gossip with friends. don't go there.
- Rant online. jk. Encourage people.
- Whatever ya do, don't waste yo precious God-given time.

This is a short post, I know. But I have exams coming up and a short post is better than nothing! Just wanted to encourage you that YOU CAN DO GREAT THINGS WITH YOUR LIFE! Try new things. Retry old things in a new way. Smile and don't compain about whatever it is that isn't perfect. Strive for perfection but while you strive, fix your hope on what is above cuz that's the only thing that truly is perfect.

Life is an adventure if you make it one. That made me cringe. :-P but it's true.

God is good. And he loves you.
That ^ wowowowow.


  1. Good stuff, good stuff. *nods* Hope your exams go well and that you have a wonderful summer, darling! :D

  2. That list sounds pretty fun. Good luck on your exams and also have a wonderful summer!!!

  3. Ahhh... I love this post, but I must admit my favourite part would have to be the end quote. <3 <3 <3

    (Also, pretty sure I've played the piano for longer than 2 hours at a time before. I find it addictive.)

    Oh, and I'm all about people who make the most out of ordinary days... like, who says you can't do all those things?! There's so much at our fingertips, but sometimes we lack imagination! I love these kinds of posts. :D

  4. aww thank you for the encouragement <3 Im trying to make this summer the best one since 2016. my goal is to travel as much as I can.

  5. I love this post! Simply love it. <3

  6. (Not even a whisper at all): Yay! You watched Poldark! I'm anxiously awaiting series 4 anyday now. Best of all, there will be a series 5 next year. I cried quite a bit at the end of series 1 (Julia) :(
    Have fun catching up! :)

  7. I really like this post!
    Journaling is something I aspire to do more of, this summer. I recently managed to scratch off two things that I've had on my list for a couple years! Learning the ukulele and writing a letter across the country.
    Good luck with exams! You're almost there!


  8. This post was so perfect and I needed it!! I pray you do well on exams and have a fantastic summer!!!

  9. Awesome list! I will definitely be trying some of these things!

  10. Great list! Sounds fun! Especially the pizza and waffles!


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