Five reasons why you should reread books

People often act surprised when I tell them that I love rereading books. I mean, to be fair, in this day and age one ought to act surprised when anyone claims that they read (let alone reread) books, but even bookworms (or should I say "bookworms") (oh, burn) have given me surprised reactions when I proclaim my excessive fondness for reading books not just once, but twice, thrice, frice... (hang on.) I have books I have read more than ten times; dare I say twenty. Point made: I LOVE REREADING BOOKS. Reading a good book for the second time is almost always better than the first read. Rereading books is like being away on holiday for so long and sleeping in your own bed again. Or eating your mum's meals again. (I just came home from a camp, so these analogies are extremely fitting to my own life.)


So thus this list. Five reasons why you should reread books. (Lack of time is no excuse.) (Says the girl who just reread her first book after a year.) (Because of lack of time.) (Lack of time is real.)

1. The characters are your friends

Sounds cliché, blah blah revisit your friends blah blah. But seriously. Falling in love with fictional characters is real; believe me, I have spoken with enough people to know that talking about shared love for a fictional character may result in high levels of decibel. Real bookworms (yes, I am excluding some self-proclaimed bookworms here) get ridiculously excited about characters. And they become, in some sense, like a friend. And a true friend revisits their friend. Thus the reread.

(I feel like I could have said this whole paragraph in two sentences:
1. The characters are your friends.
2. You want to be with your friends again, so you reread the book.)


Ok, you know those parts in books that just get the heartrate racing? The cute proposal chapter; that page where Nellie Oleson gets leeches on her legs, that page in Gone with the Wind where the words dance, that chapter in Wonderland Creek where Alice finds out she's in love?! <<< THESE MOMENTS OF FICTION. They are priceless.

So you gotta appreciate them, dude. You want to go back to them.

3. Nostalgia

Rereading a book will often take you back to the time when you read the book for the first time. Rereading Anne of Green Gables will just TAKE me back to 11 year old me. It just does that and the nostalgia hits me hard. It's pretty cool.

I am currently rereading one of my favourite books in the entire world, 'Hidden Places' by Lynn Austin. That book, man alive, it just does something to me - every time I read it (and it's been quite a few times by now) I get dragged into the plot, I cry when Betsy and Walter get together, I cry when Lydia saves Betsy from her marriage, I ROOT for Matthew and weep for Luke. IT'S JUST SO GOOD.

Oh wait we were talking about Nostalgia. So that too. :-)

4. It's just obvious to reread books you love

I don't know. It's like say pizza. (Yes, I am making a pizza analogy haha.) You eat pizza for the first time. You obviously love it and you obviously will eat it again. It's not like you're going to get sick of the flavour if you eat it a second time.

Same thing about books so there. Kabamshh. If that wasn't a solid argument I don't know what is. Pizza analogies for the win. :-D

5. You can read them differently 

When one reread books, one learns to appreciate them in a new way. One looks upon a character differently. One matures and thus views their mannerisms in a different way. One might find many new layers of plot one had never seen before. One may have one's mind blown if one rereads books many times. One may indeed.

Also when you reread a book you can also choose to read it very fast. Because you know it but you want to relive it quickly. So you basically speed-read your way through a favourite book and it's bally awesome if you ask me. And you didn't ask me, so I'll shut up. :-D

With that being said, Naomi shut up.


  1. 1. This is 100% why I reread books. The characters are my friends and I want to hang out with them.

    2. I just read On the Banks of Plum Creek aloud to my kids this summer and rediscovered how much I love the part with Nellie and the leeches.

    3. Yup.

    4. Yup.

    5. This is the other 100% of why I reread books. I see and understand what the author is doing so much better, and it deepens the whole experience. This is why I rewatch movies too. (And sometimes you can just read the Good Parts Version of a favorite book to get a shot in the feels when you need it.)

  2. I forgot how much I love your blog and YOU and then you go and write a blog post like this and it all comes flooding back. I AGREE WITH EVERY POINT SO MUCH. And I'm actually rereading GWTW right now so it was especially apt. <3

    Love ya, girl!


  3. Yes! Re-reading books is amazing. I've read Little Women around 10 times and I still love it to pieces. They feel like my sisters. <3

    I'm also reading Anne of Ingleside right now and I'm so happy because I'm being reunited with all my favourite characters, while getting a new story at the same time!! (Trying to make my way through the whole series.)
    Also, I've been reading some amazing books lately. ("Sense and Sensibility", "Crazy Love", "Black Arrow", "Don't Give Up, Don't Give In" etc... I LOVE finding new, amazing books as well!!!! <3)

    Also I read Hidden Places for the first time recently. It WAS a good book. Much more action packed than I expected.

    And about that nostalgia thing... I can literally remember conversations I've had with people and thoughts I've had while reading a part of a book years before. (Same with music, but that's another whole thing.) Nostalgia is a real thing. So are powerful memories.

  4. LOVE THIS POST!!! I confess I'm not doing too well at rereading books these days--or reading anything really--but I have reread books many times in the past and I don't see why anyone would think that's weird. I mean, when you like something why WOULDN'T you want to have it again?!!

    Your pizza analogy was perfection. So true! (And you know. Pizza is just always in good taste.) (Yes, that was a pathetic attempt at a pun. Hahaha. ;))

    "...and it's bally awesome if you ask me. And you didn't ask me, so I'll shut up. :-D" Hahaha. This made me smile!! Love you, girl! Thanks for the fun post.

  5. It seems like people have their own "normal things" You could be four days eating the same dish because you love eating that, but reading the same book four times, that is ridiculous!
    You can go running always in the same place for months and
    nobody is going to tell you anything, but you can't read the same book
    because that is weird.
    People have a special way to declare what is normal and what it doesn't.
    It depends (always) on whether they are doing that or not.
    If I'm used to rereading books, I'm not going to judge you, if I'm not, so, I'll see you like something "abnormal"
    And yeah, people say they don't have time for rereading, maybe it'll be because they use their time for reading other books instead, so
    I wouldn't say they don't have time, I would say they don't want to reread their books, not because they don't like them, but they prefer using their time for other things the like the most. Well... I'm the one who reread books but I'm not judging who is not doing that. I'm fine.

    :-) I love your post, by the way

  6. I absolutely love rereading books! Revisiting the fictional world and characters of a favorite story is like magic. Honestly, how could someone NOT enjoy doing so?! I mean, when you find a new story, why wouldn't you want to pick it up again?!

    I'm currently reading Northanger Abbey for the second time, and I'm picking up on so many things that I missed the first time around. I'm falling in love with the story even more, if that's possible! :)

    I love the pizza pun, by the way. ;)

  7. I haven't re-read books for a long, long time, really. I used to think it was because I just didn't LIKE re-reading . . . but I'm starting to suspect, it had a lot more to do with me being sooooooooooooooooooooo stressed out from college for the past 6 years. Because this summer (FINALLY being done with school), I actually sat down to re-read a favorite book; and did I hate the experience? Surprisingly, no! I loved it!! It felt good!!

    I think you need "space" in your brain in order to feel free to enjoy a re-read. You can't rush it. You can't be constantly thinking "oh but I'm wasting my precious reading time, I /should/ be reading something new and fresh!" And for the longest time, that was my attitude, because I REALLY DIDN'T HAVE reading time to spare.

    (ps: I have a blog too now ;-) all your persuasiveness paid off ;-) )

  8. Yes, yes! 100%! I just re-read one of my very fave books, "Emily of Deep Valley", and was transported back to the time I read it for the first time. (If that made any since) But I was in a world where I had wonderful friends, and fell in love with a wonderful man, then suddenly I came back irl and it was terrible! If you have not yet read anything by Maud Hart Lovelace, DO IT! You won't regret it. Anyhoo, thank you for this post, it's spot on!

  9. I love re-reading books!! Love this post!!

  10. LOVE THIS POST and I agree with you so much!! Rereading books is like revisting old friends and old places, and you start to remember things when you read it....ahh memories

  11. love your blog so much :D love your new design! <3

  12. I don't ususally because I am just trying to jam as many new books in, but I have been this year and <3 <3 <3 They are so good!!!

  13. Hi Naomi!

    I don't know if you'll ever see this comment, but I just wanted to say that I although I have never commented on your blog before, I have been reading it for a couple years now, and I always enjoy your posts so much!!!

    Your blog is always so cheerful and fun, and I love your sense of humor! We share many of the same favorite books + period dramas (such as Rilla of Ingleside, The Blue Castle, Jane Austen, etc.), so I always love to hear your thoughts on them...and I also really love that you sometimes write about your faith and "deeper" topics.

    I do hope that you will return to blogging, but if that doesn't happen, I just wanted to say "hi!" and let you know how much I love Wonderland Creek! <3

    ~ Catie

    1. Ah thanks so much, you are so sweet! I appreciate you thanks!! I'm still alive haha 😉 I just don't seem to find a lot of time or inspiration of late...


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