A reason or fifty why I LOVE Lark Rise to Candleford. It's my one weakness. (Currently, anyway.)


Just saying. You know, so you know. I want you to know major things going on in my life, you see. I really do consider you as my confidantes.

Here, let me make a list and tell you WHY I'm very fond of Lark Rise to Candleford at the moment. (I'm also making this list so that those of you who haven't seen it yet, will get that terrible burning want to do so. Sorry, we all have mean sides to us.)

1. It's like revisiting friends.

We saw the first series a year ago, and now we're plunging into season two. And it makes me so freaking happy. It's the kind of aww-remember-that-aww-these-are-my-friends happy. I seriously almost cried when I heard that intro music again and laughed at the good old Mrs Arless and aww-ed over Alfie (yes, I totally think he's a lovely boy) and plain loved Dorcas Lane for more reasons than just because she's acted by Julia Sawalha.

This show is GOLD. It's my friend.

2. There are so many characters.

It's like a more family friendly, kind of warm-mug-cosy-messy Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey is superb, glistering, sparkling, posh and fine, and Lark Rise to Candleford (otherwise simply shortened to Lark Rise) is kind of messy, a-bit-kind-of-vulgar-ish-like and more kind of cosy. But both these shows have the many characters in common, and I just love shows with tons of characters.

Lark Rise has a lot of characters, but not so much that you loose track. And everyone has very specific characteristics and looks, so it's pretty easy to keep track of who's who. Which is good, y'know.

What I love about shows with a lot of characters is that everyone has their favourite. Everyone loves to pick. My favourite is Dorcas Lane. I just love that lady. I would totally go and work at her post-office; we'd have such fun, swooning over our weaknesses together. But then I also love Alfie and oh, Mrs Arless, she's maybe my favourite, because she's so hilarious and jolly and stupid. Oh, I just can't HELP but love her. :-)

Dorcas Lane is just the best. She has a lot of me in her. Or vice versa, whatever you like.
3. None of the characters are perfect

That's what I love about Lark Rise. All the characters are clearly imperfect and have flaws. None of them is utterly sweet or utterly beautiful. It's so nice, you know, sometimes, to have this show with all different kinds of people, people of shapes and sizes and all kinds of characters with realistic imperfections.

For instance, the main character (or is she the main one? Because I can't tell), Laura Timmins, is nice and all, but she's rather naive and stubborn and kind of ohh-I-know-I-know-ish. She annoys me a bit now and then (also because she says 'Mar' and 'Par' instead of 'Ma' and 'Pa', and it just drives me crazy), but it's actually really nice to have a heroine like that.

4. It's funny

Sink me, my siblings and I have giggled a lot. My mum made me not-hear three sentences Laura spoke, because she was laughing so about something hilariously out-spoken Mrs Arless popped out in that adorable accent of hers, with her red curls bouncing on her shoulders.

There's stuff like Dorcas Lane's famous hundreds of 'one weaknesses' and Thomas' snicker-worthy way of talking, and the snobbery of the sisters Pratt. And the Mrs Arless, who, I DO beg your pardon and you MUST admit, is, despite her vulgarity and drinking-fondness, is unfairingly hilarious and totally steals the show.

5. It's pretty family friendly

There are some things I could do less of, but in the whole we watch this with the whole family. (That is to say, so far - remember, children, we're only just starting season number two.) I can remember there were some stuff in season one, when my mum was like, 'This isn't GOOD, okay?' now and then, to remind my younger siblings, but I can't remember anything major going on. (You know, not like Downton Abbey, which I think is strictly twelve or thirteen up.)

Also, the show has quite a lot of children, which is very nice. I love children.

6. There's bits for everyone.

These series should attract a lot of people. The Romantic people (aka, the majority of us girls) get bits of romance, the comedy-loving people get the comedy, the people-who-want-action get some good plots and the people who like movies with 'real issues' (such as wealth, classes and all that rot) get that addressed very nicely.

And the people who are searching for quotes, get what they want, too.

Really, one can't complain.

I can't wait for Minnie! I've heard so many people say she's a great favourite character.
7. The settings.

The title explains the main idea of these series. It's about two villages - Lark Rise, a 'poor' village, and Candleford, the more well-off village with a post-office and a fashion shop and ladies with hats and all that.

And the villages are so beautiful. It's like Cranford - you want to go and move to those villages. So badly. What I also like is that you kind of recognise the streets and the houses as you watch more. It's like, oh yes, that house, we're in Candleford. And so on. Aww, I just love it.

8. The costumes

There ARE some very silly hats - mainly referring to Laura's ghastly upside-down-egg-basket-hat she wears far too often in Season one (see a picture here if you're up to it) - but, as if usually the case in Period Dramas, there are some adorable outfits. Very Victorian, with corsets and slight bustles. I love Dorcas Lane's wardrobe - all the mauves and purples - and some of Laura's dresses are very covet-able, too. 

I also really loved Lady Adelade's clothes (the character, not so much. She can't smile.). She wore some beautiful lace tops and swooping skirts. Absolutely gorgeous, oh yes, I approve most strongly. (Also, HER HATS WERE JUST AMAZING.)

The Pratt sister's colour-coordinated outfits are absolutely snort-worthily ridiculous, but very refreshing, I suppose. Make me grin, which is a good thing.

9. The theme song.

It's the kind of theme song that you RECOGNISE and go 'Ohh, it's LARK RISE!' when you hear it. And then you think of corn and hens and pages flipping over as the actors names are listed. (Oh, people who've seen this know precisely what I'm waffling on about. You do, don't you.)

10. It goes on and on and on

Hours of pleasure! 

How many seasons does this show have? Remind me. Four, I think. So yeah, that's a lot of episodes, a lot of hours. So if you start it and like it (or no, LOVE it) you're in good luck. (Also, just saying, it gets better as it goes on. You have to get to know the characters to fully appreciate them. So get to know them, will you? They aren't waiting (because, duhh, they're fictional), but still. Watch it.)

Just to remind you that Dorcas Lane is AWESOME

Granted, there ARE things about this series which I don't completely love (such as the whole ghost-plot in Season Two's Christmassy special we're in the middle of) but I just freaking love it. Seriously, it makes me so happy.

And now that I've written the post, I leave you to comment with your Lark Rise to Candleford thoughts. :-)

I love you, dear people. Thank you everlastingly much for wasting your precious time on my blog posts. It means a lot, and that's an understatement. Seriously, if I had cake, I would give it to you. (Well, a little bit, anyway. I WOULD keep some for me.)

Thoughts on Lark Rise?!! I need to talk about this with someone right now. :-)


  1. No, I've never seen this . . . Is it based on any particular book or series, or is it an original made-for-TV show? (just curious)

    Again--love the scenery. I seriously need to visit Great Britain someday before I die :)

  2. I've heard others rave about this too. I really should get around to watching it!

  3. My daughter likes this series very much. School is starting up soon here, so we won't have as much time for watching and reading. Did you watch Poldark by any chance?

  4. OKAY YES. Let's talk Lark Rise;D

    This show is squeeful and wonderful and real and hilarious and, like you said, cosy, and JUST AWESOME.

    I really really liked this post. It made me happy:D

    Oh my goodness, yes; Laura's "Mar" and "Par" can tend to drive me Slightly Batty. What is she doing.

    So you're in the midst of the second season?! That's so awesome--we've finished season three and are now awaiting the final season with bated breath;D Yes, Minnie is adorable. And yes, Alfie is splendid:) I don't want to give away any spoilers…well, actually, yes, I want to talk about everything that happens in the second and third seasons, but I shall restrain myself;-P

    Adelaide had some stellar costumes, I agree. And I liked her character, too, because I felt sorry for her and I think she adds a nice touch of drama to the series, hehe:D

    Spindiddly post!:D

  5. I WISH I had watched this show so I could ramble about it with youuuuu!!!!!

    But I have not. :-(


    I will someday, though! It looks positively ADORABLE. And so much fun. Gaaaaahhhhhh. I want to watch it now. :-)


  6. Oh, I haven't seen this. (Nor have I seen Cranford. Or many, many other things.) Someday, once I've got enough time on my hands to watch hours and hours, I'll be happy to see it. Right now, I'll just enjoy the lovely pictures. Oh, and besides lots of other characters,I recognize the guy in that last picture as the guy off North and South - I like him. :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

  7. Jessica, No, it IS based on a book called 'Lark Rise to Candleford' (which I started once, but found rather boring. Hehh.) The scenery is beautiful - Britain is NOT all like that. :-) (And I have yet to visit all these filming locations! I'm dying to. :-))

    Lois, yeah, us fans do like to rave, don't we? :-)

    Homeschool Mom, Same here! I want to finish it before school starts. :-) (But I think I'll have some movie-time during school term. :-)) No, I haven't seen Poldark. I'm not crazy to see it, actually. It doesn't really look like my exact cup of tea.

    Olivia! LET'S TALK. :-)
    Ohh, Laura's 'Par and Mar' drive you crazy too?!! This makes me oddly happy. :-) Also, don't you think the way Laura kind of moves her head when she talks is weird? I know it unkind to laugh at people, but I DO think the way Laura looks when she talks is kinda funny. :-P
    Oh, I'm afraid I know too many of the spoilers. I'm a spoiler-knowing-girl. :-/ AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR MINNIE. Please tell me she comes in season two. (And I love Alfie! He's such a good-natured guy!)
    I don't mind Adelaide that much, but I don't think I liked her because she was always in the Sir-Timothy-plot, and I frankly LOATHED those parts. UGH I HATE SIR TIMOTHY. :-D
    Thanks for the lovely comment!

    Emma, I KNOW YOU HAVEN'T SEE THIS AND YOU MUST YOU MUST. (Poor you, how you are buuuurning. :-))

    Miss Meg March, Aww, I know that feeling. I remember when I was there - I felt sooo upset because I felt like I had to catch up on SO many movies. I actually still feel like I have tons to catch up on, really. It's a nightmare, all these recommendations, isn't it? :-) PHEW. It's tiring. :-)
    But yeah, I DO recommend this show. :-)
    AND YES! HIGGINS from North and South is in here! He's a great actor. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Yes indeedy!

      YES. I love Laura, I love all the characters, but she can definitely be irritating. Thankfully, the head-moving subsides a little, but yep, it's annoying. Laura herself is probably at her most provoking in season three. Thankfully, she finally straightens out, but for a while there...

      You're a spoiler girl, too? Yay! Someone else! I like to be prepared, you see. (Most of the time, that is.)

      Alfie! Minnie! Yes, they are both the sweetest things EVER and I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU...THEY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE.

      Oh, I get it. Yeah, Sir Timothy definitely Has Issues. Eww.

  8. Aww, I miss watching Larkrise to Candleford. Cranford and Larkrise are on top of my period drama list, I wouldn't mind watching these shows over and over again.

    I would rather watch the show than reading both the books, bought the books, but did not enjoy reading them.

    My favorite characters are Minnie,Twister and Queenie. They make me laugh out loud every time I watch the show.

    Enjoy the show!

  9. If I ever visit England, can we talk before I go so's you can tell me where all the cool places are? :)

  10. This sounds really good!! I can't wait to watch it!

  11. Oh! I got SO excited when I saw this post! I've been hoping you would see more of this series so we could talk about it! :) I think I'll just start at the beginning of your post and go straight through.

    Yes, indeedy, the characters do become friends. And Alfie!!!!! OH! He is the BEST! Miss Lane is a wonderful character, too. I like her contentment and spunkiness. She loves her work at the post office, and is happy there, even though she really would have liked to be married and having children. (I do NOT like the whole Sir Timothy plot very much...but, what can you do? At least it was all over by the end of the first season.) Mrs. Arless is definitely hilarious! I always feel so sorry for Alfie because he's working so hard to provide for his family and his mother is so irresponsible! But they have a neat mother/son relationship anyway, don't they? You can tell Alfie really loves his mother...even if he does gets frustrated with her.

    Yes, the imperfections of the characters is really cool, provided they make the right decision in the end. If they don't, I get very miffed with them. :) Yes, Laura is a little bit snobbish sometimes. She annoyed me greatly the first time I watched...so much so that I didn't really like her by the end of the fourth season. But the second time I watched it I was able to handle her a little bit better. She really does have some good qualities despite her annoying quirks. Ha ha! 'Mar' and 'Par'! Yeah, that was kind of aggravating. Didn't know where she was getting that 'r' from!

    Yes, it is a very family friendly series. I don't think there is anything REALLY objectionable in it, though there are a few things I groan over and wish they could have handled differently. It's definitely not as bad as Downton Abbey in the grown-up type topics.

    MINNIE AND ALFIE! That picture! Oh, I just have to squeal over their adorableness! You need to get into season three quickly because I really want to talk to you about those two!! :D

    I love the small town/country setting. And yes, it does make you want to move to a place like that. It's just such a friendly, homey, place.

  12. Yes, the costumes are lovely. Dorcas Lane especially gets her share of beautiful outfits. And Lady Adelaide. As to Laura's "upside-down-egg-basket-hat"! Hahaha! I don't know how that one made it into the film! It was hideous! The Pratt sister's outfits are definitely ridiculous, but so are the Pratt sisters themselves...so I guess it works. ;) (By the way, isn't it fun to see Lydia Bennett and Harriet Forster together again?)

    Isn't it sad? There always seems to be at least one thing that you don't particularly like about a TV show. That Christmas special! I know, right? That was just weird! I was like, "Really! Where in the world did this come from?" It spooked us thoroughly the first time we watched it, and for a couple days following all we could think of was "the wind do blow." Hahaha! I don't know why people think Christmas stories have to have a ghost plot. (Perhaps that is the fault of Charles Dickens and his Christmas Carol. But, really, that story is too good to be copied.)

    Thank you for thinking about us in regards to the cake that you do not have. That was very sweet of you. And I understand totally if you would prefer to keep some for yourself. After all, cake could very well be your 'one weakness'! :D

    I very much enjoyed reading this post! And while you're in the Lark Rise mood, please do post more on the subject...that is, if you feel like it. I would love to hear more specifically what you think of certain characters. There are some in particular, who are new in the second season, that I would be very interested in knowing your opinion on. Anyway, that's not to put pressure on your or anything. Just saying. Anytime you want to talk about Lark Rise, I shall be most happy to oblige you. :) (In fact, you may have to shush me up. I'm afraid this comment is WAY too long!)

    Ha ha ha! Well, look at that! It WAS too long! Blogger wouldn't even accept it! Sorry, Naomi. I guess you're going to get two comments from me. :/

    ~Miss March

  13. I LOVE LARK RISE!!!!!!! :D And everything you said is sooooo true. Even about Laura. Oh my gosh, I have gotten to the point where I mock her just to laugh because SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY. lol!! We just finished watching Season 1 for the second time (we too watched it like a year ago) and now I want to watch season 2 SOOOO BADLY again. :D Wait until you get to season 4. ;) You'll love Minnie after a bit..so is annoying at first. lol! I won't tell any more secrets - promise. :D Thanks for this wonderful post. I didn't think anyone else knew about Lark Rise!! :D It, indeed, is my one weakness. ;)

  14. Absoluely LOVE Lark Rise to Candleford!! My family watched all four seasons last summer, and we were so disappointed when it was over!

  15. Ah yes....the Theme Song!! I am getting excited just thinking about it:) Have you seen all the seasons? I am pretty sure there are more than two!!!

  16. Ria Sanive, Funny, because I think Lark Rise and Cranford have a very similar style. It's a lovely style. :-) Eww no, the books weren't that good. I might want to try them again one day, but I don't think I'll enjoy them as much as the show. :-)

    Jessica, I'm flattered, but seriously, I'm not the best person to ask! I haven't been in many places at ALL. :-)

    Ruth Elizabeth, YES YES IT IS. :-D

    Miss March! Thank you for your oh-so-looooverly long comment. :-) I'm so pleeeased that you're a fan as well. :-)
    YES ALFIE. And YES HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS MUM. Oh, it's perfect. :-) And YES DORCAS. I just looooooooooooove Dorcas! :-)(And oh, goodness me, the Sir Timothy plot annoyed me so much. I'm glad he left.)
    Yeah, you have to get used to Laura, don't you? I found her a very big nuisance in the first series, but now I like her better. Although some things still make me snicker. :-P
    Ohhh! Minnie and Alfie only get together in season THREE?!! HOW WILL I WAIT. Because I'm shipping them already, y'see. :-P
    Miss March,
    Yessss, it's so much fun to see Lydia and Mrs Foster together again! Ruby is so funny, right? The way she tells her sister that she sounds like a baboon who swallowed a dictionary. HILARIOUS. :-)
    I thought the ghost plot was veeery tiring. And yes, ALL my siblings are saying, 'The wind do blow' in creepy voices constantly around the house at the moment. *Shuddddder*
    Well, you probably will see Lark Rise themes popping up around my blog again. :-) I'm an official crazy fan now. OH I JUST LOVE IT.

    Julia Ryan, LAURA DRIVES YOU CRAZY TOO?!!! This makes me rather happy. :-) Yeah, I'm afraid I just mock her too. Together with my sister. (She can do a very good Laura-Timmins-impression.)
    I'm LOVING season Two!!! I think it's better than Season One, really. And MINNIE! I saw her for the first time yesterday and oh, I loved her immediatly, actually. She's so adorable and funny and dreamy and I LOVE HER. :-)

    Kiri Liz! You love Lark Rise as well! I did not know that. :-) So pleased to hear it! :-) (And yes, there's always a last episode. A pity, that.)

    Minnie Muse, Me too... I GET SO EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT THE THEME SONG. :-) No - as I said in my blog post - I'm currently just starting season two, and I know that there are four. :-)

    Thank you for all the comments, people. Have some cake.

    ~ Naomi

  17. I have been reading such good things about this for years and years, and with Brendan Coyle in it I reallyreallyreally want to see it... but my library doesn't have it, and the DVDs cost like $70, which is not bad for 4 seasons except it's more than I like to spend on something I haven't seen. My great hope is to pick it up used somewhere some time.

    And thanks for explaining the title! It makes much more sense that way than as a metaphor for a woman becoming independent and moving to a town called Candleford, which is all I could figure out before.

  18. Hamlette, I know right? These series ARE such hard to get hold of! We're very fortunate to have neighbours we can borrow the series from. (Yes, 70 pounds/dollars definitely is more than I would spend on something, too.)
    I hope you find it somewhere! It's a lot of fun. :-)

  19. I need to watch Lark Rise again! It wasn't my favorite, but I did enjoy it a lot. :) Alf is sooo sweet. He's one of my very favorites. Yes! Lady Adelaide's clothes! Oh my, they're soooo pretty. Minnie is hilarious. I'm sure you'll enjoy here she's "extroo..dinary." (have you seen that episode yet??)
    Such a lovely post!


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