Inkling Explorations - Railway scene

Now, Heidi's Inkling Explorations monthly link-up (which is totally the coolest link-up ever) this month is set around train station scenes. So I'm going to start with that, and then go through my favourite train-station-scenes in Period Dramas.

The scene I'm going to focus on for the Inkling Explorations is that heart-quivering, beautiful, misty, almost-eerie-with-joy scene in the Railway Children. I have to admit, I don't love, love, love 'The Railway Children' (it's a tad too... um, soppy, for my taste) but OH THAT SCENE. That scene where Roberta finally sees her father again... OH OH OH OH. HERE GO WATCH IT.

Perks did not appear until the 11.54 was signalled, and then he, like everybody else that morning, had a newspaper in his hand.
"Hullo!" he said, "'ere you are. Well, if THIS is the train, it'll be smart work! Well, God bless you, my dear! I see it in the paper, and I don't think I was ever so glad of anything in all my born days!" He looked at Bobbie a moment, then said, "One I must have, Miss, and no offence, I know, on a day like this 'ere!" and with that he kissed her, first on one cheek and then on the other.
"You ain't offended, are you?" he asked anxiously. "I ain't took too great a liberty? On a day like this, you know—"
"No, no," said Bobbie, "of course it's not a liberty, dear Mr. Perks; we love you quite as much as if you were an uncle of ours—but—on a day like WHAT?"
"Like this 'ere!" said Perks. "Don't I tell you I see it in the paper?"
"Saw WHAT in the paper?" asked Bobbie, but already the 11.54 was steaming into the station and the Station Master was looking at all the places where Perks was not and ought to have been.
Bobbie was left standing alone, the Station Cat watching her from under the bench with friendly golden eyes.
Of course you know already exactly what was going to happen. Bobbie was not so clever. She had the vague, confused, expectant feeling that comes to one's heart in dreams. What her heart expected I can't tell—perhaps the very thing that you and I know was going to happen—but her mind expected nothing; it was almost blank, and felt nothing but tiredness and stupidness and an empty feeling, like your body has when you have been a long walk and it is very far indeed past your proper dinner-time.
Only three people got out of the 11.54. The first was a countryman with two baskety boxes full of live chickens who stuck their russet heads out anxiously through the wicker bars; the second was Miss Peckitt, the grocer's wife's cousin, with a tin box and three brown-paper parcels; and the third—
"Oh! my Daddy, my Daddy!" That scream went like a knife into the heart of everyone in the train, and people put their heads out of the windows to see a tall pale man with lips set in a thin close line, and a little girl clinging to him with arms and legs, while his arms went tightly round her.

Isn't it so ohh-ish?!! I. GET. GOOSEBUMPS.

But this isn't the only train-station-scene I just love. I have quite a list. 

But I'll keep that for another day, because my room is a mess (which means I need to tidy it up, obviously), and because I'm going to eat pizza in several minutes (please, bombard me with jealousy), and because I wanted a separate post for the link-up. You understand, thank you. :-)


  1. I think that's a perfect fit for a railway scene. It's so nice, that part. (By the way, those words in italic, are they what you made up or are they from the book?)I love these kind of warm, fuzzy climax. Happy endings....ah, I love them so.
    Pizza?! Yes, jealousy is mounting. ;-)
    I think the first movie scene I think of when I hear "Railway Scene" is Beatrix Potter, when Beatrix and Norman have their one and only kiss, the last time they see each other, with the steam swirling around them. Ohh.....that makes me cry every time. *sniff* I love that movie. Actually, I have to write 3 paragraphs for my writing class and I chose to write them about the personal life of Beatrix Potter, and I got to find out all these loving interesting facts about her and Norman's love story. It's sssooo sweet. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  2. I love that scene from the Railway Children! Goosebumps?! Yeah, totally. I've never actually seen this particular version (we have one that was made in 2000), but the scene in our movie is very similar. I'd like to see this adaption sometime and compare the two. Have you ever watched the one from 2000?

    Here's a bit of trivia, which you probably already know because you like finding out stuff like that: The mother in the 2000 movie is played by the same actress who plays Bobbie in the earlier version. Isn't that cool?

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the other train scenes you like! :)

    ~Miss March

  3. Didn't you say earlier that this is the movie where the actors playing the children are actually much older than the characters' ages? You really can't tell--they're doing a great job!

    Roberta's accent sounds--I don't know--funny. I guess I'm just not used to British accents :)

    I love the scenery. It's beautiful.

  4. Did someone say trains? I love trains! Especially in westerns. Oh, yes. :-D Heehee.

  5. Naomi!
    First, (I'm going to fall all over myself apologizing here), but I'm SOOOOOO sorry it's taken me THIS LONG TO COMMENT!!! :( :( I can't even begin to describe the frightfulness of such neglect... I have no better excuse than saying that life has been super busy and I've thought about leaving the comment every day this week. :P

    And so now I most happily am!!

    And oh, talk about goosebumps!!!! You're right. I NEED to read The Railway Children. :D Perfect selection! (And incidentally, feel free to link over any other scenes you want to/come up with. Though I've already thought of several more, so maybe we should just have another railway month sooner or later?!? :))

    And okay, this is utterly and completely off topic, but have you seen Ever After???? I just saw it for the first (and second and fourth and fifth and yes, I think sixth ;D) time this year. It vies for first place as my favorite movie now and is just TOO utterly tough and sweet and romantic and squeal-y amazing. :D :D I. LOOOOVE. IT!!!! (Warning: they do mention the country of "Belgium" before it was actually a country, I believe, but the line sounds so good I, at least, can readily forgive them. ;)) Anyhow, I reeaaalllly want to do a review for it sometime, but it's SO utterly feely (and such a heart-story for me) I think it'll be awhile before I can manage it. ;D :D

  6. Okay, that scene almost made me cry. I've never seen or read this.

  7. I haven't read TRC for years and years, but I have a copy, so perhaps one of these days I'll find a moment for it. Your selection made me tear up, as I remembered this sweet, gentle story.


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