aesthetically pleasing

Old maps / Polaroid cameras / Polaroid pictures / Postcards / The Eiffel Tower / The Big Ben / Instagram / Film lenses / Daisies / Light-bulbs / Fairly lights / Fairy lights in the background of a picture when they're blurry (I love those) / Watermelons / Pineapples / morning dew / Testament of Youth, the movie / Oh, and La La Land / Swiss villages / Cute handbags / An old pack of cards / Vintage cars / Mini Coopers / Mint green vehicles / Old bikes with baskets (the cutest things ever) / Pastel nail polish / Birches / Weeping Willows / teacups / little plates for teacups - I wish more people still used them / Oh, vinyl records, definitely / The font used for headlines / Fashion magazine covers / flowered triangle-buntings / Blurry selfies / Country fairs / Blurry selfies in country fairs / Pink candy floss - I don't think I'd like it but it's so aesthetically pleasing, haha / glass jars / Strawberries / Raspberries / Little-girl knee socks / bathtubs with feet / Globes / Especially brown-y ones / Surprisingly, mathematical equations are quite aesthetically pleasing / Taylor Swift's (older) fashion sense / The music video of 'Begin Again' (not my favourite song, but the music video is gorgeous) / Lipstick / Old clocks / Grandfather clocks / Soap / Forget-me-nots / Poppies / Butterflies / The moon / Tumblr / Sunrises / The Sound of Music / Words / Dictionaries / Stamps / Envelopes / Handwritten letters / Doughnuts with sprinkles / Chocolate shops / Macaroons / Okay anything sugary, haha / Owls / The phonetic alphabet / Little hand mirrors / Oh and of course; Old books, and anything with books. Libraries, for instance. Most aesthetically pleasing places of all time.


  1. This post made me so happy:) <3

  2. Aww, this is so warm and cozy.<3 I love that picture. Taylor's Swift's old fashion sense was so feminine and retro, right?!! And I loved her curly hair. "Okay anything sugary, haha." YES.;)

    How do you like Jorah's engagement pictures? Aren't they adorable??<3:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  3. dude. i love this k

    p.s you rock


  5. Oooh, posts like these are why I love your blog so much! Reading this made me feel so fuzzy and sparkly inside ^_^ I agree with every single item on this list! {Even maths equations! Maths is NOT my favourite, but I just love the way a page full of neatly-written algorithms look!} And ooh yes the Taylor Swift Begin Again music video is my very favourite of hers :) Wasn't her style beautiful in that era?

  6. Loved the post Naomi!!

    I tagged you in the Bibliophile Tag from http://catherinesrebellingmuse.blogspot.com/


  7. Oooh, yes!! Love this, dear!!

  8. The words alone of this post are aesthetically pleasing! <3

  9. This post was so very unique and fun to read! I loved it, and I agree with pretty much everything on the list. <3
    Also, your new blog look is very aesthetically pleasing!

  10. Naomi, you are such a genuinely kind person. I felt like I wanted to tell you that. I always smile when I know you've posted, because your words are so warm and genuine -- whatever you're writing about. I know you haven't much time for blogging these days (good for you! prioritize and see the sunrise!) :-) but I wanted you to know how much your little posts here brighten people's days. I've never once seen you stoop to complaining or feeling sorry for yourself (not that such posts would be unwelcome, as you are only human.) But you use your platform here to spread light. I just wanted to thank you for that. It's a fine example. A great standard. x

    (If we were in person I'd hug you!) :-)

    Also, I saw on your About Page you love curls. I have curls! Spiral ones. It is my finest feature. (Ha, just reason. But really, I do.) :-)

    1. Aww, Jillian! This is so sweet! Thank you so much... what a lovely comment to start my day with. You're the best. <3

  11. Ok, let's be real - WHO'S DESK LOOKS LIKE THAT?! And who can afford two bunches of tulips?! I'd like to know. (Someone on Pinterest, obviously. They probably got all those things JUST for the photo, I'll bet.)


    Mmm, yes. All of these. Especially blurry fairy lights in the background of photos, bikes with baskets, bathtubs with feet and pastel nail polish. Funny the things we like, aye? :D

    Also, are you implying you've NEVER had fairy floss?!!! :O

    ~Miss Meg


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