I love spontaneously praying to my God - thanking Him for the room I'm in; for the word of the Bible; for my siblings' smiles; for my parents' love; for good friends; for Him dying and for answer of prayer and for angels and all the amazing God-present stories I constantly hear.

I love kneeling down in dark rooms for intimate moments, asking the Holy Spirit to make people passionate; asking Him who made constellations and dimple and seashores to calm down worried people and to bring joy + peace + energy + perspective into people's lives.

I love telling God how bad I am at expressing the depth of His power. I love just thinking about it, unwrapping the different layers of deeper awe and amazement. I love God. I love how discoverable He is. I love Love; He who is Love.

I love going through plans with Him; I love the peace I get from talking to Him - I love the joy and the daily purpose I find in Him. I love that I feel new + different after spending quiet time with God. I love that prayer has made me doubt less; that it excites me more than it used to.

I love that it is possible for me to talk to this Powerful Love - this Supernatural, Eternal, Awesome Reality. I hate that that doesn't blow my mind every day - that I take the immense honour of this possibility for granted.


  1. I love praying. I used to think of it more as an obligation but now I'm realizing what a supreme honor it is. (Thanks partly to you!)

    Look what happened to Wonderland Creek! I love the hair pins!!

    1. I know. :-)
      And I don't love the blog look... Still planning to change it. :-P

  2. This makes me want to pray more <3

  3. Beautiful<3 I agree with Jessica--this really makes me want to pray more. Thanks for posting this:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  4. Ugh, YES! Fantastic post, Naomi.

  5. This is so inspiring and beautiful. Sometimes when I pray I find that I say things just out of habit, instead of really praying from my heart. This is something I definitely want to change, as it truly is such a privilege to pray to the Creator of everything, knowing that He WANTS us to talk to Him! It's just amazing, and I don't want to take it for granted. :)
    Thanks for this encouraging post!

  6. Very beautiful post, Naomi. I've struggled a little lately with my prayer life. This was the boost I needed. I'm saving it to read again later. Thank you.

  7. This is SO good!! Praying has often been tough for me because I have a tendency to turn things into a duty or routine, and then it becomes burdensome. But those prayers which come straight from my heart--either in a moment of rejoicing, or in a moment of real concern for another--those are the best! Isn't it cool to think that prayer is really just a conversation between you and the One who loves and knows you better than anyone else? It ought to always make us happy that we have such open access to our Lord and Creator. :) Thank you for this post, Naomi! <3

    (By the way, I'm loving the pictures on your sidebar. They're beautiful!!)

  8. Beautiful. <3 I've been trying to learn to carve out more time for prayer, and sometimes I do really love it, but I know I need to love it more. I WANT to love it more. We get to talk with GOD, our Creator and King. What an honor.

  9. I know how you feel about hating taking it for granted, how it doesn't blow my mind all the time. But thanks so much for these posts -- they're challenging and encouraging.

    (Also, I notice in one of your replies to earlier comments that you're planning to change this blog look . . . well, I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely, but I do really like this look. Especially the sidebar :D)

  10. Thiiis was absolutely beautiful. Thank you. <3

    I agree with you and everyone else. I love prayer, and I love praying, but I know I take it for granted and that's such a horrible thing, when it is such a precious gift and opportunity. That we don't need a priest, we don't need ANYTHING, we can come as we are, thanks to Jesus, and talk to God. Actually TALK to GOD. It's crazy. It's amazing. It's exciting. And I know I ought to value it so much more than I do. Thanks for inspiring me to do just that.

    ~Miss Meg


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