The Reliable Hope

Yes, there are tears. Tears of heart-break and stress. Tears that completely wear out every bone in a body; sobs that heave a being up and down in complete sadness.

But there are also tears of joy. Like when the war heroes returned from home alive; like when the girl took off her make-up and realised she was beautiful just like that; like when an audience heaps onto each other with tears of laughter because that comedian has a whole lot of funny bones.

Yes, there are blind people; people with legs chopped off, people with just three fingers, people who can't hear simple things like eggs sizzling in oil on the stove, and there are people with shocking disabilities that get shocked stares.

But there are beautiful eyelashes, smiles filled with gratitude and beauty, strong handshakes with friendly grips; people with vocal chords big enough to blow off arena roofs; people with those amazing bear-hugs.There are millions of people breathing God-made oxygen; able to do amazing things with the air and energy they take for granted.

Yes, people are dying - people who haven't said sorry and don't know Jesus. People that are very much loved and that will be missed so, so much.

But there is sunshine - golden and glorious, keeping this earth-ball spinning and preventing you from freezing to death. There is love; love and passion and people trying it out; failing; trying again. There is beautiful music - a soothing violin practising for a concert in the basement, gospel choirs screaming with joy. There are babies being born; new life with new possibilities. There are talented genes and quirky winks. There is laughter - that booming, hearty, excellent noise that means happiness.

Yes, people die in wars. People get hurt in more ways than physical, with blood and scars.  Yes, people are lonely. People are tortured; beaten; abused.

But there's God. Always.

There's Jesus, who died for you. Jesus, who is the God who made the mountains and the oceans and the starry constellations, who came to save you in the humble form of a man, unrecognisable with blood and pain on the cross. Jesus, who will one day take you into a world where the hope we need with our tears and pain will be 100% fulfilled. Jesus, who turned all the sadness upside down.  

There's hope, and it's real.


  1. *sniffles*

    This was beautiful, dear girl. And AMEN. Jesus has turned all the sadness upside down and given us real hope! HALLELUJAH!!! :D

    ~Miss Meg

  2. this. is. beautiful ohmygoodness your words <33

  3. Gorgeous, Naomi! Once again thank you for the beautiful reminder and inspiration!!!!

  4. GUUUUUURRRRRL. You gone and done it again. <3

  5. I really really really needed this

  6. Ok, so this happened.

    WOWOWOW. Naomi, thank you <3 God's gifted you, and I know He appreciates how you're using that gift to glorify Him and help other people. And *I* really appreciate this post 'cause it's something I think about fairly regularly -- how it seems like we've decided that pessimism is synonymous with realism, but that's not necessarily true. Optimism is a choice -- you can choose to look at all the bad in the world, or all the good. And like you say so beautifully, JESUS is the One True Reason for our hope. It's important to remember that part; I forget it sometimes because I get so caught up in pride and stuff like that.

    So anyway, that rambled. But thank you for this post and for bringing it back around to God! :)

  7. Beautiful as always, Naomi. <3 That ending, especially!!

  8. Oh my word, this was beautiful!! Lovely, lovely post, Naomi! And so true. "Jesus, who turned all the sadness upside down." *happy shivers* Thanks so much for writing this. :D

  9. Great post and beautiful writing - as always :)


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