Let me tell you a true story of a miracle.

You were once in your mother. Think about that. Just because everyone was once in their mother doesn't mean that it isn't special. IT'S FREAKING MINDBLOWING. You, the adulting-teenager-what-ever-you-are, you, were once inside your mum for nine months, in water.

And now you are almost taller than your mother. Or you are. Or you are almost as tall. (IDK.) Your cells have developed and your bones have grown and your brain has gained information. That's insane. Baby you and you now don't look alike. Baby you and toddler you don't look alike. Toddler you and kid you don't look alike. Kid you and teenager you don't look alike. HOW DO YOU CHANGE SO FAST?

You can think about anything you want to think about. Your brain can decide what you do and your brain can make decisions for you. You rely on that amazing machine in your head to guide your entire life and SOMEHOW IT WORKS. HOW.

You have your own unique fingerprint and eye pattern and face features. Even if you don't like them, they're YOURS and no-one else has them. Even your twin doesn't look like you, even if everyone says you two look alike. You have these unique THINGS and man alive, there's billions of people on this planet and you've got countless things that are LITERALLY ONLY YOU?! Lucky.

Doing stuff - you can do stuff. No, you can change things. The fact that you are breathing oxygen and eating food and sleeping means that your human self can impact things on this globe. How did we get that opportunity... just by being? That is a responsibility and it's an HONOUR. Why are we not excited about this?!

You can love people - you can love things. You can feel loved. You can get excited and feel passionate about things; you can hug and feel overwhelmed with emotions; you are a bundle of confusing feelings and incomprehensible sensations that you can choose how to deal with, with that amazing machine under your skull. ALL THIS IS MIND-BOGGLING.

YOUR EYEBALLS. Can we just appreciate your eyeballs? THEY ARE READING THIS. And your brain is understanding all these squiggly black things; your brain is absorbing and munching on an idea that popped into my brain because of something that popped into somebody else's brain and OUR BRAINS TALK TO EACH OTHER. 

Why are we surprised when things go wrong? Miracles are not normal. You are not normal. You are a miracle.


  1. I... Just... I ...


    ............... no words.

    THANK YOU. Really needed this today. (Had a stinker of a week. :P)

    1. Wow wow wow thank you. When you have no words that really is a complement indeed.
      So sorry you had an annoying week... *hugs*

  2. Naomi! This post was amazing. I like the thoughts you send from your brain to mine. Keep 'em coming! :D

  3. Sooo sooo true. This post was amazing Naomi. This really encouraged me, thank you so much <3 <3

  4. I get sad when people talk about all these things, even the planet and living as something... lucky. Is it really lucky how the planet is going? Is it really lucky that the sun is at that distance? Nearer we would get on fire, further we would get cold and such. It's not lucky, It's because of someone. (God) I prefer not let the things by lucky, lucky is something that I can't trust. I prefer to set my life in the person of God, a person.
    Being mother is, just as you said, a miracle because men and women are differents and always will, no matter what nowadays happens.
    "For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body."

  5. Whenever I try to think about this, like why an eye can see, HOW it can see, and how brains work and how God knew JUST how to make them so perfectly...
    Basically my brain short-circuits.
    I just CAN'T.
    God is pretty dang cool, if you ever stop to think about it.
    Thanks for making me stop and think about it.

    1. OH! Can I have your pinterest username?? I'm in need of inspiration and you always find the best things!!!
      Mine is Dr.MelodySmith if you just want to friend me or whatever.

    2. Here's my pinterest:

      (Also thanks for the comment. :-))

    3. thanks!!! Your boards are exactly as awesome as I thought they would be :)

  6. This is so amazingly beautiful I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it. Whenever I am feeling down or sad and I read your blog I get so inspired. Thank you so much, you are a miracle and you can help people.

    God bless!


    That was so great but then, SO WAS THIS WHOLE POST. <3


    But YESSSS. YES. Yes. This is so true. So incredible. Like, it just--blows my mind that EVERYTHING EXISTS AND WORKS and I exist and things HAPPEN and it's just--yes.
    It's amazing.
    Perfectly written, Naomi; this is beautiful, thank you.

  9. Wow. I don't even know what to say....... this was such a great post. <33

  10. Wow!! Thanks for making me stop and think about this subject for a while. It really is amazing.


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