3 Mini-Reviews of the 3 Movies I have seen in January

The Light Between the Oceans

Okay... so first off, I am not sure if I recommend this? On the one hand it left me with chills and in awe (and I went to amazon straightaway to order the book because I cannot get enough of this story), but on the other hand... IT IS SO MUCH. Like, the emotional turmoil this movie put me through was not okay. I went in it, knowing it was going to be dramatic and knowing that I was going to cry (and I put it on because I felt like a crying movie) (and because I'd seen the trailer so many times it was becoming pathetic), but man when I mean crying movie I didn't mean SOBBING LIKE A BABY MOVIE.

So warning: It is a very dramatic movie. Intense. Drama. Packed with it. Amen. The end.

But it's beautiful. So so so beautiful. The actors, the scenery (man, that little island with the sand dunes and the dry grass and the grey clouds and the pink, pink sunsets... it reminded me of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel 'The Blue Castle'. Isabelle and Tom also kinda look like how I imagine Barney and Valancy, so that made it even better.), the characters (TOM. 😍 That man has a heart of gold.), the love story (Isabelle's "Well, then marry me" was epic),the storylines, the stories behind it, the music... ahh twas good dangit.

(Still not sure if I recommend it though. :-))

The Greatest Showman

(I chose this poster because I love these two together and I loved that scene. And the moon and the pink dress.)

AHHH THIS MUSICAL. (This is the greatest show!!!!) (I sung that.) (That's what happens with musicals. One listens to the soundtrack and one sprouts out lyrics randomly.) I went with not-so-high-expectations, I left singing and dancing out of the cinema. My sister and I went to watch it for my birthday, in a small cinema room with comfy chairs and a bag of sweet popcorn between us. It started. We got chills. It went on. We loved it.

Personally, I think it is lacking slightly in plot. There could have been more to the storyline? I don't know. Maybe it was me being picky. But it was definitely a very spectacular movie. The best thing was obviously, the songs. "Tightrope", for instance (*insert HEART EMOJI*), and "The Other Side" (love that scene so so much haha) and "Reach out the stars" (yeah yeah Zendaya and Zach y'all have mad skillz. That scene was amazing) and, one of the best songs in my opinion, "This is Me." Oh and that opening song and scene. When they all stamp and sing and suddenly the Amazing Hugh Jackman goes, smooth and soft as ever, "Ladies and Gents this is the moment you've waited for." YES. THAT IS A GOOD MUSICAL INTRODUCTION.

If you get the chance, watch it. (Although it bugs me that Hugh Jackman's wife walks around in town with her hair loose. And the elephants are toootally fake.)


I saw this yesterday evening and it was so good! It's a family movie (unlike 'The Light between the Oceans' haha) and it really pleasantly surprised me. I didn't expect it to be so good, but it really was. It made me laugh and cry and left me wanting for more. (Also, it's all about people who are slightly nerdy and want to make things and I love that. This movie has a girls obsessed with books, a clock making boy with big dreams, a film maker, an actress, etc. Can't you sense how good this movie is? Smell it.)

Also it's set in the 1930's and it's in Paris so the scenes are all so pretty. (ALTHOUGH. That blue policeman dude with the ghastly moustache should leave. Him and his dog. NOW. Ugh. I do not like the man. The flower lady must know better.) (The way he talked was hilarious though.)

Asa Butterfield's acting is superb. I mean wow. That boy has talent. When his gorgeous blue eyes well up in tears, you just feel it. And then he lives in a clock. I mean, I kinda want to live in a clock.

Would I watch this again? I would.
Should you watch this? You should.

And with that I end this post. Go hence and spend thine hours watching these three movies. (Although maybe not the first. :-P)


  1. Hugo! We watched that very light at night so we could stay awake to watch the metoer shower in August. I loved it although it was a little confusing the first time around. Daddy was sure that the end would reveal that Hugo was George's grandson. Also, did you know George Melies was real and they used some of his real films for when they watch them in the movie? Google him, it's uncanny how much the guy in the movie looks like the real deal. And I didn't like police guy either. I've seen that guy in another movie and he was weird in that, too. He must not have a talent for likable characters.

  2. I forgot to proof read that. Hope it makes sense.

  3. Seen all three!!

    I totally agree about Light Between Oceans and yes that "well then marry me!"

    Hugo = YES!

    Greatest Showman = DOUBLE YES (It's really all I've been listening to on Spotify for the past weeks)

    I'm writing this on the train to get to uni for a Primary Education welcome.. woop! :D

  4. I own the book for "The Light Between Oceans," and I just know it's going to be Affecting. *shivers nervously* I'll look forward to watching the movie after I read the book!


    Ooh, I've seen Hugo around but never been terribly interested -- I shall have to give it a try, now!

    Thanks for the fun post; I hope you're doing scrumptiously. <3

  5. The Greatest Showman was so awesome! Loved it. And The Light Between Oceans is on my reading list. I suppose I'll watch the movie once I've read it. It definitely sounds like a tearjerker, which I think is a good quality in a drama.

  6. These sound like movies I need to watch soon! Thanks for sharing! =)

  7. Dude. I want to watch The Greatest Showman sooooo badly. Can't wait for it to release on DVD!

    Hugo is a great movie, though not one of my absolute favorites. Isn't Asa Butterfield awesome, though?

  8. I agree one must be in the mood to watch a severely sad story movie during which you're certain you'll cry. They can be really good movies, but goodness. In spite of your non-recommendation of it, I am going to put 'The Light Between Oceans' on my 'to be watched' list, because it's been awhile since I've watched a sad movie. :)

    WASN'T THE GREATEST SHOWMAN GREAT. :D I totally loved it. Which is different for me because I hate musicals. I kind of expected to love this one, though. The trailer was too epic to think otherwise.

    Hugo! I need to watch that one again. It is such a sweet. I agree with you about the police guy, but I did have some feeling for him while he was talking to the flower lady. He's just a PERSON, Naomi! :D HE HAS HIS LOW SPOTS AS WELL AS HIS MEAN SPOTS. :)


  9. I want to see The Greatest Showman a lot. I think we might see it next week if it's still in theater. Now, Hugo is wonderful. My family and I all had the same reaction. We couldn't believe how good it was! We love it. And it's a book too! (I haven't read it yet.)

  10. I definitely want to see "Hugo"!

    GREATEST SHOWMAN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. I saw it with Rosie and a friend, and it was just so much fun--so bright and joyful and happy. "Rewrite the Stars" is my favorite part. I can't stop thinking about it, actually.

    (The clothes & hair were def. period-inaccurate, like you said, but it didn't bother me because I don't actually think of the story as taking place IN New York in the 1800s--to me, it feels more like a fairy tale, not a Real History Thing, so I just think of it as being set in some imaginary world where everybody wears whatever everybody wants . . .)

    1. Can I just say you captured my thoughts perfectly about the hair and costumes? The music isn't time-period accurate so I was fine with other things not being. Definitely Rewrite the Stars!!! <3 ~Kristalyn

  11. OKAY THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS COUPLE REMINDS YOU OF BARNEY AND VALANCY TOO??? (I haven't seen it, but despite the emotional devastation, I definitely I want to. :P


    Okay so I have some friends who have been wanting to show me Hugo, but we haven't had time yet. I wanted to see it, but now I want to see it even more!!

  12. Agh, so many good movies!! (And there's only 3. :P)

    1. The Light Between the Oceans. Ohhh. That one has been on my to-see list for awhile, but I thought there was quite a bit of content in it? So I've been a little hesitant. But I love Alicia Vikander, and isn't it based near or in Australia? And it just sounds so beautiful but so heartbreaking... ohh. I definitely want to watch it. (Is it a bit like A Testament of Youth, in the sense that it's just SO SAD? Alicia seems to like sad movies. :P)

    2. THE GREATEST SHOWMAAAAAAAN!!! You already know my thoughts on this. :D I'm going to see it again tomorrow night with a friend. I CAN'T WAIT. To be honest, the plot line didn't bug me. Sometimes an extremely simple plot line can be nice. (Or maybe just because I CONSTANTLY watch mystery/thrillers that have fast-paced, complex plot lines.) I love "The Other Side" scene too!!! And Rewrite the Stars! And This is Me! (This is the dance tutorial by the way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2NCq1xNHzI It's pretty cool. :D It's the actual choreographers of the movie teaching you. And you're doing exactly what they do in the movie. Although, a side effect to learning it is every time the song plays you basically HAVE to start dancing to it.)

    3. I've seen Hugo! It's quite good. I liked the girl and the fact that she liked books and they liked movies and she used the word clandestine. (I don't know why, but as a 13 year old that instantly gave the movie brownie points for me.) Some of it's annoying and I actually found Asa annoying at some parts. But overall it is a good movie, yes. :D

    Movies I've seen recently for the first time... "Man on a Ledge" is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. You wouldn't like it. :P It's about a man standing at the top of a huge building, threatening to jump, but he isn't suicidal. Why? You watch the whole movie to figure it out. :P

  13. Okay, so The Light Between Oceans..... I rarely cry in movies, but man was I emotional watching this. It broke my heart so much. I could sympathize with both families which didn't make it any better.

    The Greatest Showman....EPIC!!! I seriously went into it doubtful if I would like it as I wasn't too into the trailer. But oh was I wrong. I'm seriously in love with the songs. My favorites are: Rewrite the Stars, Tightrope, Never Enough, and The Other Side. Definitely a favorite movie, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.



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