A small story with a Moral.

Enjoy this short story if you wish to enjoy it. This is the introduction of this post. I put it in pink to make it look like I put a lot of effort into it. Actually this introduction only took like 15 seconds to write. Now you can read the short story. Go.

Once there was a young man who thought his life was important.

"It is," said he to his girlfriend Darrell, "Life is important."

"Yes and no but more no," his girlfriend said, after swallowing down her bite of apple. (Of course. Darrell was a sophisticated girl who never had second thoughts about speaking while having nutrition located in her mouth.)

"Why on earth no?!" the boy said. "Life is nothing but important."

She thought for a moment."Well... it is only important because it's not."

"Why am I dating you?" The boy rolled his eyes. "You speak such gibberish sometimes that I sometimes find myself talking gibberish to the people around me. Last night I had a dream about a four-headed-giraffe. Probably your fancies rubbing off on me." But he smiled, because Darrell was his favourite.

"I stand my case," Darrell said.

For a moment it was quiet. Only the bluebirds, the wind and the dry leaves created sound waves that unconcsiously penetrated the eardrums of the young, budding philosophers.

"I am quite serious," Darrell repeated.

"I know. I can hear from the tone of your voice. You meant what you said. Which is why I am quiet. I cannot make it out."

"Yes," Darrell said. She popped the core of her apple into her mouth. She did not believe in wasting food.

"You say that life is only important because it's not. And that makes sense?" The boy looked at his girlfriend with a confused look on his face.

"Absolutely," she insisted. "Because a life is only a life. It is a vapour in the wind and a wave in an ocean; it is completely useless really."

"So... life is useless. Great. Way to cheer me up."

Darrell laughed. "You are the one that says you like it when people speak their mind. It's true, isn't it? Why, I am working my socks off to become a teacher so I can work my socks off even more once I get a job. That's absolutely absurd, isn't it? What's the bally point? Why, people go through lengths and lengths of drama to finally get a boyfriend or a girlfriend only to break it off after a few weeks. Quite comical. And why, one day we weep, the other day we laugh, and then we moan, and then we smile, and then we complain. We are the most hilarious creatures in existence. How pathetic!"

"No, I don't like this," The boy said sadly. "Life... life isn't... that."

Darrell sighed. "It is the single most pathetic thing there is."

Once again it was silent for a moment. Darrell broke it. "But then I didn't say life wasn't important."

The boy lifted an eyebrow. "I don't like not understanding things my girlfriend says."

"The thing is this. What if we didn't sugarcoat life but what if we found life beyond this one? Because honestly, I'm giving up on trying to make this one sound that good. It's mostly miserable."

"How can you say that?" The boy asked. "I have never seen you this negative. You are literally the most life-loving person I know. It stuns me to see you this way."

"Yet I have never been this joyful," Darrell was quick to say. "I did not say I hated this life; I do love it. But I don't love this life because of this life. This life isn't that great. End of story. It sucks. So I went on a mission to find another life. And that's the one I'm living for and that's why I love this life that would otherwise suck. The more I live this life the more I am intent on not living for it. Yet the more I am intent on not living for it the more I find myself living this life." 

"So..." said the boy, "Paradox is the key to life?"

"Not living for this life makes you live and love this life. Yes."

The boy frowned and then suddenly smiled. "Oh, I think I know what you're talking about."

"It was about time," said Darrell.

"Jesus," said the boy softly. "You're talking about Jesus."

"Yes. How did you guess?"

"Because He's the guy that said that whoever wants to save his life will lose it. And whoever loses his life will find it."

"Correct," Darrell said, her eyes shining with deep love for her Maker; such love that no poet nor artist could ever put into words, shape or picture. "He is correct."

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it." 

(-- God aka your biggest fan; He loves you crazy much. Do this.)


  1. I love this. How wonderful it would be to have such conversations with my future man. :]
    You are such a good writer!

  2. I love this story so much. It is so touchingly simple and beautiful.

  3. She did not believe in wasting food

  4. You're a great writer, my dear. <3

  5. Well done. <3

    (I felt a slight tinge of a stab at studying to be a teacher there, as if you wrote this on a day when you were supposed to be doing home work but decided to have a poke at it instead. That's like something I would do. :P)

    So true, though. When we realize WE are not the most important part of our lives, everything becomes so much clearer, simpler, easier.

    1. "as if you wrote this on a day when you were supposed to be doing home work but decided to have a poke at it instead" <<< HOW DID YOU KNOW

  6. Your stories are so good! Pleeeeeeease write heaps more this year!

  7. Aww my goodness! So sweet and simple and TRUE. Thanks for this. :)


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