A post for the boys.

Dear Guys, dear Gentlemen, dear Sirs, dear beard-wearing trouser-wearing creatures with low (or one-day-to-be low) voices. Dear boys. Dear chaps, dear dudes, dear people Of The Male Sex.

This post is for you.

You know, I really don't give you enough credit, I really don't. I so often address my post with just ladies and girls and, well, maybe my brother if I'm very lucky (brothers don't count) (maybe that sounds very mean, but they just don't) in mind, but I rarely even pass it a thought that One of You might be reading the words I publish online.

It's fine - you're perfectly, perfectly welcome here. I am open to all kinds of readers. Even dogs may read my blog if they would be capable of it, although I wouldn't appreciate it if they licked my headers. Not that I'm comparing you with DOGS. (Far from it.) I like boys; they're cool people. We're both people, we're both allowed to read this blog - you. are. welcome. 

Thing is, I have a question. I don't THINK many of you actually read my blog. Out of the 6000 comments on my blog, maybe three come from your sort. Two of which were my dad. Or something like that, anyway. 

Just... I SOMEHOW just suspect that it's just girls out there, kindly filling my followers-box and increasing my views.

I can't be though. There MUST be SOME boys, some men out there reading Wonderland Creek. Maybe not? Maybe not. But I think that maybe there are. Thus the reason for the post; I demand clarification. Is there a lad or a sir amongst my 128 (wut??? 128 followers guys) followers? I would appreciate it if you'd say 'hi, I'm a dude and I read your blog' in the comments. I'm interested to think what male people think of my blog, though. Does the content bore you? Do you cringe at the way I swoon about Movie Heroes? What sort of posts do you like best? What's the male perspective from this little, stupid blog?

The point of this post: WELCOME, sir. Do stay a while. Of course, I thank everyone for sticking around, but I want to thank you ('you' as in, probably one person, if I'm lucky - I'm honestly even doubting your existence) for reading my blog.

Have a great day and don't forget to shave. Love, Naomi x

PS Please DO leave a comment. I'd be very happy to hear from you.


  1. Hi, I am NOT a dude and I DO like to read your blog.

    (I have a feeling you knew that already. But ain't nothin' wrong with stating the obvious. ;-) )

    This post made me smile . . . a lot . . . Hey, now I'm starting to be curious too: How many of your followers ARE guys? We tend to assume they're all girls but we don't know that that's necessarily accurate . . . Deep questions ;-)

  2. "Have a great day and don't forget to shave."XD

    ~Not Walter but Rilla Blythe


    Seriously, I knew I liked you.

  4. So let me just add to the girls that have commented (sorry, Naomi!) because now I am curious to see how many of your followers are guys. It doesn't matter one bit but you made me wonder...

  5. "although I wouldn't appreciate it if they licked my headers"

    You have me cracking up!! But I wonder too. Do guys read your blog?

    "Have a great day and don't forget to shave." *shakes head and smiles*

  6. My brother sometimes looks over my shoulder :D

    1. Oh, yeah, mine does too! Then he sees a picture of someone in a cravat and rolls his eyes and walks away... (He's 11.) (I don't think that counts.)

  7. Haha. This is funny Naomi. ;D

    (And sorry, no, I'm not a boy. I'm not even a tomboy.)

    "Have a great day and don't forget to shave." You sure do know how to end off your posts right. XD

    ~Miss Meg

  8. *writes a post for boys*
    *seven girls comment*

    No, it's fine, you're all welcome. :-)

  9. Oh my, haha, "don't forget to shave." Naomi, why are you so funny?

    I'm the eighth girl to comment on your post for guys. :P

  10. 'Hi, I'm a dude and I read your blog in the comments.' (Jk I actually read the Posts aswell) xD And I can also confirm that I am not the only one, as I know for a fact that my brother also follows your blog. And though I would not classify your blog as "Manly" or "cool" It is most definitely AWESOME! And posts like this are exactly why I follow it.
    And as far As commenting goes I think That "us sort" :) just are not very good at it. I know I'm not. Its also hard to find the time sometimes as I usually check the blogs that I do follow very quickly because I follow so many. As for the age group I am 18(well technically that'll be tomorrow but who cares) and my brother is 20 but he does very little blogging now because of his job. Still it'd be awesome if you'd check out his story blog, cause he is getting ready to post some really good ones.
    Anyhow Enough of my rambling, I hope I've been of some help to you.
    your Gregory Peck picture is awesome.

    1. Yay!! I was starting to give up hope. Thank you for reading my blog, Daniel.
      Also - Happy Birthday; many happy returns; and all that. (If you'd leave me the link of his blog, I would definitely check it out!)
      Thanks for commenting! (And Yes, the Gregory Peck picture is awesome indeed.)

    2. Your welcome and Thank you!
      Here's the link sorry I forgot to include it the first time :p

  11. You're awesome. :) Yeah, I suppose I always assume all the bloggers/blog readers in our little community are girls. O.o


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