Well look what came in the mail today...


Look what came in the mail today to join my humble abode and possessions?!!! THE COMPLETE (as in complete) Downton Abbey collection!!! :-O :-) It wasn't the cheapest thing I've ever bought, BUT MY GAWWSH IT WAS WORTH IT. It's basically the prettiest thing that ever entered my life and don't you dare say I'm using too many hyperboles today. Seriously.

The box is all GOLD and CREAMY and well, obviously, epic. Inside are hours and hours of enjoyment, millions of epic storylines and swoony costumes and amazing characters and fantastical quotes... all. of. it. Like, every single episode and every single Christmas special all bundled up into this beautiful box. Can I get green faces of envy, please? (I find it funny that Amazon calls this a gift box. Like why would anyone buy it as a gift for someone?!... 90% of the people buying this obviously buy it for themselves.)

The box also contains some adorable extras (not to mention loads of behind-the-scenes footage and making-of dvds)... such as two Downton Abbey tea towels (I am now finally a REAL fan. I own the tea towels.) and two DA tea circly-things-to-put-your-cup-on, you-know-those-kinds-nobody-ever-uses-but-they-are-so-cute-anyway. Obviously I took some staged Downton Abbey Box pictures and well, for all the reasons, I demonstrate them to my sweet followers. Enjoy the gold and the epic:

(I also love that the box looks like a box of chocolates. What with the gold and all.)
(And no, Amazon didn't make me write this. It is all done out of the goodness and EXCITEMENT of my heart.)

*goes off to scratch "Own all the DA dvd's" off bucket list*


  1. First, I have to tell you that this is my first comment ever! I read your blog for a while now, with a lot of pleasure, and now it is time to leave a comment, I thought. So here it is!
    Your Downton Abbey collecten looks sooo beautiful and pretty. It makes me want to see it (I have never watched it, but I really want too. All the pictures on your blog from the Downton Abbey week look gorgeous!)
    And then, your writingstyle. It's amazing, you're a good writer!
    The last thing I wanna to say, is that you're posts make me happy, everytime again!


    1. AWWWW. ROSE, thank you for commenting! Your comment made me so happy. :-) Thank you for reading my blog! <3

  2. How fun! That would be so cool to own (much better than the latest iphone if you ask me!) :) My face is green with envy, but also pink with happiness for you! Actually, that makes a really gross looking face! :P

    1. "much better than the latest iphone"-- quite right!

  3. OH WOW. That's pretty legit. ;-P Congratulations, Naomi!!

  4. LUCKY. ^.^ Clearly I need this in my life RIGHT NOW.

    But really, that is so preeettttyyyy. Enjoy re-watching all the loveliness that is Downton Abbey. :D

  5. Oh, what fun! Don't you just love getting mail — particularly when it's NICE mail. ;)

  6. Yay! It's always so nice getting lovely collections of your favorite things:) and I also wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog design. It's really simple and grown-up but also very classy :) It makes me want to go redesign my blog!

  7. OH MAH WORD!!!!!
    It's beautiful, almost as beautiful as the movies themselves.

    You can use those tea towels in place of tissues when you watch the sad parts (as in the WHOLE ENTIRE THING, or just about). :P

    -A Friendly Ghost

  8. That is keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwllll.

    (Cool, that is . . . sorry 'bout my American accent ;-) )

    The DVD-box-cover is gorgeous. I approve :-)

  9. I need it now!!! It's soooooooo gorgeous!!! Now I'm going to go to Amazon and check it out. :)

  10. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT. Me loves it. YOU ARE LUCKY, girl :)

  11. Oh, that's so elegant and gorgeous and diviiine!

    I knew you had a job to save up for something. ;P

    ~Miss Meg


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