Downton Abbey Season One - Episode Guide / Review

We're re-watching Downton Abbey!!! 

IT IS AMAZING. Of course. As if no-one had guessed that. I wrote a little mini-review of each episode (we just finished season one already whattt) and well, I might as well publish them online for everyone to see. Besides, some of you might enjoy it and some of you might want to know what episodes have 'nasty stuff' for further reference. If you do not want any spoilers, just don't read the synopsis's. But enjoy the collages because I made them all and spent blood and tears and sweat making them. Just Kidding.

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 1

Epic start - epic getting-to-know-everyone - basically epic everything, duh. We get introduced to all the characters - Daisy with her adorable pink dress, Mrs Patmore and her fiery red hair + impatience, Mr Carson being Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes with her keys, darling Anna, evil Thomas and well, obviously, Mr Bates, the new servant for Lord Grantham. Then we go upstairs, meet THE FAMILY, and oh nooo, apparently the heir IS DEAD. Stupid Titanic. It's sad and all that, but this means that there's a new heir. The Dowager Countess (aka everyone's third grandma) comes on a visit and bonds with Cora over the gross unfairness of society and that Mary won't own the estate. This is once again emphasised by a visit of a (ugh I hate him) Duke who changes his mind on Lady Mary when he hears of this news.
We end with a gorgeous shot of Isobel and Matthew Crawley (the new heir!), the latter saying that, ' Lord Grantham is going to change their lives.' Um, yes.

Content: Several occasions where characters swear + A homosexual scene nearing the end (when Thomas and the Duke are alone in his bedroom. Fairly easy to see coming. It is also fairly long, I believe.)

Particularly good quotes:
"We are allies, my dear, which can be a great deal more affective." (Than friends, ha.) - Dowager Countess
"It's my third parent and my fourth child. Do I care for Downton? Oh yes I do!" - Robert

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 2

This is the episode where ALL THE GIRLS fall in love with Matthew Crawley, who Officially comes to visit Downton and live nearby. At first, stuff gets a lil' awkward. There's the whole Matthew and Mary shipping thing, which obviously, the viewers participate in also. And then there's the 'getting used to 1st class' thing, which Matthew does SO ADORABLY. (DID I MENTION I LOVE MATTHEW SO MUCH?!!!) I loooove the scene where he makes Mr Molesly all happy by letting him do stuff.
Mr Carson gets embarrassed by his old 'friend' Charles, who decides to tell Lord Grantham that he and Carson used to be a double act on stage. (I looove how Mr Bates and Anna giggle over this. Those two though.) A question though: Does Mrs Hughes ever know about Cheerful Charlies?!
In the meanwhile, the never-to-end tensions between the Dowager Countess and Isobel Crawley have made its majestic entrance into the plot.

Content: Some occasions where characters swear, not much though. // A hospital scene, but it's not scary at alllll.

Particularly good quotes: "What is a weekend?" (Dowager Countess)


Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 3

Edith has an unwanted fling on Matthew (who is still mine. Btw.) The Dowager wears her famous purple outfit and makes viewers love her. Gwen publicly acknowledges that she wants to be a secretary, after awful O'Brien puts her secret on the table for all to see.
And of course... this episode has the Mr Pamuk plot. Which, yes, isn't appropiate, but it's a vital part of the entire Downton Abbey plot (for two seasons to come, that is), so it's important to understand what happened. Mary invites Mr Napier over. Some kinda rich dude. Mr Napier brings his friend Mr Pamuk along. Who I HATE and who really isn't handsome at all. I do not get why everyone talks about his beautiful face. :-P Well, Mary crushes on him really hard and... fast-forward-flash... he dies in her bedroom. At night. This is 'the Downton Abbey Scandal' which affects a large part of the plot. So far, Mary (obviously), Anna, Cora (I love her) know all about it, Daisy has seen them carry the dead body and Thomas+O'Brian have their suspicions.
Oh yeah, and Mr Bates does that thing with his leg and darling Mrs Hughes saves the day. Go Mrs Hughes. Saving Downton Problems since the Titanic sank.

Content: Again, there's a Thomas scene involving another man which could merit from a skip - again, easy to see coming. This time brief, I believe. / There is a sex scene - the scandal. We skipped that (starting from Mary and Pamuk's kiss), but we watched the Anna/Cora/Mary bit, where they discuss what they need to do, in the bedroom.

Particularly good quotes: "Are we going to have tea, or not?" (Dowager)
"An Englishman wouldn't dream of dying in somebody else's house." (Ditto.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 4

Other than this amazing and glorious news of Tom Branson's arrival, we have the fair - and THOMAS BEING TERRIBLE. Ughhhh, poor William. I love William so much - I love how he plays the piano. He's just a darling. Someone should shake Daisy's head so she'll finally understand. :-P
Then we have Mrs Hughes, who has this little side-plot line about her former lover, who asks her hand in marriage again. Once again,  she refuses (and Mr Carson, deep inside, is really relieved. But he doesn't realise quite why. And he won't, not for a long time. :-P)
Some other things that happen:
1. Mr Bates gives Anna a tray with flowers and food AND IT IS ADORABLE BEYOND MEASURE.
2. Matthew has the most beautiful eyes ever.
3. Also, Matthew and Mary shake hands and it's really epic. Who knew shaking hands could be so epic?
4. The Dowager countess sits on a swivel chair.
5. O'Brien complains for 500 hours. 'Gwen can do it.' 'She is not a lady's maid.' 'And I am not a slave.'
6. Last but not least, Sybil wears those adorable bloomers and Tom is proud and ahhh these two are going to have so much drama they have no idea how much. My darlingsssss. <3 <3
(Also, Mary and Matthew chatting at the fair made me melt. I ship these two so much. It's exhausting.)

Content: Nothing! :-) Whaddayaknow!

Particularly good quotes: Cora: "They do things differently in America." The Dowager: "Yes, they live in wigwams."
"Is there anything more delicious than a new frock?" (Lady Sybil)
"Leaving Downton? Do you think I'll ever find the time?" (Mrs Hughes)
"Why must every day involve a fight with an American?" (You can guess who.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 5

This episode is action filled - it's alive with characters and sneaky actions and annoying people and lovely people. Just like any episode, really, I suppose.
Daisy gets all spooked out by the Pamuk scandal playing and replaying in her brain, and flips it all out to lady Edith after O'Brian organises the meeting. Sybil is a darling and takes Gwen to town for her job testing thing, resulting in a muddy way back home, while Isobel and the Dowager Countess find a new thing to bicker about - something about the flower show. Thomas and O'Brian are outwitted by Bates and Anna when a snuff-box in Robert's room vanishes, and Edith and Mary have some SERIOUSLY BAD sister quarrle.
(I hate Mary in this episode. Ugh.) (Edith isn't that much of a good girl either, but I feel for her more than for Mary in this case.)
Also, we meet Sir Anthony who causes Mrs Patmore to shed tears after an accidental salt-filled dessert. Mr Carson plays the daddy-role and soothes Mrs Patmore. The episode ends with the Dowager countess giving Mr Molesley's father the prize and with Edith writing to the Turkish embassador all about the scandal. Way to end an episode ammirite.
(Oh, and Anna and Bates have one or two or three cute scenes.)

Content: Two or three occasions where characters swear.

Particularly good quotes:
Isobel: "I take that as a compliment." Dowager: "Oh, I must have said it wrong."
"Because I love you, Mr Bates. I know it's not ladylike to say it, but I'm not a lady and I've never pretended to be." (Anna.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 6

Oh wow, this episode is like, FIVE MINUTES. Seriously, that's so what it feels like. Suffragette meetings, angry fathers, theft suspicions and EPIC KISS BAM BASHHH. The end. That's seriously an excellent recap, no kidding.
Of course, there's the sweeet almost-Anna-Bates-kiss, the ADORABLE GAHHH early-rise-tension between Sybil and Branson, Matthew saying that he and Mary should 'see more of each other' (PLUS HIS FACE OKAY), Thomas being REALLY nervous (ha. ha. Good for HIM.), and Mr Carson being just plain CUTE. Also, William is the nicest human being on the planet and Daisy is finally starting to get a little sense about scumbag Thomas. Also, can I give Lady Cora a good word? She really is a good sort. (And Edith is so happy about her daaaaate.)

Content: Several occasions where characters swear.

Particularly good quotes:
"I am political! I have opinions!" (Lady Sybil)
"If you really like an argument, we should see more of each other." (Matthew.)
"What have I told you, Matthew? You must pay no attention to the things I say." (Mary.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 7

Wow, the last episode of Season One ALREADY! And it definitely doesn't disappoint and it definitely DOES leave us hanging with a desperate need and want for season two (which I can't waaaaiiit to rewatch yet again.)
Okay - LOADS of things happened in the episode. Plot lines such as Gwen's endless search for a middle-class job are bought to a great close (Tom and Sybil and Gwen's group hug is SO ADORABLE because Tom and Sybil hug.) Mrs Patmore's eye problem is solved also, and a hilarious soap-soup scene occurs while she is away on treatment. (Don't ask.) Thomas and William fight after some very unfeeling comments on Thomas (OBVIOUSLY NOT WILLIAM)'s side after Cora loses her baby boy due to another, now must graver, soap scene caused by O'Brian ugh. Daisy finally likes William, and Matthew and Mary break up which is heartbreaking to watch. Mr Carson soothes Mary which is adorable to watch. Oh yes, and Bates is an absolute brick and so is Anna when she makes sure he won't have to leave Downton.
Basically, Cora getting pregnant causes a great dilemma in the Mary and Matthew plot. Mary feels like she can't accept Matthew because she owes him an explanation on the scandal - which is obviously extremely hard on her. Matthew thinks she only wants him for the title. It's all very dramatic and emotional and ppsssst I cried when Matthew said, 'God knows I want the best for you.' He says it so well.
The episode couldn't end more epic-ly. Robert is amazing at saying epic things. The 'we are at war with Germany' gives everyone chills and goosebumps.

Content: Several occasions where characters swear. Not much though.

Particularly good quotes:
Daisy: Friends? / William: Always friends.
Mr Carson: I know you have spirit, mylady, and that's what counts. It's all that counts in the end.

Any particular thoughts on Season One?


  1. My thoughts on season 1:

    Crazy! The TV shows I watch (that you wouldn't like - they're nasty horrid stuff, like being modern and action packed ;P) have 23 episodes a season in one, and about 16 in another.

    (Also. Trying to start up watching Lark Rise again... only on the 3rd season... am waiting for Alfie and Minnie cuteness, basically. Oh, and admiring Daniel. He reminds me of a guy I know or saw once but I can't think who... oh, I think I know. He's a doctor fellow I had recently. Haha. I thought he (the doctor) looked familiar. ;P))

    ~Miss Meg

  2. Ohhh! I LOVED reading this!! You MUST write episode summaries for season two...and three and four and five and six! Yes, all of them! ;) (If you have time for all that. Heehee.)

    I always get so mixed up as to what happens in each episode, because SO MUCH HAPPENS! But this will be really handy to have as a reference if/when I decide to watch the show again from the beginning. So thanks. :)

    Your collages were great, by the way! And ohhhh! I MISS SYBIL AND BRANSON TOGETHER! They were my favorite couple. SO SWEET! <3

    Thanks for the lovely post!!!

  3. Did Branson only come in at episode 4??? He certainly made a big impact in only a few episodes! #teambransonandsybilforever What I love most of all in the last episode is all the gorgeous outfits - particularly those of the girls. They're absolutely to-die-for :D

  4. You're watching DA!!! I'm going to be jealous. :) I always wanted to see it for the second time.
    This was such a lovely post, I enjoyed it a lot!!!

    ~Evie in French Class in the computer lab

  6. I wish I could love this show. But I can't. I love certain bits of it (*cough*Tom&Sybil*cough*), but not the whole thing. :P *sigh*


    P.S. The reason everyone raves over Mr. Pamuk is because the guy who plays him, Theo James, plays one of the main characters in a dystopian movie series - Divergent - and he's really nice in there and really handsome. :)

  7. I will definitely be referring back to this if I ever decide to watch DA. ;)

    (But whaat. Only seven episodes?)


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