On Internet Bios

Alone in a crowd.
Inspired in the woods.
Fascinated by strangers.

That would make a good bio/about me thing, don't you think? I love reading bios - I love reading how original and creative some of them are, and how dead boring some are and how so many are SO THE SAME. 

Writing bios however, is a different thing. HOW DO I DO THIS THING. How do I explain this complicated crazy and confusing person that is me?! I have about a kabiligion different sides, moods and passions. I always want my bio to say that I'm a Christian (which is sometimes hard to weave into it because I want my bios to be wacky and funny) and I want to say that I'm a bookworm and a writer and a homeschooler and a pluviophile (lover of rain, ha) and .... BEEP BEEP TOO MANY WORDS. No-one reads the 1000-words bios. I want to keep it snappy and fresh and I want to make people click on the Wonderland Creek link and read my stupid posts. I don't want my bios to be you know, like: 'I am this and I am this and I am this and fin.' That's dead boring. I want to it be like, one simple sentence which encapsulates who I am... which is impossible, ha.

I know it's not important at all. ;-P But still.

Here are some short and simple bios of random-people-I-came-across that I love:

" I'm probably barefoot and shooting photos of a sunset right now." (Mary)
"One does not simply write an Instagram bio." (Katie Davis)
"small paychecks | big memories" (Rachel Coker)
"The girliest 1/3 of @blimeycow" (Kelli Taylor)
"a simple farmgirl with her nose in a book" (Emma Jane)
"I write books and eat ice cream." (Hayden Wand)
"My name is S.M. Olson. I'm a secret agent. Maybe. Christ is my life." (Susanna)

I like these. They're simple and only give a tiny snippit of who these people really are, which makes people want to know more about them. I also love long bios, but something really attracts me to short, snappy ones. I have to get over the thing of, 'Ohhh but I need to mention that I love doing THIS and THAT' because I do that the whooole time. :-P

(Okay, that was me rambling randomly about internet bios on a Sunday morning. I knew I was weird.)


  1. Haha... I liked this post. :)

    I understand what you mean, although I do still like long bios, I like short ones too. Less is more, and all that.

    (And I'm quite sure I ALWAYS do the whole 'Oh, but I gotta mention that and that and THAT or they won't really know what I'm like' and it just ends up into this 5 paragraph piece of ramblings words. Yeah. I'm not so great with the whole less is more thing.

    ~Miss Meg

    1. I know, it's so easy to be like, 'I need to tell 'em EVERYTHING'... less is more sometimes. :-P (I struggle with that too. :-) I can see why you would as well, haha. :-))

  2. No, it's not weird! I love reading bios too. Lovely post :)


  3. i love these photos. i love this post. <33

    my favorite bio would probably be Katie Davis. xD It's so true. haha! I used a ton of emojis in mine *covers face* It's like "I'm the barefoot gal *peace sign* teenage diy-er *fist bump* reader and writer *flexes muscles* and Jesus Freak *money cover-y face-y emoji*.

    and THAT was hard for me. hahaa!

  4. "One does not simply write an Instagram bio." HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHA.

    *sobers up and wipes away a tear because BOROMIR*

    I really like your detective-notebook-style bio; it's very cute and original and it shows who you are (because YOU really love observing people and taking notes like that . . . :-) )

  5. The struggle is real :) It's definitely hard to encapsulate the hundreds of unique things about a person in a short little bio.
    But I do LOVE yours. It's a very fun and neat way of doing it :) Also, that picture above it is one of my favorite parts about the blog change. It's such a lovely welcoming invitation-type picture that makes me want to linger and chat. [I'll take lemonade :)]

  6. Oh, yes! I do struggle with bio writing for sure. I never know how much or how little to put in. I love yours though, Naomi! The whole detective notes idea is very clever. (Wish I could think of something creative like that...)

  7. It isn't weird, you're okay, Naomi. I do it too!! Internet bios are fun to read, but at the same time, I am very wary of them because like you said, they can stretch on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!!

    Um Naomi? YOUR POSTS AE NOT STUPID, OKAY?! THEY AREN'T. YOUR POSTS ARE QUIRKY AND FUN AND I DO A LITTE DANCE OF JOY WHEN I SEE ONE IN MY INBOX. Okay not really, I don't dance for joy for anything, but I am EXTREMELY HAPPY AND I RUN AS FAST AS I CAN AND READ IT AND LAUGH/CRY (depending on the post) AND COMMENT BECAUSE YOU ARE THAT AWESOME. Please stop putting yourself down, you NOT wierd, and NOT stupid post writer! Okay? WE ALL LOVE YOU, DEAR. THAT'S WHY WE FOLLOW YOU. Keep it up with the AWESOME posts!

    1. Haha wow, thanks Esther!
      I was kiiiinda sarcastic about the 'stupid post' thing... :-P Thank you so much for your nice compliments though, you're so sweet! :-)

  8. I can totally relate! I'm always at a loss when it comes to writing bios. It seems like it should be so simple, but when one likes so many different things, it's anything but! If only someone could just write one for me, haha. I do really like your bio, though! It's very creative. ;)

  9. I have fun with people's bios. (OH, you CITED me!) I'm never sure what to say; these days I try to make them simple, because I remember how loooooongwinded and rambly I used to be (and shudder whenever I do...yikes.) I LOVE yours right now. It's dashed clever. ;-)

    (Some people's are just so melodramatic and hipster-ish that it's impossible not to poke fun at them.)

    1. I CITED you I CITED you WHAT IS NEW?!! :-P

      Haha, I'm kinda getting tired of these sort of bios: "INFP//Coffee//John1:1//Doctor Who//" <<< There are loads like then. And then they're those bios who are 50% about the person's significant other. (AKA: 'Learning to love my hubby more and more every day.' Or something like that.)

      ... I should stop.

  10. First of all, I LOVE your blog! I found it through Julia, and I'm in love with everything about your design and posts, (especially the dashing photo of Gregory Peck on your sidebar!)
    And second of all, you have totally inspired me to fix my bio, cause mine is like 300 words and thats not cool!:)

    1. Welcome and thank you for reading my blog, Clara! :-)
      (Gregory Peck. Dashing, RIGHT?!! :-D)

  11. I'm terrible at bios. Ugh. But those examples you included were beautiful, and, for the record, I think your bio is marvellously done!

  12. This has given me great introduction ideas
    ~Evie in French again

  13. I looooove your new bio on the sidebar. So funny and original!

    I don't even have a bio on my sidebar, just an 'About Me' page. :) But this was a lovely post and I'm sure that if I ever want to do a sidebar bio, I'll be coming back here.


  14. I RELATE TO THIS SO MUCH. Seriously, writing bios is so hard for me. Mine always feel really stiff and un-genuine to me. Ah, well. Hopefully it is a talent we can cultivate over time. ;) (But yours is adorable. Like, how do you do that??)

  15. I loved this post! I've been thinking my bio page needed an update, but with this post, I feel totally in a renovating mood! ;)


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