Pentatonix is Ridiculously Amazing

I am obsessed with Pentatonix. I've been listening to their Christmas songs every single blessed day and I'm still so NOT sick of them. Of course I'm listening to them right now as I write. Probably also while you're reading this. I love them dearly. I quite rarely attach myself to bands and singers; in fact I will never say, 'I HAVE SOOO MANY' when someone asks me who my favourite singers are. I like a lot of singers, but I only have a few favourites. (Unlike books. Hahaha. I have so many favourite books it makes me kind of freaky sometimes.)

I love Pentatonix so much that... I AM DEVOTING A POST ON THEM. To proof my undying love and to seal it with official-ness, and all that.

(If you have never heard of Pentatonix PLEASE GO AND LISTEN TO THEIR CHRISTMAS SONGS. Leave right now and go to Youtube.They're basically a five-group acapella group which likes to blow me away with their talent and creativity and amazing-ness. The twists they put on songs is wow-factor-one-hundred-procent-wow.)

Moving on.

I think one of my favourite things about them is their pop/old-timey/classic/modern feel. It's modern music, but it's classic songs. But it's not modern music as in, every-single-song-sounds-exactly-the-same. Each song sounds so unique and different and beautiful.

As said earlier, all five members of the band are insanely talented. In case you were not aware of this, you know, I'm here to tell you the facts. You're welcome. 

First we have Avi's bass. OH MY WORD. It's like, Josh-Turner-level-ripe-bass-voice. (Just listen to the five first seconds of I'll be home for Christmas and you'll be swooning.) Then there's Kirstie's voice, which is amaze-worthy. I wish I had it. Also, she's so cute. Scott is the handsome blonde and his voice is soooo gorgeous. (His voice in 'Hallelujah' gave me shivers. As did the whole song, but that's beside the point.) And then there's Mitch's man-alto which sounds freakishly like a lady and which is seriously wow. Kevin is the beat-boxer and he's ridiculously talented; it's amazing. (I also love his smile.)

Their Christmas & Winter songs are what makes me love them. They are famous mainly because of it, basically, and no wonder. (I say Christmas and Winter because they're not all Christmas songs. Songs about Sleigh Bells and Santa Claus is Coming and even Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas aren't technically Christmas songs because there's nothing about Christ in them. (Peet Peeve of mine.) (#rantover.))

Here are my top five (CURRENTLY) favourite Pentatonix songs. (Because I need to showw you and FORCE them down your throats.)

Winter Wonderland / Don't worry Be Happy

THIS SONG IS SO SO MUCH FUN. Last year, I must have listened to it 10 thousand times and I still love it. Tori Kelly as a guest star is excellent and the creativity of putting two well-known songs together is just insaaaane. (I dare you not to smile while listening to this.) (I suppose it's humanly possible, but admit it... you wanted to smile. ;-P)

Mary Did You Know

Ahhhhhh THIS VERSION OF THIS SONG. *clutches heart and dies* I can't. Oh my word, it's so gorgeous and powerful and beautiful and it makes me want to cry. (When it goes, 'When you kiss His face, you kiss the face of God' I have so many chills. AND THE END.)

Go Tell it on the Mountain

This one fills me with HAPPINESS. It's so beat-worthy and it's so joyful and so clever. I love it when the bass goes 'go tell it on the mountain' on his little solo and I love the gospel-style beginning. One of my favourites.

Little Drummer Boy

This one is like a gust of fresh air. I mean. Ugh it's so stinkin beautiful I love it so much. Their 'ramramrapam's are so in sinc and the 'ohh's at the back give me that illness called The Goosebumps. Gorgeousness Alore.


Last but not least, their rendition of Hallelujah absolutely gave me chills. Wow. They are amazing.

I also love their new song 'Coldest Winter', whiiich I've been listening to a lot these past days. This song gets pretty intense (like, creepy level) but woooow. It is GORGEOUS. I must mention it. :-P

There are some things I don't like about them - some of their songs aren't my favourite (I haven't listened to much non-Christmassy songs of theirs, and I didn't enjoy some as much as others) and I dislike some of the band's hairstyles. And fashion choices. (Cough Mitch Cough.) :-P Buuuuuut that's irrelevant. I WUVS THEM A GREAT DEAL.

You too?


  1. I LOVE WHAT KEVIN DOES IN MARY DID YOU KNOW. honestly. I'm sitting there raving and Sarah is like "dude. chill."


    honestly, everything you said, I agree with. I prefer listening to them on spotify xD the visual picture of them almost ruins it o.o SERIOUSLY THO I WANT THEIR TALENT PLZ *begs santa*

  2. Indeed. They are quite awesome. I was just listening to them with my brother at Thanksgiving. :)

  3. YESSSS. I am about to get some Christmas music from them playing.

  4. I love Pentatonix! I love their Christmas Albums and covers, but I also really like some of their original songs! And their personalities seem amazing!

  5. Pentatonix is one of my fave bands tooooo!!! I like their Christmas stuff a lot more than their regular stuff just cuz I'm more familiar with their Christmas songs, but they have some good non-Christmas stuff like First Things First or Na Na Na or Sing. I think my fave Christmas songs of them are God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (cuz I've heard MANY a capella versions but none as epic as that one), Up On the Housetop (cuz it's catchy), Hark the Herald Angels Sing (cuz when that beat drop and they go all gospely I lose it (inside of course XD)), and White Winter Hymnal, which has creepy lyrics but such a lovely melody. BUT I LOVES THEM ALL TOOOOO!!!! Also, I love the pics you chose for this post!!!

    (And yes, Avi's bass is crazyyyyyy good! You should look up Home Free. It's an a capella country group, and I know that's not really your style, but they have a sweet bass and they even do a song called Burning Ring of Fire with Avi)

    So much yes to this post!!!! Merry Christmas!

    1. Yay, Ashley! Hiii. :-)


      I will check them out cuz I could always do with more Avi bass.

  6. Well, I do like Pentatonix but maybe not quite so much as YOU do. ;)

    My favourite was DEFINITELY the first one - Walking in a Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy! It was SO GOOOOOD. :D :D

    (And Mary Did You Know is amaaaahzing.)

    I listened to them all and yeah, they're all amazing.

    (Also, that coldest Winter song is kind of creepy. :P Just, the snowmen were freaking me out. Haha.)

    (Oh and I love Kevin. I think it's so cool when people can do that with just their mouth.)

    ~Miss Meg

  7. An extremely tiny whisper: you should check out Josh Groban. :)

    1. Are you the same Tiny Whisper that told me to check out the Period Drama Confessions blog? YOU ARE HILARIOUS. I don't know why, but you are.

      Aaaand I admit I'm not a huge fan of Josh Groban, but yes, his voice is good. :-)

    2. An almost inaudible whisper: Yes! :)

  8. *sighs* *smiles*

    I love Pentatonix . . .

    Their version of Hallelujah is seriously the BEST. THING. EVER. I can't get over how beautiful it is--not just the music itself, but the scenery!!!!!!!!! *dies* And their "Little Drummer Boy" makes me so happy, because that's one of my favorite-est Christmas songs ever :-)

    Their cover of "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" also makes me laugh . . . They're just really cool, all-around.

    PS: I feel a need to point out that "every-single-song-sounds-exactly-the-same" is not MODERN music, it's BAD music. There's a HUGE difference. :-P

  9. I know!! Pentatonix is so AMAZING. All the band members are so cute and loveable. :3 I was actually listening to them and then I went to your blog and saw this post, so that was ironic. My favorite song of theirs is either "Little Drummer Boy" or "Can't Sleep Love". I like most/to all of their songs, though. ;)
    I saw their 2014 Christmas album on a CD in the bookstore. I was there with my mom and I was like, "Hey let's get this to listen to in the car." And my mom was like "Pentatonix? It sounds like an emo-goth band...seriously?" And I was like "No, mom, NO." And then she bought it for us she she listened to a couple of their songs and she said to me, "Lydia you were right their music is beautiful." :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. HAHAHAHA. Good for you, proving your mum wrong! :-)

  10. Yesss!!
    I love them SOOO much too!! <3
    Which one is your favourite (if you have one)? (Mine's Avi, shhh don't tell anyone ;))

    And I also like how your blog has changed, I haven't read it for AGES (like, for at least 3 weeks!!) Sorrrryy... :(


    1. Avi and Kirstie are my favourites (although Scot is super goodlooking too.) (And Kevin - I WANT TO HUG HIM.) (And let us not forget Mitch's high notes.)

  11. I'm a fairly new Pentatonix listener, but I've really been loving their songs. I enjoyed listening to your favorites!

    Have you heard "Na Na Na" by them, and do you like it? It's not a Christmas song, but it's fun. :)

  12. Hiya!
    Evie showed me this cause I love Pentatonix much more than her.. great post Naomi!
    - D (Evie's brother- were on holiday in NZ which is why she's not been posting much :-))

  13. Interesting post Naomi! I'm not as much of a fan as my brother is (I think he's commented already) but I enjoyed this :-)

  14. I adore "the First Noël", especially Avi's part *shivers*

  15. I like Mary did you know? We had this at our Advent carol service at church.
    I've not heard of this band, they are pretty cute, nice voices with very white teeth!
    On my blog, I posted a cheesy recording of my school kids singing my new Christmas song based on While Shepherds watched their flocks by night. It would be really interesting to have your young teenage perspective on it if you had a moment to come and listen.
    Hope you are well!x

  16. Sorry, I don't mean that to sound remotely patronising, but most of my blog readers are much older so it would be nice to have a young perspective!

  17. Thanks for posting videos! I hear a lot about Pentatonix and was just thinking I should try some of their Christmas music, and then boom! Your post.

    Random thing -- did you know the dates on your blog posts have gone all screwy? Like, stuff you just posted recently says it's from March now? I only noticed because my blog feed started popping up posts of yours from December of 2015, which also makes no sense, and so I started looking at the dates and was like, "Wait, what?" No idea if you'll be able to figure it out, or if you care, but... now you know.

    1. Ugh, I KNOW. THE DATES. It's bugging me so much.

      I don't know what you mean with "stuff you just posted recently says it's from March", because I can't see that. But the posts popping up from 2015 were because I accidentally republished them and then I quickly put them 'back in the time' again so no-one would notice. But people did. :-P

      Thanks for telling me though. :-)

    2. Well, it seems fixed today. Yesterday, it was like, instead of saying 3-12-16 for your Very Merry Tag post, it said 3-3-16. Like, on that second page of your post, all the dates on your December posts had been flipped back in time and said March instead of December. It was weird. But it seems normal now, so yay!

  18. Two things, Naomi:

    One, last weekend I was in the city with my family, and we went into a toy shop and they were playing Pentatonix's Mary Did You Know and I thought of you. :D

    Two, there's this other acapella group that my elder brother loves right now, called "Home Free" and they're quiiite similar. I believe they have carols, too. I think you'd like them too. :) (Some of them DO look a little, um, rough, but they have lovely voices. :P)

    ~Miss Meg

  19. Oh my, Pentatonix...I have such a fun memory attached with this group! I was in Africa for a month this year, and an American friend of mine got out her phone to show the songs to the Africans we were visiting with. We sat around the table for a long time, just moving to the songs and singing along...and then my African friends started making the same sounds as the beatboxer, and oh-my-goodness-it-was-so-amazing!!! We had such fun, and ever since then, I like to listen to Pentatonix just to remember Africa. :) I think my favorite song of Pentatonix's is "Sleigh Ride" and "Mary Did You Know?" Seriously, I have no clue how they even sing like they do!


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