Downton Finale Episode - A Review

(And, as always, I own none of the pictures here. All creds to Google Images.)

Back in June, when I stayed at Emma's  (if you don't know who Emma is; she's a very dear friend of mine who I visited back in June and met for the first time ever in person) house, guess what we watched the last evening we were together?!!! THIS BEAUTIFUL FINALE EPISODE. (I know, we watched it at the right moment, right? :-P) I was already a whole mix of feelings (bye America, I miss my house, ughh tomorrow is a long journey, you know the drill) AND THEN I SAW THIS.

Wow, I don't know if it did me good or bad. (ACTUALLY WAIT I DO. I DID ME SO SO GOOD.) (Seriously, it warmed my heart like nothing else did. It was soooo happy and gooey and cosy and HAPPY AND JUST HEART-WARMINGLY EPIC.) (I recommend this to death.) (And for once in Downton Abbey history, it didn't break my heart (apart from the fact that it ENDED) - it warmed my heart instead.) 

(Also, I should stop typing every sentence in brackets, haha.)

Right, so our poor lil' Edith suffers with the lovers parting ONCE AGAIN (she's like 26 and she's done this about nine times; the poor lass.), but this time it's different. You know why? Because it's actually going to end well and they were actually meant to be. Mind blowing, right? 

We should take a moment to appreciate Bertie (I wrote Pertie first and wow that's so embarrassing. How old am I; three or something?) Pelham. Bertie is by faaaaar my favourite of Edith's suitors; he's such a gentleman and he's just such a GOOD SORT. A chump. A brick. I love him. He's also super cute and when he cries about his friend I die a little. (That wasn't in the Christmas special, but it's worth the mention anyway.) I wholeheartedly ship Edith and Bertie (Berdith?) and I wish them all the best in their married life together. Maybe I should send them a card.

(On a side note - are those electric 2016 Christmas tree lights I spot?) (Also, George's outfit is adorable and I would be grateful if you gave me it for my future son. Remember that when the time might come.)

In the meanwhile, Mary is all mumsy and married again - with Henry. I like Henry if I don't think about The Old Days in Downton - but I do really like him. He's fun. I have to say; I think the whole car thing is kind of boring, but I'm glad he and Tom found something to kill time on. (Tom is still cool, but he's so old and I treat him as an uncle nowadays rather than a cool dude around my generation. *cough*)

By the way, am I the only one who's not that fond of Mary's wardrobe in Season Six? Some of it is exquisite, but the long blouses and the 20's silhouette doesn't flatter her very much. She looks... Mumsy. (Although she is a Mum, so I suppose it doesn't matter that much. Times are changing, after all.) It flatters Edith a lot, though.

Rose came back!!! I whooped for joy when I saw her (SLAYING IN THAT OUTFIT - she looks absolutely beautiful) although I was a bit disappointed that her and Atticus didn't even bring Baby with them. They could have managed that, come'on. 

I KNEW these two would be attracted from Very Early On. :-) I'm proud of myself. They are cute, but he is adorabler than she is. But I think they make a fine couple.

The Christmas trees in Downton Abbey are just so amazing. I think it's funny how they are pretending to decorate it when it's so obvious that it got done by professional Christmas Tree Decorators behind the scenes, haha. Good try, Crawleys, but you can fool me there.

Now we must talk about Thomas.

*clears throat* *starts* Okay, so Thomas in Season Six? I LOVE HIM. And wow, never in my life would I have thought I would love him so much as I did in Season Six. Especially in this Christmas Special, I just want to go and give him a hug and be his friend. I love that Miss Baxter is a good friend to him, and I love that even Mr Bates is kind to him. I love that Thomas shows every inch of his good and kind side and that people can look at that and forget his Evil Deeds. (Because Thomas really was a bad guy in the old days. Remember when he and O'Brian thought up naughty tricks outside the kitchen door while smoking cigarettes? Yeah. Those were the days.)

I choked UP when he said goodbye to the Downton folk. WHEN HE SAID GOODBYE TO GEORGE. (Ahhhh, I love it when he hangs out with the kids - it warms that HEART of mine. Thomas should be the Downton Nanny.) I'm so happy for him that he got to stay at Downton Abbey after all - because he's right; there's no place like Downton to have a job. :-P

(Also, it annoys me so much that Mr Carson won't ever give him a chance. Mr Carson has annoyed me lately.)

(Thomas' smile is so lovely. I love seeing him smile.)


Here's a picture of the Crawley family, being terribly lovely in front of the epic tree. I love them. There's Cora, with her head tilted like it always has been tilted (I used to think it was because of the heavy Edwardian hats and hairstyles, but it's just Cora), and there's good old Robert, probably saying something very sappy and poetical and cliché and epic; and pulling it off like a pro, making everyone nostalgic and teary-eyed.

There's Edith, not single anymore for long (and not wearing the best dress she's ever worn) and there's Tom, loyally staying in Downton, a good friend and a carved-in Downton Abbey Family member forever. And Mary, looking swell as always, and getting the attention.

So Mr Carson is retiring!! I SAY. Good luck to Mrs Hughes (who I will always be so fond of - she has never set a foot wrong) for keeping him entertained and cooking stuff for him that he approves of.

No really, they are very sweet together and I think they'll stand strong together for a long time to come. And Mr Carson will have fun telling Thomas how to run Downton Abbey like it has been run for 50 years.

I'm REALLY happy that Mary and Henry are expecting a baby! I'm not surprised, but it made me happy. My guesses are on another boy - called Charles - or a girl called Charlotte. (*Wink to all the Royalty fans out there who get this*) (You know - GEORGE AND CHARLOTTE.)

We must take a moment to talk about Andy. WE LOVE ANDY. I have a mild crush on him right now - he's so cute and adorable and he means so well. I think Daisy's an absolute moron for saying that 'she could do so much better.' I absolutely LOVE Mrs Patmore for telling her what's TRUE - she always falls in love with people who aren't in love back and she never loves those who love her. Daisy is a complicated soul; and it got on me nerves. But worry ye not, she finds her brain in the end, and they have some cute moments. (Not enough though. And Andy sort of deserves more cute moments and more attention from Daisy. I like them a lot together, and I wish we saw more of it.) (I mean, can you IMAGINE how cute their first kiss would be?!!)

(And Daisy's bob? Welllll. It looks better in the movie than in the pictures here, but the fringe kind of annoys me.)

(Here I am with the brackets again.)

BATES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course they leave us without a name because oh, Mr Fellowes likes to tease us, don't he. (I think they'll call him David. David Bates.) And is this is first time Anna calls her husband 'John'? :-P

Also, Mr Carson: "In Lady Mary's bedroom? Surely not." Hahahahaha.

(Ignore the lack of Robert's jacket on the picture. It's confusing because he wore a jacket (thank GOODNESS) in the movie scene. Maybe this is a picture from a rehearsal!?! I don't know. Maybe they photo-shopped the jacket on afterwards, haha.)


Ahhhh, I have a cold, I have a cold, I have a cold. Edith looks so ridiculously pretty in her high-fashion, showing-her-ankles, big-veil, big-epic-bouquet wedding dress and their wedding party is a New Years Party as well... and SHE AND BERTIE ARE SO HAPPY AND BLAHHHHHH.

This is what the viewers have been waiting for ever since they discovered Edith was a good sort - A HAPPY ENDING FOR HER. Edith has gone through so much misery and woe, more than the average Downton persona, which says a lot because do you realise how many tragedies are buried in this house? Like, a million. She so deserves this happy ending and no-one can help but shed a tear when she says she never knew what it felt like to be this happy. (Aww, the love.)

This couple whispers during the service. I thought that was kind of weird; why hold a conversation when your sister is literally walking down the ISLE?! I like Mary a lot, but sometimes, you must admit, she does weird things. (No big deal though, this time. :-P) And why aren't George and Marigold at the wedding? I hope Marigold is the flower girl, because that would be so sweet.


(Oh yes, I have one more thing to say: I love how it's always the same pastor doing all the weddings!)

Of course, I must end this post with The Last Shot Of Downton Abbey... it just leaves us bawling the night away, because wahhh, IT IS OVER. IT IS OVER. :'-( And look at the beautiful home of mine, looking so majestic in the New Year night, with snow and silvery highlights everywhere. (Julian Fellows, I've decided I love you after all. Although I still haven't forgiven you about Matthew and Sybil and I never ever shall.)

Right; so now. Have you seen this glittering finale? Did you cry as much as I did? Wasn't it GORGEOUS AND HEART-WARMING?!!! Let's talk about it together because gosh I need someone to talk about this with me. The feels must be shared. They are too much to be borne alone.


  1. YOU MAKE ME WANT TO REWATCH THIS. I was all skeptical and NO MATTHEW IS BETTER while watching this the first time. I dislike Mary's new husband because he is dull. Your sunny perspective MAY make me change my mind. (No, it won't. Matthew is better. Also, why does her new husband look like the jilted brother in Legends of the Fall?)

    "So Mr Carson is retiring!! I SAY. Good luck to Mrs Hughes (who I will always be so fond of - she has never set a foot wrong) for keeping him entertained and cooking stuff for him that he approves of."

    Ha! Too true!!

    Edith though. Happily ever after. Although, not to be a critic. But I liked her editor friend better...

    1. MATTHEW WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. I like him wayyyy better! MATTHEW IS THE BEST. But. Yes, I like Henry too. He's cool and he's fun. :-P

      What?!! No, I didn't like the editor friend much. He was kinda creepy, I thought. Bertie is my favourite.

    2. Bertie is a nice enough chap. But I liked her editor friend more (for her) because he was a regular, working chap who respected HER MIND. He encouraged her to write, brought out her true self, and he loved her before anyone else did. I get Bertie's "seriously, you just lied to me" thing, but editor Rochester guy believed in Edith. He took her as she was. He wouldn't have gotten angry she lied. He did the same when they met, in a way! Omitting a person because -- literally, how do you explain it? Editor guy would have asked her why she felt she'd had to lie, because he'd never have judged her, and they'd have drawn closer. Bertie just cut her off completely over some very understandable waffling on her part. Bertie is excellent -- true! But the editor guy? He had her back, knew her inside and out, and liked all of it.

    3. I do see what you mean. But I relate WAY more to Bertie, maybe that's why. Bertie will always be MY favourite. :-P But yes, the editor guy (What IS his name?!) did really help Edith with who she ended up being.

  2. THIS POST!!!

    I haven't seen any of Downton Abbey, but Oh do I want see this episode so very much indeed! So seeing your step by step review of it pleases me to no end. :)

    Mary and her husband look so adorable together, and they're expecting a baby!!! Call me absurd, but I think that is always the finishing touch of sweetness in stories. :)

    And the picture of Bertie and Edith at their wedding-! Oh, those smiles, your're right they do look like the sweetest things ever.

    I've imagined so many things about this show that hearing how cozily and "glittering-ly" (love that description!) it is wrapped up makes me crazy happy!

    1. WELL NOW YOU KNOW. It ends beautifully. :-D
      Oh my gosh, me too. I love it when a married couple has a baby at the end of a movie/show. It just finishes it off beautifully.
      And Bertie and Edith are the BESTEST. :-D
      (Glitteringly is a perfect word to describe how this ends!)

  3. I can't bear this.. :'-(
    You brought The Finale-feelings back! *bawwwlll*
    No really, it was so splendid! Berdith, Thomas, BABY BATES, Andy and Daisy... They should've kept doing Downton Abbey episodes forever! For us to see George, Marigold and Sybbie to grow up :-)
    I have to confess I had a (minor) crush on Henry Talbot. I like him, but not more than Matthew of course ;-) But I really started to dislike Mary more and more in season six, for all the things she did to Edith and all that. Though she was kind enough to fix it, but still... Maybe she has some kind of disorder that makes her evil at some points and kind... umm, sometimes ;-P

    1. Ohhh soooorry!!!!!!
      Henry is cool, I agree. Mary, I agree too, CAN BE SO ANNOYING. I still like her always though - she has a good heart.

  4. Baby Bates . . . awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :-)

    Who IS this Thomas person of whom I hear so much? Name doesn't ring a bell--except I think I've heard a lot of folks say they dislike him? But who IS he?

    1. Well, Thomas is the evil footman in most of the series. :-P But he improves greatly.

  5. MY HEARTTTT! Oh oh ok ok Naomi email me and we can gush about this cause I have to get ready for my french exam!

    1. We can gush about it in the comments; no need for email!!! :-) Isn't it AMAZING? Good luck on your exam!

  6. I love this post!! And I absolutely LOVE this finale!!!Edith and Bertie made me so happy. Daisy also really get on my nerves.

    1. They make me so happy too. (Daisy can be annoying ugh.)

  7. I kinda sorta skimmed this, but there's only one thing on my mind right now...

    IS THAT MATTHEW GOODE?!!!!! (The guy standing next to Mary! I presume it's her husband... I think you called him Henry.)

    I literally said "Is that... MATTHEW GOODE?!" out loud while looking at this post. :P

    AHEM. Anyways. 'Tis jolly good and all that... only I haven't seen it, so I can't pretend I know all about it. ;)

    (So basically this comment is merely about a Certain Handsome Dark Haired Blue Eyed Man.)

    ~Miss Meg

  8. Oh thank you for this! I adored it. I missed the very last minute as our taxi had arrived to take us home! I was gutted!


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