My four favourite DA characters

(Seriously, she is never wrong.)

1. The Dowager Countess

She is literally everyone’s favourite and if she were here right now, she would correct my misuse of the word literally. The queen of one-liners, sass, wit, upper-class airs and aristocracy - we all love her. She stands for what is right, looks at situations with a dry, ironic twist, and MAN ALIVE SHE IS FUNNY. Maggie Smith is the best and no-one does a better job than her. The scenes with her and Isobel, having little banters of no consequence are GOLD. I tell you, Gold. Like this one:
Isobel: I take that as a compliment.
Dowager: I must have said it wrong.
And this one:
Isobel: You just said that to sound clever.
Dowager: Yes, you should try it.

(I'm still waiting for me to use that line in real life one day. I will sound SO WITTY.)

2. Matthew Crawley


He's a gentleman (such a gentleman), he has blue, blue eyes, he has THE beautifullest smile in the whole wide fictional Tv-series world... he's Matthew Crawley and I love him. One day as an old lady I'll tell my potential grandchildren about my love life during my teens. 'I had Mr Knightley, and Edward Ferras, and Mr Darcy, and Alf Arless, and Walter Blythe, and Barney Snaith but my favourite of them all was Matthew Crawley.' :-P

Matthew is very manly; and he's also very sensitive. He like a teddy bear I want to hug and squeeze, and he's also like a rock to shelter under. (I know, I'm such a natural poet.) My heart breaks for him when he's upset (like when he has his accident in the war... I feel SO bad), because he's usually a very cheerful person to be around. Matthew makes Mary a better person (that's FOR SURE) - he literally warms her cold personality, and their love story is perfect and heart-breaking at the same time. I love those twoooo.

It is a TERRIBLE THING that this lovely, lovely character that made my heart beat faster had to come. to. an. END. It makes me sad and super angry  to this day and it always will. I'll tell my potential grandchildren about that too; and force them to love all the Matthew Crawley moments as much as I do, even though they might be busy watching the 'Downton Abbey' of their time.


3. Lady Sybil

She's been mentioned as 'the sweetest person under the roof' and seriously, it's true; she is ridiculously sweet and nice and KIND and considerate... the list of positives goes on and on, like a string of pearls. (Wow, getting poetical and metaphorical right there. :-P) She's also SO BEAUTIFUL - like, I want to have that face and that smile - and her voice is so quirky and unique. It's like when I have a cold; and my voice is sort of husky and quirky... like that. I love her voice. (And her smile. And her laugh.)

Sybil definitely does have some foward ideas - and isn't exactly an angel in the eyes of her father! She gets involved in the suffrage movement and do you know what's cruu-aay-zay? She bought BLOOMERS. And wore them. She insisted on becoming a nurse and made her family proud by what she was doing. She married a CHAUFFEUR. I mean, she's a rebel. (And when she wore the bloomers; Tom was so proud. My word, I love these two.) (It's kind of tiring how epic Tom and Sybil are together.) (Also, whoever made this picture IS REALLY MEAN RIGHT?)

Sybil is one of my ALLLL time favourites and it's no wonder why.


4. Tom Branson

TOM. He is just... TOM. Feisty and Irish - passionate about politics and extreme moods now and then (he has the Irish temper) (AND THE ACCENT MY WORD). He has the twinkly eyes and the cheeky smile. He doesn't care a j.o.t. what people think - he's so clever - and he looks like he can rock the world in his green chauffeur uniform.

(Seriously, his green chauffer uniform? I MISS IT.)

I love Tom so much and I have no idea how I survived to see his grief when youknowwho died. The things that he said during the heart-shattering scene just are too much too bear. (Excuse the overuse of italics, but this is wholly necessary.)

The Dowager, Matthew, Sybil and Branson are my definate top four DA characters ever, but here are two more I must make a fuss about because I love these that much too:

Anna Bates

Anna has a heart of gold and she's literally ridiculously kind. I know everyone says it and I've definitely said it before, but she DESERVES WAY MORE THAN SHE GETS. (Gosh, the tragic things she goes through!!!!! My poor, dear Anna. :'''-( - I love her so much.) And her accent is adorable too. :-)

(She and Bates went through so much, and boy they deserved that happy ending. Love them.)

William Mason

Ah, William - the boy who gave us all that cold. Yes, I love all the characters that... vanish. I know, t'is unfortunate for my health and happiness, but sometimes that's what life is like. 

William Mason used to be my favourite ever (I had such a big crush on him) and I will always love him. He's the kind of guy that would just NEVER hurt a FLY - he's soooo PLAIN NICE AND LET ME HUG HIM. Also, he plays the piano and you know how I feel about guys playing piano. In footmen garb. (So much love in one post, wow.)

And I don't care what Daisy said, they were perfect together. <3

Honourable mentions:

Lady Rose (I mean, duh – she’s so much fun), Bertie Pelham (AHHH), Lady Mary (I do love her, despite her coldness – she’s just my friend. Especially in Season Two.), Lady Edith (the doll), Mrs Hughes (seriously, she's DA BOMB - I almost added her to the list up there!), Mr Mason (BECAUSE ADORABLE), Thomas in Season Six Only (ha) (but really he’s so nice in Season Six, it’s crazy), Lavinia Swire (you know why) and Andy (he warmed my heart. And his hair is cool and weird at the same time.)

Okay, and also Mr Carson (Especially when he’s such a supportive little cupcake towards Lady Mary) and Daisy (she used to be my favourite ever, so I must mention her + do my younger self proud.)

I will finish with a gif of Lady Mary making a funny face. Cuz whyever not, come on, let's just put a random gif at the end of a post.

She's cool.

By the way, I also love the characters I haven't mentioned in this post (Cora, Robert, Isobel, Mrs Patmore, Mr Bates etc.) They just aren't loved enough by me to be honourable mentions. :-P

Who are your favourite characters?


  1. YES! These are all my favourites too and I LOVE Mr Mosely too!! :D

    1. Mr Molesly is my dad's favourite! I loved him in Season Six the most. :-)

    2. I also love Mr. Mosely. He's so adorable and tentative and kind. I love it when he asks out Anna, and she lets him down so gently... x

  2. I've loved reading all your posts (and that last one had me smiling even though I've never seen the thing!) but THIS ONE. NAOMI STOOOOPPP.

    Now I just really really REALLY want to see Downton Abbey. Just for the sake of the Dowager Countess, Matthew, Sybil and Tom Branson.
    Someday, I seriously AM going to see it! But I shall have to sigh (half biting my lip), be stern with myself and wait till I'm a bit older. (Y'know, just because of Content and such... I'm thinking 18. Which is another 2 1/2 years away. *sniffles*)

    But oh my gosh, it's starting to get to me. (I mean, those gifs didn't help... nor the gorgeous costumes...) (Or all those lovely blue eyes...)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. AHHHH I'M CONVERTING YOU IN A FAN. So happy. :-) (The wait will be worthwhile. :-P)

  3. These pictures just made my day. I have such a nerve racking day ahead of me. But I feel better already. :) Seriously some of these are INCREDIBLY heartbreaking but so beautiful. They warm my heart :) These are my top 4 favourites too. Lovely post!

    1. How was the nerve racking day?!!! I HOPE NOT TOO NERVE RACKING. :-(
      Downton Abbey pictures are sure to soothe nerves, right?! RIGHT.

    2. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So it was good. Thanks for asking. :) YES!!! If I ever need a lift in spirits and I just go to my Period Drama board on Pinterest. It always works! :)

  4. AHHHH. I love this post so much. :D

    I just watched the episode with the Dowager's "you should try it line" yesterday. xD Oh, the Dowager.

    Matthew Crawley-- You need say no more! Oh, you called him your fictional fiancè in the tag and I thought-- "How strange, he's MY fictional fiancè!" You may congratulate us. ;)

    But then of course Dan Stevens *did* made me sooo angry when he left the show. How could someone be so cruel??

    Sybil-- YES. And when she wore those bloomers and Tom grinned through the window, that was pretty much the cutest thing.

    Tom-- That top right gif, though. <3 Gahhh, this is TOO MUCH. I LOVE TOM.

    Anna-- Awww. She's my mom's favorite. :)

    William-- I love William! He's pretty much perfect, isn't he? :D "Also, he plays the piano and you know how I feel about guys playing piano. In footmen garb." Right?!

    Rose, Mrs. Hughes(rather!!), and Mr Carson. <3

    This post made me squirm and smile sort of like Tom Branson. It was the bestest. :D

  5. I loved your thoughts on all these characters [especially Sybil, I feel like I would like her a lot, but I only really started watching around Season 3, and I missed a lot on her :(]but the comparison of Carson to a "supportive little cupcake" boosted my whole morning! Such a darling and strangely perfect comparison :) Loving Downton Abbey week, Naomi!

  6. That gif of Tom and Sybil. THAT GIF.

    It. Is. Killing. Me.

  7. You like Matthew better than Mr. Knightley?!? Whaaat. I wouldn't have guessed that. :P
    But oh....he just looks SO wonderful. I can tell without even having seen DA that I would love Matthew. :)

    But oh my, I might love Tom even more...I don't know. It's hard to say, but he sounds and looks just absolutely adorable. I want to see him and Sybil together. They must be SO cute. <3 (But yes, I know what happens. :"()

  8. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. I also like Mrs. O'Brien. She's a villain, but she keeps things interesting! Same with Thomas. I like that he can actually be really, really nice, but hardly anyone sees it...


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