You might have landed in Downton Abbey if...

{no spoilers... sort of. I think you're safe to read this.}

... times are changing
... you change outfits seven times a day; either you change them on someone else, or either you get it changed by someone
... vulgarity is no substitute for wit
... everyone says witty things
... no seriously; so many one liners. EVERYWHERE.
... telephones are instruments of torture
... If you land upstairs, you'll find yourself wearing the prettiest dresses
... or the prettiest suits
... necklaces shimmer and hair-pieces shine
... you were praying. You were praying!
... there are literally no bad-hair-days
... you've swallowed a dictionary
... no-one talks at the same time
... there is talk of murder; or some kind of scandal
... times are changing. I repeat. Times are CHANGING.
...there's a secret you accidentally heard about. But shhh don't tell anyone
... weekends don't exist
... there's this handsome Irish chauffeur
... basically everything is epic
... you get proposed to in the snow, and you're not cold because you're that excited
... good news means that bad news is around the corner
... people die like flies
... little boys wander into bedrooms
... you stand up whenever someone above you enters the room
... Grannies have pasts
... everyone is in love with the wrong people
... wait, who is he again and what did he do?
... there is nothing more thrilling than a new frock
... Kids often only have one parent ('kay shutting up)


  1. Now I'm almost sure of me having landed in Downton Abbey ;-D Thank you Naomi for ensuring me! XD

  2. Times are changing, Papa.

    Loved this! :-)

  3. Congratulations, you have successfully summed up all 50 hours of Downton Abbey in like, 30 lines! ;)

  4. That was awesome!
    Here's a post I did on Matthew Crawley :http://revealedintime.blogspot.com/2016/08/matthew-crawley-unexpected-heir.html

  5. "Kids often have only one parent." AhEM. ;-)

    Gosh, I wish I could live in the Land of No Bad Hair Days, too . . .


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