Three more days till the Downton Abbey Week!

Don't forget, dear readers-all, that the epic Downton Abbey Week commences in three days only. Be sure to come back on Saturday to hail its start! Also, if you have a blog and are interested in participating (or just... spreading the love), please do put a DA-blog button on your sidebar! You can find them here.

Also, if you're like me and don't like to write blog posts under pressure, do write them now and publish them next week! Let's spread the Downton Abbey love and make us fans shine! :-) Can't wait, guys... and have a good day! (No really, do your best to make it good.) (I will try, although a long, tiring, and slightly boring day looms ahead of me.)


  1. I'm so excited! I'm not sure how much I can contribute, with starting school, trying to keep on top of my reading challenges, and being distracted by the Olympics(haha), but I will definitely put together a few posts!

    And even if my posts aren't much, I look forward to reading yours and everyone else's who participates. :D

    Oh, and I hope your day isn't as long, tiring, and slightly boring as you've predicted! :)

  2. So excited! Can't wait to read everyone's posts!

  3. I'm so excited for this! And your Downton header is GORGEOUS, by the way.

    With preparing to leave home for college in a week (eep), I'll only have time to write one post, but I'm eagerly awaiting all the loveliness from you and everyone else! :)

    (Oh, and I tried to add the blog button to my sidebar awhile back, but it wouldn't work right with my simple Wordpress blog. I don't want you to think that I didn't want to add one or anything. Because I DID. They're so lovely, and incorporating Downton into a blog is always a good idea. :))

  4. I can't wait!!!! So excited!!!

  5. I'm SO excited but I'll be away next week, and will not have the opportunity to keep up with your posts before next week's Sunday... ;-(

  6. Yay! But Tom's not in the picture!! ); =D


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