How I met Matthew Crawley and the rest of them.

{No spoilers today!}

So we were visiting my great-uncle and great-aunt. We ate a square pizza and orange juice - it was good. Then we were sitting on their fancy sofas, and talking about books and movies. (I probably started it. Cuz.) Period Dramas probably (what am I saying? Definitely) came into the conversation, and one of them (either the aunt, either the uncle, I forget who) said, "Oh, have you heard of Downton Abbey?"

Now, that was back in the day when there was only one series; so it wasn't like we were living under a rock or anything. (Although of course there's a possibility. We're homeschoolers, after all.) We hadn't heard of it.
So we borrowed it!!!!!

Mum and Dad and my older brother ("I'm too uld. I'm sorry. I'm too uld.") and me and my sister who's a year (AND A HALF) younger than me... we watched it. Okay, the first scenes, with tall footmen walking through busy and swellegant halls and Daisy getting hurried and Mr Bates in the train and the news of the Titanic being drowned... they are epicccc. And then the elegant Crawleys... gah, gah gahhh. Guys should stop filming beautiful things - it's just too much sometimes. (RIGHT?)

There is some content in Season One, and the worst one is right in episode one. Whiiiich is kind of annoying. But I'm so glad we carried on because like 97% (why ninety-seven? I did maths of course - all accurate) (no, it's just randomness, shush) - of the golden season is pretty amazing. There was the heartbreaking ending, Tom's CUTE CUTE SMIRK through the window when Sybil buys those blue bloomers, Gwen becoming a secretary, AND MATTHEW. And William. Williaaaaam.

(I have to admit something: Back in those days, William was my favourite guy. As in, fictional husband. The Matthew-faze came later, when I reached the age of fifteen or something, and when I was wiser.)
(No, I do love William. But gosh, I could have realised that Matthew was mine.)

Also... I loved Lady Grantham a lot. "I must have said it wrong!"

AND THIS EPIC LINE: "Do I care for Downton? Oh yes I DO!"
(And we are all in agreement with Robert. Let us end on that note.)

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  1. "It wasn't like we were living under a rock or anything--although of course there's a possibility. We're homeschoolers, after all." HahahahahahahahahahahahahaHA.

    And I really love that photo of Totleigh Towers--er, I mean, Downton Abbey . . . ;-)


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