A post on trains

I don't know about the USA and Australia and all you guys' places, but here in Belgium students like me take the train to go to university every day. At first that kind of freaked me out because trains are risky things.

10 reasons why trains are risky things

1. You're stuffed into a narrow, metal snake with people you have never met before. That's the basic explanation of a train. And it does not necessarily sound very attractive.
2. This can therefore include being seated next to a potential murderer or drug dealer.
3. You could get your handbag nicked. A handbag contains important cards and passports and in the case of some stories, babies. (Little Importance of Being Earnest reference there; before you get wierded out.)
4. You can miss your train. Think of how stressful it is; you have to get in that thing before it whizzes away again - and if you don't it won't care; you'll just have to wait fifteen minutes or more for the next metal snake.  It does not care about your feelings. 
5. There is a small gap between the train and the platform. This is ok, but just don't fall. Death may occur and that death may be yours.
6. Sometimes trains are very stuffed. I have been on two trains today - one so stuffy a man was standing right in front of my face, a girl was sitting next to me, another girl was standing next to me, another man was sitting right behind the man standing in front of me; a lady sitting right next to the man standing in front of me (I was trying to concentrate on C.S.Lewis' The Problem of Pain) - and another nice and calm one where I had a little table and bench to myself and I could edit my story in peace. The latter is somewhat more of a rare specimen in school hours, let's just say that.
7. You can accidentally sit in the 1st class passengers and get a ticking off from the conductor.
8. You can accidentally lose your train ticket and get a ticking off from the conductor (+fine.)
9. You can accidentally get on the wrong train and find yourself landing in some weird-sounding place you have never heard of. Guys, train timetables are the most complicated dang things there are. Just make sure you have your phone with you so you can phone Mum whilst weeping. Like, there's 23 platforms. How am I supposed to know which one might potentially have a train that will bring me closer to my home?
10. Underground train stations are super creepy. Forget about the Matthew and Mary romantic train station scene in Downton Abbey. I'm talking black walls with graffiti.

... basically, my life is a play between life and death.

All right, I am obviously being overly pessimistic for dramatic reasons (;-P) and I have to say, I have already noticed some of its positive sides. I did not think I would find a lot of them, but I have found that travelling by train has its quaint, storybook sides. 

Such as:

1. Yesterday I was walking in the big grand train station, and outside there was this jazz band playing on the pavement - with saxophones and everything. As I went inside, and down the steps into the underground world of train platforms, the jolly jazzy sound intermingled with the sound of trains, announcements, and endless footsteps of people rushed to get on with their own life. With all those sounds drowning into each other, I felt like I was in one of those slow motion, soundtrack-y scenes in a movie. You know, one of those scenes where the main character feels all numb and struck and where he or she is reanalysing life and everything about it? YOU know. Anyway. I felt like I was in that kind of scene for a few minutes and it was cool. :-P
2. When there's a sunset shining through the train windows. Guys. Purty.
3. When I spot someone reading a book I like. Ok, that hasn't happened yet, but I'm happy to say that people are still reading books. Granted, more people are on their phones, but I have spotted many noses between book covers and that makes me happy.
4. Some of the landscapes I pass are very picturesque indeed.
5. Sometimes there are good looking people on the train. There was a guy dressed like Wooster this morning. And a girl with a nice handbag. There is always something to observe.
6. The rattle of the train is quite satisfying - not a bad sound.
7. Now and then us cold Belgian strangers will dare smile to each other. But never longer than half a second. Oh no; heaven forbid. That is far to familiar.

There was my little anecdote on trains. I'm training myself to get used to them. You'd better keep track of my process and station assignments on my way so I can improve. I'll keep a to-do list with boxes of things I have to do to improve, so that when I get the things done I can ticket.



Five things you could do to make your day better

1. Have a spontaneous meet-up with a friend. 
When you randomly hear that a friend happens to be nearby, hop on a bike and go have a random meet-up. Just a chat and a laugh and a 15-minute windy walk is worth it. There is something about spur-on-the-moment decisions that makes my love for life skyrocket to a high level. I should do more of it. I love it when an ordinary day ends up having a quick change of plan to make it a bit special. It does not happen often, but when it does it does my heart good.

2. Go through a movie/season and just rewatch all your favourite scenes. 
Don't listen to those people who think that's weird - just do it. It's so much fun, and sometimes one doesn't have time to watch everything but one still has A Desire to relive certain scenes. I went through the entire season of Berkeley Square when I was staying at my grandparents' several weeks ago, and just watched all the Ned and Matty scenes because those two are adorable. The other day I watched the last episode of Downton Abbey again and then the day after I was like, 'I'm still not over that episode; I have to rewatch some scenes.' So I did. Edith and Bertie are so cute and I can't even tell you how proud I am of Thomas and the way he turns out in the end.

3. Learn a chapter of the Bible by heart. 
My goal one day is to know an entire book by heart - like that man who performed at the convention I went to in England back in July, and acted out the entire book of Luke (it was amazing) - but I am not very good at learning stuff word for word, so I'm trying for a chapter. Of course the first one I want to learn by heart is 1 Corinthians 13. Learning Bible verses by heart used to be something I absolutely hated, but now I so see why it's important and helpful. Reading the Bible is one thing, but remembering it and living it is another thing - and the latter is so much easier when you have verses stored up in yo brain.

4. Write down prayers. 
Getting distracted is easy easy EASY; I mean, can I get an amen? Even without a phone; even without music on the background - my brain just crawls away. Also, prayer is so important; and so powerful - and I don't want to ignore it. Being focused during prayer is important also, and avoiding distractions during prayer is therefore essential. What helps for me is writing down my prayers. Writing is one of the ways I express myself, so I'm not saying it's good for everyone, but writing down my prayers has helped me so much and I really recommend it!

5. Listen to all the clichΓ© feel-good songs.
Hey, just forget a second about being stereotypical; if you want to jam on Happy and Can't Stop the Feeling while doing the dishes, just freaking do it. If you've listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack 100 times already but your heart still says it can handle more, just put it on again and sing your heart out. (Confession: I listen to One Direction now and then. K. Don't judge me.)

Give me something I should do to make an ordinary day extraordinary.


a poem

Do you know
How to write
Just write whatever
Pops into your head
And like butterflies
On bramble hedges in spring sunsets
Use metaphors for false illusion of cleverness
And click
So that you
Have a lot of lines
Which makes some kind of
Like waves bobbing on an ocean
Like extreopotism
See I just used water imagery
And a word I don’t know what it means
But it’s all good
It’s a poem

Wow that was deep
That blank line really showed that



(Pictures from a friend. Do not steal.)

This summer seemed ages and seconds. Somehow that works. This summer was exciting and filled with memories. This summer was bonfires and smores and friends from youth group. This summer was the summer I got whatsapp - still contemplating whether that was a good thing. This summer was saying goodbye to my family for little week trips on my own. This summer I felt sort of grown up. I don't think I'll ever feel really grown-up and that's 100% ok with me. This summer I read the New Testament. This summer I volunteered at two places and made the best friends. This summer I experienced FOMO (fear of missing out) but that's okay; it taught me things. This summer I visited Highclere Castle and went inside where the Crawley family live and basically freaked out. This summer I tried root beer floats for the first time. Someone filmed me drink it because 'British girl tries American drink' is capture-worthy. I watched my first action movie and hated it. I watched The Young Victoria again and I loved it. I saw a Period Drama costume in person (and touched it haha) (this outfit) and I walked in streets where Jane Austen once walked. And I drove past the house she was born in. And I just missed meeting Adrian Lukis (actor who played Mr Wickham in P&P95) because he was going to come to Bath just the day after I was there. Excellent timing. This summer was inside jokes and craving to know God deeper and deeper. This summer was seeing prayer in a new light. This summer was feeling loved and loving people. This summer was getting a reputation for my puns. This summer was a blessing. Of course, there were boring and uneventful and less fun days (d u h) but the thing is, I can barely remember them because the good ones were that good.

Thank you. I don't know why I'm saying thank you on the blog, but I'm just so thankful for this summer. *insert title here like 100 times*

(pics by me or a friend)


10 types of instagram captions

The title speaks all. This is going to be fun to write. ;-)

1. The hashtagger

thehashtagger #sunset #nofilter #soblessed #okmaybetherewasasmallfilter #buthardlyany #itwaswayprettierinreallifeanyway #sunsetpics #sunsetsofinstagram #sunsetsofinsta #godscreation #art #artisinotdead #godsnotdead #lit #dope #beautiful #stunning #beautifulsunset #imaluckygirl


2. The long caption-er

thelongcaptioner Ok, so guys these past few hours have been a rollercoaster of emotions. I don't even know where to start, lol, but let me just say that man, it's been worth it. Going to the beach with my one-year-old for the first time was precious and I'll never forget it. The memory is not only in a polaroid snap and instagram pictures, but it's also engraved in my brain. My sweet baby girl saw the ocean with her own eyes as blue as the ocean and my heart ached out of love for her and for the beautiful vast waters. Our God is so so amazing; Ha makes the blue of little baby eyes and the blue of powerful oceans. Coming home from this trip with weary bones and sand-clad skin I was musing about all this and this poem came to mind that my mama used to read to me when I was a little girl. My eyes filled with tears as the words came back to my brain, one by one... {continued in the comments}

(Don't feel like you have to read all that, haha.) I like a bit of meat on a caption but I'll be the first to admit that some people go wayyyy too long EVERY TIME they post (like, how much time do these Mum instagrammers have, to write a novel on their toddlers latest antics every day when they post a picture?!?!) and that some long instagram captions are just so. dead. boring. Like, at this point honey, I don't care about you enough to go to the comment section to read the rest of your caption. Start a blog. Or a diary.

3. The emoji-er

theemojier ⛅✨😍

An emoji speaks a thousand words, people. (Actually, it doesn't. They're cute, but they're not informative and imagination-rousing to the soul.)

4. The no caption

Boring? Lack of creativity? Lazy? All of the above. Whoever writes the first comment gets to be the caption-writer for the picture. (A slight improvement of this one is the caption: "Caption this." :-P)

5. The witty one

thewittyone Ok, so I have literally no reason to post this but you have literally no reason to read this or waste time online so STOP JUDGING ME K. #hatersgonnahate

The one that tries really hard to be funny. (I'm probably this one, if I'm being honest. :-P) Often these people's captions include: a) puns (often really bad ones) b) rants (often really unnecessary ones) c) using wacky hashtags (like #wowlolsofunnyjkthisjokesucks) and d) saying somethign very snobbish like posting a selfie and captioning it with something like 'what a view.' Because that's hilarious, apparently.

6. The deep, short caption-er

thedeepshortcaptioner πŸ’š D O N ' T  F O R G E T  T O  B R E A T H E πŸŒ’

This one gets my goat. But it's very popular in the World of Insta, I have noticed. Especially girls do this a lot, with pictures of holidays and poses and fields. Other examples of such captions are: "Shoot for the stars 🌠" "But darling, what if you fly?" "Fields of gold" "Golden hour of love" ... honestly, none of them make sense. And they're all from pinterest, probably.

7. The quote caption

thequotecaption "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." - Oprah

Few people read these captions.

8. The Bible verse caption

theBibleversecaption "Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him." (Prov. 30:5)

... in a similar vein, this is a popular caption choice with Christian instagrammers who don't feel inspired or led to write a long sermon as a caption. :-P A Proverbs or Romans or Corinthians verse are popular choices. Or John 3:16.

9. The sponsored caption

thesponsoredcaption I love my new boots from @somebootshopnoonecaresabout - they are honestly so comfy and pretty. Use promo code "idontcare' to get 50% off your first purchase! Totally recommended!

This is for popular instagrammers with tons of followers. Kind of annoying though, these captions. I mean, I'm glad they have a job writing these captions and I'd probably do it too if I were them... but I rate these captions 1/10 bc they're boring. Sorry.

10. The 'I posted something' caption

theipostedsomethingcaption New video up on the youtube channel! Link in bio! Check it out!

No explanation needed.

Which one are you? Which one is your favourite/least favourite? Any I forgot?



New Blog Look!

just to make thee hungry. :-P

Ok, a quick post because I redid my blog again (look here, whenever I try a simplistic minimalistic blog look it ends up existing for five days only. I return to headers!) and I like it and I want compliments your opinion on it.

Here's a picture of the current blog look for future readers who do not know what blog look I am talking about because in the future I may change it once again. I am considerate am I not.

Voila. Honest opinions and thoughts? Is the Bible verse too random? (I love random but your opinion may differ. :-))