6 Period Dramas I did not like.

First, a random gif of my darling Amy Dorrit, then the post.

You all know. I adore Period Dramas. You don't need to read any of my posts to know this; you just need to use your eyeballs and look at my header and the pictures/tags in my sidebar. Period-Drama-filled. I am unashamed - I LOVE Period Dramas. (My favourites being Pride and Prejudice 1995, Emma 2009, Downton Abbey, Lark Rise to Candleford, and Testament of Youth, and Little Dorrit, and...)

But there are some that were a disappointment to me. They made me sleep, or weep, or groan in dismay. You might be a fan of these, so yes, I am prepared for fierce-and-angry-comments. Here they are, people; Period Dramas I Did Not Like. (I don't necessarily hate them. I just didn't like them.) (And they are in no particular order, although there are some in this list that annoy me a lot more than others.)

1. Persuasion 2007

Ew. When I watched this, I kind of CRINGED a lot. Everything was just a bit cinge-worthy to me, and I feel very un-Jane-Austen-like to say this in Front Of Everyone, but I didn't like it. I didn't like Anne, to start with - not because she was 'old' or 'quiet', but because she had greasy hair, a creepy smile, and she looked straight AT THE CAMERA and it ANNOYED ME SO MUCH. (Hush, Naomi. Calm down.)

Also... Captain Wentworth. (Pssst. I don't think he's that handsome.)

2. Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree was okay - I just about liked it. (It's probably my favourite on this list, too.) But it definitely doesn't rank high on my list of Period Dramas. Heh. Heh. The main thing that annoyed me was Dick Dewy. :-P First of all, he wasn't handsome. (IN MY OPINION.) Secondly, the way he fell in love with Fancy Day was just so ridiculous it makes me want to weep for humanity. Thirdly, the way he invites Fancy to the 'Par-y' by simply SAYING 'Par-y' in front of her face twice makes me criiiinge. (The pastor also annoyed me so so much. And so did the old man with the big sideburns. Just everyone.)

Basically, I didn't really mind watching this movie because we had a lot of fun watching it and laughing at about just about every character.

3. Our Mutual Friend

Okay, so adding this one to the list is KIIIND of unfair, because I only watched one episode and that's it. (Emma says that if I had watched it all, I would have ended up loving it. :-P)

Buuuut, I didn't, and therefore I did not like it at all. It was CREEPY  (I mean... finding dead bodies in a lake??? Thank you for making nice tv-series, BBC.) and all the characters were CREEPY (like, yeah, keeping sculls in a house is normal???) and just... BLEH. I didn't like it. (I do want to give this another go, though. One day.)

4. Pride and Prejudice 2005

BLEHHH. This movie drives me cruuu-ayyy-zee. Click here for zee long, numerous reasons. MWUHAHA. (It's a very long post. And very hefty. Just warning.)

5. Les Miserables

I'm sorry to say that I didn't even finish this one. :-/ I have learnt to love the music and the characters now - and I have learnt to really love the stage musical - But the movie version?! NOPE. Nopeditynope. It was too miserable and gritty and spooky and sad and scary and poor-people-y.

(The music is nice though, and I would like to give this movie another go one day. But in the meanwhile I'll rewatch the dvd's of Emma's Les Mis performance whenever I'm in a Les Mis mood.)

6. The Mill on the Floss

When people ask me, "What is your least favourite Period Drama?" - I usually say, 'Ew, Mill on the Floss - it's awwwwful." And it is awful. :-P All the characters are either really mean or really melancholy, and although I liked the main character in some parts, she disappointed me hugely. Basically, she falls in love with a tolerably nice dude and then SUDDENLY OUT OF THE BLUE kisses someone else.

Like... UM. OKAY. (How did this story get published again?)

But that's not all, because after zee kiss and zee other-man-business, the main character's annoying brother (who I hate) comes along and they both DROWN. AND THAT'S IT. LIKE REALLY. UGHHHHHHHH. BLEHHH.

(Never watch this.)

Okay, ha. I hope you enjoyed this highly negative post. I'm sorry if I offended you, or bashed your very favourite movie once again - please don't take anything personally, and please tell me whether or not you agree with my controversial sentiments. And have a very good day. :-) Keep on smiling and don't watch bad movies. :-)

What are some Period Dramas you didn't like?


  1. I agree about that Persuasion film. Sub. Par.

    You should do another of these on your favorites! (Unless you already have?)

    1. I DID do a 'top ten' movies post two years ago, but I really should do another one as I've seen a lot of movies since then. :-) Thank you for the suggestion! <3

  2. *sees post on dashboard*

    *grins maliciously*

    *clicks on it*

    *reads through to the part where you say Dick Dewey's not handsome*

    *chokes to death*

    WHAAAAAAAAAT? Excuse me?! I didn't like Under the Greenwood Tree very much either, and to be fair it WAS pretty ludicrous the way he fell in love with Fancy, buuuuut.....DICK DEWEY IS BEAUTIFUL. You really don't think so? Did you look into his eyes? You are not affected in any way by him?

    I am just very shocked, that's all.

    ;-P I haven't seen Persuasion or The Mill on the Floss, but the other ones of these I don't like terribly much either -- except for Our Mutual Friend, which I still adore. Yes, it is creepy -- but most Dickens movies are creepy. In some cases I embrace the creepiness because it adds to the depth and realness of the story, and this is one of them. I LOVE Our Mutual Friend.

    This was a very fun post. ;-) (And no, I'm really not that upset that you don't like Dick Dewey.) I could do one of these about westerns I didn't like...but that would offend a whole bunch of people and I'm not sure I want to do that!

    1. HAHAHAHA. I WROTE THAT ABOUT DICK DEWY FOR YOU. :-P *evil laugh* (No, I don't think he's handsome. He looks like a... I'm not going to say it in a Public Comment. :-P) (I might find him more handsome if he ACTS like a SENSIBLE person.)

      Mmmyeah. Maybe I should give OMF another go. :-D (And I'd love to see YOU bash movies. :-))

  3. Well, you haven't offended me. Of these I have only seen Pride and Prejudice '05, and that was to me more like watching a comedy. It was so silly.

  4. Okay, so I kind of liked the Persuasion one. But I definitely agree that it had its faults. But to explain some of the things I'm going to say, I'll tell you that this was the first Persuasion movie I saw and when I watched the other one it was a poor quality video on YouTube, so I didn't really get the full benefit of it. Someday I'll really watch it. But anyway...I did like the actors for the most part, but I think that was mostly because I saw them first, you know? I didn't like the way they did the movie as much, though. They did kind of take away the Jane-Austen-y-ness (my goodness, that looks awkward written out) and they ruined the ending. :/
    I haven't seen all of these, but I do completely and totally agree with Fake P&P. It's awful.

    1. Yes, Persuasion did have its good points, but overal I thought it was kind of bleh. (I think the older version looks better.)
      Yeah, I know you agree with me on Pride and Pyjamas. (That's what I call it. HA. :-))

    2. Oh, yes, that's right, you did comment on my post insulting P&P05. I'd forgotten. :p :) I love the name Pride and Pyjamas, too...way too many pyjamas, for sure.

  5. Agreed 100% about Persuasion 07. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good, either. It didn't do the novel justice. At all.

    We need a new, full-length (at LEAST 2 hours) film with Ioan Gruffudd (is that how you spell his name?) playing Wentworth and somebody else really cool playing Anne. And THEN I would be satisfied. But as it is . . . nope.

    I think the Les Mis movie was really a wasted opportunity. They could've made it so GOOD and they went and spoiled a lot of things. Live singing--that was a terrible choice. Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman as Javert and Valjean--JUST NO. Les Mis is an awesome story and it deserves a far, far better movie. Maybe a miniseries, even. It IS long enough for one.

    I like P&P 05. A lot. But I still want a new P&P adaptation with Daisy Ridley as Lizzy and Richard Armitage as Darcy. Because that would be EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.

    1. YES. YES. IOAN AS WENTWORTH WOULD BE GOOOOOOOLD. :-D (I agree 100% percent.) (Isn't in funny how we can disagree 100% - P&P05 cough Col.Brandon cough Mr Tilney cough - and also agree 100%? It makes life so interesting. :-))

      Have you seen any other Les Mis versions? I know there are long versions without singing.

    2. The idea of Daisy Ridley as Lizzy intrigues me! I like it! Richard Ermitage could of course play a great Darcy. :)

    3. It DOES make life interesting. No idea how it works, but yep :-)

      I haven't seen any other movie versions--but I've watched/listened to a BUNCH of different stage versions. (Check out this video, btw--it's fabulous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlpC29k7kWk&index=2&list=PLLrHCf8iYn2Egy42Mh9ZR-huwen3NpsA6)

      Lois--YOU AGREE ABOUT DAISY RIDLEY???? *squeals* Yep, all the time I was watching her scenes in "The Force Awakens" one-half of my brain was going, "You know . . . this girl is basically the embodiment of everything I always imagined Lizzy Bennet to be." I really wish they would cast her--it'd be an awesome movie.

    4. Jessica - I just want to pop in and say I think Richard Armitage as Mr. Darcy and Daisy Ridley as Elizabeth would be swell. :D (Especially Daisy!)
      ~Miss Meg

  6. What! P&P -05 too? :( No way!
    Even though it might be a little bit too modern, I still like it more than the -95 version. Cause when I see Colin Firth, I think of Bridget Jones diaries, and I just can't fit him in as mr. Darcy! Ridiculous, huh? :) But true. Matthew Macfadyen is better as mr. Darcy, in my opinion. Sorry.


    1. P&P 05 fans unite!!!! *high-five* :-)

    2. Yeah, sorry, my dear. :-/
      Matthew MacFayden was SPLENDID in Little Dorrit, but he really didn't hit the mark for me in P&P. I thought he looked too... Ragged and Humble.
      ... Anyways. :-) We may disagree, right?

    3. Yeah, you guys should stick together. :-) (I'm sorry everyone's bashing a movie you love. That must be hard for you.)

    4. Well p'raps a little bit . . . But it's nice when the bashers are pleasant&polite about it, like you, dear :)

  7. I've only seen three of the movies on this list: 'Persuasion', 'Pride and Prejudice', and 'Les Miserables'. 'Les Miserables' is okay, though the last time I watched it I wasn't quite as much of a fan as when I first saw it. It has it's place, but yeah, not one of my favorites. It certainly wouldn't be one that I would buy. As for 'Pride and Prejudice'! I think you know my sentiments on that one!!! It drives me "cruuu-ayyy-zee" too!! SO awful! And 'Persuasion'. Yes, yes, yes! I agree whole-heartedly with your opinion on that one!! It just wasn't right! ;) Anne looked sick the whole time, and I didn't care for Captain Wentworth either. The whole story was just kind of off, in my opinion.

    Wow. The Mill on the Floss sounds weird and depressing. I think I might follow your advice and not watch that one. :P

    "Keep on smiling and don't watch bad movies. :-)" Haha! That made me laugh. You're so funny, Naomi. :)

    What are some period dramas that I don't like? Well, my list is rather extensive. Perhaps I should do a post like this sometime. (Haha!) You already know 'Wives and Daughters' and 'Cranford', but one I've never mentioned is 'Middlemarch'. There were only about two characters in the entire film that I actually liked. And the heroine and 'hero' were very disappointing. Especially the hero. I wanted to like him, but by the end of the movie I was still confused as to whether or not he was a good guy. And that was very frustrating. Have you ever seen 'Middlemarch'?

    1. Yeah right? Anne DID look sick and ill and QUEASY. It was just bleh. I'm glad you agree on this. :-)

      HAHA. I can't believe you dislike W&D. :-P (Cranford I can understand slightly better.) No, I haven't seen Middlemarch - some people have recommended it to me, so I do want to give it a try, but it's definitely not a movie I'm yearning to see. (I personally don't think it LOOKS so good.)

  8. 1. Anne's hair could have used some help. And the whole looking-at-the-camera thing was a bit odd. But I guess watching it over and over helps you get over some of that. (Or have you watched it over and over?) Wentworth does behave, well, like a jerk sometimes. But we mustn't argue about his handsomeness. I mean, when Henrietta/Louisa say he is the most handsomest man ever, who are we to correct them? :) I don't know that it is so "very un-Jane-Austen-like" to say that you dislike a movie version of one of her stories. The fake P&P claims to be a JA story and it is not. At all. Ugh.
    2. Haven't watched it. :)
    3. WHAAAAAAAAT??????? Yes, you have to watch all of it, not just the first episode. Well, don't actually watch all of it. There is a scene which definitely needs to be skipped, but I think it is near the beginning of the last episode. But other than that, yes, I would recommend OMF. It is a dark-ish show, but it is Dickens, so there you have it. Cynthia (from Wives & Daughters) is in it, but she plays a very sweet girl instead of a shallow flirt like in W&D. But mainly, it has Paul McGann in it (who you may recognize from Horatio Hornblower (have you seen HH?)). And he is a scoundrel. And I should not like him. But he has a moustache that makes his scoundrelness less noticeable. :) However, I will mention that if you like Sense & Sensibility 2008, specifically Colonel Brandon, you may not want to watch OMF because he is in it and plays a terrible villain. Like, over-the-top creepy. *shudder*
    4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait, they seriously thought that was Pride & Prejudice? ;) Yeah, epic fail at attempting a JA story. And no, that it not "very-un-Jane-Austen-like." That is fact. :) Pretty much the one character that is worth anything in that movie is Jane. But everyone else, ugh.
    5. Haven't watched it, but did hear some of it. I'm not really into movies where 99.999% of it is told in song.
    6. Also haven't watched it and have heard enough of its depressing nature to be less than interested in seeing it.

    On a similar topic, have you read Edenbrooke? I just finished reading it this weekend, and it is sooo good! It's like a younger, JA type book. It doesn't have the vocabulary or sarcasm of JA, but it is pretty clean.

    1. 1. No, I've only seen Persuasion once. (And YES. Anne's hair could need some help indeed. :-O)

      2. Well, don't. Unless you want to laugh at a movie. :-P

      3. Okay, well, you've convinced me - together with Emma. I will have to give that another go! :-) (I also need to be in the right mood for Dickens. Maybe I wasn't when I tried it once.) And yes, I have seen HH - wait?? Paul McGann plays a scoundrel in OMF?!!! I thought he was a hero who ended up with Lizzie?? (Um, explain.)
      Oh, I know. I heard that Col Brandon plays a villain. :-P

      4. *shakes hand*
      I don't mind that some people see it as a good JA adaptation, actually - and I respect that. People interpret stories differently. But yeah, for me it doesn't scream out Jane-Austen either. :-)
      As you know.

      5. I know. The 99% singing annoyed me, too.

      6. DON'T.

      No, I haven't! But it sounds really cute. I'll check it out on Goodreads. :-)

    2. I don't know how much you want to know about OMF before watching it, but you did ask to explain so here goes. *SPOILER ALERT* :) McGann plays the role of Eugene, a lazy man who ends up falling head over heels with Lizzy Hexam after seeing her once (like, really, he sees her - she doesn't talk to him and avoids looking at him - but he's not the only one to fall for her so easily so don't blame him). She falls for him, too, and becomes his one interest. Due to a love triangle issue, she runs away. He uses a nefarious method to find her (which harms a third party), pursues her, and they have a tete-a-tete which ends with her leaving alone after telling him to leave her alone (she's trying to protect him). He decides not to obey, but before he can relentlessly pursue her, an incident occurs which is terribly terrible, but good comes from it. And he ends up being a better man. Is that enough of an explanation? The major scoundrelness mostly occurs after the tete-a-tete, but it only exists in planning mode and the incident happens so quickly and dramatically that it's easy to brush off Eugene's roguish plans. But if you stop to dwell on them, he really was plotting for selfish reasons and not considering Lizzy's welfare.

  9. I found Under the Greenwood Tree, so embarrassing. As in, almost do not want to tell people I watched it. Terrible quality in everyway. But the actor who played Dick Dewey was handsome . . . too bad he could not act.

    Two of my sisters and I watched Les Mis. But rather disrepectfully (and we tried again with the two youngest, but we could not make it past the horrible Thenardiers' song; I mean that scene was unbelievably gross). Seriously, can't you pick better singers than Hugh Jackman, and Russell Crowe (if you can call what it he did singing). Also, the shots of Valjean carrying Marius, well, we got some long and solid views of Marius's backside, kind of hard to feel the pathos there. There were some lovely parts (Enjolras and co, except my sister decided she liked, Grantaire, which was another point of laughter, she tried to tell us it wasn't Grantaire). Also, I cannot stand Eponine's thirdwheeling. And Marius in love faces were to die (of laughter) for. I have not seen the musical theatre version yet, but even taking out bad shots, acting, and singing, I do not this musical hits the brilliance of the Phantom.
    I understand a lot of what you said about Persuasion. BUT we LOVE this Captain Wentworth. He ALMOST makes up for everything. Except that kiss. We die every time. I think my sisters timed how long it took for them to even kiss. And the short was down her throat. We kept telling him to go ahead and kiss her, she was just standing there like a fish.
    Pride and Prejudice is okay as movie, but not as book representation or a period correct film. It is SO poor in both respects that I do not event take it seriously as an adaption.
    I adored Our Mutual Friend the book, so I am afraid of the series. There is no way it could be perfectly well down, and from the photos, cringe.
    I enjoyed several George Eliot novels, but have yet to read Mill on the Floss, the one I heard most about (i.e. my sister told me everything). I think Eliot stories are probably better read that watched, but that is just a guess since I have not watched any adaptations yet.

    1. I KNOW. Under the Greenwood Tree really IS embarrassing to watch. :-D

      Ugh yeah, the Thenardiers song was TERRIBLY gross. I do think that there will be a time when I can apreciate the Les Mis movie, because - as you said - there are some really good parts (and the music is gorgeous sometimes.)

      (Why did I forget to mention that?)

  10. Oh, and here is a controversial one. I loathe the most popular Emma, the Gweneth Paltrow one. I prefer the Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong version, then the Johnny Lee Miller one, except for Emma who was AWFUL.

    And I found Northanger Abbey SO embarrassing and awkward (WHY did they have to add all that uncomfortable innuendo).

    I never finished the Tom Hardy Wuthering Heights (I might attempt it someday). The beginning was SO macabre; I mean I was almost disbelieving. I do not do skeletons. The story is so hard anyway, plus immorality that did not occur in the book. I tried watching online, and had to constantly switch back between screens and pause it because I could hardly bear it, so I did not make it very far.

    I cannot think of any other ones. I received all the 60's and 70's and 80's set of Jane Austen movies which looked to dreadful to try.

    1. Ha, I didn't really like the Gwenyth Paltrow one, either. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Romola Garai one though - and everything about it. But the Kate Beckinsale one - I'm sorry to say is my least favourite. In fact, I thought about adding it too this list. (But I decided it wasn't that bad, actualy all.)

      I love NA, but agree some bits were unneeded. Ew, Wuthering Heights sounds terrible. :-P

    2. Ha! I read your comments on Emma and I felt I'd found my soul mate! I don't mind the Gwenyth Paltrow one too much but I prefer the Kate Beckinsale one for sure (I grew up with it). The Johnny Lee Miller one is good but oh my goodness Romola Garai as Emma drives me bonkers!
      However we'll have to disagree on Northanger Abbey... I like it.... but obviously I really don't like the uncomfortable innuendo. I just pretend it isn't there though. ;)

  11. Uggh, Under the Greenwood Tree. There was nothing I liked about that movie. :P

    I actually like Persuasion 2007. I love the 1995 one too, and so I think both has their pros and cons. I didn't like how "modern" everyone looked in the newer one. And I didn't like the part where Anne runs around Bath for like 10 minutes.
    I do find Captain Wentworth handsomer in the 2007 version than the 1995, though. :) And that scene at the end where he and Anne are at his house is so sweet!!

    I have not seen Our Mutual Friend. I would like to, but the guy kneeling in the photo you included is giving me the creeps.

    Hahaha, oh poor P&P 2005. I don't love it, but there are some things I like about it. :)

    Les Mis! I hope you give it another go someday. The end is especially amazing. I cry every time, but then they turn into happy tears. :)
    You have a dvd of Emma's performance?? That is so cool!!

    Ew, MotF sounds horrible. Love the Maggie gif! :D

    1. Haha, I thought about you when I added UtGT. :-P

      Ohhh yes, when Anne runs around for 10 minutes. It was just PATHETIC. :-P Oh yes, Capt. Wentworth definitely is much handsomer than the one in the 95 version. (THAT I can say. :-D)

      I know, right? That guy keeling in the photo. Huuuu. (Also those two guys at the left side of the girl??? They're creepy too.à

      HAHA. I know. The Maggie gif is lovely. I love Maggie. :-D

    2. The guy kneeling in the photo is dressed like that for a certain task. It's not his normal attire. :) And you must see how the scene with him and Jenny near the end of the movie. :) The guy on the far left has moments of comedy (serious comedy, of course) and heartbreak. The guy next to him, though, is bad news. But you need to see how John deals with him near the end, and then, how Mr. Boffin deals with him. And how the kneeling guy deals with him. Seriously, you need to watch it! :)

  12. Ha, I love rants!!!! I've not seen all these but:
    Persuasion-I liked it but yes, Anne wasn't the most attractive of heroines but she is supposed to be past her bloom so at least they were trying to be realistic. That kiss made me cringe though!! Urgh! Rupert Penry-Jones leaves me cold too! I prefer the older version.
    Paul McGann is in OMF, he's gorgeous!!!
    P&P 95 is not good and yet I'll still watch it.
    Not seen Les Mis because I think it is too depressing. I like and know all the songs though.
    I'll give mill on the floss a miss them, I hate sad endings!!! Like that blighter Hardy (or IS M on the F by Hardy? In which case I hate it already!)

  13. I'm with you on that Persuasion - the kiss at the end is the worst. And Anne was miscast. I've liked the actress in other things, she's great, but they made her look awful. Also, what was with the woman playing Mary?? It was like she was drunk the whole time :/

  14. Delightful post, even if it is just about things you don't like! I tried a group read of Persuasion once, and the movie helped me picture the book, even if it wasn't the greatest. And I may have read more about P+P '05 than P+P '95 simply because of all the rants! But there is so much wrong with it, it is easy to go on about it!

  15. Okay, so I put a comment and *internet problems* it did not show up. I'll just try again . . . Persuasion 2007. YES. The greasy hair REALLY GETS ON MY NERVES. Plus, they gave her such ugly dresses. I guess because she didn't look very beaten down or anything? I mean she looked so terribly HEALTHY that they had to do something to make her look worse. Bad color choices can do a lot to one's complexion and appearance. I don't know! I just don't like it :P

    Heehee, I knew you would mention P&P '05. My views have not changed. I still really like it ;)

  16. *gasp* Naomi! ;)

    Persuasion?? Yes, Anne's hair was a little gross(but nothing compared to Ms. O'Brien's, I must say) and it rather grew on me over the course of the movie. Are you just not a fan of the story in general? Because it wasn't my favorite, either, although I did really enjoy the movie.

    Haha, P&P'05 is one of those movies I love a little guiltily, if you know what I mean. It's got it's faults, but the scenery and the music and the casting(besides, perhaps, Keira Knightley). Gahhhhh.

    Ah, Les Misérables. So, as much as I love the music and the videography and the singing skills of certain characters(some more than others), I can understand why you didn't like it. It could've stood for a little *less* music-based dialogue and then there were the skippable scenes, too... But I still liked it. (That's a lovely picture of Fantine you chose, by the way.)

    Let's see, period dramas I didn't like? Hmmm, I started a BBC version of Hard Times(by Charles Dickens) and it quite bored me, but other than that I really can't think of anything!

  17. Quite the hilarious negative post Naomi! I have to say I love 2007 Persuasion, but I agree with you 100% on P&P 2005. I wonder if your taste in period dramas will change as get older? Mine certainly have. Could not stand Becoming Jane, it came out when I was 17. I actually STOOD UP in the theatre and said something loud to express my negative sentiments! lol. Some older ladies got a kick out of my passionate sentiments. Not to say I adore Becoming Jane all the way these days, but I do appreciate it in a new way. Anyways, I am sure your taste will probably be more constant in 8 years than mine were! Take care Naomi, I love your posts!

  18. Of the ones you mentioned, I have seen Persuasion 2007, P&P 2005, and Les Miserables. And I didn't like any of them. Honestly, P&P 2005 is just flat out painful to watch & I can't stand it! Persuasion wasn't so bad... definitely not as bad as P&P 2005, but I still didn't like it. And Les Miserables? I didn't even get 1/4 of the way through that one before I turned it off. My brother & I call it the more miserable movie. :P

  19. Out of all of these, the only one I dislike is The Mill on the Floss. Yuck, it was just SO bad! I haven't seen Le Miserable, so I can't really comment on that one.

    Also, sorry I'm not sorry, but I love the '05 version Pride and Prejudice. I think it's better than the 95 version *dodges tomato* I will say that I still very much like the '95 version and think it's the more faithful adaption. However, what work in a novel doesn't always translate onscreen, and this is why I don't mind when certain liberties are taken in movies/series. The '05 movie is more evocative in my humble opinion.

  20. That Persuasion. Seriously one of the worst films I've seen. All these shots of Anne weeping silently.!!!! And then that PATHETIC kiss scene!! ARRRGH!!

    ~Rilla Blythe

  21. Hahaha. I liked this post :D

    I like a few of the ones on this list, but they're not my ABSOLUTE favorites ;)

    Ah, I KNOW about UtGT! I had high hopes going into it, and then was kind of like, "...Um. What." It wasn't awful, in fact there were parts I liked, but it was just BLEH overall.

    Fun post! :D

  22. So, I realize I'm rather late to the party... but I HAVE to comment. ;D

    I have heard of most of these, and I've seen (and *cough* enjoyed half of them) so let me begin. *cracks knuckles*

    I haven't seen Persuasion, Under the Greenwood Tree, or The Mill on the Floss (which sounds AWFUL). The other three I HAVE seen, and I really enjoyed all of them. ;)

    Our Mutual Friend comes first! You have every reason to dislike it... BECAUSE YOU ONLY SAW THE FIRST EPISODE. :P Seriously, if *I* only saw the first episode, I probably would have been freaked out... except I read the book first, and I knew all the wonderfulness that was going to follow it. :D You know what Dickens is like - what you PRESUMED to be a fact, actually turns out that it's... something else. I never can predict what will happen in most Dickens books, and this is no exception. You should try it again! I admit some characters are WEIRD, but it's Dickens... what do you expect. ;) He likes to make them MEMORABLE, hehe.

    I really like P&P '05. Actually, scratch that. I love it. It's both sentimental and beautiful, to me, (which you already knew - I wrote about that on your 'bashing' post of it). But as I know you will not be persuaded, I shall not even bother. ;P

    Ah, Naomi. *shakes head* You didn't even FINISH it. ;) Les Miserables is something that you HAVE to finish! The ending is so bittersweet, but it's SO much better than stopping when everything bad is going on! My favourite parts of the movie are the bits at the end! It's certainly a movie you have to watch when you're in the mood, though, I'll say that much.
    And I really wish I could see Emma's performance of Eponine. *siiigh*

    Haha, that gif with Maggie is so perfect. ;D I bet you she would have been SUCH fun to play. :D

    To be honest, I can't think of period dramas, off the top of my head, that I didn't like. I didn't really go for Wives and Daughters a whole lot, it was just TOO slow moving for me. But I didn't DISLIKE it. Um... yeah, I really can't think of any at the moment. :)

    ~Miss Meg

  23. Oh really? I like Persuasion 2007. Persuasion isn't really my favorite JA, but I liked it. And I liked the 2007 MUCH better than the 1995. Ugh.
    But, I can see how you would hate that one. It was VERY poorly filmed... and just a little lacking.
    Really? You didn't like Les Mis? Hmm. All I've heard is positive reviews, but maybe it won't be all that great. Well, thanks for the warning!! :)

    -The Girl with the Gold Pen


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