If Period Drama Characters had Internet Bios #6


@catherine.moorland. I'm a girl with a big future; stop being online and read books or go dance!
@Mr_and_Mrs_Moorland proud of all our children; some of them are almost goodlooking!
@Henry_Tilney I smirk to relieve any tension, it always works.
@Eleanor_Tilney Reading is a beautiful escape to a world that can be scary and unjust.
@GeneralTilney Northanger Abbey is my home and my standard. My home, my rules!
@LOL_ISABELLA yooooo lol i'm here for the fun. i love creepy movies and books and fashion 👗sub4sub
@JOHN_Thorpe220 Love a good party and hott girls. Follow me and I'll follow u back. YOLO.
@james.moorland. I love @LOL_ISABELLA a lot!
@Frederick_Tilney The only Tilney sibling that knows how to have fun. #savage
@MrAllen i enjoy being a good uncle with money to spare.


@Mrs_Travers If you call me Pam or ruin my books with cartoon penguins, I will block you.
@Call_Me_Walt! The official account of Walt Disney. There is magic in everything if you are a child at heart. #ohyeah
@TraversGoff I love pears. I love my girls. I love life! #yolo #swishswishswish 🍺
@MargaretGoff pretty tired mom of three daughters. need help.
@ginty Daddy helped me get this account! We're an aussie family going to a castle!
@Ralphthecardriver Hi, I'm @Mrs_Travers' official taxi driver. I love sunshine and my daughter Jane.
@Don_DaGradi I'm a filmmaker. I hope. (How do you make a movie without the colour red?!)
@Robert_Sherman I have the cane, and was the one that made up the word constable.
@Richard_Sherman 🎹 music is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 🎹
@The_Sherman_Brothers official account of two music-loving brothers
@Dolly_disneystaff 💕🍰👩 i love hairspray and jelly treats and making ppl happy!


@Molly_gibson I love poetry, nature books, wasp nests, interesting letters, and helping people.
@Roger_Hamely In Africa with bugs and mosquitoes, but left my heart in England.
@thatgirl_Cynthia i don't care. i just want to be free ok, is that too much to ask? its just how i am ok
@Mrs_GIBSON 🌸Engagements are engagements! 🌼 Grapes are for hairs! 💟Daughters are for heirs! #so 🍇
@Doctorgibson I love goosies. And cheese. DM me privately if you know more info about Osborne's illness
@OsborneHamely Poet. Plz buy my poems. #tbt to the time when I was in Mons.
@SQUIREHAMELY I didn't say Roger is better, but one of my sons is, and it's not Osborne. #ihavetwosons
@Mrs_hamely I love my sons and poetry. I dislike disappointments.
@thatboy_Preston hey girl, we can meet up in woods. You know who you are. #taken #forcinglove
@Aimee_G mon amour, il revient toujours, ma cher Osborne.
@lady_harriet_cumnor I have an impeccable taste in friends, hairstyles, and matchmaking. FYI.
@Lady_CUMNOR Qwite fwankly I do not know what all the tewwible fuss is about instagwam.
@Lord_Cumnor bad at maths but still have a jolly time
@iampheobe oooohhh this is exciting isnt it being online lol! I do love being able to follow people
@I_am_Sally The more mature sister. A little bird tells me interesting things. I'll leave it at that.
@BIGFATGOSSIPLADY You know who I am. I have some RIVITING NEWS ABOUT MOL-you-know-who!
@GOSSIPMAN I saw two ppl passing notes in woods. DM me and I'll give more info. 😉
@RedheadCoxe I love molly cynthia so much plz plz plz make my dream come true oh plz


Debunking 'Deep Inspirational Quotes'

(Dr Suess' quotes are good. Even I will admit.)

Why do you bake cookies and cook bacon? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Hello readers. I hope your day is fine and dandy. If it is and you feel ready for it to be less dandy read a WW1 romance novel and your heart may be crushed for the following week. (Rilla of Ingleside by LMM or Remembrance by Theresa Breslin are two I would advise.)

Today I'm going to look up "deep inspirational quotes" - (you know, those phrases that teenage girls put in their instagram caption to appear very philosophical and inspirational when they really just took it off pinterest and added an emoji like 💞or ✨ or ❣ in an attempt to appear creative) - on Google images and I'm going to make them ridiculous. (I know. It's really cruel of me. But I rather enjoy it. It is the Adler Davidson in me.)

Do not take this post too seriously. It is supposed to be all in good fun. (Can I just say how nice you all are? You are all good sports. Hate comments are not a thing here.) (I don't write posts about Narnia anymore.)

"I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead."

Okay, this one is stupid. What if you're looking for a slice of pizza? Is the advice you give me become a pizza?! Seriously. Dude. No. If you want a good life, you can't just magically BECOME A GOOD LIFE. You have to go and look for it. You have to go and earn money or go and make continued attempts to be a good and kind person. That's called looking and searching.

Replace this quote with: "Seek and you shall find. (Matthew 7:6)"

"Old ways won't open new doors."

My way of opening doors is reaching the door handle and pushing it down while simultaneously pulling it open. It's the old way and it always works. (Of course, some new doors just slide open.)

"Ahh but it's a metaph" - oh of course of course. But still. Sometimes old ways are good. What if you've always been a punctual person? That's good. That may well give you new opportunities. DON'T CHANGE THAT OLD WAY.

"Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting."

Plagiarising a turn of phrase from Matthew 5, I see. Only, it's not plagiarism because this one is silly. That is, I am genuinely confused. What is so good about giving without remembering and taking without forgetting? Remembering what? Forgetting what? The object? I remember giving my sister a present yesterday for her birthday. That does not mean I am all fluffy and prideful about it. I simply remember it. Apparently I am cursed.

"Only dead fish go with the flow."

It's okay. I'm not dead. And I'm not a fish. And even if I was, going with the flow isn't always a bad thing.

(Also, only black pictures and with white words get into google images.) (Hypocrite.)

"It's not about getting a chance, it's about taking a chance."

But dude, how can you TAKE it when you don't GET it? Like, right now, I don't have a chance to eat pizza, so I can't take pizza. There is no pizza. However, I do get a chance tonight because we're going to order some. So dere. It's all about getting a chance, bro.

(Looking forward to the pizza, btw. The pizza I will GET and then TAKE.) (Or whatever.) (Ugh.)

"To heal a wound you need to stop touching it."

Actually, you need to disinfect it, bandage it, press it, and do all sorts of things for a wound to heal properly.

(I'm not even a physician and I know that.)

"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."

We're back with the black-background-white-wording, I see. It's so inspirational to see people be different.

Okay so this quote is a good piece of advice in some situations but in many situations it is not. What if my baby sister wants to be the first toddler to visit the moon? What if that's all she thinks about? All her work won't change a thing. (No offence, sis.)

"I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating your favorite decadent desserts and traveling a lot."

According to this quote millions of people do not have a life. 

I think life is a whole lot deeper than that, Palermo. I wish you knew about it. (Man these quotes are missing out on Jesus. It's honestly quite sad.) (Life is about shopping?! No.) (Basically this quote is saying life is about money and also a hot bae for the instagram pics.)

"Let your smile change the world but don't let the world change your smile."

OHH CLEVER CLEVER CLEVER A REVERSE PHRASING QUOTE THAT'S SO CLEVER. (These capital letters you just read were sarcastically inclined, by the way.)

Also, I doubt a smile could change the world. Smiles merely bare teeth and sometimes they don't even do that. Actions are more likely to produce some kind of change. So do something. (And honestly, if the world doesn't change your smile sometimes, I'm worried for you. The world has some horrid things going on. Stop smiling for a second and pray.)

"Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it's about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it."


 Avoiding bruises still sounds like a solid thing to do though.

"One day or day one. You decide."

One day. I decided.

(Okay, I actually kind of like this one. Got to say.)

"Life is short. Break the Rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss SLOWLY. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret ANYTHING that makes you smile."

Mark Twain hated Pride and Prejudice, so I knew I couldn't trust him. This is stupid life advice. BREAK THE RULES? You want me to go and rob a bank, dude? You want me to go and do drugs because it'll make me laugh uncontrollably? NO.

(Sometimes you have to regret things that you laughed at before. Be mature.) (And P&P is a good book. So shut up.)

"Don't forget to live before you die."

I won't, but thank you for the reminder that I should do something that is in every way impossible not to do.

This is all for now. I love doing this. :-P (What do you think of these quotes? Would you like me to debunk more?) (ALSO DON'T FORGET TO LIVE.)


Thoughts on: Wives and Daughters 1999

I am currently the proud owner of hamster cheeks. That is, I am trying to survive the extraction of those wisdom teeth. (It's okay, it really is. It's just cumbersome. And I don't exactly feel glamorous. :-P) But you know, why not do something minorly productive and write a blog post? Today I've watched 2 episodes of Mr Selfridge (it is so similar to The Paradise, like, I'm surprised one series didn't blame the other for plagarism), about 20 episodes of Emma Approved (#Knighthouse), I've slept and swallowed down ice-cream, and I'm currently listening to jazz (Marilyn Monroe is currently singing "I wanna be loved by you" and it's cute) and you know what, I'm going to write down a blog post.

Also, not to be Frank Churchill, but this heat is MADDENING. Belgium, you're supposed to have the reputation for bad weather. Prove it. THIS IS TOO HOT.

Anyways. Thoughts on Wives and Daughters. (That's another way of saying: "A review, but not a good enough one, so not worthy to be called a review." :-P) (Or "discombobulated ramblings on a dear movie.") (See, I am not that bad at blog post titles. Book titles, however, are an entirely different matter.)

Let us start by pointing out the negatives, shall we? (I know, I know, ever the optimist.)

MRS GIBSON. Aka. Claire or Hyacinth or the previous Mrs Kirkpatrick or, as I call her, the-spoilt-brat-who-ughhhh-no-leave-the-room. I cannot stand this woman. (Yes, those are grapes in her hair. But believe me, that is only a tiny fraction of her annoyingness.) Mrs Gibson is the kind of character you want to grab by the hair and scratch like a kitten (not to be blunt). The way she craves money and fame and attention is just ugh. I feel so bad for Molly for having to live with the woman, and I cannot give Mr Gibson much respect because he picked her out as a wife.

Speaking of Mr Gibson... I know loads of people like him as character, but personally he annoys me almost as much as Hyacinth! (Okay, not quite as much. Hyacinth is, granted, hard to beat on that score.) But really, I find him quite creepy - the way he calls his daughter goosey with that close stare and sends her off and controls Molly and then honestly thinks marrying Hyacinth is a SENSIBLE thing to do. And when he's angry at Molly when there's all the gossip about Mr Preston... like noo, just be calm, sir, have faith in your daughter.

The first episode, personally, I find rather slow. I only get 'into' the movie by episode 2. (Don't kill me, but Cynthia has to arrive to give the mini series the dazzle and the colour.) However, I do LOVE the scene in episode one where Roger comforts Molly when he finds her crying in the garden after she's found out about The Unwanted Engagement. Roger is like the BEST older brother and IT'S SO CUTE (because that's the thing: HE'S NOT THE OLDER BROTHER.) (Spoiler alert. :-P)

More negative things? Pheobe Brown was annoying. Kind of humorous, I guess, but definitely eye-roll-worthy-material. Sally's not much better. It always tickles me how she has a barouche in Wives and Daughters just like she famously has in Cranford. (Not Sally. The actress. She's called Mrs Jamieson-the-one-with-the-dog in Cranford.)

The Hamely-family scenes sometimes went on too much. (I only love them when Roger is in them. I could watch many Hamely scenes if Roger were in them all.)  Mr Hamely annoys me, although Michael Gambon is a good actor. (No sister-reading-this, don't say he isn't.) (My siblings somehow dislike Michael Gambon with a certain passion.) Mrs Hamely's death was sad, but I never got very attached to her as a character. She certainly is very sweet though, and man, I feel bad for Osborne for having to have his mum die being disappointed in him.

Osborne is a poor thing. The poor guy has one miserable happening after the other. He's not exactly what you'd call a lucky chap.

As we are still in the negative part of the review (or whatever), Harriet's hair in the last episode (the wig-pixie-cut-thing. yeah. that.) was a ghastly mess. Of course, a lot of the hair was ridiculous (remember the grapes in Mrs Gibson's hair-do), as were some of the puffed sleeves. Let's just say the wardrobes in here are an Anne Shirley gown heaven.

I DO like Lady Harriet Cumnor though; better then I did last time. She is a frank, open-hearted, confidant, witty lady. I like her face and her quick attitude. I like how she makes sure no-one thinks badly of Molly. I LOVE how she ships Molly with - spoiler alert but not really - Roger.

Can I also give a shout-out to Lady Catherine the Bourgh Lady Cumnor? She's hilarious. And her pwonouncishon is pwetty hilawious.

Let's speak of Cynthia. She is an interesting character with many different sides to her. Annoying, lovable, frustrating, ungenuine yet genuine. Do not unfollow me (well, I guess you can if you want to), but, but, but *whisper* I have a soft spot for Cynthia Kirkpatrick. Not that I approve of her actions - she is a flirt and she should not accept all those proposals and such and UGH the way she does not care a jot about Roger and her carelessness of his letters makes me so angry... but, but. I can't hate her. I cannot call her a villain.

And I feel bad for her with the Mr Preston plot. I also sort of feel bad for Preston. Look, it's a VERY good, unfortunate plot line. Preston loves Cynthia, Cynthia hates him despite the fact that she consented to marry him when she was 15. Preston has a very odd way of showing his love to Cynthia, which Molly (the DARLING) resolves. Whether or not you dislike Cynthia, I think we all agree her Preston-situation is very unfortunate. Yes, she shouldn't have promised him her hand but she was fifteen BUT DUDE, Preston has charm, and she changed her mind and that should be allowed.

I HATE that she doesn't break it off with Roger (or starts it in the first place) sooner. But I love how she admits her faults and how charming she is. I hate how flirty she is, but I love how she sees it. She is, you've got to admit, very honest. That is a good quality. (BUT SHE SHOULD TRY TO REMEDY HER FAULTS. Actually try.)

(Ignore Mrs Gibson in the above picture. Focus on Molly.)

Molly. Ah Molly. The girl who deserves so much more than she gets - the girl who has her heart broken and only mended till the very end - the girl who has to endure gossip because she's friendly - the girl who's left with everyone's problems - She is a DARLING.

I have no more to say. A DARLING. One of my favourite heroines out there, for sure. I love Molly Gibson.

I LOVE ROGER. Yes, I am sad he had the Cynthia phase, but I think they had him realise his mistake very well, what with him being so far away and just clinging to the thought of Cynthia because he knew nothing better. I love him best with Molly, of course. I wish for more Molly-Roger scenes and less Cynthia-Roger scenes. I always get excited when Roger is back in England. The guy is in Africa too often.

Seriously though. This guy has a place in my heart. Handsome, cute, a gentleman, so KIND and so good and also super clever. I mean... seriously. He's somethin'. (Underrated, too.) (And the nicest brother to Osborne.)

CAN WE JUST APPRECIATE HOW PERFECT THEY ARE TOGETHER?! I was literally sobbing during his proposal and ohh, I need more Molly-Roger scenes. They are so adorable and beautiful together and why it didn't happen sooner is a crying shame. The last episode is so glorious and tension-y filled it's almost annoying to watch. I love it though. Molly and Roger for ever and ever amen.

(Also I kind of wish there was a kiss. :-P) (Yes, there isn't.) (Not even a hug.) (They could at least have done a hug.) (The rainy proposal was so epic it made up for it though.) (And the Africa honeymoon.) (AND JUST THEM.) (Still wish there was a kiss.) (Or a hug.) (Or both.)

I'll stop with the brackets.

What do you think of this gorgeous miniseries? Have you seen it? Tell me thy thoughts.

PS I PERSONALLY LOVE THE COSTUMES IN HERE. Especially Cynthia's wickedly gorgeous dark blue ballgown she wears in London (:-O) and Molly's red one at the engagement party. The costumes are amazing in this miniseries, albeit sometimes rather much. Brownie points for whoever was in charge of the costumes, though.


Is Jesus cool? (A lil' rant.)

Is Jesus cool?

My first instinct it to say duh YEAH. But then the official definition of cool is "fashionably attractive" and when I look at society I don't think that per their definition of fashionably attractive, Jesus is in that department.

I have the feeling that a lot of Christians (and Churches) nowadays, they try so hard to make Jesus look cool. 

And that gets my goat sometimes. No, I'm not saying that Christianity is this old-people-shh-be-quiet thing. Yes, we should burst into songs of joy; yes we should dance with love for God; yes we should tell people about Jesus and yes, we should rejoice in the Lord always (and again I say rejoice.) (Message clear: Rejoice.) Again, I'm not saying pastors with ripped jeans and leather jackets aren't good people, I'm not saying Hillsong worship sessions are un-Christian and I'm not saying that Churches with loads of drums and colourful lights and really cool kids programs aren't good Churches.

But sometimes you do wonder... how many people come because of the cool-factor; how many people come for Jesus? How many people would come if the electricity turned off and if the pastor was an old man with a suit and a tie? If there was no Church website and no good parking lot? How many people would come if there were no kids programs or after-Church pastries?

Because that's not what Christianity is about; and that's not who Jesus is. Jesus is our God. He is our Saviour, and He died on the cross to save us and to give us eternal life and that is why we go to Church. That is enough. That is why hundreds of Christians come together in underground churches in China; they are being persecuted but they come because it's Jesus.

Let's see... the definition of the word cool is "fashionably attractive or impressive." So yeah, you might say: "Oh, but God has to be impressive and He has to be in fashion and therefore He should be fashionably attractive and fashionably impressive!" 

4 Main Points: 

1. People have to come to Jesus because of Jesus. And not because He's presented in a #relatable #trendy way. That's just not the point.

2. We have to submit ourselves to Him and it's sooo easy to take 'cool-Christianity' casual and to then put Jesus almost as our equal. Jesus is not a human celebrity; He is God and He is way, way, way more than us.

3. Of course God is impressive, we shouldn't need to wear ripped jeans to prove that. 

4. God is not 'fashionable' in the world. And it's not the point of Christianity - we are on the narrow path. So... should we be desperately trying to be as 'cool' as possible to the world? Or when the world thinks we're cool and relatable, does that mean that maybe we're doing something wrong?

Vat do you say?

(And by the way: I am not criticising anyone or any Church is particular. But I just want Jesus to be 100% honoured. He's not a casual-comfortable-all-da-feels-thing and I do think people take Him that way sometimes, which is sad.)