Wonders of wonders...

Wonders of wonders, miracles of miracles... I WON MELODY'S SHORT STORY CONTEST!!!!!
(My blog is called WONDERland Creek, after all.)

I am enormously flattered and honoured and surprised at this - and enormously happy, too. It put the icing on the already-delicious-cake that is 2015. I'd love for you, my dear followers, to read it: So click here, and read my Christmas story; "The First Noel."

Thank you so much, dear readers, and a happy 2016!!!

It's an annual tag...

Why, look who we have on our doorstep!

Which means I do this annual tag. Doing 'The New Years Tag' is, for me, a bloggy-must. The year just don't feel complete without 'un. (My answers for it last year are here.)

My older brother would laugh at me if he read this, but goodness, hasn't this year just zoomed past my ears? Or my eyes. Whatever. It's just gone scarily fast. It feels like I've JUST turned sixteen, like I went to the seaside in England last week, like the Christmas Carol Service at our Church was yesterday. I'm excited for 2016, though. Isn't that a jolly, welcoming number? 2016. I like the look of it. I can't wait to BE in it.

(Wow, everything I just wrote was so cliché. I give you permission to openly shudder at it.)

What did you do in 2015 that you'd never done before?
- I phoned Emma and I video-chatted to her. We still both prefer type-talking to each other, though, because the quality of long-distance phone-called and video-calling is quite horrendous sometimes.
- I held a Jane Austen Blog Week.
- I became sixteen-going-on-seventeen, like Liesl von Trapp.
- I discovered NEWSIES.
- I read 150 books. (I might have done that before, though, now I think about it.)
- I started making some Period Drama videos.
- I'm a proud Goodreads member. It's the best social media in the world, I'm convinced of it.
- Plenty of other things, I'm sure, but those are all the ones that come to mind right now. Next Question.

Did you keep your New Years' resolutions, and will you make one this year? 
I didn't make any New Years resolutions, I don't think. I have several this year. This year I want to spoil less TIME. No, really, really, REALLY.
I also want to read the Bible more this year.

Did anyone close to you give birth?
My mum, in March. :-) I love my little sister Susanna to death - she's so adorable and peachy and giggly and rosy and feather-fluffy-hair-ish. (You should see her chin - everyone faints at the cuteness of it.)

Did anyone close to you die?
No. Thank the Lord!

What countries/states did you visit?
England and Switserland. Unfortunately not America. :-(

What would you like to have in 2016 that you lacked in 2015?
- Downton Abbey Season 5's Christmas Special.
- Downton Abbey Season 6.
- Downton Abbey Season 6's Christmas Special.
- More money for post and package, thanks.
- Pretty copies of the L.M.Montgomery books (and a pretty Pride and Prejudice copy, please.)

What date from 2015 will remain etched upon your memory?
- The 13th of December was a wonderful, wonderful day. We had the Christmas Carol Service at our Church; I sang a solo; I spent a day with friends at Church. It was just wonderful.
- The 25th of December wasn't too bad, I suppose. :-P
- Yeah, I just loved December.

Did you move anywhere?
No. Don't ask me this every year; we're not the Ingalls family.

What was the best month?

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
- Goodreads says I'm the 10th best reviewer of Belgium. THAT, I think, is an archievement, considering I only joined Goodreads in February.
- I didn't write terribly much this year, but I finished two novellas. They're both rather cute+funny, even if I do say so myself. So I'm happy with that.
- Oh, and I finished maths, did my exam, and threw it behind me for GOOD. And I got an A for it, which blows my mind, because I SERIOUSLY expected to fail it. (I'm NOT just saying that. I really am terribly bad at maths.) So yeah, that was quite a big achievement, I think!

What was your biggest failure?
- I really wanted to write a FULL-sized novel this year. And I didn't. Bad girl, Naomi.
- I also could have spoilt less time + been better tempered + more patient.

Did you suffer illness or injury?
Nothing serious, for which I am extremely thankful. I was sick several times (including on Christmas Eve's Eve) but nothing serious at all.

What was the best thing you bought?
Good QUESTION. Um, maybe my gorgeous copy of 'Rilla of Ingleside' - the purple-and-white-one I posted about last month or so. Maybe that black skirt I wear at least once a week. Maybe the plaid shirt I'm wearing right now. Maybe 'Celia Garth.' I don't know. I generally buy things I like and want. :-P

Whose behaviour merited celebration?
- My parents, for being the best ones.
- Queen Elizabeth, for being Britain's longest reigning monarch!
- Princess Charlotte, for being born. (No, that's not pathetic.)
- My sister, for composing a gorgeous Christmas carol.
- My best friend Emma, for being the best friend and for writing the cutest stories and nicest emails. :-)
- All you dear people, for your comments and smiles.
- And of course, God, for keeping this world of ours in shape, and taking such good care of us, always and always.

Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed?
The Paris Attacks made me appalled beyond, I can tell you. Just horrible; unexplainably horrible.

Where did most of your money go?
Clothes, books and post-and-package. Probably the most to the latest; because I buy all my books on amazon. :-P Also, I sent letters and a Christmas package to America, which... y'know... is pricey. BUT WORTH IT.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?
- My little new sister. BECAUSE A NEW SISTER.
- New books.
- My new copy of Rilla of Ingleside. (Got so excited about that.)
- Phoning Emma back in January 2015. I was riling to hear her American accent and to see how bad it was. (JUST KIDDING. :-P)
- Watching everything of Lark Rise to Candleford. Got so excited about that.

What was the best concert you've been to this year?
I don't like concerts. The best musical-thing I went to, though, was the Carol Service at our Church. It was gorgeous and candle-lit, and filled with great people and amazing music.

What song/album will always remind you of 2015?
Newsies. The Broadway soundtrack. :-) (This is the year I discovered Newsies. Such a momentum.)

Compared to this time last year, are you: (oh no, the embarrassing questions.)
1. happier or sadder? Don't know.
2. thinner or fatter?  Don't know.
3. richer or poorer? Don't know.

What do you wish you'd done more of?
Writing. (I think this'll be my answer every single year.)

What do you wish you'd done less of?
Spoiling time on the Internet. (I think this'll be my answer every single year, too.) (Wait, that was a bad attitude. IT WILL CHANGE. :-))

What was your greatest musical discovery?
I'm just going to make a list of this question; because it's been such a great year; music-wise.
- The glorious, heavenly, angelic boys choir; Libera.
- Josh Turner. The only country music singer I really like so far.
- NEWSIIIIIEEES. (I really won't stop, will I?)
- Belle 2013 soundtrack.
- Cinderella 2015 soundtrack.
- Glenn Miller. Where has he been all my LIFE.
- I had listened to Vera Lynn in 2014, but I only started to really listen to it this year. So Vera Lynn.
- The Book Thief soundtrack.

How did you spend Christmas?
My Christmas was beautiful, and you may read about it here, if you wish.

How are you spending New Year's?

My Grandparents are coming over, and we're going to light sparklers and such things in our garden. I'm going to say: "Sparkler, be quiet," because that's just hilarious, right.

Who did you spend the most time on the phone with?
Heh, seriously, I rarely phone. I've hardly ever phoned anyone this year, apart from Emma, three times. (And that was difficult, because we said 'what?' half of the time.) Phoning isn't my favourite way of communication, to be honest.

What was the best book you read?
SO HARD. :-O It was such a good, GOOD year, book-wise. I'm just going to make a list of books I've read this year for the first time and loved with capital letters:
- The Book Thief
- Celia Garth
- Rebecca
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- Violins of Autumn
- A Lantern in her Hand
- The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society
- Anne of the Island
... to name a few.

Did you fall in love in 2015?
You ALWAYS ask me this, Mr-Tag-Questions-sir. Who do you think I am? Barmy Fotheringay Phipps or something?
I have however, glee-ed over many-a-fictional-gentlemen, as is my yearly custom. Amongst those are Daniel from Lark Rise, ALF from Lark Rise, Walter WALTER from Rilla of Ingleside, Gilbert Blythe in Anne of the Island, Mr Darcy, EDWARD FERRAS in the 08 version, and George Bailey from 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

What was your favourite TV show?
Dowton Abbey and Lark Rise. (We don't have a TV, so I'm just answering the question my way.)

What did you want and get?
- A pink fluffy extravagant-looking pullover.
- A pretty copy of Rilla of Ingleside.
- The dvd of Meet me at St Louis.
- A good year. A very good year. :-)

What did you want and not get?

(This question makes me sound like a spoilt Oleson girl. But never mind. I am here to answer questions tartly and bluntly.)
- I wanted to watch DA in it's ENTIRETY and I DIDN'T.
- I wanted to visit Emma, and I didn't.
- I  wanted to have the writers block less, and I didn't. Bleh.

What were your favourite films of this year?
Fuuuuun question. (As usual, I'm answering this question like, 'What movies did you watch for the first time this year and love?' and I'm doing this in a list-way, because there are a lot. (Click on the titles to go to the review. If there's one. If you want to.))
- Cinderella 2015
- The Book Thief (gahh)
- Lark Rise to Candleford, ALL of it. (I don't care what you say about it not being a film, but a series, I am adding it to this list so there.)

What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

I turned sixteen in January, and had a nice, quiet day with good food and new clothes and books.

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2015?
Smart, girlsy and - dare I say? - pretty. I discovered collars and high-waisted skirts/trousers and loved the look of them to bits and bits. (Still do.)

What kept you sane?
I don't even care if this answer is cliché-ed. It's God.

Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy most?
Queen Elizabeth, for her mile-stones, continuity and work. Dan Stevens, for his gorgeous blue eyes and the handsome fictional characters he plays. Julia Sawalha, always impeccably sassy in her roles - especially loved her as Dorcas Lane. Also Jeremy Jordan because YEAH. Newsies.

What political issue stirred you the most?
Do you mind? Me skipping this? Thanks.

Who did you miss?
A certain really lovely friend of mine who lives quite far apart from me you know. I missed her when we were away on holidays and didn't have internet access. :-P

Who was the best person you met?
- Eva. Eva is such a good friend, a fellow Christian, a fellow oldest-girl-of-a-large-family. We're such kindred spirits and we both LOOVE Walter. I'm so glad we're friends, girl!
- Jessica, Rosie, Miss Meg, Miss March, Olivia... YOU GUYS. The bestest. So glad you popped in my life this year.

Tell a valuable life lesson you learned in 2015.
Ummm. Let me thiiink and try to type up something wise.
Oh, I know. GET ON with things. Just DO them. That was my two-thousand-and-fifteen-lesson.

Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

This question is basically impossible. A song lyric that sums up my year. Is that even a thing? Maybe 'Now is the time to Seize the day!' because of the two-thousand-and-fifteen-lesson I talked about in the previous question. But I don't know. *shrugs shoulders emptily*

Five personally significant events of 2015:
- Passed my exams.
- No more maths. :-P
- Went to England and swam in the sea and saw my cousins and all that.
- Sang a solo in the Christmas Carol Service.
- Christmas day. (Sorry! It just was awesome.)

Five things I want to do in 2015:
- Go to England again.
- Be kind to random strangers / people I don't know very well.
- Write a full-sized novel. Oh please. It must happen this year.
- Be the 1st best reviewer of Belgium on Goodreads. :-)

People I'd like to know better in 2015:
I don't know... um. Some of you. (It would be creepy to mention names. :-P) Maybe some people at my Church.

There you go!!!

That was 2015. It was a wonderful year for me; I did a lot; and I had fun and enjoyed the little things. And I'm also really excited for 2016. Welcome, 2016, old chap. We'll get along, I think.


My Christmas

Our little fat Christmas tree in all its bad-camera-quality glory. His name is Octavio.
Can we all just sit back for a moment and talk about our Christmases? 
Do you mind? Thanks. Because I rather like the topic.

Mine was wonderful. I'd forgotten how awesome Christmasses can be. :-)
-We woke up early, and opened our stockings around the fire in the living room. 
- I dressed up in light-pink and dark-red.
-We sang Ding Dong Merrily on High and others. While there were candles burning, of course. They were red candles, of course.
-We went to Church and had a wonderful service with friends and candles and carols and God. 
-We had a big lunch with chicken instead of turkey (at least we kept it in the turkey-family.) 
-I was SO stuffed-to-the-brim that I almost didn't enjoy our pudding, which was ice-cream-with-caramel-and-toffee (the best, seriously.) 
-We cracked our Christmas crackers and read the silly jokes and put on our paper crowns. (Mine was green.)

An awkward attempt to make an elegant shot of me decked in fake-diamonds and fluffy Christmas-ness.

- We opened the presents under the tree and I got THIS amount of books. I also opened Emma's Christmas present and letter and got darn emotional.
- Everyone started reading their new books. (I've got a picture of all my family reading books on Christmas day. I've trained them well, haven't I?)
- We watched King Philip of Belgium's Christmas speech and Queen Elizabeth of England's Christmas Speech. Queen Elizabeth's was SO good - a lovely Christian message. (Watch it here, if you want to.)
- I organised my new books in my bookshelves. I have so little place left.
- We watched some of the Sound of Music. I mouthed all the words, because I really know that movie by heart - word by word.
- We ate dinner (although no-one was really hungry, lets be honest) and phoned my Grandparents in England and sang "We wish you a merry Christmas" for them.
- Of course we sang some more Christmas songs. Duh.
- And in the evening we played Pictionary and my team LOST which means my Christmas was ruined.

So. Now the books I got. There are MANY. THIRTEEN; I got thirteen books. I had not expected that. (I have to be honest though and tell you; some of these were early birthday presents. My grandparents put my Christmas present and my birthday present together.)

ZEE BOOKS (and dvd) I GOT (starting from the bottom of the picture):
1. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. This book was a "risk" to buy. I'd heard a lot about it; but I have no CLUE if I'll like it. I wanted to make one purchase like that, so I asked my grandparents to buy it. I hope it was worth the buy; because my copy is gorgeous and hardcover. Has any of you read it?
2. Against the tide by Elizabeth Camden. This is one of Hayden's favourite Christian Fiction books - and I generally like the same books as her - so I think I'll enjoy this one.
3. Therefore we are by my Granddad. This is a little thin book my granddad wrote about our family background. I've read it before, and I love learning about my good old ancestors.
4. Vienna Prelude by Thoene. Ashley likes this book a lot, and it's WW2 so obviously I want it for my OWN. But... I might not like it. So this one was KIND of a risk.
5. Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser. This one wasn't really a risk - because I've read 'The Sweetest Thing' by Elizabeth Musser and LOVED it, so I thought another Musser book would be a safe book to wish for.
6. Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh. My dear Eva made me buy this book. I decided I HAD to buy at least ONE Jack Cavanaugh book for Christmas; and I went with Dear Enemy. Can't wait to read it.
7. The Sweetest Thing by Elizabeth Musser. One of my favourite books ever, but I didn't own it, soooo. I gave this book to Emma last year for Christmas, and I've missed it so much. I can't wait to read about Perri and Dobbs again. Highly recommend this book! It's such a gorgeous book about friendship and God and love.
8. Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson. My best friend Emma loves this book to bits, so I wished for it and it's sequel, Hattie Ever After and I GOT THEM BOTH. So happy. I've started reading this, and it's adorable and so good. :-)
9. Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson. I'm SO in love with the cover. It's gorgeousness alore. Can't waitwaitwaittttt to read this!!!
10. The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron. This one is a "risk", too, but I'm pretty sure I'll like it; because many of my Goodreads friends did + it's a Holocaust book, which means it must be amazing.
11. Code Name Verity by what's-her-name. This one has been rather highly rated by my Goodreads friends and it's WW2 fiction. So I think I'll be my cuppa.
12. Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay. I loved "Dear Mr Knightley" - it was charming and so literature-reference-y - and I knew I wanted to read more of Katherine Reay's books. So Lizzy and Jane is was then. Can't wait to read this one! I love the cover, too. That helps.
13. Jubilee Trail by Gwen Bristrow. SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. Because it's by the same author as 'Celia Garth' (which I adored) and some people have told me it's even better, which... which... kind of blows my mind. :-P

And the dvd I received is Meet me at St Louis!!!! FINALLY I WILL WATCH IT. Emma gave it to me. I mean. Who else would. (Thanks again, Violet. You should've heard me squeak.)

I'm so blessed. Not only did I get the best presents and have a wonderful time; I also have the best family, amazing friends, a Church with lovely people, a bosom friend at the other side of the ocean, and the most amazing news of all time - God coming to us as a little baby.

I'm quite upset it's a whole year again till Christmas, to be honest. :-/

How was your Christmas?


Happy Birthday, Miss Meg!

(Naomi's words are in pink, Emma's words are in blue.)

Once I was an Anonymous person. I stalked blogs quietly in my room in Belgium, and knew that I'd never really talk with them. Then I discovered Anonymous comments. So I tried. AND FREAKED OUT. So then I commented on those blogs, and discovered that I could actually be one of them - I played the games, and had my share in the conversation (to quote Lady Catherine de Bourgh.) I was completely fweeeeking out when Emma asked me to guest post (<3) and then, on a whim, I asked my parents if *I* could start a blog and BAM I was a blogger. But this post isn't about me.... 

 Today is the birthday of a very special girl & a dear friend. You may know her -- she likes to hang around the blogging world (I say 'hang' meaning it in the very best way :-)), leave kind comments and say things that make people smile. She's an imaginative soul, an inspiring personality, and a real lover of life. So who is this girl? Most of you know her as Miss Meg March. I know her by another name (which I don't need to tell you, mwahahaha). The fact is, she doesn't know that I know it's her birthday today, so this is meant to be a surprise. (Shhhhh. Don't tell her.) ;-P

This post is about my very dear Anonymous commenter, Miss Meg! A lovely friend, indeed. And t'is her birthday, so....


 Sometimes you meet a person and immediately something 'clicks' inside you know you've found a kindred spirit. So it was when I first met Miss Meg. She started commenting here on The Blog back in the spring, and right away I knew we were going to be friends. (At first it may have had something to do with the fact that she watched Horatio Hornblower and seemed to understand my love for Archie Kennedy...but that's immaterial.) ;-) We started talking, and found we shared so many interests -- it was miraculous! I started to look forward to Miss Meg's comments every time I published a post, wondering "what will Miss Meg say about this?"

You are most certainly one of Us, even though you have no blog and no account, and all that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearrrr. I know what it's like to be an Anonymite, and I'm so happy that I know you. (Also, you watch Lark Rise, sooo. Obviously we are friends.)

Your comments always make me smile, because they shine out happiness and golden sparkles.  So thank you for that - for commenting on Every Single Post (how kind is that?) and for your love and your exclamation marks and your words. We 'precciate you. You're the kind of person I can't really imagine not smiling. :-) (And that says a whole bunch, you know, because, my imagination is rather large.)

You truly are a kindred spirit, Miss Meg! I'm grateful we can share fandoms and book recommendations. :-) Thank you for all your comments and all your enthusiasm -- it's contagious! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, and I hope many of your wishes come true in your new year. (Not all of them, because that would leave you with nothing to wish for - but a lot of them. :-))

Happy Birthday, Miss Meg! I hope your fifteenth year proves to be the best yet. I hope you have an amazing day with a big Birthday cake as well as left over Christmas cake, and loads of fun and presents, and all that. Just, Happy, happy Birthday, and Thank you. :-)

Emma & Naomi



Merry Christmas!!!!!

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends; with your new stuff, and your good food. Most of all, let's be happy together; about Jesus coming to earth. That is the present above all presents and it just fills this day and season with endless joy.

(No, We wish you a merry Christmas, we don't all like figgy pudding. I much prefer chips and cake.)


Why hello.

Despite being crazy excited about Christmas (WHICH hello IS IN TWO DAYS) and about Christmas Eve (nothing else than TOMORROW), I have time to pop in with some hellos. But first and foremost, I have three questions for you. (Because I really am genuinely interested in your lives. No really.)
1. Are you spending your Christmas at home?
2. If your family does presents, do you know what you're going to receive?
3. What's your favourite Christmas Carol?
Okay. Now the post.

Firstly, look at how ADORABLE Charlotte and George are. I am in love with this family photo they released for Christmas... just look at the faces and the eyes and the cuteness. (JUST LOOK. It's EASY.)

Secondly, I posted a '3 Things I Love in a Story' post on Heidi's blog. Clickez-vous Ici.

Thirdly, I have written my story for the competition yesterday and I have submitted it. Fingers crossed I will end up winning fame and glory and a five-pound-Amazon-thing.

Fourthly, Several days ago I reread Rilla of Ingleside. Um. That might have been a wrong life decision because I am heart BROKE for Christmas about Walter and about the fact that there is no movie of this impeccably perfect book. I am writing a script. :-)

Fifthly, I can't wait for the books I'm going to get for Christmas. New BOOKS. And I also can't wait to open Emma's presents because it's a SURPRISE and I'm dead curious. (I know it's a dvd. But WHAT dvd?!!! Ahhh, the waiting, the waiting. It hurts.)

Sixthly, I have to go. Bye.

Oh, and seventhly, here's a Christmas video for you guys; I made it for you. A Christmas present, and all that. Merry Christmas, dears.

(PS. Sorry this post ended up being very short. I wanted to make it nice and long and chatty, but now suddenly it's evening, and I'm feeling a bit sick (praying it'll disappear!) and I'm tired. Sooo. Sorry. But I hope it was worth the post, anyways.)


There's a story contest somewhere...

Regency Delight Story Contest

Hi dear people scattered around the world happening to read this post. Hello, and happy six-days-before-Christmas. I hope you've got your red and green outfits all ready, and I hope you're singing Christmas songs all day (because you should be.) (I sang 'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas' about five times while laying the table today. I sang it very passionately. Because I am dreaming of a White Christmas so there.) (Seriously, it's almost summer weather here. Ghastly business.)


This post is to say that my friend Melody is having a Story Contest. If more than eight people enter the prize is a 5$ Amazon giftcard. SO PLEASE. Go and enter. Because just think. If there are plenty of people there is this PRIZE. :-)

Also, it's good for your thinking skills and writing skills and all that.


Melody has written down all the rules and all the information in this post. So buzz off now and go and read it and then go and write and then go and enter. Thanks. Goodbye.


The best series in the world.

I read all the Anne books these last two weeks. I started with Anne of Green Gables, and now I've just finished Rilla of Ingleside and my eyes are still wet with tears. GAH. I never realised how much I loved the Anne books. Some of them are less good than others, but... in the whole... they're GOLD. They really are! I'm convinced they are the best series in the world. Ever.

I've survived SO many feels these past two weeks. I'm exhausted from shipping Anne and Gilbert (it's tough, let me tell ya) and I'm torn and heart-broken about my darling love Walter and that kiss he gave Una on the station. (Just no and yes and no. I can't even.)

Here are all my reviews of them. (If you follow me on Goodreads, you might have read them already.)


Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THIS BOOK IS DIVINELY ROYALLY STUNNING AND GORGEOUS. (There. I daresay Ann Anne would approve of that.)

I have such good, good memories of this book. I remember my mum reading it to me when I was about eleven, in the evenings, and being completely enTRANCED at it. I loved it all, even the description of Rachel Lynde's garden flowers and Anne's yellow ugly orphan dress. I didn't want her to stop reading it, and my heart tore a little when it was time to go to bed. Then I remember recieving a copy with Megan Fellows on the cover for Christmas and being thrilled to the bone about it. I've read this book so many times- my copy is all bent and crumpled and old (and I've also read it several times on my kindle.)

Anyway, this book is beyond description to me. I love it so much. (Although I love 'Rilla of Ingleside' and 'The Blue Castle' even MORE. Is that possible.)

List of Random Things I Loved:
1. There aren't many books that start with a minor character. Anne of Green Gables (which starts with the delightfully blunt Rachel Lynde) taught me that this is such a clever idea, for a writer. It gives us immediate insight on the main characters from another person's view. (If that makes sense.)
2. Prince Edwards Island. One day I will visit you.
3. ANNE SHIRLEY. OMG. OMG. I love her so much. I do understand why she annoys some people, actually, because she does kind of talk a LOT (let's not even try to deny that.) But she's so DEAR and darling, and she means so well, and oh... I want to be her so badly sometimes.
4. Marilla. I used to find her REALLY annoying, but now I really love her. Oh, I cried when she cried in the end, when Anne went off. And Oh, how I laughed when she stopped one of Anne's endless monologues, with a, "For heaven's sake, hold your tongue." She can get away with that.
5. Matthew. THE DEAR MAN I NEED TO HUG HIM. I cried when he died, peoples - I can't help it, I'm just so emotionally invested in these characters. Matthew is the most adorable little peach of an old man ever and I understand why Lucy Maud Montgomery regretted killing him off so soon.
6. Diana is a really good bestie. Although she lacks imagination.
7. All the funny bits. Can I even start?!!! I mean, there's the raspberry cordial incident, the brooch affair, the haunted woods calamity, the jumping-on-a-great-aunt-story, the desperately hilarious apologies, the mouse in the cake, the slate-over-a-head epicness... and oh, ENDLESS. I love them all. Goodness, I want to have loads of kids just so I'll be able to read Anne to them.
8. Anne's puffed sleeved dress! Brown gloria (not light-blue, movie people. Hello.)
9. The elegant concerts, Mrs Spencer, all the school-mate gossip.
10. GIL. I mean, Gilbert Blythe. HE REALLY IS A NICE KIND OF BOY. I mean, if you get what I mean. I mean, he's not bad. You know. I wouldn't mind reading a little more about him. You know, if you forced me. I wouldn't say no.
11. I love everything Anne says. Her past and her stories and her romantic ideas thrill me to the very soul. (Look how she's intoxicated me.)
12. Her story about Geraldine and Cordelia though. I LOVE IT. :-D (Cordelia drowns with her lover who 'forgot he couldn't swim' and Geraldine ends in a lunatic asylum. Yes. I love that. :-))

13. I LOVE IT ALLL. This list is not complete.

What I don't like as much:
1. The last chapters. It's all a bit melancholy and Anne grows up and I HATE IT. *sulks*
2. Wait, is there a number two?

So yes. One of the best books ever.


(View all my reviews) Anne of Avonlea (Anne of Green Gables, #2)Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm torn between rating this four or five stars. On one hand, I loved it much better than I remembered, but on the other hand, I still don't adore it like some of Lucy Maud Montgomery's other books. So four stars it is. I'm going to be awful pessimistic today and start with 'what I didn't like's first. ( Don't ask me why. )

What I did not like:
1. Anne, I still love her ... but she's just not the SAME and it always breaks my heart a little. Of course, she's still ANNE - she does talk to herself and think up whimsical things. (She changes even MORE in the later books - she's still pretty Anne-ish in this one.) But still. She's sixteen in this book! Like, she's changed so much since when she was 14!
2. Diana's plumpness is mentioned too often. Like hello. I KNOW IT BY NOW.
3. The secondary characters don't have the same place in my heart like the secondary characters in Anne of Green Gables. I love Matthew far better than Mr Harrison, and Mrs Stacy or Mrs Allen far better than Mrs Lavendar or Charlotte the Fourth.
4. Not enough Gilbert. I mean it.

Now! What I LOVE ABOUT THIS BOOK. Because I DO looove this book. It's a darling and filled with sunbeams of delight.

1. Anne still has her whimsical fancies, thank GOODNESS. She still is pretty Anneish. As I said, I do love her a lot. And goodness, I relate to her soooo much in this book. She's sixteen-going-on-seventeen (mah age) and the things she does are just SOOO me.
2. THE COW INCIDENT. Nope. I'm not laughing.
3. GILBERT BLYTHE. Um hello excuse me while I go and swoon and scream over how badly I ship the two of them.
4. THAT SHIRBERT SCENE. WHERE ANNE BLUSHES FOR A MINI-SECOND AND GIL SEES IT. Um, excuse me while I ship these two for 3 hours.
5. Davy Keith is indescribably naughty (I would hate him in real life - he's worse than my brothers, gosh (view spoiler)) but Davy is still kind of an adorable peach. And he's HILARIOUS.
6. Davy: "Preserves is a holy way to say jam." Anne, trying not to laugh: "I have to quickly drink some water."
7. Paul. Pauuuuuuuuul. I adore and love this little boy. The WAY Montgomery described him - gawsh, it's really the prettiest description of a person ever in literature. "He had the most beautiful little face she had ever seen in a child . . . features of exquisite delicacy and refinement, framed in a halo of chestnut curls. His mouth was delicious, being full without pouting, the crimson lips just softly touching and curving into finely finished little corners that narrowly escaped being dimpled." Excuse me, but that's an impeccable description. So yes, I love Paul. Everything he says and does, even if it's super sentimental, I don't care. (Of course, boys like that don't exist. They just don't. But for once I don't care about that; I love Paul.)
8. All the letters from the pupils. #bestever.
9. Goodness, can you imagine being a teacher at the age of SIXTEEN?!!!! I can. Sounds pretty daunting to me. (I want to be a teacher though, so I love Anne for being one. Told you me and Anne are kindred spirits.)



(View all my reviews) Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables, #3)Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


How did I ever rate this book less than five stars???!!!!! It was brilliant. No, more than that. It was captivating, thrilling, and so emotional. I don't know why I got so emotional while reading this. I almost yelled out loud, and I cried about five times. GAH. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. Where has my love for it been all my life?!!! Why have I not read this 20 times yet?!!!! I loved it to bits. Definitely a new all-time-favourite.

I loved it, okay?!!!!

What made me cry:
1. When Ruby Gillis died. No seriously. I was a wreck. I mean.... her and Anne's last conversation... it broke my heart . Ruby... oh Ruby. OH RUBY. And her unfinished embroidery work. AND HOW MONTGOMERY REVEALED HER ILLNESS TO ME. I cried so much. And I don't even love Ruby that especially much.
2. Okay... when was the second time I cried? Oh yes, Gilbert's first proposal. BECAUSE. BECAUSE. SHE SHOULD HAVE SAID YES SO BADLY. Gahh. *shakes fist at Ann.* (I wrote her name without an E deliberately. To tease her.)
3. Then I cried when Anne read her parent's letters. (Chances are high that I was crying at the song I was listening to at the moment. Carrie Underwood's 'Temporary Home' makes me cry.)

Now. Zee list of things I LOVED:

1. Phill!!!! Phillipa Gordon was awesome. She's funny + honest + sweet + admits her faults. Reminds me of Anne; but then without all the whimsies and romantical thinking.
2. Anne is amazing too though. I love her completely, despite the fact that she's not thinking properly about Gilbert, and despite the fact that... no, she is still the old Anne. I love her sooo much. I love her nose; her everything. :-)
3. Davy is hilarious. I hate and love him at the same time.
4. The Alec and Alonzo thing is hilarious too. JUST SNORT.
5. GILBERT BLYTHE. I actually never fell in love with Gilbert Blythe - I liked him and all that, but I never had super big feelings for him. BUT THIS TIME. It changed, let me tell ya. I loved Gilbert sooooo much! HIS EYES. AND HOW HE LOOKS AT ANNE. AND HOW HE VISITS HER EVERY EVENING. AND HOW HE SENDS HER FLOWERS AND GETS THE INSIDE JOKES GOING. I fangirled ridiculously hard.
6. I shipped Gil and Anne SO hard. I'm exhausted. I seriously talked in fury against my kindle. "GET MARRIED. JUST GET MARRIED. ANNE STOP ANNNNNNNNNNE." I'm not kidding. I really did.
7. I was cheering at Miss Lavendar (aloud) when she said this:
"Because you were made and meant for each other, Anne—that is why. You needn't toss that young head of yours. It's a fact."
I.... I... I just can't. It was beautiful. And I cried. The end.

List of things I didn't like:

1. Priscilla and Phillipa's names... I ALWAYS get them mixed up!!!! Annoys meh.
2. Nothing else, I believe. Some bits were a teeeeeeny bit boring; but all in all I loved this a ridiculous amount.

On the proposals:

I didn't necessarily NOT like this - I just thought it was slightly over-the-top. Anne got *counts* five proposals!!!! But since thinking about it properly, I think it's okay, actually. Lucy Maud Montgomery got six proposals, so I suppose she considered having loads of proposals dead normal. Also, weren't proposals in that time a bit like 'do-you-want-to-go-on-a-date-with-me's now? I don't know.
Anyway... her proposals:
1. Jane's brother. That was a boring proposal. "Oh it's okay. He likes Nellie too." HAHA.
2. Gilbert's first proposal. IT BROKE MY HEART. SERIOUSLY. How could she say NOOOOOOOOO?!!! 
3. The worker-dude. "Can I hav yer?" *Lydia-snort*
4. Mr Harrison. I think he's creepy.

It was absurdly good. Read it.


(View all my reviews) Anne of Windy Poplars (Anne of Green Gables, #4)Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So far, 'Anne of Windy Poplars' has to be my least favourite Anne book. This might change, because I did like it. Some bits I really liked. Some bits I found so boring I found myself taking a nap.

What I liked:
1. Windy Poplars. It sounds like such a beautiful place to live!!! Little hidey-holes and secret reading places?!!!! Yes Please. I'd love to live in Windy Poplars. (And the name is scrumptious.) (Did you know that it was originally called 'Anne of Windy WILLOWS?' They asked Montgomery to change it because it sounded too much like 'the wind in the willows.' Whatever.)
2. The little love lines were adorable. "I'm afraid I'm scandalously in love with you, Gilbert."
3. I love how this book was like a scrapbook. Bits of letters here and there; bits of third-person stories.
4. I still love Anne. Although she's not the old one anymore, and she's far too perfect, she still gets delighted about romantic stuff and she still has those Anne-ish whimsies.

What I didn't like:
1. I didn't do much fangirling. I would have loved more Shirbert.
2. I would have also LOVED to read Gilbert's letters.
3. Some bits were SO boring. I napped sometimes.
4. Anne is far too perfect. It annoys me.


(View all my reviews) Anne's House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables, #5)Anne's House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm sitting here, wondering about the rating of this book. It's not a five-star read for me, definitely not. I thought it was too 'quiet' for an Anne book, and it bored me sometimes, not gonna lie. But I really loved the setting, and some of the new characters, and the darling twinkles of Anne and Gilbert's newly married life. Plus, I almost cried. So it's not a three-star read either. So a four-star read it is then. :-)

What I liked:
1. THE WEDDING PREPARATIONS. I am one of those girls who loves weddings and wedding Pinterest boards and all that kind of stuff. So obviously I loved reading all about my dear Anne 's wedding.
2. Gilbert's gaze when Anne walks down the aisle. Gahhhh. They're so cute and Gilbert is so good and patient and I love him. The love he has for her is dear and darling. I love them.
3. When he calls her 'my wife.' IT'S ADORABLE.
4. Like Anne, the 'beautiful blonde girl' fascinated me. Leslie. I like Leslie. She's like a quiet star in moonlight - fascinating and gorgeous and kind of sad. (Gosh, don't I sound poetical. Hush, I'm reading Montgomery.)
5. Miss Cornelia is a hoot.
6. I love that Diana calls her daughter Anne Cordelia. WE FANS KNOW WHY.
7. Sniff. T'was so sad when Joyce died, and so happy when Jem was born. I love Jem so much already.
8. "We haven't quarrelled yet," Gilbert teased. (LOVE it when he teases her.)

What I didn't like:
1. Quite a few bits were boring to me, and I don't really love Captain Jims, or whatever his name even was. Sorry. The bits with him were boring to me.
2. Like Anne (not Anne Shirley, haha) said in her review I think it's weird (plus so unromantic - I'm disappointed) that Anne and Gilbert have neighbours over on their very FIRST day/evening/night together in their house as a married couple. Come on.

I really liked it, but it wasn't my favourite.


(View all my reviews) Anne of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, #6)Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I actually liked this much better than I thought I would. I thought I would snooze 90% of the time, and roll my eyes at the 'perfect-family' that the Blythe family is. And... well. I did snooze sometimes. I'd say I snoozed 30% of the time; which isn't that much, y'know. And yes, I also rolled my eyes sometimes.

But! I just love these kids (I have a kind fascination + emotional, personal attachment to them) and it was actually pretty darn adorable. I really liked it.

What I liked:
1. All the kids, and their adventures. I am the biggest "Rilla of Ingleside" fan, ever, so reading about all my beloved characters in my favourite book ever as kids... it was just precious.
2. I loved all the little respective adventures the children had.
3. Walter's story about going to that horrible family and walking home in the night, thinking he mother had died... well, I felt so sorry for him, and almost cried. (Sorry, it's Walter. I love that boy to death and I cannot stand it when he's upset. IT'S UNFAIR.) It was beautifully written.
4. I loved Di's stories, about all her friendships going into shatters. Am I the only one who has to grin at the name "Diana Blythe." Because it makes me think What if Diana Barry married Gilbert. *shudder*
5. Nan is so gorgeous.
7. The first three chapters of the book were so adorable and OHMYGOODNESS Davy has a girl. He's grown so fast!

What I didn't like:
1. Anne is just WAY to perfect. Like, mothers like that do not exist. Sorry. Where is my whimsical Anne who always ends up in awkward situations?!!!
2. Some bits were dead boring.

All in all, I found this adorable. I wouldn't have liked it if I didn't love "Rilla of Ingleside" so much, though. I think only the real, big, Anne-fans can appreciate this book. :-)


(View all my reviews) Rainbow Valley (Anne of Green Gables, #7)Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well that was stinking adorable. I loved it.

What I like:
1. All the Blythe children, but especially WALTER. I just love Walter to bunches and bits. I love when he fights despite not wanting to. And how he always dreams and thinks up whimsical things. He makes whimsies manly, Walter does. He's so sweet and I love him.
2. Una. SHE'S SO SWEET. The end.
3. Jem. Jem is a teenager now and he's so handsome and tall. Gah, these children.
4. I loved the beginning of this book, and just GAH. It's Montgomery. All her words and stories and chapters are jewels.

What I didn't really like:
1. I personally thought there was a leetle too much about about the Merediths (I do love them) and not enough about the Blythes.
2. Mary Vance annoys me.

I know this review is super short. But I'll just say that I really like this book, and that these children... GAH. I love them. Forever.


(View all my reviews) Rilla of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, #8)Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book. THIS BOOK. Seriously, I have no words. I can only sit here and cry and sob like a baby. It was that good. Every reread makes me quiet in stunned awe; ever reread makes me tremble in the emotion, the beauty, the amazingness. This book is out-of-this-world amazing. I've decided it's my favourite novel.

(Um, this review contains a spoiler of a certain death. But you may want to be prepared for the death, so carry on reading.)

1. I cried more than ten times. I'm sure of it.
2. I laughed (really laughed - not just the tsk-laugh) three times.
3. I REALLY cried. Like, tears dripped on my pyjama top. :,-(

Right, so judged from those four points, I obviously OBVIOUSLY think this book is AMAZING AND UTTERLY COMPLETELY EMOTIONAL AND AMAZING AND HEART-MOVING.

Oh, this booooook. It's DEFINITELY one of my favouritest-of-favouritest books ever. It's definitely the book that gives me the most feels, it's MOST DEFINITELY the book that makes me cry the most. Goodness, I don't know WHAT this book DOES to me - but I just can.not. stop crying! Maybe it's because it's a re-read - I know what's going to happen to a certain favourite character of mine, and therefore in every paragraph where he's in I automatically start crying because I know that he's going to die. (I JUST LOVE HIM TOO MUCH I CAN'T BEAR IT.)

THIS BOOK. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

But let me make a list or two. :-) Sort out my many thoughts and feels in a more organised manner, you know. It must be done, even when in utter tears and states such as mine currently.

1. I own it. Hahahahahahahaha.
2. The fact that it gives me SO. MUCH. SORROW. That means it's amazing; right? That means it's written in the most amazing way ever, right? UGH. THIS BOOK MAKES ME CRY. I tell you again, TISSUES ARE NEEDED. (Seriously, the Amazon guys should add a tissue or two whenever they ship a copy of 'Rilla of Ingleside' somewhere. I might write a letter and tell them.)
3. Kenneth. He's so HAAAAAANDSOME. Plus, he's also pretty cool. AND I LOVE HIS SCAR IN THE END. I'm just in love with his scar. :-) And ohhh, it's so MEAN of Montgomery to stop the book so soon, just when Ken and Rilla are FINALLY reunited. I NEED ONE MORE CHAPTER. Please. I want to see them married. Ugh, Kenneth, you're adorable.
4. WALTER. I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER CRIED MORE FOR A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I'M MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM. SERIOUSLY. I WISH I WASN'T SERIOUS. (Also, he's the fictional character I've devoted the most capital letters to, I think. Hah.) He's probably my favourite fictional character of all time and he's a hero and I love him to bits.
5. Una. I basically AM Una. We're in the same Walter-position, anyway. I feel SO sorry for her, because she has a sad and lonely ending. Oh, and her lovely whistful dark blue eyes! AND WHEN WALTER GIVES HER A 'COMRADE-Y KISS' AT THE RAILWAY. I bawwwled. (surprise, surprise.)
6. Jem and Faith. Basically love them.
7. The DANCE. And the mooonlight scenes.
8. AND AND AND KEN AND RILLA'S KISS. I've gotta admit I've reread that bit a shamefull amount of times. It's funny how Montgomery makes something SO romantic and adorable and swoony from such an unromantic setting. (Susan was standing in the same room, for Pete's sake. Haha.)
9. Susan was funny - I have to admit she's not my favourite character, though. But she's fun and the book wouldn't be the same without her.
10. The BABY. OH I LOVE JIMS. Enough said, maybe.
11. WALTERS LETTER. (Be warned. Capital letters. (I really am unashamed of using Caps Lock in my Goodreads reviews, aren't I?)) OH MY GOODNESS EOQfjzQGINDIFH¨DH. WALTERS LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's the part where I cry the most. Just saying. Especially when Rilla then gives it to Una. (I can't tell you how much a cry at this point.) OH UNA. I WISH YOU AND WALTER COULD MARRY.
13. Rilla. GAWSH. She annoys me a little in the beginning, but as the book progesses.... What a great girl. I can relate to her so much it kind of hurts. I love how she has flaws, and never is "perfect."
15. Jeeeeeem.
16. Dog Monday. DOG MONDAY. I am literally the least-doggiest person in the WORLD. But my goodness. My eyes are waterworks when Dog Monday and Jem are finally reunited. WATERWORKS. I tell ya.
17. SHIRLEY. I love that boy.

*cries for three hours*

What I didn't like:
1. Rilla annoys me in the beginning of the book. Also, it makes me angry how unlovable she is towards dear little Jim in the beginning.
2. I find the first chapter, about the cats, dead boring. Soary.
3. Also the bits about politics and what-happens-in-the-war are boring. Really.
4. THERE IS NO MOVIE. (I might write a script and send it to BBC or something. No really. I am considering this very seriously. A Christmas holiday project?)



IT'S AMAZING. And that's honestly, sincerely not an exaggeration. I cannot even tell you - this review does not do justice at all. (And it's kind of ruined my Christmas. I'm going to cry all week.)

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