How to refuse the annoying Period Drama men - A Tutorial

(This post is written for ladies, but men may read it as well if they ask me very nicely.)

So. You never know, one day a man such as Mr Collins or Frank Churchill will find himself very much in love with you. You might notice this, because of continuing awkward stares and blush-worthily embarrassing dance requests and, oh, those ghastly, ridiculous demands to go out. You will ignore him, of course. That is to say, I hope you will, old sport. But men such as these can't take hints, so BAM, one day they will find you alone and pop down on their odious knees and give you a proposal of marriage.

Saying a flat out 'no' might be hard. That is to say, it might not be enough. So here's a tutorial.


A man like Mr Collins are men with 1) greasy hair 2) the ability to talk about one thing for three hours (btw, they normally pick an extraodinarily boring subject) 3) with the most embarrassing wave in the worlds existance and 4) very hard to refuse. It's just that men such as Mr Collins cannot take a hint. Even if you go and shout in his ears 'NO I DON'T LIKE YOU YOU ARE AWFUL AND SLIMY AND UGLY BAHHH', he will pause, slimmer, smile and say, 'Your vocabulary is very charming, my dear,' or, oh horror, 'How funny you are!' (He might even sigh in happiness, which will drive you crazy.)

So if a man like Mr Collins proposes to you, the only thing you can do is go off. Just GO. Don't even bother talking to him. Just go off.

He might try following you, just warning. So quickly jump on a bike or a bus or a steal a car or whatever so that you're out of his sight as quickly as possible. Seriously, it's important. Never mind driving too fast. (I'm happy to say, though, and people such as Mr Collins don't like running, unless they're too late for their patroness' visit. (I those cases, they make haste.))


Now, men like John Whilloughby are supposed to look very charming. They'll probably have curly black hair and they ride horses in stormy days (don't ask.) Oh, and they have a fondness for poetry (and no, the fact that you have a favourite mutual poem doesn't mean anything. Shut up.) Their love for you might be rather surprisingly genuine, but then their love for money is always more surprisingly genuine, sooo. 

Yeah. How to refuse Whilloughby. Basically tell him. Basically don't get carried away. That's basically all.



The is the kind of man I don't even want to describe because it's that ghastly. Basically he murders people and talks in the creeeeepiest low voice ever. And he likes to point out that his name is Blandois. (Even though that's not even his real name. Duh. Stupid fellow.) He's seriously not a person - he's a monster.

So do the following. Phone the police. Get him arrested. End of Blandois. (It's all rather simple, you know.)


Men like Frank Churchill are not really in love with you, despite the fact that they will put their head on your lap on that upcoming picnic and form several inside jokes and make judging people and laughing at people totally okay (even if they can hear you.) Yeah, you'll probably think he's a lot of fun. Heh. Thing is, with men like Frank Churchill, they are impeccably good liars, so I really don't recommend the type. Frank Churchill-guys often keep on talking about this annoying girl, and describing how boring she is. BUT REALLY THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH THAT GIRL.

So you'll end up finding yourself deceived. ANYWAY. If he goes and asks you out, or proposes a fake proposal to you (to jilt you later), just ask him if he's in love with the girl he keeps on bashing. And he'll be Very surprised that you know. (You're also allowed to stick out your tongue if you feel like it. That might add to the effect.)

And if you are the girl he really loves, don't accept him of course. (Monstrous idea.) Instead, perhaps give him a fierce sermon about 'how one doesn't propose to a girl one always jokes about and gossips about and describes unpleasantly in public.' (But do thank him for the piano, because that was nice.)


Men like George Wickham tend to like fifteen-year-olds. They wear red coats, because that's what quite a lot of fifteen-year-olds tend to like, apparently. So if you're not fifteen, you know he won't end up with you. If you are fifteen, however, I have to warn you - you're falling in love with a guy who... oh, what's the use in explaining. You're not listening. (I'm referring to Lydia Bennet. Not fifteen-year-old girls in general. Haha.)

But there's one reason why George Wickham is a very handy guy. Listen to him talk about his enemy, and then go and snatch that said man. Because Wickham-type-guy's enemies are the VERY GOOD ONES. So thanks to Wickham you'll find your future husband. (Thank him after you're married. (Nope, don't invite him to the wedding. Not done.))


This is the kind of man that you SHOULDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT. He's not even handsome to start with. He's violent and he stinks and he's just EVERYTHING DISGUSTING. It's not even the wolf-in-sheeps-clothing thing. He's not old and big, like Blandois, but he's cruel and wicked and, frankly, looks it. Also, everything he says is odious.



Okay, no-one falls in love with a dude like this one, so in order for him to find himself a wife, he'll find something embarrassing you did once and threaten to publish it and make it world-wide if you don't marry him.

Don't panic. Don't paaanic. Just let Matthew sort it out for you. Or your dad. He's rich.


Hope this helped. :-)


"I always like a good list of questions" -- Naomi Bennet

Look, I quoted myself. That means I'm famous. :-D

Juuuuust kidding. But I DO always like a good list of questions. Irresistible, and all that apple-porridge. It was funny, two days ago I was thinking, 'Sigh, I do feel like a good tag of some sort. I wish someone would tag me.' And then, boom, wonders of wonders, miracles or miracles, my goodreads friend, Aerykah, tagged me with the 'Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award'! So, thank you Aerykah - you came at the right time. :-) (Which is a bit creepy if you think about it for a long time, but just nice and coincidental if you think about it for the right amount of time.)

And for once in my life I'll follow all the rules. You may gasp.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. (Done! I'm a good girl, I am.)
2. Put the award logo on your blog. (Done that too.) (Did, Eliza. DID!) (Gaaaarn.)
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you. (Will do. Patience.)
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. (Will do. Patience.)
5. Nominate ten other bloggers. 
(I nominate Evie, Emma, Miss March, Madison, Jillian, Olivia and Sadie. And then I nominate Jessica, Rosie and Miss Meg March to answer the questions in the comment box if they wish to do so. It's up to you. :-D)

Now we come to the fun bit.

1. Are you a movie/book quoter?
Sink me! As a child I had good principles, but now - be quiet, Sparkler - all I can say is 'Yeth' whenever someone asks me something. I would so hate to be predictable, you know. I'm a nonsensical girl, I know (Sparkler, there IS nonsense about me) but at least I'm not vulgar. Vulgarity is no substitute for wit, you know. Wit, after all, is my one weakness. Thank you for pointing that out, my dear.
That last paragraph was absolute precious gibberish, but I wrote it down to answer the question in a more interesting way than just 'yes' or 'no.' (If you still don't know, it's a great big YETH.)

2. Would you say you’re an introvert or an extrovert?
I don't knowww. I'm not shy and I love talking to people + hugs + cosy gossip (not mean gossip.) I can also be a bit sassy. But then I would always choose a book or a night with my laptop in my bed over a party. So I like to say I'm somewhere in the middle - that's apparently called an ambivert.

3. Are you sarcastic?
Me? Pha! Sarcastic?! Me?!! Pha.
Yes, I am very sarcastic. I have often received glances and then felt the need to go to a hasty explanation, 'No, no, don't worry - I was just being sarcastic.' (A lot of British people have quite a bit of sarcasm, I've heard. Is that true, or is that just a myth of some sort? Are there any clevah people out there who know it for realsies?)

4. What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?
Strawberry. Because it's so sweet and tastes colourful and it's piiiink. Alse, it looks so gorgeous and beautiful - and tastes like a piece of top-spot-heaven when it's topped with a good curl of whipped cream. (I also love caramel. That's also delumpious.)

5. Do you play any musical instruments?
Yes ma'am. I play the piano, and I'm able to strum about a bit on Ginny, my light-brown guitar. I don't play extremely ill, but I come from a family with quite extraordinary musical talent, so I'm not the best of the lot, nope. But we have a grand piano, so I can imagine I'm a Victorian lady in silks, which is a good thing.

6. Do you schedule your blog posts or post whenever you can?
No, I don't schedule. I post when I feel like it (or when I happen to have free time.) Or when I have a lot of ideas (which is often, because I never lack ideas. I do lack the will to write them down sometimes, but I never lack the ideas. It is one of my few gifts.)

7. If you could travel to any place on earth, where would you go?
I would go to America to VISIT EMMA. I want to soooo bad. I have a whole list in my brain of things I want to do with my best friend. 1. Sit on her desk (this might sound very weird, and it is.) 2. Go English Country Dancing. 3. Eat strawberries. 4. Write together 5. Read each others novels 6. Read all Emma's books she has and I don't have. 7. Watch Meet me at St Louis and alllll the other movies Emma has been recommending me for decades. 8. Play a prank with her. 9. Watch Downton Abbey episodes, although, no, not all in one go, because that would make my eyes goes plumb-crazy. 10. Write blog posts TOGETHER. Like, side by side. 

.... to name a few. Haha.

8. What is your favourite princess movie?
You might be talking about Disney, but I'm going to bend the rules and say 'the Young Victoria.' Which is about a princess who becomes a queen. And Which is the most sparkling beatiful gemstone of a movie that there ever was. And which is filled with swoony music and costumes that makes one dazzle.

9. Who is your favourite author? (you can list more than one)
Duh, of course I'll list more than one. One doesn't simply mention one author. My favourite authors are Lucy Maud Montgomery (forever amazing), Lynn Austin (hashtag writing goals), Jane Austen (BECAUSE) and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Also, talking about Montgomery. I made a trailer of what-I-wish-was-a-movie from Rilla of Ingleside. It's not a perfect trailer (cuz I had to make it simple by ignoring Jem and Dog Monday and Susan and so on) but it's pretty good. Watch it here. If you want to.

10. What book(s) are you currently reading?
Oh, good question. Any question which mentions the word 'book' is a good one, you see. (Now, that's a quote that could go viral. "Any question which mentions the word 'book' is a good one." Mmm. I will make that appear on Pinterest.)
I am currently reading two books. One - a reread. 'A Proper Persuit' by Lynn Austin. It's dashed good, but that's no surprise. And the other is a WW2 book called 'the Sweethearts.' I've only just started, so I can't form an opinion yet. But it's about a group of young ladies going to work at a chocolate factory, so I have high hopes. CHOCOLATE, you guys.

Here are my questions for my nominees. (Haha, that sounds like the Oscar Awards or something posh like that.)
1. Describe your eyes, please.
2. What's the last thing you bought? (And food doesn't count.)
3. Do you keep a diary? (And do you let people read it, or is it filled with dark secrets?)
4. If you could choose, have pink hair for a week, or have one encounter with Blandois from 'Little Dorrit' in the night on a lonely road? (For those of you who haven't read or seen Little Dorrit, Blandois is this horrible murderer who turns blood into ice. (not literally.))
5. What do you imagine I look like? (I'm curious.)
6. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus?
7. When do you allow yourself to start listening to Christmas songs?
8. Do you have a pair of pink shoes? (Because I think I want them.)
9. When you say the word 'brother' in a British accent, do you end up saying 'brotha' or 'brother'? (Because often when people try out British accents, they make the mistake of doing the latter.)
10. Which literary character can you mimic the best?

'Ave fun. :-)


5 authors I've read the most of

AHHHHH LOOK AT THAT PICTURE LOOK AT THAT PICTURE LOOK AT THAT PICTURE. Mary and Matthew are finally reunited and I CAN'T STAND THE CUTENESS. (The real story: Michelle Dockery uploaded this picture on her Instagram (yes, I stalk famous people's instagrams, yes, I am sneaky) with the caption 'I've missed this face.' AND I AGREE. I'VE MISSED THIS FACE.)

Anyway. Ahhhhhem.

*puts on serious mask*

Hello, dear people! How are you? I'm very well, thank you, despite the fact that I am back to school again, so I can't afford to waste my time like I did disastrously, gloriously often these last two months. But I can afford to write blog posts now and then, sooo. 

*Patiently waits for sighs to pass over.* 

This idea was 'stolen with permission' from Jillian, who blogs over at 'a room of one's own' (a lovely blog, by the way, highly recommended. Especially if you love Gone With the Wind.) Basically when I'm going to do is tell you (aren't I nice?) the five authors that I've read the most of. (This doesn't mean all my favourite authors are on this list, or all my favourite books. Because I adore 'Rebecca', but I've only read two of Daphne de Maurier's books. And Gone with the Wind is a big favourite of mine, but it's Margaret Mitchell's only book. So yeah.)

#1. Lucy Maud Montgomery.
The author I've read the most books from is Lucy Maud Montgomery. Also, it helps that she wrote a lot of books, haha. I'm one of the biggest L.M.M fans EVER - I cry myself puddles over her books (one word: Walter), I swoon over them (one word: Barney), I laugh over them (one word: Anne) and I just LOVE them. I cannot get enough of Lucy Maud Montgomery's books.

1. Anne of Green Gables (read this about seven or eight times)
2. Anne of Avonlea (read twice)
3-7. All the other Anne books (I read them all very quickly several years ago, but it's time for a reread)
8. Rilla of Ingleside (THE BESTEST - I've read it four times and I only discovered it three years ago.)
9. Emily of the New Moon (read twice (perhaps three times))
10-11. The other Emily books (read twice)
12. The Blue Castle (loooove. Read it about 9 times)
13. Jane of Lantern Hill (read twice)
14-15. The Pat books
16. The Story Girl (read about four times)
17. The Golden road (read about four times too)
18. Magic for Marigold 
19. A Tangled Web
20. Tales of Avonlea
21. Futher tales of Avonlea
22. Several short stories and poems
23. Stories of courageous women written by Montgomery (read twice)
24. Lucy Maud Montgomery autobiography (read twice)

My favourite is definitely 'Rilla of Ingleside.' It's beyond amazing and it makes me cry like no other book will ever be able to make me cry. 'The Blue Castle' and (of course) 'Anne of Green Gables' follow very closely. GOLDEN BOOKS. READ THEM READ THEM.

#2. Laura Ingalls Wilder
While I'm not as big as a fan now, I used to be disaaaastrously fond of anything, anything Laura Ingalls Wilder related. I WAS OBSESSED. My childhood is basically reading the Little House books over and over again and reading every tiny detail till I knew everything there is to know. Ask me anything guys, my brain has it inscribed.

1. Little House in the Big Woods (I would say 10 times. I don't know. A LOT.)
2. Little House on the Prairie (About 8 times)
3. On the banks of Plum Creek (seriously, ennnndless amounts of reads - this one was my favourite when I was little.)
4. Farmer Boy (About 7 times.)
5. By the shores of Silver Lake (aren't these titles scrumptious?) (Again, I read this one so much)
6. The Long Winter (Guessing around 7 reads?)
7. Little Town on the Prairie (100000 reads. Approx. :P)
8. These Happy Golden Years (Soooo many reads. LOVE THIS ONE)
9. The first four years (Read about four/five times.)
10. Laura's diary on her journey to Missouri (Read at least three times)

Other Laura Ingalls related books:
11. Laura's album
12. Little House cook book
13. Little House crafts
14. Little House sewing book
15-18 The Martha years
19-23 The Charlotte years
24-30 The Caroline years
31-38 The Rose years
39. The Little House guidebook

Yeah. Told you. :-) My favourite is a tie between 'Little Town on the Prairie' and 'These Happy Golden years.' I actually haven't touched these books for years, because every time I do I seem to be reading them with my eyes closed. I know them sooo off by heart. :-P

#3. Michael Morpurgo
This isn't really my favourite author - sometimes I'm in a Morpurgo mood, and I read all of the books we have in one week, and sometimes I'm so not in a Morpurgo mood. You might call it a love-hate relationship - but he really does have some nice gems of childrens books around. And he's written TONS of books - that's probably why he's on this list. Because he's written so much, and because I have a Grandma who buys them all for her grandchildren to read. Haha.

1. War Horse (this one is surprisingly not-really-my-favourite, considering it's his most famous.)
2. Private Peaceful (read twice)
3. Alone on the Wide Wild Sea (read twice)
4. Cool! (read twice.)
5. The butterfly lion (read twice)
6. Born to run
7. Kaspar, prince of cats (I know, Emma, I actually read animal books.)
8. Shadow
9. An Elephant in the Garden (read twice)
10. Running Wild (read twice)
11. Billy the Kid
12. Little Foxes
13. Toro! Toro!
14. Dear Olly (read twice)
15. Twist of Gold (read twice)
16. Waiting for Anya
17. Escape from Shangri-la (read twice)
18. Kensuke's Kingdom
19. Mr Nobody's eyes
20. Friend of Foe (read twice)

Told you he had a lot of books. I don't like them THAT much, but some of them - such as 'Alone of the Wide Wilde sea' and 'Running Wild' and 'Friend of Foe' - are really good. I'd want my children to read them. A lot of these books are super short, so I read quite a lot of these top-speed. I know, doesn't really count. :-P

#4 Lynn Austin
I love everything about Lynn Austin. HER FICTIONAL WORKS ARE STUPENDOUS. I can't recommend them enough. Lynn Austin has been such a big part of my life - I named my blog after one of her books, and me and my best friend give each other Lynn-Austin-characters' nicknames. Her books have been re-read by me OFTEN and I never ever tire. LOVE THESE BOOKS WITH FONDEST LOVE. (Tell me to stop pressing caps lock, please. Doubt I'll listen, though, but tell me all the same.)

Some of these books I've 'just' read for the first time (by just I mean last year or something) - therefore the not-THAT-many re-reads.

1. Hidden Places (read about 5 times)
2. Candle in the Darkness (read thrice.)
3. Fire by Night (read twice - maybe three times?)
4. A Light to My Path (read twice)
5. Eve's Daughters (read 3 times)
6. A Woman's place (read twice)
7. All she Ever Wanted
8. While we're far apart (read 3 times)
9. A Proper Persuit
10. Wonderland Creek (you were waiting for that one. :-) I've read this one three times, I think.)
11. Until we reach home (read twice)
12. All things New (read twice)
13. Though waters roar (read twice)

I've read all her works of historical fiction, and they all have a special place in my heart. My favourite of them all is 'Hidden Places'. It makes me so happy. I also LOVE Fire by Night IT'S SO AMAZING. And Eve's Daughters is pure brilliance. Ohh, they're all good. :-)

#5. Jane Austen.
I wish she'd written more, but at least she's written enough to have a good list. :-) THAT's something, you know. :-)

1. Pride and Prejudice (read about 7 times)
2. Sense and Sensibility (read three times - or, as I like to say, thrice.)
3. Emma (read 2ce)
4. Northanger Abbey (twice)
5. Persuasion (twice)
6. Mansfield Park (twice)
7. Lady Susan
8. Sandition & Love and Friendship

Other books about Jane Austen:
9. The making of Pride and Prejudice 1995 (read about a dozen times- I loooove this book.)
10. Emma Thompson's script of Sense and Sensibility + her diary. (read twice)
11. Just Jane, by Nancy Moser
12. Longbourn, by Jo Baker
13. Death comes to Pemberly, by P.James
14-18. Four cheap-on-kindle sequels which weren't that good, heh.

Jane Austen is precious. Yes, her books aren't the most relaxing reads ever, and I will admit that I do find them a bit 'hard' sometimes. But I love them anyways. Pride and Prejudice is my favourite, closely followed by Northanger Abbey. And S&S. And Emma. Oh, and Mansfield Park...

What are some authors you love?

Have a lovely day. :-) I think of you often, you know, and wonder if you're having a good day or not. I randomly think stuff like, ohhh Emma is doing this now (I normally KNOW what Emma's doing - I don't need to wonder) and 'I wonder what Jessica and Rosie are doing' or 'Are they still sleeping where Natalie lives' or 'Is Miss Meg March awake by now'? I'm curious beyond, and I think of you often. Juuuust so you know. :-) I LOVE YOU.


My 4 favourite Lark Rise to Candleford characters

Sooo. My life recently has mainly been obsessing over Lark Rise to Candleford. I won't even mention that it's my one weakness, because I've said that many times before, so t'would be vastly unoriginal to repeat it again. But yes, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT.

So here's a Lark Rise-themed post then. :-)

Please bear that I haven't watched series 3 or 4 yet, so I am unaware of the new characters in there. I might put Daniel Parish on my list in the end, but I don't know yet. I might well though - I've seen pictures of the lad, and I've heard a lot about him. He does sound... em, look, rather nice (*giggle*). But for now, I have enough to choose from as it is.

Dorcas Lane

DORCAS LANE IS THE BEST. Yes, she cannot help but stick her nose into other people's businesses. Yes, she likes a bit of gossip. Yes, she can be very stubborn. Yes, she's disastrously curious. BUT I LOVE HER. She reminds me a bit of myself actually, I suddenly realise. I pry in other people's affairs constantly, I DISASTROUSLY curious, and yes, I do like a bit of gossip, I shan't lie. And I can be very stubborn if I set my mind on it, too.

I love Dorcas Lane. She's so kind. She's so wise and good and so good at solving problems. And then she's also such great fun - hilarious, with all her 'one weaknesses.' And I love how she admits her flaws. Gah, I WANT TO GO AND WORK AT HER POST-OFFICE. I want her to boss me around so badly. :-P

Dorcas Lane makes me want to be a single woman for the rest of my life, frankly. If I don't find my Mr Knightley, I shall happily go in my life as a second Dorcas Lane, and proud of it, too. :-) She's so my favourite character. :-)



First of all, if you don't like Minnie, explain that to me. I must know HOW it is possible, because I don't think it's humanly possible. She's just ADORABLE AND SWEET AND FUNNY. She's so innocent and while everything's her fault you can never really blame her and be angry with her. (Although sometimes you do need to tell her to go out of your sight. Especially when she's talking to you about your love life. (She does this often.))

Minnie is not the cleverest of people, but she's so SWEET and ADORABLE and funny and... she makes us all laugh. I love how she's so taken away by romance. 'Oh, ma'am, I've seen Laura's Ma and Pa kissin' on the road.' or when she said the following to Dorcas lane, a blushing smile on her face: 'I like watching Laura and Fisher together. And Thomas and Mrs Ellison. And you and -' 'Out of my sight, Minnie!'

I love this character. :-) (#bestcharacterever)

Alf Arless

First of all. HIS SMILE. It's the best Period Drama smile ever, I think. THOSE DIMPLES. I wish I could find a picture of his broad smile, but all the ones I found were horribly small ones of no good quality whatsoever.

Alf Arless is such a good nice lad. He's very kind. Such a good sort. I love that he's good-looking, but then a different kind of handsome. I love that he's the parental figure in his family while he's the brother. I love his relationship with his mother. I JUST LOVE HIM. :-)

And he and Minnie together... just too adorable for words asdfghjkl!!!! (No, I haven't actually seen it yet, but I've watched all the fan videos on Youtube, so there. Also, I've viewed pictures and I'm officially melted.)

Caroline Arless

I know, I know. She's a very controversial character. And yes, she has her faults - faults that I don't relate to, I'm happy to say. (I don't drink. Well, I do. But not her kind of drinks.) But she's so much fun!! She totally steals the show in every scene she's in. And I miss her now she's gone! I hope hope hope she comes back. (Does she? Tell me, people-who've-seen-all-of-Lark-Rise.)

You can really see that this character means well. She loves her kids, she loves her neighbours. And also, she's SO HILARIOUS ADMIT IT.

Who's your favourite Lark Rise character?

Tell me, and we can talk.

Before I leave, please watch this video I made of clumsy Period Drama people having accidents. It's only 50 seconds, so you can't do wrong. Plus, I'm rather pleased with it. And also, I'm going to keep on forcing my Period Drama videos on my blog before I have some more Youtube suscribers. (So, I'm going to do The Annoying Thing and ask you to suscribe. Here. Thanks. Have a hug and some pizza. :-D)

And now, without futher ado, have a lovely day. Or night. Or whatever you're about to plunge into.


Fake Trailers

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen (never forget the gentlemen.) The last few days I have started to make Period Drama fan videos, thanks to my lovely sister who said it was something typical me. (She was right, I love making these.) I like to call them Fake trailers. I've made four already, and I must say my little self is rather prodigiously proud of them.

Please grant me your honest opinions. I know I have a lot to learn yet, so do give me some advice (seriously, I can handle brutal facts.) (And a big thank you to Hamlette for telling me how to put up Youtube video's in a larger size!)

Well, what do you think? Which is your favourite? (I am the proudest of 'Testament of Youth's fake trailer, I flatter myself.) If you'd like to see more of these in the future, make sure to pop over to my Youtube channel now and then.

Have a lovely day! <3


Favourite Railway scenes

So, following this post here (in which I show you the epic emotional 'Daddy! Daddy' scene in 'The Railways Children' (which, naturally, is The Movie to look into when one is thinking of Railway scenes)), I am going to talk about my favourite Railway scenes in Costume Dramas. I love Railway scenes. They're so romantic, with all the lace hankies fluttering and waving, and the goodbye or hello kisses, and the steam, and the last-minute stuff going on. Seriously, one day I want to have my own romantic scene at a railway. It's just so easily romantic. :-)

I'm making a list, because it's my one weakness, and I'm going to end with my favourite of all. You know, keeping the best till last, because that's what people DO.
1. North and South

This is probably one of the most gushed-over, most Squealed-with-capital-letters-over Railway scene in cinema history. I do like it, and it has given me feelsies which made me Feel Good. BUT, it's not my favourite ever. I'll take the liberty of explain why, if you don't mind.

Firstly, I think the kiss is too long. I personally prefer shorter, more simplistic and sweeter things. I like simple love scenes - I squeal more over a darling holding-hands-scene than a passionate, too private kissing scene which just doesn't seem to stop. Granted, North and South isn't that bad, but I think the kiss is a bit too much. Also, it's shown far to close. Just my opinion okay. Secondly, it drives me CRAZY that Mr Thornton has his shirt unbuttoned. I know, I know, it's a little thing of no consequence, but it Drives Me Crazy. And Thirdly, I think it's weird that they 1) Hardly talk and that 2) Margaret just goes back with him, forgetting about luggage or all that kind of thing.

But, yes, this train station scene is pretty epic and yes I DO love it. :-) It's just not the first one I would squeal over, that's all. (Also, I'm not a huge Mr Thornton fan. And also, North and South isn't my favourite Period Drama, really. But I DO love it. Don't get me wrong. ;-P (After all, I DID mention it in this post.))
2. Anne of Green Gables

Haha, this is the only railway scene in this post that does not involve a romantic couple - (Ahem, m'dear, I wonder why.) - but seriously, WHO does not love the Anne of Green Gables scene where Matthew Cuthbert meets Anne Shirley for the first time?! (Only silly people with no imagination, that's who.)

I know it's not in the book (and seriously, I actually like this scene better in the book, because Anne talks more, and oh, I frankly can't have enough of the girls tongue, I can't) but I LOVE that they did the Matthew-hides-behind-the-corner-thing. It's adorable. It's really quite hilarious. GAH I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS.

And also, in that scene later on in the movie, where Matthew and Marilla say goodbye to Anne when she leaves to The Big School, it reminds us of when we met her first and it makes me rather emotional. I love that Matthew and Marilla talk about 'the lucky mistake' as the train goes off. Gack, it's the luckiest mistake ever invented. Thank you, Montgomery.
3. Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth! Oh, how this movie makes me MOURN. It has three very very good Railway scenes, but I'm going with the second Vera and Roland one, because it's my favourite of the three, duhh. The first Vera and Roland railway scene is the one where they finally get to be alone without that chaperone, and where they kiss. (How surprised we all are.) I did really like that one. It was very well filmed, and very dramatic and epic. There's also another railway scene where Vera and her parents wave their brother/son off to war. Ugh, that scene was sad. Not that the others aren't. Haha.

In this scene, Vera and 'the Chaperone' find Roland waiting to be set off, with a fever. THE POOR BOY. He gets cared for by the ladies, and Vera tries hard to comfort him. He calms a bit, thank goodness, but the poor chap is scared to death, he is. Vera strokes and kisses him as much as she can as the train starts to move. I know it's cliché. BUT I LOVE IT. It's so sweet and romantic. *explodes in stars*

And then, together with all the other mothers, sisters, fiancés, girlfriends and wives, she waves frantically, sending last glances of encouragement. ISN'T THAT A SCENE.
4. Miss Potter

And here we have the railway scene in Miss Potter! TALK ABOUT SWEETNESS. This couple is just too stinking sweet and oh this scene is just too good and oh. (That is how my sentences end up like when I describe things I'm very fond of. You should read my review of Rilla of Ingleside. It's filled with terribly ungrammatically-incorrect sentences which would make Henry Higgins turn over in his grave. (But, as Valancy Stirling says, I dare say he would like that for a change.))

(Spoiler paragraph ahead.) Just mark how sad and romantic this all is, people. Mark the mistiness. And mark that this is their first AND last kiss ever. (YES. DON'T WORRY. THE FACT THAT YOU'RE CRYING IS NORMAL, perfectly normal.) Because this is the last time that Beatrice sees, talks to her moustache-man, ever. So when she waves him goodbye from the train, with that lovely happy smile of hers, it's a REAL goodbye, and oh, it breaks many viewers hearts.

Look. HE HELPS HER IN. Too adorable, right? I actually don't remember this scene very well, because it's been awhile since I've seen this, but I remember I adored it, so I do think it fully deserves this place in my list. :-)
5. Downton Abbey

ASDFGHJKLM!!! (I recently learnt this series of letters are very matchable to unexpressable thoughts, so I thought I might use them, even though I have an AZERTY keyboard and not a QUERTY one.) SERIOUSLY GUYS. This scene is just beyond heart-breaking! It's like this. Matthew goes off to the trenches, he's dreading it, he's scared. And Mary, she's there to comfort him and to wish him good luck, trying to hide her fear of loosing him. It's simple, this scene is, but I just ADORE it.

Just look at those blue eyes. I just adore Matthew Crawley, he's so perfect. (Note for Eva: In fact, I imagine Walter from 'Rilla of Ingleside' to look just like him.) They're in such a serious situation and so quietly in love - in fact, Matthew doesn't even realise, the silly boy, that he loves Mary. Because he's engaged to Lavinia, or whatever they call her. BUT STILL. He obviously SO appreciates Mary's coming to wave him off so much and OH IT'S TOO SAD AND I MUST CRY.

And then Mary kisses him goodbye. On the cheek, like a good sister. It's all so simple and good and... perfect. But it's also horrible and not right. I CAN'T EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THIS SCENE. I really can't. I love it to bits, that's all I can say. I love it to bits, and I will fangirl over it until I am ninety-something (because by then, I'll probably have lost my sight or something like that.)

Then she watches him leave till she can't see the train. And then only, with the steam quietly vanishing at her sides, she hides her beautiful brown-eyed face behind her leather gloves and starts to cry for her dear Matthew.

I JUST CAN'T. (And I really can't. I'm not just saying 'I just can't' because it's a cool thing to do. I really haven't said half of the things I wanted to say about this scene.)

This is Matthew in the beginning of the scene. I told you he was handsome.
What railway scenes do you love?
Have I mentioned it? (Because if I haven't, you should tell me without any futher ado.)


Who's the bride? Game Answers

Et voilà. The answers. (A tad too late, but present nonetheless.)

Character: Mary Crawley
Period Drama: Downton Abbey
Actress: Michelle Dockery

Character: Tracy Samantha Lord (had to pop in her second name, haha.)
Period Drama: High Society
Actress: Grace Kelly

Character: Maria von Trapp
Period Drama: Sound of Music
Actress: Julie Andrews

Character: Jane Bennet-very-soon-Bingley
Period Drama: Pride and Prejudice 1995
Actress: Susannah Harker

Character: Nellie Oleson
Period Drama: Little House on the Prairie
Actress: Alison Angraim (or however you spell that last name)

Character: Scarlett O'Hara/Hamilton
Period Drama: Gone with the Wind
Actress: Vivien Leigh

Character: Marianne Dashwood
Period Drama: Sense and Sensibility 1995
Actress: Kate Winslet

Character: Queen Victoria
Period Drama: The Young Victoria
Actress: Emily Blunt

Character: Fanny Price (apparently)
Period Drama: Mansfield Park
Actress: Billie Piper

Character: Emma Woodhouse/Knightley
Period Drama: Emma 1996
Actress: Gwenyth Paltrow

Player's scores:
Aerykah: 260
Morg: 250
Kerry: 240
Miss March: 230
Emma: 220
Miss Meg March: 200
Emily Blakeny: 220
Olivia: 210
Lois Johnson: 190
Jessica: 180
Ruth Elizabeth: 180
Mary: 170
Abigail: 170
Rosie McGann: 60
Lydia: 60

Thank you so much for playing!