My favourite P&P95 scenes

*happy sigh*
Let's talk about Pride and Prejudice. The one version. The good one. Of course, you know me, I love all it's scenes to itty-bitty-bits, but some of them stand up in it's own particular way. Here are some of my favourite P&P95 scenes.
Mrs Bennet:  Jane! Jane! Oh, my dear Jane! 
Jane:   What is the matter? 
Mrs Bennet:  He is come! He is come! 
Jane:   Who is come? 
Mrs Bennet:  Mr Bingley, of course! Make haste, make haste, hurry down! Oh, gracious, you’re not half dressed! Hill! Hill! Oh, where is Hill? Never mind, Sarah. You must come to Miss Bennet this moment. Come along, girl, and help her on with her gown! Never mind Miss Lizzy’s hair! 
Kitty:   Mama! Mama! Where is my new locket that Lydia brought me from London? Mary, have you seen my new locket? 
Mary:   I shouldn't know it if I did see it; I care nothing for such baubles. 
Mrs Bennet:  Oh, never mind your locket, girl. Jane, stir yourself. He is here, he is here! 
Jane:   Mama, Lizzy and I will be down as soon as we can. Let Kitty go down, she is forwarder than any of us. 
Mrs Bennet:  Oh, hang Kitty, what has she to do with it? Jane, be quick! Oh, where is your muslin dress, dear? Oh, Hill! Hill! Where is Hill?

The Hall Scene. It's just so outroarously funny. Mrs Bennet in a panicky mood? Just a feast for the eye, haha. This scene really shows everyone's characters - Mrs Bennet yelling, Kitty talking about something entirely different, Jane trying to please her mother and help everywhere, Lizzy sensible, but on the background, and Mary sullen, as she always is.

She runs out. In the hall, Mr Collins steps briskly from his room, humming a merry tune to himself. He pulls up short with a startled gasp as Lydia runs out and they confront each other. Lydia gasps in shock as well, clutching her dress to her bosom. They juggle for space to pass one another. Mr Collins puts up a hand to avert his gaze. Lydia sees the funny side, and begins to giggle hysterically. She runs off to her room. Mr Collins regains his dignity as he descends the stairs, but is brought up short by sounds of unbridled mirth from the girls' bedroom - Lydia has evidently told Kitty. Outside Netherfield. The house is warmly lit and inviting. Carriages arrive briskly at the front steps. Music can be heard from within. The Bennet's carriage arrives. Mr Collins gets out first, and extends his hand to Lizzie.
The Lydia-Collins hall bump. Another hall scene! Is it wicked of me to enjoy this scene? Well, I do. I makes me Lydia-snort every time. I love Lydia's giggles, and I rather love seeing Mr Collins so appalled. So yeah. Secret is out, I suppose - I love this scene.

Elizabeth:  I believe we must have some conversation, Mr Darcy. A very little will suffice. You should say something about the dance, perhaps. I might remark on the number of couples. 
Darcy:   Do you talk by rule, then, when you're dancing? 
Elizabeth:  Yes, sometimes it is best. Then we may enjoy the advantage of saying as little as possible. 
Darcy:   Do you consult your own feelings in this case, or seek to gratify mine?               

Elizabeth:  Both, I imagine. We each have an unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to speak unless we expect to say something that will amaze the whole room. 
Darcy:   ’Tis no very striking resemblance of your own character, I'm sure. Uh, do you often walk into Meryton? 
Elizabeth:  Yes, quite often. When you met us the other day, we’d just been forming a new acquaintance. 
Darcy:   Mr Wickham has the happy manners that enable him to make friends. Whether he is equally capable of keeping them is less certain. 
Elizabeth:  He has been unlucky as to lose your friendship in a way he’s likely to suffer for all his life. 
Sir William:  Allow me to congratulate you, sir! Such superior dancing is rarely to be seen. I'm sure you’ll own your fair partner is well worthy of you. I hope to have this pleasure often repeated, especially when a certain desirable event takes place, eh Miss Lizzy? What congratulations will then flow in! 
Elizabeth:  Sir, I . . . . 
Sir William:  Nay, nay, I understand. I'll not detain you one moment longer from your bewitching partner, sir. A pleasure, sir. Capital! Capital! 
Elizabeth:  I remember hearing you once say that you hardly ever forgave, that your resentment once created was implacable. You are very careful, are you not, in allowing your resentment to be created? 
Darcy:   I am. 
Elizabeth:  And never allow yourself to be blinded by prejudice? 
Darcy:   I hope not. May I ask to what these questions tend? 
Elizabeth:  Merely to the illustration of your character; I am trying to make it out. 
Darcy:   And what is your success? 
Elizabeth:  I cannot get on at all. I hear such different accounts of you as to puzzle me exceedingly. 
Darcy:   I wish, Miss Bennet, that you would not attempt to sketch my character at the present moment. I fear the performance would reflect no credit on either of us. 
Elizabeth:  Bit if I don't take your likeness now, I may never have another opportunity. 
Darcy:   I would by no means suspend any pleasure of yours.

Lizzy and Darcy's dance. Of course! This is one of my absolute favourite scenes. Elizabeth and Darcy dance their first dance. What I love about this is that they didn't try to make it romantic. In P&P05 they had them look dreamily in each others eyes, as if they both knew they were destined to be together. I don't need that, thank you. Here, it's a rather march-y dance, and no lovey-dovey talk. Both talk shortly and tartly. But then... In the back of everyone's mind, there's a little feelsy tension between them... Gahh. Love this scene.

Mrs Bennet:  Oh, Mr Bennet! You are wanted immediately. We are all in uproar. You must come and make Lizzy marry Mr Collins, for she vows she will not have him, and if you do not make haste, Mr Collins will change his mind and he will not have her. 
Mr Bennet:  I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of, ah, what are you talking? 
Mrs Bennet:  Of Mr Collins and Lizzy! Lizzy declares she will not have Mr Collins, and Mr Collins begins to say he will not have Lizzy. 
Mr Bennet:  Well, what am I to do on the occasion? It seems a hopeless business. 
Mrs Bennet:  Speak to Lizzy about it yourself! Tell her you insist upon her marrying him! 
Mr Bennet:  Let her come in. 
Mrs Bennet:  Lizzy! Lizzy! Your father wishes to speak to you. 
Mr Bennet:  Come here, my child. I, ah, I understand Mr Collins has made you an offer of marriage. It is true? 
Elizabeth:  Yes, sir. 
Mr Bennet:  Very well. And, ah, this, ah, this offer of marriage you have refused. 
Elizabeth:  I have. 
Mr Bennet:  I see. Well we now come to the point. Your mother insists on your accepting him. Is it not so, Mrs Bennet? 
Mrs Bennet:  Yes, or I will never see her again! 
Mr Bennet:  An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents. Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr Collins, and, ah, I will never see you again if you do. 
Mrs Bennet:  Oh, Mr Bennet!

The Unhappy Alternative scene is my ALL TIME favourite. Not the end. I can't tell you how much I love this scene. Love the Daddy-daughter love, the Mrs Bennet hysteria, the funniness. It cracks me up evvvery single time. If you didn't laugh while watching this scene, there's something seriously wrong with you. I mean, seriously, just looking at these screencaps... I'm snickering.

Kitty:   Lizzy! Do you mind if I just run down the lane here to call on Maria Lucas? 
Elizabeth:  Uh, no, not at all. Mr Darcy, I can go no longer without thanking you for your kindness to my poor sister. Ever since I have known of it, I have been most anxious to tell you how grateful I am, for my family and for myself. You must not blame my aunt for telling me. Lydia betrayed it first, and then I couldn't rest till I knew everything. I know what trouble and what mortification it must have cost you. Please let me say this, please allow me to thank you, on behalf of all my family, since they don't know to whom they are indebted. 
Darcy:   If you will thank me, let it be for yourself alone. Your family owes me nothing. Much as I respect them, I believe I thought only of you. You’re too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever. 
Elizabeth:  Oh, my feelings . . . my feelings are . . . I’m ashamed to remember what I said then. My feelings are so different. In fact, they are quite the opposite. 
Darcy:   Lady Catherine told me of her meeting with you. I may say that her disclosure had quite the opposite effect to the one she intended. It taught me to hope as I’d scarcely ever allowed myself to hope before. I knew that had you absolutely decided against me, you would have acknowledged it openly. 
Elizabeth:  Oh, yes, you know enough of my frankness to believe me capable of that! After abusing you so abominably to your face, I could have no scruple in abusing you to all your relations. 
Darcy:   And what did you say of me that I did not deserve? My behaviour to you at the time was unpardonable; I can hardly think of it without abhorrence. Your reproof I shall never forget: "Had you behaved in a more gentleman-like manner." You know not how those words have tortured me. 
Elizabeth:  I had not the smallest idea of their ever being taken in such a way. 
Darcy:   I can easily believe it. You thought me devoid of every proper feeling, I’m sure you did. The turn of your countenance I shall never forget. You said that I could not have addressed you in any possible way that would induce you to accept me. 
Elizabeth:  Oh, do not repeat what I said then! 
Darcy:   No, I have been a selfish being all my life. As a child I was given good principles, but was left to follow them in pride and conceit. And such I might still have been but for you, dearest, loveliest Elizabeth.

The nicest scene. Or whatever. This scene is just so, so, so SWEET. It's so suitable, so romantic, so darling, so gaaaah. Looking at these screencaps makes me want to watch the movie all over again. I can't wait for my birthday - then I'm going to watch the movie. Anyway, long story short (well, ha. I haven't written a 'long story' have I?) this is the marvellous, darling, gooey scene there ever was. Love you, P&P95 makers.

Miss Bingley:  You are very quiet this evening, Mr Darcy. I sincerely hope you're not pining for the loss of Miss Eliza Bennet. 
Darcy:   What?

Excuse me.
The 'What' scene. Now, this is a very short, snippy little scene for which I have an extreme fondness for. For those of you who haven't scene this movie (pun intended), you won't understand why I enjoy this scene. It's the way Mr Darcy says 'what' - and Caroline's slighted face afterwards. Priceless scene.
I basically love all the scenes. Including... the Meryton Assembly scene, the 'Not handsome enough to tempt me' scene, the 'Lydia-bad-news' scene, Mr Darcy comforting Lizzy scene, the last wedding scene, the 'Mary, Grimstock!' scene, the 'Slumber dear Maid' scene, the 'six inches in the mud' scene... Yup, you definitely get the point. Loads of favourites. :-)
Now I'll close off with one last favourite scene:
Mr Bennet:  Are you out of your senses to be accepting this man, Lizzy? Have you not always hated him? 
Elizabeth:  Papa . . . .
Mr Bennet:  I, I've given him my consent. He's the kind of man, indeed, to whom I should never dare refuse anything. But let me advise you to think the better of it. I know your disposition, Lizzy. My child, let me not have the grief of seeing you unable to respect your partner in life. He’s rich to be sure, but will he make you happy? 
Elizabeth:  Have you any objections apart from your belief in my indifference? 
Mr Bennet:  None whatever. We all know him to be a proud, unpleasant sort of man; but this would be nothing if you really liked him. 
Elizabeth:  I do. I do like him. I love him. Indeed he has no improper pride. He’s perfectly amiable. If you only knew his generous nature. I didn't always love him, but I love him now so very dearly. He is truly the best man I have ever known. 
Mr Bennet:  Well, my dear, if this be the case, he deserves you. I could not have parted with you to anyone less worthy, Lizzy.
Am I the only one who chokes up during that scene? It's just so sweet. :-)
What are some of your favourite P&P scenes?
Is it mentioned in this post?


Period Drama Bedroom Answers and Poll Results

First, the Period Drama Bedroom Game Answers (why am I so into capitalizing each word?):
Gone with the Wind
The Parent Trap
State Fair
(My favourite bedroom ever)
Downton Abbey
The Parent Trap (again)
The Kings Speech
(I know it's not a bedroom, sorry 'bout that)
Downton Abbey (again)
The Sound of Music
The Swiss Family Robinson
A Little Princess
Players' scores:
Ashley: 70
Emma: 50
Miss Elliot: 20
Thanks for playing Ashley, Emma and Miss Elliot!
And thanks to the fourteen people who voted on the 'You like this dress best on...' poll!
Of course, Molly Gibson had to win, because she's everyone's favourite. :-)
Others thought this dress was more natural on a stuck-up person such as Fanny, and four people (including myself) liked it best on Arabella. Poor Mrs Lupin only got one vote.
I really love the dress on Arabella. :-)
Have a lovely day!


You might be a writer if...

~ You wake up in the middle of the night with a story idea and can't go back to sleep unless you've written it down somewhere. On your hand, on a piece of tissue paper - it doesn't matter where - it just has to be written down, in case you forget.
~ You'd rather spend a day writing than going to parties. It's common for writers to be decided introverts. While I am rather social, I definitely prefer reading to parties.
~ You involuntary pray for your characters when they are in trouble. God understands.
~ You fall in love with your characters and think they make the best hero there ever was. Like, the hero's I create are millions times better than any Mr Darcy. For me. They are mine. :-)
~  You write/type until your fingers are tired and stiff. And then, when you lean back, yawn and stretch your fingers, you feel ever so proud of having stiff fingers. Because that means you're real writer. :-)
~ You can't get to sleep because there's this scene you find hard to tackle. Bothersome, that.
~ Your day is a good one when you've thought of a brilliant idea, or written more words than the norm. I tell, you such a good feeling to go to bed with - if you're a writer, you should understand.
~ You see people in a totally different light once you know they've written a book. Fellow writers share so many of the same aspects - it's delightful.
~ You think of the fact that you are a writer when you're upset, or had a bad day - the feeling makes you proud - it makes you happy. I am so proud to be a writer. I'm so proud of my books and stories. It may sound really horrid, but I am. This doesn't mean I'm saying my things I write are really good - I'm just proud of my accomplishments and of the fact that I am a writer.
According to these rules - are you a true writer?


My ten {current} favourite Pinterest pictures/gifs


I cannot get over how cute this picture of young Melissa Gilbert is. Just so stinking adorable, right? I love, love, love her cheeky little face - so alive and filled with spunk and glee. I've put this little girl in one of my books. She's just such a character, just by looking at her face you know it.


When I saw this picture first, I squealed. I never knew they made this picture of the von Trapp Family celebrating Christmas! It's just so sweet! 'They' (who is 'they', actually?) probably took this picture around the filming of the 'So Long Farewell/ Ball' scenes - as they are wearing those clothes. Yes, I notice those sort of things. Christopher Plummer's head seems rather red next to all the others. Just an observation. :-)


This. gif. is. the. cutest. ever. Ohmygosh. Tom Branson in his grandest adorable-ness-moment. Baby Sybbie in her grandest adorable-ness-moment. Suuuch a cute daddy-daughter gif! Sorry if I made you melt!


This picture is not from a Period Drama, I've learnt. It's a Vogue Magazine picture. I think Felicity Jones looks absolutely beautiful in that crimson Victorian dress - on that charming, whispy sand dune. I have a great love for whispy sand dunes. They are so messy, but so romantic and beautiful.
I believe I have shown off this picture before. Well, nah, who cares - here it is again. It's the kind of picture that makes you gasp and feel watery inside. I'm hungry now. I really am.

I pinned this pin from this lovely blog because - well - I simply had to. Just as the blog post called this swoony photo-shoot - It's October in it's Golden Hour. I love this picture so much! It reminds me a bit of Anne of Green Gables, somehow ... Oh! The sunlight and those tickly weeds.
I pinned this delightful Vintage picture yesterday. When I saw it first, I literally gasped in delight, and stared at it for several minutes. It's just such a gorgeous picture with so much potential and so much scope for the imagination!
Any WWII or Vintage Romance picture. Well, no any - but practically. I love old-fashioned, proper, beautiful and emotional romance pictures. Especially WWII goodbyes (sniff) and dances. I've been pinning them a lot these last months.
Although I don't really care to watch the movie, I'm literally IN AWE by all the screen-caps and pictures I've seen of the movie 'Marie Antoinette.' So many delicious cakes, shoes, dresses and whatnot. SO REDICULOUSLY PRETTY. It's all so gorgeous it's ridiculous. Honestly.
And, just because this list wouldn't be complete without a funny one - This was my favourite funny pin so far. It made me laugh out loud. No, it didn't make me LOL. It made me laugh out loud. That's different. Okay? *glares*
What was your favourite picture in this post?
What's a pin you'd like to share with me?
Please leave a link of your favourite pin in the comments!