All Saints Day - (what even is it?)


Today is all saints day. Not many people know about it, which is kind of ironic because Hallowe'en is a huge thing all over the world and Hallowe'en means 'Hallows Eve.' Like Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas, Hallowe'en is the day before All Hallows Day - otherwise called All Saints Day. Now this is not a post bashing Hallowe'en. I don't celebrate it, and I do think it can be celebrated very wrongly, but I also think there are aspects of the Hallowe'en celebrations (such as dressing up as movie characters! Guys, that's fun) that are innocent. I get that it's a good excuse to have a party and to dress up and eat nice unhealthy stuff.

However, today it's All Saints Day and well, speak of underrated holidays.

Hallowe'en is often celebrated as a day of the dead. All Saints Day, you could say is the same. Although in a complete flipside! While Hallowe'en is a festival which delights in the dark, All Saints Day is a day in which we remember and look back on and respect those people who have died. It is a sort of remembrance day. I have never actually thought about it this way till I wrote it down like this, ha. Neither have I ever really 'celebrated' this day - not with parties and dressing up. It's not about that. It's about remembering the saints, and thanking God for the good things they have done.

That's not just Abraham and Noah and Sarah and the God-honouring folk in the Bible. It's also my Opa who died before I was born; my Great Grandma Winifrid; any other God-serving person we can think of - all the people who have followed God in their life time. 

I was thinking yesterday, how huge God presence is.Take the Bible and you can see how drastic the changes are that God makes within people. Rahab was a prostitute. The Apostle Peter was first called Simon - meaning listen - and then Jesus came and he got a new name, Peter - meaning rock. Just by looking at the names you can see how Jesus used Peter; I think that's funny! All the apostles were simple, young men. Levi was an unliked, perhaps unfair, taxcollector. The classic, most drastic example might be Paul - he went around killing Christian families - thousands of them and then, bam, three days later he was making Christians. Speak of a powerful God! I could go on - Esther went from being a poor girl to saving millions of Jews. Joseph went from the pit and the prison to the second highest place available in Egypt. Mary was a young girl who suddenly got the news that she was going to give birth to the Son of God!

Like I said, it's not just the Bible. God's been with us always. The Apostle John wasn't his last saint! :-) When I hear stories of my ancestors I often think about how strong their faith sounds! And people like Florence Nightingale, David Livingstone, Eric Liddle... they've all shone for God in their turn.

Let's remember these people today and to God be the glory! :-)


New upcoming Period Dramas I'm excited (or not excited) to see

Okay. First and foremost, I must squeal about THE CROWN. It's the kind of title that screams capital letters and majesticality and royalty and just shivers because it looks so epic. If you haven't heard about the Crown yet, well GET EXCITED. If you have heard about it (which probably you have because it is news of phenomenal dimension and the whole world is excited!) then get even MORE excited because this is going to be the most amazing miniseries ever.

Claire Foy as Elisabeth, QUEEN Elisabeth of The United Kingdom?! Yes yes yes. 1940's and 1950's costumes and Prince Philip and Royal family insights and Princess Margaret's hats and just... I AM SO EXCITED. Even people who aren't much into the royal families of Britain (such as my American truck-lovin' bean) are bound to get excited about this because the story and the movie quality just looks unbeatable. The costumes are to DIE for and the endless familiar faces (Bertie from Downton Abbey! Fanny from S&S! On and on goes the list) are just... gah, it's going to be SUPER good.




I will calm down. I will come down. I will explain the reason behind this wacky future-movie title. You see, people who have not had the fortune of reading 'The Guernsey Literary Potatoe Peel Pie Society' (The abbreviation I use is The Guernsey Book), 'The Guernsey Literary Potatoe Peel Pie Society' is one of my favouritest books. (Yes, I copied and pasted the long title.) It's filled with bookish people with quirky traits and adorable ideas and it just PLAIN good I LOVE the book so much. And then I heard there'll be a movie!!!! LILY JAMES WILL PLAY THE MAIN CHARACTER. I have high hopes!

There are no trailers or anything (they haven't even started to film so it'll be bound to take a while) but I am not making a joke, how dare you suggest I'd possess such wickedness to do such a thing! Here is the article.

And because there aren't any pictures of that yet, and loads of absolutely ridiculously gorgeous ones of The Crown, here's another picture or two (or three) (because... excitement reasons) of The Crown. You are welcome.

... okay, I'll stop. ;-P You get the point. I am excited about this miniseries. I will bear the sad fact of not being able to see it as soon as possible (the 4th of November) because we do not have a Netflix account running and living in this house. I will be patient. Ish. BUT I WILL SEE IT. And hopefully SOON, because I CAN'T WAIT.

Waiting for movies is a trial.

Here are two more films I'm really excited about (especially the first one):

(Honestly, I get so so many chills every time I watch this trailer. Goosebumps everywhere. I need to see this. Where can I find a dvd.) (Alicia Vinkader and Michael Fassbender and the ocean and babies? YES PLEASE. I'm in the audience.)

(This movie will make me cry.) (Also, it's a true story.) (Also, Rosamund Pike + 50's fashion = YES.)

Now you may be wondering. Why the 'not excited' bit between brackets in the title?! All the movies you've mentioned in this post are ones you seem to be hopping to see. True, but I ain't done yet. BECAUSE OH WOE, THEY ARE MAKING ANOTHER ANNE OF GREEN GABLES MOVIE. I'm not talking about the new one they made. YET ANOTHER one. What's so wrong with the good old original Megan Fellowes Anne movie, guys?! That's the best we can get and no new AoGG movie will beat it. FOCUS ON A RILLA MOVIE.

First we had the good Anne movie. Megan Fellowes. Jonathan Crombie. We all know it. We've (hopefully) all seen it. We have good opinions on it and some of us love it to bits, even more than the books.

Then this thing came, and it was sorta fun and sorta cool. I was excited at first. Then I watched the trailer and decided it was a bit of a joke. Sorry. I'm not doing the nine-year-old Gilbert. And seriously, no AoGG movie will shine with the 'real' version already there.

But no... Netflix was like, 'WE need our own, proper Anne of Green Gables, so therefore we will make one. It'll be easy. We take some things from that one they just made and we'll add some aspects of the original AoGG movie and bam we'll have one. And we'll make our Anne skinny.'

There ya go. I'm so excited. That was sarcastic.

(Back to 'The Crown' and 'The Guernsey' film and 'The Light Between Oceans' though. ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?!?! Are you not dyiiiing to see Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth?!?)


"Creativity is Intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

ɑːt/ noun
  1. 1.
    the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
    "the art of the Renaissance"
  2. 2.
    the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.
    "the visual arts"


Art, I believe, is something different for each person. (No, this is not a deep, metaphorical thingy in which I try to be poetic and steal the hearts of my readers. It is a rather shallow fact, actually, which everyone knows without my telling them. Everyone knows different people have different creative outlets. I know you're not stupid.)

Art is: expressing yourself through things. Poets use rhythms, rhymes, rhetorical devices, metaphors, similes and dancing words. Sometimes they use big spaces between lines and words to represent silence and mystical-ness. They go crazy creative in their poet and fantasy world and it annoys the no-nonsense people, like Marilla Cuthbert. Writers use long fancy words, or give value to the short dull and underappreciated ones. Their paint is the letters of this earth, as they spin tales and coil and sizzle the imagination of their readers. They use analepsis', oxymorons, and thesauruses.

Ballerinas use their arms and feet to make slender elegance, to demonstrate grace and beautiful movements. The tutus and the pointe shoes hop and bounce like in slow-motion as the black silhouettes dance in the shades of the theatre, while somewhere else, someone is creating the aching music to which she dances. Violin strings and piano keys; beautiful songs and voices like waves of the ocean and fields of marigolds. (I know, I AM BEING POETIC. I WILL STOP. It's just that my fingers are being creative. When I start I can't seem to stop!)

Then we have people who make magic with their pencil and paper; people who make abstract ideas come to life with colours and odd shapes. We have the seamstress sewing beads and sequins onto pieces of flowy fabric and we have the photographer, making one moment memorable for ever and ever through bokeh, focus and nostalgic angles.

It's funny how one picture can set ones mind on fire with a sudden idea; a sudden wave of creativity. Or how one paragraph in a book can give you the wildest Eureka! moment you've ever had. Or how one song, one piece of fabric, one walk in the woods, and one person's random piece of work can give you explosions of ideas.

I know, for me, that seeing and reading other people's works of art makes my brain pop with millions of ideas. Like sparkles zizzling on a New Years Eve fire-work-sparkle-stick, or a glass overflowing with wine. My fingers start to ache with a yearning to make beautiful things. I love to find myself lost in the world of creativity, just going wild - seeing where my pen or my story will take me. The end result might be a disappointment - the lines go wobbly and the sentences need tweaking but I don't exactly know where. But still; it always makes me insanely happy. Productivity and creativity is my jam; and I should do more of it.

Aside from Pinterest, here are some people/blogs that inspire me to be creative, every day and any day. (Basically, they make me procrastinate, boo them.)

Beth Joyce : I LOVE her drawings sooo much. She's so creative and her family/mother pictures are just adorable. I check out her Instagram way too much.
Paper Raindrops : Inna K doesn't blog on there any more (*droopy sad face*) but boyyy her blog makes my fingers sooo excited. Her creativity astounds me and I spend wayyy to much time on her blog, reading her old posts and staring at her journals. (I've stolen many journal ideas from this girl. All credit to her.)

Sugar Mountain : What do you know, dear people! My darling friend Emma has a new blog to make me wish I had all the time in the world to write, and attempting to do so as well as she can. I'm so happy she's blogging again. I love the way she writes, so much, and she continually inspires me to do more of it and to enlarge my vocabulary.
Second Star : Guyyyys I don't know what it is with this blog, but MY GOSH I GET SO INSPIRED when I read it!!! Her writing has a scent and her blog just has that ahhh-I-want-to-write-loads-thing.
Rachel Coker : I recently followed this girl and well... I spent a long time reading her old posts yesterday. Her writing is just bursting with colour and glory and creativity; I love it.
Payton Marie : I know this is a photography blog (and she does make me want to click that shutter, I can assure you!), but I also love her writing style so much. It's real and nostalgic and just plain good storytelling.

Jess Mc Ghie : I'm not that into photography (I don't even own a camera... so slight dilemma, right?) but whenever I go over to Jess' blog space I WISH I WAS AS GOOD AS HER. One day I will pursue my secret longing to photograph beautifully, justcha you wait.
Allix Ruby : Basically her post 'in which I share my favourite wedding images of 2015' (her last post) is sure to make the inner photographer in all of us go nuts with inspiration.

Okay. Now go. And use thine hands well. Try to spill out your ideas on paper. If it ends up looking or sounding terrible; don't worry. Nowadays even red boxes and rubbish heaps are considered art (there must be an abstract, philosophical metaphor behind this thing... :-P), so you're good to go.

(Unless, you have things to do in your busy life... which of course is always the case. GO AWAY, LACK OF TIME.)


If Period Drama Characters had Internet Bios #2

(I might make these a little series, what do you think? Are there any Period Dramas you'd like me to cover?)


@The_Emma_Woodhouse Connoisseur of other people's hearts+aspirations. Look on the bright side and win all the arguments! #Emma
@MrKnightley Enjoy good company, live in Donwell Abbey and that's about all I wish to say about myself online.
@ChurchillboyFrank Love blonde pretty girls, london haircuts and dancing and whatever my latest fave thing is! YOLO!
@JaneFairfax "It is a common saying, and in everyone's mouth, that life is but a sojourn." - Plato
@The?_Harriet_Smith educated young lady. blonde. i love valentine cards and ship courts i think. #Emma
@Mr_Elton The painting by @The_Emma_Woodhouse of @The?_Harriet_Smith is nothing but perfection.
@Augusta_Elton I am better than all the other girls and you know what lets have a music club i'll organise EVERYTHING!
@MrsWeston Formally Miss Taylor, but now have a wonderful husband. :-)
@MrWeston @MrsWeston's husband. I smile a lot and tell people stories about my son Frank.
@MissBates i really dont know how to write one of these but my mother said i should give it a go so here i am oh i did quite well dont you think?
@Mr_Woodhouse To be ill is the worst thing there is. To be far away from loved ones is even worse.
@Isabella_K There is so much noise in the house.
@John_Knightley Attorney by trade / People are annoying / except maybe my wife and brother and kids.
@RobertMartin Just a random farmer lad trying to get the best in life.


@Miss_Matty It is the little things in life, I believe, that make one truly joyful. Oranges, beautiful profiles, and lace caps. And peas.
@Deborah_Jenkyns Tradition stands, laughing is vulgar, and I have a headache of phenomenal dimension.
@Marysmith Wearer of spectacles, reader of books, content with my life.
@ThegreatspinsterPole HAVE U HEARD ABOUT @Dr_Harrison lets chat 2gether oh my gosh.
@Mrs_Forrester PLEASE find betsy dear!!! please! i will give you my lace as a prise.
@The_Honourable_Mrs_Jamieson I love my dog / Own my private sedan chair / Survived the attack of a murderer
@Red_Caroline Feeling delicate and beautiful in my new red silk!!! (@Doc_Harrison, r u coming?)
@Augusta_sisterofC Life is interesting. My sister is my best friend.
@Mr_Holbrook "Every moment, lightly shaken, ran itself in golden sands." - Tennyson
@PeterJenkyns the coolest old person in Cranford << i'm back!
@Captain_Brown I enjoy the Pickwick Papers, the railway, and good neighbours.
@JessieBrown "By yon Bonnie Banks and by yon Bonnie Braes. I'll be in India before ye."
@Major_Gordon Redhead Scot in India. Been told I have a good baritone.
@Martha999 I looooove @Dude_Jem and I love working for @Miss_Matty but I'm sorta a control freak.
@Dude_Jem I have strong arms and I once was a bush. yolo. I luv @Martha999
@Doc_Harrison @SophieHutton. That is all. No one else. #ihopethisisclear
@SophieHutton Life is good with cherries, siblings, sunshine and @Doc_Harrison!
@Mrs_Rose Hair dye makes you look younger. (Does @Doc_Harrison agree?)
@The_Lady_Ludlow Waiting for my son Septimus / My estate is lonely
@MrCarter Be good. Be firm.
@Harry_Gregson Mr Carter said that I could have an account now I can write. Thanks, sir. #freemydada
@Miss_Gilando Cover your ears. Everyone deserves an education.
@ReverendHutton Kissing is for after marriage.
@Marshland_Jack Prank-player, sassy-eye lover, grab opportunities to have fun!
@Sir_Charles_Maulver that character that was played by Mr Whilloughby.


@NurseJennyLee Let us not forget these days, when we were busy, young, in love, and free.
@TRIXIE79 babycham, cigarettes, marilyn monroe songs are the spice of lyfe! embrace your body + be confident! #blondeshavefun
@Cynthia_Miller An old soul trapped into a small stature.
@CallmeChummy I say, what-ho old bean! Jolly spiffing to have you here. I'm big as an elephant and rather enjoy sewing. Toodlepip.
@BernadetteShelagh Married to Dr Turner and loving every moment. My fashion taste has evolved except my glasses.
@Doctor_Turner Love my wife and my boy. #smokingisgood
@TimothyTurner #smokingisnotgood I like long trousers and i wish I was a doctor. I hate my mum's choir, sorry mum.
@Sister_Julienne To be sensible, to be godly, to be good - these are all excellent goals.
@SisterMonicaJoan Cakes in the larder, wonderful as they are, are small in their worth when one compares them with the galaxies of Mercury!
@Sister_Evangelina Shocked to find my fellow sisters online! There is work to be done!!! #Mercuryindeed
@Jimmy My life went downhill.
@Constable_Noakes I love @CallmeChummy and our little man, Freddie. Police helmets are more comfortable than they look.
@Fredthechap the best deals here, contact me for info about candy apples on sticks and my fair lady tickets. #scooterlessonsattwo


If Period Drama Characters had Internet Bios

(I had a LOT of fun writing this post, I hope you like it!) (Also, what say you of my new header?)


@LordGranthamofDowntonAbbey Times are changing. We must move with the times.
@Lady_Cora // American mom // Wife of my darling // Blue eyes // ESFJ // Downton is life //
@Mary_Crawley Don't pay attention to the things I say, unless it's about my inheritance
@Edith002 remember that u r good enough no matter what people say. #shakeitoff #hatersgonnahate
@SybilCrawley Woman's rights, nursing and being passionate about the world. Sign this petition!
@Matthew_Crawley I like cycling. Maybe one day I'll get used to cars.
@THE_DOWAGER_COUNTESS whereisthespacebutton?
@Isobel_thegreat I know where the space button is.
@the_Tom_Branson Irish. I'm a cool dude in a uniform. Let's run away together. #RIPtheTsar.
@Carsonthebutler Tradition is the key to stability. If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.
@Mrs_Hughes I'm the one holding the keys.
@CookingPatmore red hair and purple dress. i need to go and cook.
@John_Bates that controversial guy with a black coat and a cane. #FreeBates
@blondemaidAnna Hopelessly in love with @John_Bates // Do what you love and love what you do. // #FreeBates
@Gwen Future secretary    maybe
@Daisy_190 i cant decide about my bio so i guess this is it??
@BlackThomas #dontfreebates #smokingisgoodforyou #lifesucks
@Sarah_o_Brian Playing tricks on people is fun as long as it doesn't involve bars of soap. #smokingisgood
@William_Mason the piano, @Daisy_190, and the war.


@MrBennet My wife forced me to be online.
@Mamma_Bennet i have 5 single daughters but the oldest is dating a man of large fortune!!!
@Jane_Bennet #blessed to be @CharlesBingley's girlfriend, but that doesn't mean I love anyone any less!
@Lizzy_Bennet Lover of walks, books and good friends. Dislike proud people.
@Marythereader Sesquipedalian //sɛskwɪpɪˈdeɪlɪən// a person who uses long words
@Kitty_Bennet Older than my younger sister.
@Lydiaprincess999LOL Denny is the hottest jk love u too Wickham LOL!!§è! Follow4follow?
@Fitzwilliam_Darcy I often sit in my library.
@CharlesBingley I love my life, parties, birds, London and @Jane_Bennet
@Caroline_B Intelligent modern woman & warning: I will stalk you.
@MrCollinsthejust Honoured to work for @LadytheBough i'm single and ready to mingle.
@Charlotte_Lucas 27 years old and still haven't paid my student loans.
@LadytheBough I am very particular about the way people address me and talk to me. Once I was horrified.
@Georgiana_Darcy "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." - Conficius
@Wickhamiscool Hey there. Once I was rich but something happened so now I rely on my looks. Follow4follow. 


@Elinor_Dashwood "There is nothing more uncommon than common sense" - Frank Lloyd Wright
@Mariannethepassionate2 Follow yr heart! Green hills, poetry, music + @Whilloughby_yeah make me burst with joy
@Margaretthecurly3 I'm actually to young for Instagram shhh don't tell Elinor.
@Mama_Dashwood i agree with marianne
@Edward_F Interested in books, Church and kind people. Facing consequences of past mistakes is inevitable.
@Whilloughby_yeah i believe in living the now, seizing the moment, marianne, and love.
@Colonel_Brandon Patience is a virtue; Music is happiness; Love is loyalty.
@JENNINGS_themrs Olives r life! Matchmaker since the crib! Comment if u have any ideas about mysterious Mr F!
@AdorableLucySteele Engaged to a Ferras! Life is good!
@I_am_Fanny Want nothing but the best for my son and husband. Norland is home.
@JohnDashwood I tried my best.
@Mr_Palmer Shut up.
@Charlotte_Palmer_hi Hi I'm Charlotte call me Lot i have a hilarious husband and i'm preggers and i hate rain and newspapers but not really ha! #lifeisgood #sometimesbad #mostlygood



Hiiiiiiii. Rae and Esther both tagged me for the 'blogger recognition award.' It sounds awfully smart. I need a new dress for this honour. Excuse me while I go and change to accept this glamorous award.

Here are the rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. (Thank you Rae. Thank you Esther. :-P)
    (I find it humorous that these things always TELL people to thank other people. Like, I was GOING TO anyway, I'm not a rude three-year-old with no manners, thank you very much. :-P)
  2. Tell a little bit about how you started blogging
  3. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!?) (15?!!??)
(I'd like to warn you that number four is not happening. I'll be lucky I can think of three people. Fifteen other bloggers indeed.)

How I started my genius (ha. funny joke.) blogging adventure:

Oh no, this is when I think of my first year of blogging, and all those embarrassing posts. Cringe time.
My story is like a lot of others - I read other blogs (mainly Period Drama ones like Yet another Period Drama blog, Regency Delight, For the Beauty of the Earth (aka Lantern in her hand) and Old Fashioned Charm) and after a nerwracking time of 'dare I do it?' I started to comment. This led to a wonderful friendship between the authoress of 'Lantern in her hand' who only increased my want for my own blog. 
So I ask my parents and by some miracle I had a blog by March 2014. Me, the girl who didn't know what 'twitter' was and how to put links behind words. 
For months and months and months I wrote embarrassing blog posts... and well, have I ever stopped? :-P

I know the rules said 2 pieces of advice, but I went crazy.
I know.
I have 12 blogging tips.
Not because I think I know best, but because I enjoy pretending to be wise and because I didn't realise at first that I could only give two pieces of advice and by the time I knew I had already written all these. So deal with it. :-P

Naomi's 12 genius (ha. another funny joke.) blogging tips:

1. Don't be scared to use caps. You're excited? You're enthusiastic? Don't be afraid to show that.


3. Speaking of capital letters, please don't choose a blog-post-font which has capital letters as lower-case letters. (You know those kind of fonts?) Personally, to me, it's not very pleasant to read.

4. In a similar vein, don't write in lime pink. No. Use a darker colour for the letters and a light post-background so reading posts is relaxing and enjoyable. (Not a light font colour and a dark background. Once again, maybe this is personal, but I find that rather unattractive.)

5. Comment on other people's blog posts if you want some traffic on your blog! But don't be like, 'HEY HEY PLEEEEAAAAASE FOLLOW MY BLOOOGGG PLEEEAAAASE.' :-P Definitely don't comment stuff like, 'follow for follow?' or 'nice blog. Here's my blog.' Gosh, sounds so genuine. Such a flattering comment.

6. I'm not saying you should feel obliged to comment long paragraphs on every post, but don't just write for the sake of more potential views! See the blogging experience as exchanging opinions and engaging in interesting discussions. Have your share in the conversation, as Lady Catherine de Bough would say. :-)

7. Replying to comments on your own blog makes you an automatically good host. (But it's okay, you don't have to reply to all of them. It's not the end of the world!)

8. Get inspired by other bloggers - but don't copy! There's a big difference. However definitely use other blogs as inspirations... don't feel like you HAVE to think of your VERY OWN NEW blog post ideas.

9. At the same time, do make sure there's something YOU-ish about your place. Dare to be different and definitely be creative with what you do! Don't worry if your blog isn't 'the same' as the others... um, it shouldn't be.

10. Posting consistently is fine, but once again, posting too much can sometimes exasperate readers. In my first year of blogging I definitely *ahem* *definitely* posted too much. *whisper* I was so enthusiastic and excited and cute lil' me even posted three times in one day once I know aww. (No, don't do that. Don't post THAT much.)

11. Read through your posts before you publish them! So important. Tweak the sentences that sound weird, eliminate the annoying typos and make the pictures the size that make them look best on your blog. (I always 'preview' my posts to see what they'll look like.) Remember blogs are on the Internet, which is public and scary so it's important to make the posts presentable! ;-)

12. Finally, my personal favourite tip: Make your blog a happy place. ;-) Don't write nothing but gloomy posts... add some nonsensicality to your lil' corner. (A preachy post is okay now and then. A serious, deep post is too. Also, sometimes one needs to complain. :-P But personally I don't enjoy blogs with nothing but that!)

Wow, so much advice. :-P And I'm not even blogging for three years! As if I'm experienced! So high-and-mighty, Naomi, so high-and-mighty.

Honestly though - I'm so thankful that I decided to start this blog. It's matured me so much and I've learnt so much through the years... and met some stinkin' amazing friends. I've discovered amazing books and movies and I've bettered my writing style and I've found who I am... which sounds ridiculous, but it's kinda true. So Thank you. <3


Downton Abbey Season One - Episode Guide / Review

We're re-watching Downton Abbey!!! 

IT IS AMAZING. Of course. As if no-one had guessed that. I wrote a little mini-review of each episode (we just finished season one already whattt) and well, I might as well publish them online for everyone to see. Besides, some of you might enjoy it and some of you might want to know what episodes have 'nasty stuff' for further reference. If you do not want any spoilers, just don't read the synopsis's. But enjoy the collages because I made them all and spent blood and tears and sweat making them. Just Kidding.

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 1

Epic start - epic getting-to-know-everyone - basically epic everything, duh. We get introduced to all the characters - Daisy with her adorable pink dress, Mrs Patmore and her fiery red hair + impatience, Mr Carson being Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes with her keys, darling Anna, evil Thomas and well, obviously, Mr Bates, the new servant for Lord Grantham. Then we go upstairs, meet THE FAMILY, and oh nooo, apparently the heir IS DEAD. Stupid Titanic. It's sad and all that, but this means that there's a new heir. The Dowager Countess (aka everyone's third grandma) comes on a visit and bonds with Cora over the gross unfairness of society and that Mary won't own the estate. This is once again emphasised by a visit of a (ugh I hate him) Duke who changes his mind on Lady Mary when he hears of this news.
We end with a gorgeous shot of Isobel and Matthew Crawley (the new heir!), the latter saying that, ' Lord Grantham is going to change their lives.' Um, yes.

Content: Several occasions where characters swear + A homosexual scene nearing the end (when Thomas and the Duke are alone in his bedroom. Fairly easy to see coming. It is also fairly long, I believe.)

Particularly good quotes:
"We are allies, my dear, which can be a great deal more affective." (Than friends, ha.) - Dowager Countess
"It's my third parent and my fourth child. Do I care for Downton? Oh yes I do!" - Robert

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 2

This is the episode where ALL THE GIRLS fall in love with Matthew Crawley, who Officially comes to visit Downton and live nearby. At first, stuff gets a lil' awkward. There's the whole Matthew and Mary shipping thing, which obviously, the viewers participate in also. And then there's the 'getting used to 1st class' thing, which Matthew does SO ADORABLY. (DID I MENTION I LOVE MATTHEW SO MUCH?!!!) I loooove the scene where he makes Mr Molesly all happy by letting him do stuff.
Mr Carson gets embarrassed by his old 'friend' Charles, who decides to tell Lord Grantham that he and Carson used to be a double act on stage. (I looove how Mr Bates and Anna giggle over this. Those two though.) A question though: Does Mrs Hughes ever know about Cheerful Charlies?!
In the meanwhile, the never-to-end tensions between the Dowager Countess and Isobel Crawley have made its majestic entrance into the plot.

Content: Some occasions where characters swear, not much though. // A hospital scene, but it's not scary at alllll.

Particularly good quotes: "What is a weekend?" (Dowager Countess)


Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 3

Edith has an unwanted fling on Matthew (who is still mine. Btw.) The Dowager wears her famous purple outfit and makes viewers love her. Gwen publicly acknowledges that she wants to be a secretary, after awful O'Brien puts her secret on the table for all to see.
And of course... this episode has the Mr Pamuk plot. Which, yes, isn't appropiate, but it's a vital part of the entire Downton Abbey plot (for two seasons to come, that is), so it's important to understand what happened. Mary invites Mr Napier over. Some kinda rich dude. Mr Napier brings his friend Mr Pamuk along. Who I HATE and who really isn't handsome at all. I do not get why everyone talks about his beautiful face. :-P Well, Mary crushes on him really hard and... fast-forward-flash... he dies in her bedroom. At night. This is 'the Downton Abbey Scandal' which affects a large part of the plot. So far, Mary (obviously), Anna, Cora (I love her) know all about it, Daisy has seen them carry the dead body and Thomas+O'Brian have their suspicions.
Oh yeah, and Mr Bates does that thing with his leg and darling Mrs Hughes saves the day. Go Mrs Hughes. Saving Downton Problems since the Titanic sank.

Content: Again, there's a Thomas scene involving another man which could merit from a skip - again, easy to see coming. This time brief, I believe. / There is a sex scene - the scandal. We skipped that (starting from Mary and Pamuk's kiss), but we watched the Anna/Cora/Mary bit, where they discuss what they need to do, in the bedroom.

Particularly good quotes: "Are we going to have tea, or not?" (Dowager)
"An Englishman wouldn't dream of dying in somebody else's house." (Ditto.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 4

Other than this amazing and glorious news of Tom Branson's arrival, we have the fair - and THOMAS BEING TERRIBLE. Ughhhh, poor William. I love William so much - I love how he plays the piano. He's just a darling. Someone should shake Daisy's head so she'll finally understand. :-P
Then we have Mrs Hughes, who has this little side-plot line about her former lover, who asks her hand in marriage again. Once again,  she refuses (and Mr Carson, deep inside, is really relieved. But he doesn't realise quite why. And he won't, not for a long time. :-P)
Some other things that happen:
1. Mr Bates gives Anna a tray with flowers and food AND IT IS ADORABLE BEYOND MEASURE.
2. Matthew has the most beautiful eyes ever.
3. Also, Matthew and Mary shake hands and it's really epic. Who knew shaking hands could be so epic?
4. The Dowager countess sits on a swivel chair.
5. O'Brien complains for 500 hours. 'Gwen can do it.' 'She is not a lady's maid.' 'And I am not a slave.'
6. Last but not least, Sybil wears those adorable bloomers and Tom is proud and ahhh these two are going to have so much drama they have no idea how much. My darlingsssss. <3 <3
(Also, Mary and Matthew chatting at the fair made me melt. I ship these two so much. It's exhausting.)

Content: Nothing! :-) Whaddayaknow!

Particularly good quotes: Cora: "They do things differently in America." The Dowager: "Yes, they live in wigwams."
"Is there anything more delicious than a new frock?" (Lady Sybil)
"Leaving Downton? Do you think I'll ever find the time?" (Mrs Hughes)
"Why must every day involve a fight with an American?" (You can guess who.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 5

This episode is action filled - it's alive with characters and sneaky actions and annoying people and lovely people. Just like any episode, really, I suppose.
Daisy gets all spooked out by the Pamuk scandal playing and replaying in her brain, and flips it all out to lady Edith after O'Brian organises the meeting. Sybil is a darling and takes Gwen to town for her job testing thing, resulting in a muddy way back home, while Isobel and the Dowager Countess find a new thing to bicker about - something about the flower show. Thomas and O'Brian are outwitted by Bates and Anna when a snuff-box in Robert's room vanishes, and Edith and Mary have some SERIOUSLY BAD sister quarrle.
(I hate Mary in this episode. Ugh.) (Edith isn't that much of a good girl either, but I feel for her more than for Mary in this case.)
Also, we meet Sir Anthony who causes Mrs Patmore to shed tears after an accidental salt-filled dessert. Mr Carson plays the daddy-role and soothes Mrs Patmore. The episode ends with the Dowager countess giving Mr Molesley's father the prize and with Edith writing to the Turkish embassador all about the scandal. Way to end an episode ammirite.
(Oh, and Anna and Bates have one or two or three cute scenes.)

Content: Two or three occasions where characters swear.

Particularly good quotes:
Isobel: "I take that as a compliment." Dowager: "Oh, I must have said it wrong."
"Because I love you, Mr Bates. I know it's not ladylike to say it, but I'm not a lady and I've never pretended to be." (Anna.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 6

Oh wow, this episode is like, FIVE MINUTES. Seriously, that's so what it feels like. Suffragette meetings, angry fathers, theft suspicions and EPIC KISS BAM BASHHH. The end. That's seriously an excellent recap, no kidding.
Of course, there's the sweeet almost-Anna-Bates-kiss, the ADORABLE GAHHH early-rise-tension between Sybil and Branson, Matthew saying that he and Mary should 'see more of each other' (PLUS HIS FACE OKAY), Thomas being REALLY nervous (ha. ha. Good for HIM.), and Mr Carson being just plain CUTE. Also, William is the nicest human being on the planet and Daisy is finally starting to get a little sense about scumbag Thomas. Also, can I give Lady Cora a good word? She really is a good sort. (And Edith is so happy about her daaaaate.)

Content: Several occasions where characters swear.

Particularly good quotes:
"I am political! I have opinions!" (Lady Sybil)
"If you really like an argument, we should see more of each other." (Matthew.)
"What have I told you, Matthew? You must pay no attention to the things I say." (Mary.)

Downton Abbey Season 1 // Episode 7

Wow, the last episode of Season One ALREADY! And it definitely doesn't disappoint and it definitely DOES leave us hanging with a desperate need and want for season two (which I can't waaaaiiit to rewatch yet again.)
Okay - LOADS of things happened in the episode. Plot lines such as Gwen's endless search for a middle-class job are bought to a great close (Tom and Sybil and Gwen's group hug is SO ADORABLE because Tom and Sybil hug.) Mrs Patmore's eye problem is solved also, and a hilarious soap-soup scene occurs while she is away on treatment. (Don't ask.) Thomas and William fight after some very unfeeling comments on Thomas (OBVIOUSLY NOT WILLIAM)'s side after Cora loses her baby boy due to another, now must graver, soap scene caused by O'Brian ugh. Daisy finally likes William, and Matthew and Mary break up which is heartbreaking to watch. Mr Carson soothes Mary which is adorable to watch. Oh yes, and Bates is an absolute brick and so is Anna when she makes sure he won't have to leave Downton.
Basically, Cora getting pregnant causes a great dilemma in the Mary and Matthew plot. Mary feels like she can't accept Matthew because she owes him an explanation on the scandal - which is obviously extremely hard on her. Matthew thinks she only wants him for the title. It's all very dramatic and emotional and ppsssst I cried when Matthew said, 'God knows I want the best for you.' He says it so well.
The episode couldn't end more epic-ly. Robert is amazing at saying epic things. The 'we are at war with Germany' gives everyone chills and goosebumps.

Content: Several occasions where characters swear. Not much though.

Particularly good quotes:
Daisy: Friends? / William: Always friends.
Mr Carson: I know you have spirit, mylady, and that's what counts. It's all that counts in the end.

Any particular thoughts on Season One?


On Internet Bios

Alone in a crowd.
Inspired in the woods.
Fascinated by strangers.

That would make a good bio/about me thing, don't you think? I love reading bios - I love reading how original and creative some of them are, and how dead boring some are and how so many are SO THE SAME. 

Writing bios however, is a different thing. HOW DO I DO THIS THING. How do I explain this complicated crazy and confusing person that is me?! I have about a kabiligion different sides, moods and passions. I always want my bio to say that I'm a Christian (which is sometimes hard to weave into it because I want my bios to be wacky and funny) and I want to say that I'm a bookworm and a writer and a homeschooler and a pluviophile (lover of rain, ha) and .... BEEP BEEP TOO MANY WORDS. No-one reads the 1000-words bios. I want to keep it snappy and fresh and I want to make people click on the Wonderland Creek link and read my stupid posts. I don't want my bios to be you know, like: 'I am this and I am this and I am this and fin.' That's dead boring. I want to it be like, one simple sentence which encapsulates who I am... which is impossible, ha.

I know it's not important at all. ;-P But still.

Here are some short and simple bios of random-people-I-came-across that I love:

" I'm probably barefoot and shooting photos of a sunset right now." (Mary)
"One does not simply write an Instagram bio." (Katie Davis)
"small paychecks | big memories" (Rachel Coker)
"The girliest 1/3 of @blimeycow" (Kelli Taylor)
"a simple farmgirl with her nose in a book" (Emma Jane)
"I write books and eat ice cream." (Hayden Wand)
"My name is S.M. Olson. I'm a secret agent. Maybe. Christ is my life." (Susanna)

I like these. They're simple and only give a tiny snippit of who these people really are, which makes people want to know more about them. I also love long bios, but something really attracts me to short, snappy ones. I have to get over the thing of, 'Ohhh but I need to mention that I love doing THIS and THAT' because I do that the whooole time. :-P

(Okay, that was me rambling randomly about internet bios on a Sunday morning. I knew I was weird.)


The Imagination of Period Drama Lovers (by Naomi)

(This is a very silly slash embarrassing slash hopefully slightly humorous 'poem' I created the other day, on a whim. I took the decision to post it. Because apparently that's a good decision.)

The Imagination of Period Drama Lovers 
(by Naomi Sarah)

There on the table, a plain white candle, unselfconsciously quivering,
At night, under the covers, winter evening shivering.
The former; I pretend I'm Mr Darcy, snuffing candles under the weather.
The latter; I'm Elinor or Marianne, snuggling for warmth together.

When dressed in anything remotely black, I'm that evil maid in Downton Abbey
But when wearing ten-thousand pound jewels, I aristocratically cry, 'Mmm, not to shabby.'
While wearing anything soft that sort of hides my neck, I exclaim, 'Sink me, odd fish m'sieur!'
(Whether or not you got that reference I am not entirely sure.)

I pretend I'm Sister Monica Joan when the kitchen suspiciously smells of cake,
And whenever I am running through public streets, I might as well cry, 'There's lace at stake!'
Wearing sleeves with a hint of puff automatically makes me the next Anne Shirley,
(Even though I talk very little and my hair's dark-brown and un-Anne-ish-ly curly.)

Remember that one time when I was Lady Cora, when Mama bought me breakfast on a tray?
And then I lost a glove - how ironic, just like Meg March after that game of croquet!
Oh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, didn't see you there, sorry! I'm Mr Collins, all at your disposal.
Look, it's snowing, how gorgeous! Where's my Matthew Crawley and his ridiculously romantic proposal?

Posting letters, receiving them; handing over packages of white and brown,
Dusty air is rather pretty (and well, so am I) but of course that's no reason not to frown!
The former - why, I'm Dorcas Lane of course - what did you expect?
The latter is me as Mr Thornton (and if you've never heard of him you must be of an Amish sect.)

'What-ho!' is what I cry when my oddly-named friends come into town,
But all that annoying judge who's against our zoo needs, is an angry, 'Pipe down!'
Look out of the window, a visitor arriving! - It's Mr-what's-his-name, that rich, tall fellow.
(Oh and on a sidenote, just in case you wanted to know - Queen Victoria is who I am whenever I'm wearing yellow.)

To you this poem might seem odd (duh) - but didn't the guy in Testament of Youth write poems too?
I love my characters; I love these movies - and I really have to make that known to you.
Plus - pretending to be those different people really does put one in a good mood,
So yeah, all in all, my final word: I highly recommend the attitude.


Anne of Green Gables Week / Tag!

What-ho, all. Today I wrote a stupid poem titled 'the imagination of Period Drama lovers' (if you are convincing enough I might yet embarrass myself by posting it online) and today I am wearing my new plaid shirt, because it's autumn and autumn means plaid shirts, right? October is a beautiful month - filled with boot-buyers, crumpled-up dead leaves, people disrespectfully playing with leaf corpses, dark evenings, shivery mornings and the cosy, delicious, indescribable scent of October. As Anne Shirley said, I'm so glad I live in a world with Octobers.

Hey, what do you know, speaking of Anne Shirley - Evie is hosting an Anne of Green Gables themed week at her blog!!! (Check it out, yo.) She posted a list of questions for all the Anne of Green Gables fans to answer, so obviously (um, duh) here I am with mine.

1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?
My mother. I always knew I liked her. My mother got introduced to it by a friend of hers. And so on till way back when Lucy Maud Montgomery introduced it to the first other person who read it. So yeah, Lucy Maud Montgomery herself introduced me to Anne of Green Gables.

2. Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?
Anne. Definitely. As much as I love Diana, I have the imagination of a Shirley and the whimsy of an Anne. (I do not chatter half as much (or as well) as Anne does, neither do I have red-hair genes. But I have green eyes! I have green eyes!)

3. If Rachel Lydne called your hair as red as carrots how would you react? 
I would ask her to reconsider the fact that carrots are red. They are not red. They are orange.

4. Gilbert or Morgan Harris? 
Who even is Morgan Harris?

5. Honest opinion on the third Anne film. 
I haven't seen it, and of course it would annoy me because it is in zero ways like any of the Anne sequels, I believe. But I'm sure it's a good movie as a separate story - if the characters would have other names and so on. But it's not about Anne and Gilbert. :-P

6. Have you seen the New Anne film? 
Do you mean the one with the tiny Gilbert and the brunette-Diana and the weird Anne? This one? No, I haven't. I've laughed over the trailer with Emma and my sister (many many times), and I kind of want to see it just to bash it. (You are right when you think I think it looks terrible. Ha.)
Anne of Green Gables already has a movie... no-one needs to redo it. :-)

7. What in your own words is a Kindred Spirit?
Someone who gives you icecream, of course.
(Okay, sorry. ;-) I know I should answer questions seriously, even though I sometimes am tempted not to because it's fun not to. Kindred Spirits are loyal, kind people who never fail to put you in a good mood.)

8.  Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?
I really love Green Gables Fables - and the Gilbert in it is awesome. BUT MOVIE GILBERT WINS, okay?!! The curls and the sparkly eyes and the grin and the Edwardian look... it wins. I love Gilbert.

9.  Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?
I've been scouring the interwebs for this answer as well. The first episode is on Youtube, but otherwise the search is useless. I want to watch Road to Avonlea SO BADLY though!!! Did you know Gilbert himself is in one of the episodes? That idea alone makes my fangirl heart so happy.

10. Favourite book cover?
This one. I'm in lurve.

11. The Films or The Books? 
The books will always be my original, real, Anne-places. They are filled with the real stories that Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote down, filled with lush detail and beautiful behind-the-scenes tidbits of characters that we don't get to see that well in the movies, I think. The books are beautiful and I love them way to much for my health.

Go and answer the questions yourself now. Here is Evie's post. Click on the 'here.' ;-)


Bedroom doors, Book Mail Jealousy, and Joe.

Firstly, if anyone has a typewriter and some washi tapes, do send them my way. How kind! Thank you, thank you! Secondly, would you like some facts about my life at present?

1. My bedroom door is a very annoying door because it opens up completely if one doesn't click it shut. You know what I'm talking about? Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever. So whenever someone comes in or goes out, I have to say, 'Shut the doooooor' because otherwise it'll open up completely and bang against my wardrobe which is my least favourite noise in the WORLD. (Fun fact: I wrote this after hearing said least favourite noise. *shudder*)

2. This Friday my 14-year-old brother and I are going to a movie-character-dress-up event-thing. He's going as Robin Hood (and he looks completely the part in his costume), and I'm going as what's-her-name from Breakfast at Tiffany's. You know, Audrey Hepburn role. The famous black costume. I don't like the movie at all (ironic, right? Have you ever heard of weird people? I'm one of the race) but with my black dress and black shoes borrowed from my awesome neighbour friend, I think I'll look kinda like her. (Not, I hasten to add, that I look like Audrey Hepburn.)

(But you know, anything for an excuse to eat a croissant.)

3. Mah girl Emma got Lynn Austin's new book (FOR FREE) in the mail yesterday (Why won't they send meeee free books!?!?!) and everyone, tell her to hurry up and read it, so she can tell me all about it. I am SO excited to read it - and I cannot WAIT for Amazon to sell it in cheap prizes so I can buy myself a copy. (The story is about a girl from Holland, which is right next to Belgium, which is where I live, so obviously I'm going to love this book!) I really want Lynn Austin to come to Holland to sign books and such, so I can meet her. Then I saw on her website that she WAS going to be in Holland TOMORROW and I FREAKED out. .... Till I realised it was Holland, MICHIGAN. Thanks, America. For using one of our names again. And for confusing me again. Thanks.

4. Speaking of good books, I must mention 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. It was GOOD. It's that kind of book that has a SMELL - loads of them. It's the kind of book that bursts with pops and colour and yellow. It's that kind of book that make writers and book-lovers bones feel happy. It's that kind of book that has characters you want +need to invite over for a chatty evening. (Skeeter. I love her.) (And now I have another movie I want to watch.)

5. Remember, several posts ago, that the entire Downton Abbey Box Collection came in the mail? (No, not miraculously. I ordered it and paid it from my owwwwn savings.) Well, we've started to rewatch it!!!! (We, being my parents, my sister and also two brothers who are watching it for the first time! I'm so excited to show them Matthew and Mary cuteness. Not that they care or understand. They are young teenage boys, after all.) It is SO SO good to watch it all again!! I've forgotten how good Season One is... it is brill.iant. I am also writing little reviews on the episodes, so mayybe an episode guide will pop up.

6. I am bursting with ideas for my novel. Which has no name at present, something which is bugging me a great deal. If goodreads didn't tell me there are already at least 7 books with the title 'Blue Skies', that would probably be it. Maybe it could be 'The Girl in the yellow dress' because there are two girls in yellow dresses. Not that that's an excuse to encorporate them in the title. Why.
My romantic interest for my protagonist, Joe, is so great and I love him. Want a little Joe Fitsgerald snippit? Here ya go:
Joe wrapped his hands around the mug. For 1 second; because it was steamy and hot. (It was adorable how he did stupid things sometimes.)
Isn't he adorable though?! :-)

Tell me 2 things going on in your life lately!
Also, if you had to go to the fictional-character-dress-up-event on Friday with me and my brother, who would you go as? (Remember, you only have two days to prepare. Be creative. See you there.)
One last question: Are you for or against the oxford comma? I am FOR.