1. Ask Me Anything! 2. Bye, bye!

Two things, dear people, to tell you today.

1. I'm hosting my annual Ask Me Anything session! I did one last year in the beginning of July, and here's this one for this year. So please attack the comment box with lists and lists of nosy questions - this is your chance to ask me anything you've always secretly wondered about me, or just random fun, nonsensical questions. I will answers them all! (unless I think they intrude too much into my privacy. But asking won't hurt. :))

2. I will have no internet for the following ten days, so, adieu for now dears. I'll miss you, and all that jazz. I'll see you soon, hopefully together with a buncha questions waiting for me in the comment box. So, due to my internet absence, these next ten days will be slightly less nonsensical than usual. Good, huh? :-) And also, I won't be able to publish comments, or answer comments or comment on your blog (if you have one) or e-mail or pin or anything like that. Just so you know. :-)

Be a brick, will you, and leave some questions? I'll be back soon!


Testament of Youth ~ Review

Most of you should remember my Testament of Youth pre-gushing post I did several days ago, don't you? I wrote that post when I kinda of discovered the movie 'Testament of Youth.' I described in great gusto my burning wish to watch the movie because it looked so stinking amazing. I swooned over the pictures I had endlessly pinned on Pinterest. My dear commenters shared my enthusiasm, and one of them, a certain Emily, said she had found the movie online and she sent me the link. 

I was SO HAPPY. The movie was online!?! (It still is, so grab your chance to watch it while it's there, folks.) The movie was THERE! I could watch it!?! I told my Dad that I wished VERY much to watch it as soon as possible, and he, being the good chump he is, said, 'Oh let's watch it on Saturday' and I said, 'OKAY YES LETS.' I checked the website every day to see if the movie was still there. I couldn't wait to see it.

And then I saw it!

Now, I warn you in advance, the movie online is very soft. So soft, we thought when we watched the beginning that it had no sound at all (I freaked out in quick disappointment.) Like, you-have-to-lean-close-to-catch-all-the-words soft and a-cough-of-a-fellow-watcher-will-make-you-loose-a-sentence soft. This was pretty difficult and made the movie a bit of a challenge to watch sometimes. I was straining my ears the whole way through.

But YET, I loved it.

It broke my heart. It was beautiful. It made me cry. It was just squeefully adorable and bitterly ending-wrenching-like.

Now, if you don't like sad movies, don't watch the complete movie. Watch the first half, which, in my opinion can be watched as a story on it's own, and stop at the scene where Vera and Roland fly a kite together on the cliffs near the sea, as a newly and happily engaged couple. The first half of the movie is ADORABLE and I just loved it. We watched the first half on Friday and the second half on Saturday, and I can tell you, the ways I went to bed on Friday and on Saturday were very different. On Friday I went to bed with happy feelings, thinking about the darlingness of the movie and pinning pins and gifs of the movie till it was super late. On Saturday I went to bed with knots in my neck and tears in my eyes (but more about that later.) 

So yeah, the first half. It's cosy and family-like and romantic and fuzzy-feelsy and you frankly can't do much wrong with having millions of scenes in there stored up in your head.

So, let me talk about the first part of the movie first, okay?

The story is about a young girl, perhaps nineteen, called Vera Brittain. She loves writing and desperately wants to go to Oxford university and reach a proper degree and do what she loves, but, due to being a girl, her parents have difficulty accepting the fact that their daughter is a complete bluestocking. They try to shove her onto the piano and finding-husband-thing instead, but she bluntly says that she won't ever marry. Not now. Not ever. That's pretty clear, isn't it?

Vera has a younger brother, Edmund (more about him later, folks, because he's my favouritest character ever) who often brings his two good Oxford pals with him to home. The three boys, Edmund, Victor and Roland are the kind of slap-on-the-shoulder, play-in-the-mud, gather-around-the-piano, loud, typical hungry kind of lads, and good chums, always laughing a teasing around. I loved their friendship, and the way they are all so gentlemanly to their pal's sister, Vera.

Vera often finds herself hanging around the boys, and she also finds herself attracted to Roland, who's a fellow writer and encourages her to pursue her dreams.

I really love that Roland wasn't this drop-dead handsome hero - he was very kind, funny, and he had a huge sense of duty and love. He was a bit shy, unlike Vera, and oh, their romance was just impossibly squeeful. I loved the scenes where they went out on trips and their big bustly chaperone kept on squishing in between and slapping away any physical contact.

I also love what Roland said to Vera. "You're not odd. Just Interesting." It's a new favourite quote of mine.

Roland was exactly what Vera needed, and vice-versa. Someone who was at her side about her being a writer and an Oxford student, but also someone who made her feel like a lady, someone who looked at her in beautiful ways and loved her. When he tried to put his hand on her shoulder during the cinema, with the chaperone seated between them, I decided I loved him. 

He just lovely. And a writer too! That definitely makes him more of a hero, doesn't it?

To be honest, Vera annoyed me a lot in the beginning. I loved and cried with her by the end, but I found her rather cumbersome with her snappy, direct and sigh-ing ways. Of course, she perhaps needed to speak up a bit to get what she wanted, but she could have been a bit more, um, calm, patient. 

But I did relate to her when she told a half-stammering, hint-giving Roland with a blunt sigh that she liked clarity, because I do too. And, as I said, by the end she becomes much more likeable, especially when you see what she goes through, and all that. Also she has some very adorable outfits, which helps me to like a person. Apparently. ;-P

I also absolutely loved Victor. My heart just goes out for him. He's so sweet and kind and young and innocent. He reminds me a bit of John Chivery, the way he is quietly in love with Vera and doesn't want to hurt her feelings ever. The way he looks at her with this sweet hopeful glint in his eyes. He's SO DEAR. I just want to hug him.

And when he went and pretended he had a girl, just so Vera wouldn't feel guilty. 'What's her name?' Vera asked, happy and relieved. 'Um, Molly. Yeah. She's keen.' Poor chap

Edward Brittain, the younger, musically talented pianish, jokester, kind-hearted chump, was my favourite character in the whole movie (followed closely by darling Victor.)

He exactly 'my' kind of guy, you know, adding the unhelpful fact that he's impossibly handsome, especially when in a khaki. I loved, loved, loved he and Vera's brother-sister relationship. I tell you, it's so beautiful. It's my favourite brother-sister relationship I've probably ever seen in a movie. I loved how they teased each other, relied on each other and clung to each other. My favourite Edward-part was when Vera gave him her letter from Oxford (which contained her results) and he read it with a solemn face and said in a solemn voice, 'You got it.' He's such a delightful tease! Such a boy. Such a dear chap. So kind and good and loyal. I loved him. :-)

So yeah, if you're not one for sad endings, stop right after Vera and Roland's engagement scene - which, by the by, is the most adorable thing ever because they sit there and talk about the white dress and the wedding guests and the cake with tears in their eyes, together alone looking from a cliff to the sea underneath. I know. Aww. - and you're good.

Because as you go on, you'll - heh - notice more and more that this movie has a likely chance of breaking your heart. Because, I warn you, it hasn't got a good ending. Not even rather good. You only get a bit of hope - hope from nature, hope from spring - but nothing that will fully satisfy you. Due to the unwantingness of spoilers, I won't tell you WHAT the sad ending is, but if you'll ask me in the comments I will be happy to oblige you with a tear-filled answer.

Because this movie is really SAD. That's a true war-story for you.

Vera's brother, her fiancé, Victor and all the other friends of her brothers all go off to fight. Vera feels she is wasting away her time and work in Oxford between all the rows and rows of books, and she goes and becomes a nurse. She sees how the war affects lives. She sees the endless lists of names of passed loved-ones in the newspaper. She becomes more broken and broken and sadder and sadder every day. 

It's like the world is peeling off at her sides and she can't do anything to keep her loved ones safe.

Vera ends up having to care for a bunch of wounded Germans. She sees how they cry and talk about their mothers and loved ones just like the English soldiers do. She sees them die too. She sees fields and fields of wounded men, English or German, it doesn't matter. They are all the same, she learns. They all have loved ones, and they all have feelings. They all have a right to live, all the same.

There was this one scene that got me the most. When she goes and looks between the dead bodies to find her brother and realises he is, in fact still alive. She manages to nurse him back to life and she rocks him in his arms as he cries about all the things he had seen. Vera sees how this war is affecting the lives of these young men - many just teenagers. How they shiver and have thoughts that haunt and depress them.

Man, are you crying yet? 

This movie made me weep. My heart was crying and my eyes were a definite wet. I was in need of tissues, especially afterwards, when I re-and-re-thought about the movie in my bed. I imagined what it would be like to say goodbye to my brother, or my father, or my cousin. Or my fiancé (not that I have one, I just imagined it and I happen to have a rather good one. Imagination. Not fiancé.) I mean just THINK. How horrible would it be if you know that every time the postman comes, or the telephone rings it might tell you that one of those lads you have so many memories of and love for might be dead?!

This movie made me really realise what a huge thing that war was. It's definitely a Testament of Youth. Such a sudden death, or change of life, at such a young age!

Wow. I just am stunned by how this movie is made and I highly recommend it.

I was also very pleased with how family-friendly it was, as other people have mentioned. There was perhaps a taaaad to many kisses to my taste (let's just say my brother started talking about random things whenever they kissed) and, of course, there are wounds and dead people (I turned my head twice, just because) but I think it's more of a 12+ movie than a 13+ movie, to be honest. It's extremely good.

The scenery was absolutely, utterly gorgeous, even on the small dusty laptop screen we watched it on. I just want to LIVE where the Brittain's live (in Britain, haha.) And the scenery around Roland's house (who, by the way, has a mother who was acted by Caroline Bingley which made me squeal) was AMAHZING too, with the seaside brushing and waving underneath the green cliffs. Also, the scenery of the lovely brown buildings at Oxford made me sigh.

And the interiors were impossibly gorgeous! I basically want Vera's bedroom - it's so pretty. And the library at Oxford!!! PLEASE. It's just impossible how gorgeous the library there was. *thud*

The costumes were BEAUTIFUL and 100% accurate. They reminded me a lot of the Downton Abbey costumes. In fact, I spotted that Vera wore two Edith's blouses in Series Two. Like, hello Vera, that's EDITH'S wardrobe, not yours! :-) Haha. Look, the one she's wearing in that picture above is the same as this one, and she also wore this one.

Also, all the other girls at Oxford were so deliciously late-Edwardian, with their blouses and low buns or long braids, and their shirt-waists and ties. They reminded me of pictures like this and this and this. There was a lot of costume-envy from my side, suffice to say. Especially when Vera's beautiful pink dress came on show. I'm talking about the pink dress in the first picture of this post. (Yes, do scroll up to have a better look. I'll wait.)

HIGHLY recommended. But don't say I didn't warn you about crying, okay?

*goes away with a knot in her neck*


Two Awards!

Yesterday Clara Ruth Stone nominated me with two Awards. The liebster award and the Sisterhood of bloggers Award. I kinda felt like answering a list of random questions, so this tag came in handy at the right time. So thank you, and all that, Clara! Jolly nice sport of you. :-)

Now, I know this is very BAD of me (*insert growly tiger picture*) but I'm not going to follow all those tag rules today. Again. I just don't know WHO to tag as I have the feeling I've just, like, tagged everyone I know yesterday and I don't... apple-porridge, I hope you understand. 

(Not that your name is 'apple-porridge' or anything like that. Please don't get offended. I invented a new 'dash it!' kind of word. Apple-porridge! Sounds like something you'd call out now and then, isn't it? I kind of like it. Apple-porridge!)

So I'm just going to DO the tag and not the rules. It's like eating the cake and not tidying up the crumbs. You therefore know what it feels like, because I'm sure everyone of you is guilty of once having eaten a cake and not helped prepare or clear up before or aft. It's HUMAN.

Okay, so first eleven delicious, un-known-to-the-internet facts about myself, and then the list of questions from both tags all mixed together in one long list. Sounds fun, right? Right.

Eleven facts about myself:

1. I often mis-use the word 'epic'. My older brother says I don't know the meaning, but I do.
2. Half of the time in my life, I speak in a Cockney accent. Once you watch My Fair Lady this can happen to you. So you've been warned.
3. I use the word 'golden' to discribe a lot of things. The blogging world is golden. My room is golden. Those goldy-pink roses drying on my wall have this golden glow. It's probably my favourite word, 'golden.'
4. I love inventing words. Most of them are adjectives.
5. I would love Audrey Hepburns eyebrows, thank you very much. Not that I'm not happy with me own eyebrows, I just... well, wouldn't MIND, Audrey Hepburn's eyebrows.
6. The soundtrack of Belle (is golden) and it makes me cry every. single. stinking. time. Apple-porridge!, it's epic.
7. I am currently with a sore throat and I can't sing properly.
8. Sometimes when I see the orange 'comment awaiting moderation' thing on my dashboard I go, 'Oh, person, I LOVE YOU,' out loud. Just so you know, you're so appreciated.
9. I am left-handed.
10. I attach people with colours. My fifteen-year-old sister is purple. Susanna is raspberry-red. Is this weird? Because I do it all the time. Also you blogging people. I kind of have a colour attached to you. Yes, I really do.
11. Why are there eleven facts? I mean, why not ten? It's a nicer number. (Okay, now I'm officially dubbed with the title 'breaker of rules.')

Now, zee glorious questions.

1. How many siblings do you have?
I have nine. One older brother, he's a good sport, four younger brothers, they're also good sports (although with a high level of decibel), and four younger sisters, all coincidentally also good sports.

2. How many kids would you like to have?
I want a big, but not huge, family - a there's-a-party-without-inviting-anyone kind of family. Also, I want an even number. I'd like six. I actually try not to think and plan out my whole future, though. I might not get children, I might not get married. I'm fine with that.

3. Favourite colour for a horse? 
Pink. Well, YOU asked.
No, probably brown, spotted. I don't know, really. I haven't really an opinion. I just once saw a brown spotted horse and it really looked like art and I loved it.

4. Last food you ate? 
I'm actually eating an apple right now, as I write.

5. Last book you read?
I'm reading (very slowly this time) my beloved 'Jane Eyre' at the moment, but the last book I read was called 'Charms for the Easy Life.' It was really nice, but it isn't the first book I'd recommend. You may read my Goodreads review here, if you wish to do so.

6. Favourite colour?
Pink and green. Not bold pink - soft, frippery, darling pink. And I love the Vintage grey-green. Or the green of spring - new and fresh and light. I also love the combination of pink and green - it's so pretty.

7. Favourite movie?
Pride and Prejudice 1995. It just STAYS with me forever. 

8. What do you most want to do this summer?
I made a long summer-to-do list here, but in short, I want to DO a lot. I want to read tons, fill notebooks with creative stuff and write my book. I would like to look back afterwards and go, 'Wow. What a productive holiday!'

9. Do you like to dance?
Yes, I LOVE TO DANCE. But, I don't follow any dance clubs and no-one here organises English Country Dance thingies, so I mostly do it on my own. I have taught myself, by watching videos of Country Dances on Youtube, to dance a lot of English County Dances and Group Dances. My favourite at the moment is the Heel-Toe Polka. It's crazy fun.

10. What is your favourite flower?
Wisteria. It's dreamy. I imagine heaven must be cluttered head to toe with them.

11. Do you like eating or gathering wild edibles?
Well, I don't mind it, but it's not like, my absolutely favourite thing ever to do, no. I have to say, though, when I see a blackberry bush or something in the woods, I do go over and eat a lot. :-) It depends on the food.

12. Which do you like better: Walking in the woods or watching hot coals/fire?
Oh, so random! I love this. Maybe watching hot coals? It's so cosy. :)

13. Where do you live?
In Belgium. That little shoved-in-the-middle forgotten country. :) You know, in Sense and Sensibility (the Emma Thompson version?) when Elinor and Edward talk nonsense about countries to try to make Margaret get out of her hiding place? You know they mention Belgium? Well, that's an error, because Belgium didn't exist then. *dances* Yaysies! I found an error!

14. Which do you like better: Tea, Coffee, or Hot Chocolate?
I like some kinds of tea - not English tea, the herbal, tea-bag kind of tea. Those are so lovely.

15. Are you scared of spiders or do you think they are fun pets?
SPIDERS?!! FUN PETS?!!! I mean, who are you that you even suggest such a thing?!!
Don't laugh. I am really dead scared of spiders. I'm scared of many things, but spiders is high on the list. *shudders*

16. Do you own a harp and if so may I play it?
Nope. I don't own any. They are so gorgeous though, aren't they? So golden. ;-P

17. Which do you like better: candlelight or electric light?
I have to go with the boring answer, electric light, because 1) It's better for my eyes. 2) I don't have to worry about my hair getting burnt or anything getting burnt and 3) There's a switch and it's just much more practical.

18. Would you prefer to own a dog or a cat better (if any)?
No thank you. I'm okay with no pets. If one, though, definitely a cat. I'm excruciatingly scared of dogs. It's incomprehensive.

19. Do you have chickens?
No. But I have a little brother who sounds bit like a chicken sometimes, so I guess it counts. (I mean that with all respect, really. I'm crazy about that said little brother.) :-)

20. Do you know any languages besides English and are there any other languages you would like to learn?
I am half Belgian, so I speak Flemish fluently. Belgian is also half French, so I speak French too. And I also learnt German (just well enough to 'manage', if you see what I mean) because it's not very hard as it's very similar to Dutch/Flemish. But English just is the BEST - nothing is like it.
No, I don't want to learn any other language, thank you. Not ever again.

21. Do you plan to start your own business? If so, then what sort of business would it be?
I have no plans, but if I had to, I would perhaps start a book-club, bookish kind of business? That just sounds very adorable and me-ish.

Thanks again, Clara! This was very fun! :-)

And very well, I tag anyone wearing pink or green. With these questions. I'm a good girl I am. 
Have a good day, folks. I hope all of you are in good life-phases, good health-situations and without any major (or minor) problems. May God bless you all.


Testament of Youth - that pre-gushing post



*insert about three million squeals and about three million tears both of sadness and heart-feelsies and joy* Have you heard about this new movie?!!! Have you?! Have you? It's called 'Testament of Youth' and it's seriously one the way to become like, my favourite movie ever (after P&P. Haha.) I want to watch it sooo badly. Just as bad as I want to see 'Cinderella' and 'A Royal Night out' and all those other movies I keep on gushing about before having seen the movie. Because that's how I do things, just in case you didn't notice. I gush about movies before actually watching them. I have quite a lot of pre-gushing posts on here. *giggle*

Seriously, this movie is going to be perfect. The sneak-peak scenes and the wow-factor trailer and all the gorgeous-swamped pictures and screencaps are already giving me serious issues. I'm having butterflies of the sheer beauty and sadness of this movie.


I believe I have like, really vaguely talked about this movie on another post of mine (or probably just some pre-pre-squealing in the comments) but it has only SERIOUSLY started - my want-to-see-ness, that is - these last few days. I've discovered it looks like exactly the kind of movie where I will cry my head off whilst watching it - the kind of movie I'm going to over-and-over-think about like crazy. The kind of heart-tearing with real-ness and beauty-movie.

I basically want to be Vera Brittain already.

As far as I know, the story is about a girl called Vera who wants to be a writer and goes to Oxford university. Then the First World War breaks out and, because she wants to be as close as possible to her brothers and love interest, she trains to become a nurse. SOUNDS GOOD, HUH?!! I mean, a writer. That means, I'm IN. And I love War stories - they somehow always manage charm and bewitch the life out of me. And then the romantic feels. And men in khaki uniforms! I love those war khaki uniforms.

Okay, I know this movie is going to be sad, because yeah, the War, but I'm willing to sacrifice myself for that. I just know I would love it. :)

As far as I know, there are no major sexual inappropiate-ness, but the movie is rated 13+ for bloody and gruesome war scenes - Vera being a nurse, rather a lot of wounds are being shown.

The cast is also, superb! Emily Watson (once again! She seems to be popping in every single movie recently, don't ya think?), Hayley Atwell (Cinderella, Mansfield Park), Nicholas Farrell (Amazing Grace, Chariots of Fire) and several others. The pictures of the young men look very sweet and gentlemanly, and the costumes are GORGEOUS. It's just as beautiful as Downton Abbey, you guys, historically accurate and EVERYTHING.

It's going to be gorgeous. :-) Just look at the hat! And, because of viewing the trailer and sneak-peak scenes, I know it has a beautiful darling romance, gorgeous lacy costumes, a teary good-bye scene at a railway station, a super darling brother-sister relationship,  beautiful English scenery, letters, and epic heart-moving lines and filming effects.

And quotes, too. I think it'll be very quotable.

Just look at it. I really love khaki uniforms. They make men look, like, 100 times more handsome, immediately. 

Yeah, I know it's weird of me to be SO gushing over a movie when I haven't even seen it yet, but hey, I HAVE seen the trailer and all the avaliable scenes and all the pictures on Pinterest, so I think I've tasted the general idea of the movie. It's going to be amazing, I feel it.

Have you seen this?
What are your pre-opinions?


5 (slightly unusual) Hobbies of mine

My main hobbies - the ones I promptly and factitious-ly reply when people ask me what my hobbies are - are writing and reading. But behind that I have quite a few weird hobbies. I think everyone has them (and I would most certainly, ducks, be interested in know what yours are!) So here are five of my weird and slightly unusual, or less-talked-of hobbies:

#1. Organising books by colour
I love books and I love colours, so it's actually not very surprising that this has become a great big hobby of mine! I just love organising books by colour. The books in my room (I did a great tag about it once here) have been organised in colour for quite a long time now, but this past week I've been doing loads more. The pictures here are all of the three book-cases we have in the hall, with all kinds of books stuffed into one. They were a dreadful mess and my mum asked me if I would like to organise them. (I said, yes, I would! :)

I LOVE organising books. It's just, the best kind of manual work there is. Especially if you do it via colour. It's so much fun!
I did try to keep the genres a little bit together (and the languages of the books - we have quite a lot of books in English as well as in Dutch and also two shelves of French ones), though, but my main way of organising was via colours. Not only is it fun to do, it also looks so beautiful. It's like having a picture frame up - it makes the room look so much artsy and happy and, obviously, rainbow-like. Oh, the endless things books can do! :)
As I said, this week I've been doing a lot of book organising-via-colour. We're kind of having a big house tidy-up for the Summer Holidays, and, really, I'm just loving it. I've organised about four bookcases, and I'm still ridiculously proud of them whenever I walk by. Look at them with a huge grin on my face, I do.
Organising books by colour is a very big hobby of mine. You should try it!

#2. Discovering things in books
 Whenever I discover a note or an old card in a book, I get so happy. Finding things between the pages of books has therefore also become a new weird hobby of mine. I love it, I love it, I love it. I have added two great between-the-pages-of-a-book finds to my collection this week, what with me organising all the books and all that.
One of them was in a book we were borrowing from my Grandparents, and in it was a note of an official invitation to my Granddad (I assume it's for him) from the President of Oxford College. I'm in love with the type-writer font. I need a typewriter so ridiculously bad.
The other find (turn your heads, peasants) was a fill-in card for a Ladies Gold Club. I seriously think it's adorable. I should've taken a picture of the inside - it really reminded me of a library card, with squares to write the scores in. Unfortunately it is not dated, but I think it might have been my Grandma's when Daddy was a little boy. (Although I can't imagine Grandma playing golf. Ha.)

#3. Drawing out outfits
Please don't look at their faces - they don't resemble the real characters at all and they are dashed ugly. *nervous giggle* It's the Period Drama dresses I love drawing. I love going on Pinterest (duh, who doesn't) and finding the most lucious pictures on my 'Period Drama Forever' board and then copying them over in sketches in one of my bookies.
It's not only Period Drama dresses and outfits that I enjoy copying, though, I also like just sketching out random nice outfits I spot on the road, or on people in Church and so on. I often write little imaginary letters to them, too, as you can see in the picture above.
And of course, I also love drawing out outfits of famous people, mainly, that is, the Royal Family.  I loved Kate's yellow dress she wore when she came out of the hospital with Charlotte, her first little daughter. (Again, don't look at Kate Middleton's face please, it looks awful. :-P)

#4. Writing little letters to people
I just love writing little letters to people who I don't even know the name of. I once did a post with some here. Call me weird, I don't care. :-P It's just so much fun, try it.

#5. Designing covers
Whether this is on a Word-file for a hopefully-one-day-to-be-book or really with paint and glue and newspaper-snippets on a folder or booklet, I. Love. Designing. Covers. It's just crazy, crazy fun, okay? I've loved this for years and years - In fact, when I was younger I seriously wanted to be a cover designer for a while. I think I might have started writing just to have another excuse to start a cover. Haha.
These are two examples of covers I've designed in the past. I am fully aware that I just took a picture from online and put it in a cover, but hey, I had fun doing it. Making covers helps me start a new book. The one on the left I made when I was about eleven or so. I was good, ey? *looks back proudly at little me*

So there you go! Five of my hidden talents, uh, I mean, hobbies.

What are some of your unusual, side-kick hobbies?
Do you share any of mine?