Happy Easter!!!

Two things to say!

Number One:
I will be off to someplace British this week... so if you're wondering why I will vanish in thick air for six days, you know why. (Lord willing, we will be visiting CRANFORD. AKA MERYTON FROM MY FAVOURITE MOVIE. AND I'M SO EXCITED. I promise I'll take some pictures of the dear houses. (And I'll stand where Kitty Bennet stood when she declared she wanted that bonnet.) *squeaaal*)

Number Two:
Happy Easter, my dear friends! :-) I hope you have a wonderful golden day (don't you dare laugh at me for using the word golden, Miss Meg) with happy singing and loads and loads of chocolate. He is risen indeed! HALLELUJAH!!!!

HAPPY EASTER!!! :-) (Never Merry Easter. It's Merry Christmas and Happy Easter.)


Would You Rather - Jane Austen Tag!

I have been most honoured to be tagged again, and hence by the very lovely lady - whose name is Cordy. Short for Anne Shirley's favourite girls-name. The tag has been created most creatively by the girl herself, and I can't wait to fill it out as it 1. Is about Jane Austen (my one weakness) and 2. Looks extremely fun to fill out. So thank you to Cordy for tagging me! (Do check out her adorable blog here.)

Who would you rather have act as your matchmaker, Lady Russell (from Persuasion) or Mrs. Jennings?
Mrs Jennings, by all means. We'd have a blast. :-P By 'we'd have a blast' I mean to say, 'I would find her matchmaking skills hilarious, and I would try my hardest to avoid the extremely blush-worthy situations and find my way out of her matches by laughing it away. Or I would eat olives. (I don't like olives. The thing about olives was a quote.)
Basically I chose Mrs Jennings because I love her character. Her F-major joke and her bustling laughter and dreadfully gossipy brain. I just love watching her, and I think I'd love to meet her in person. (Also, I'm not that interested in Lady Russell. I'd seriously forgotten who she was.)

Who would you like as a pen pal from Jane Austen's works?
I'd want to penpal with Mr Darcy; is my first instinct for an answer. Because HIS HANDWRITING. And HIS STORIES. But on closer thought, I think having a girl of more intimate nature and age would be nicer, for a long notice. So maybe Catherine Moorland. I can really see her letters being supes fun to read. (Or maybe Margaret Dashwood. The girl needs an occupation or she will run mad.) (#SenseandSensibilityquote.)

Who would you rather go on a walk with, Colonel Fitzwilliam or Captain Benwick?
I'm a P&P fan. Colonel Fitzwilliam for sure. (Um, excuse me. I have a sudden headache. Do you mind if we take the short way home?) (Yes, WHY YES. Such sudden headaches DO exist. By ALL means.)

Who would you rather have to befriend, Mrs. Elton or Lucy Steele?
I love the italicised 'have.' Good use of italics. Emily Starr would approve.
Well, maybe Mrs Elton. Because she's so annoying it's not annoying. (Wow, I'm so making sense right now. It's amazing how much sense I'm making.) I just could not befriend Lucy Steele - she's like not annoying annoying - she's just annoying. And she's not hahaah-she's-soooo-annoying annoying, she's just ARGHHHH-LEAVE-ME-ALONE-ANNOYING.
Plus, Mrs Elton provides for some unique comic relief. And she does all the organising.

Who would you rather have as a sibling, John Knightley or Mary (from Persuasion, not Mary Bennet)?
JOHN KNIGHTLEY. I rather love him. He's grumpy, but perfectly lovably so.

Who would you rather dance with? (Very open book!)
VERY OPEN BOOK INDEED. Wow. Lemme think hard. My first instinct, is, of course - my favourite Jane Austen hero: the very marry-worthy Johnny-lee-Miller Mr Knightley. But then Henry Tilney, in all his curly sparkliness would be SO much fun to dance with. So I'm going to go with Henry Tilney.
(I was going to answer this with Mr Collins for an answer and then see how many people asked me whether I was being sarcastic or not, but then I thought better not.)

Who would you rather refuse, Mr. Collins or Mr. Elton?
Ewwww. Both would make for a gross scene. Mr Collins would be more humorous to refuse, and I would feel less guilty to hurt his feelings than I would for hurting Mr Elton's feelings (Mr E has a slightly human side to him) - So Mr Collins. He'd certainly be flattered by my refusing elegant female nature. And an unhappy alternative would be before me.

Who would you rather match-make for, Miss Bates or Mary Bennet?
I wanted to say MARY BENNET. Because we all think she should have married Mr Collins - you can see in P&P95 that she fancies him, you can see it.
But considering that Mr Collins marries his dear Charlotte (who, by the by, should Make Haste) - I have to say that making a match for Miss Bates would provide for a more cheerful scenario.

Who would you rather have as a best friend?
This is anyone, I assume? Well, I'd always thought being friends with Lizzy Bennet herself would be awful jolly, but me and Catherine would be in a sport of giggles together too. (And me and the Dashwood girls would get along splendidly, I'm sure.) But I'm going to go with Elizabeth. She's a brick.

Who would you rather argue with? (Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Palmer, Mrs. Jennings, Fanny Dashwood, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Darcy, ect.) 
Of the ones you mentioned, LADY CATHERINE. WHAT FUN. WHAT FUN.
(I'd also like to argue with Mr Knightley, just because he looks so handsome doing so. But I don't actually want to argue with him. I just want to see his arguing face.)

Would you rather wander the grounds of Pemberley and risk being 'discovered' or wander over the downs surrounding Barton Cottage in the rain and twist an ankle?
PEMBERLEY. For sure. DUH PEEPS. I wouldn't mind being discovered by Mr Darcy. I mean... :-P (And I definitely do not want to twist my ankle. However literary-worthy it may sound.)

Where would you live in Austen's works?
Barton Cottage, what with the sea and the moors and the cute windows and everything. Adorable little location. (Yes, with the stuffed chimney and crooked stairs and everything.)

One more thing, people. (Let me see if you end up reading this... :-)) Today is my second blog anniversary!!! I was going to do a long post on it, and fill paragraphs with illustrious thank-you's to all you lovely followers and commenters and readers (because you totes deserve them) but then I got bombarded with lack of free time, and tags (which I love ;-P), so one little paragraph now will have to do.

Anyways, THANK YOU FOR READING WONDERLAND CREEK. (I promise this is only the second year of many more to come. I'm sticking around for good.) (Yeah, sorry 'bout that.)


The Golden Picnic Tag!

Hi wonderful people.

Rae tagged me with her gorgeously original tag called A Golden Picnic. It's all centred around Lucy Maud Montgomery (my fave forever) and specifically around the chapter called "A Golden Picnic" in Anne of Avonlea. This tag basically makes me super excited for spring, and an even more ardent fan of the word 'Golden.' Also, the questions are sooo Montgomery-ish, and I love them all. Thank you, Rae! (Click here for her main blog, and here for her Montgomery blog.)

"What a lot of elephant's ears," exclaimed Diana. "I'm going to pick a big bunch, they're so pretty." "How did such graceful feathery things ever come to have such a dreadful name?" asked Priscilla.
Have you thought what Priscilla thought? What is something you love but hate the name thereof?

Priscilla and I are of one mind. :-) Elephant's ears are a dreadfully ungracefully chosen name for a plant. But hang on... let me google it, and see what they actually look like. (I mean, they might be grey and plucky and actually look like ears of an elephant.) Riiiight, so they look like this, and while I don't think they are exactly GRACEFUL and feathery, they do go beyond the beauty of elephants ears. I would call them Fascineafs. Because they are kind of fascinating leaves.

Anyway. Something I love but hate the name thereof is Dobbs, a lovely character from one of my favourite books ever, The Sweetest Thing. Actually her last name is Dobbs - her full name is Mary Ann Dobbs, which is pretty - but it kind of annoys me that they call her Dobbs, because it's an ugly name. :-/

"Oh, girls, look at that!"
"That" was a shallow woodland pool in the center of a little open glade where the path ended. ...it was a glimmering placid sheet, round as a saucer and clear as crystal. A ring of slender young birches encircled it and little ferns fringed its margin.
..."Well, we must name this place before we leave it...Everybody suggest a name and we'll draw lots."
The names suggested were: Birch Pool (Diana), Crystal Lake (Jane), Glimmer-glass (Priscilla), and The Fairies' Mirror (Anne). Which name would you choose for this lovely dimple of water? One of these? Your own name? (It ended up being called Crystal Lake.)

Anne ALWAYS hits the nail on the head when it comes to names. I wish I had her by my side to name all my stories and novels, because I have so much trouble coming up with names. Yeah, I love The Fairies' Mirror. Glimmer-glass has a sweet ring to it, too. Birch Pool, however. Lack of Imagination. Jane's is nice as well, but it lacks SOMEthing magical. :-)

"I wish there really were fairies," said Jane. "Wouldn't it be nice to have three wishes granted you...or even only one? What would you wish for, girls, if you could have a wish granted?

Well Jane - love the question. :-) My three wishes at present are: 1. That I pass all my exams in May. 2. That terrorist attacks become a thing of the PAST and 3. That someone gifts us with Series Six of Downton Abbey.
(I was going to write, 'That I will meet Emma' but I realise OH YES. THAT'S COMING TRUE. Gahhhh. Still not over that news right there.)
(By the way, thank you to all you dear people who commented/emailed me concerning the attacks in Belgium. We're all fine, and - to be honest - it doesn't really feel like this happened so close to where I live. It definitely is scary, but I know God is here right with me. I'm fine. :-))

"I wonder what a soul...a person's soul...would look like." said Priscilla dreamily.
..."I read somewhere once that souls were like flowers," said Priscilla.
If your soul was a flower, what do you think it would be? 

A small clutter of complicated, creative, whimsical wisteria. My soul is pretty, Mmmyeah?

What is your favourite thing about Spring? (You can choose as many favourites as you need.)

The golden sunshine in the evenings and the mornings - the fact that you wake up in a light room, with cheering jolly sunbeams dancing impatiently behind the closed curtains, waiting to put a spell of natural spring light in my bedroom. I also love the little silky flowers getting born in the corners of the garden, and the daffodils around in town. I love Spring. It's so fresh and happy and each year everyone, everyone gets so excited about it - whiiich kind of proves it's amazingness.

Do you have a favourite kind of flower? What is it, if so?

I love, love violets. They're so innocent and silky and mauve... I don't know, there's something so royally about them, and yet they're so sweet and small and almost musical. I also love wisteria - the clutters that hang pouring down... gahhhh. (I have a thing for mauve flowers.)

Do you prefer rain or sunshine?

Hahaha. :-) Okay. I love both. Rain makes me ridiculously happy because all my hobbies are inside-hobbies and inside-hobbies are 1000 times more fun to do when it's raining outside and all is cosy and pitter-patter-y. HOWEVER, yeah, when one is outside, the sun is indubitably more welcome. And it's gold and warm. I love both for different reasons.

Is Spring your favourite season? Why or why not?

I looooooove Spring, but my favourite season is the cold bleak Winter. *some people gasp* Well yes, I love Winter. Because CHRISTMAS. December is like, my favourite month ever, and I have sooo many good December memories; I just can't not say that Winter isn't my favourite season. Also, the New Year and all its splendid resolutions and fireworks - and the snow - and the cute scarves - and my January birthday. I love winter. (But right now I have a huge yearn for Spring, not going to lie.)

Is it Spring where you live?

Yes, slowly but surely.

Do you like what season you were born in? Do you wish you were born in Spring or some other season?

Yes, I'm very happy indeed to be a January baby. No complaints, no plans to change my birth date. All's well; lets have some pizza.

Oh, one more thing! Happy Birthday to my dear little sister today! Remember when she was just BORN? One year ago? Gah, and now she's a bubbly-eyed screaming-her-head-off, wearing-real-shoes one-year-old. And she still has the most kissable chin. I love this girl.


On deep posts and Easter day.

I rarely write deep posts. Like, stuff about God - my faith - or even things like what I think of controversial subjects. (Ha. It looks so dangerous and thrilling in italics.) It's not that I'm ashamed to declare these things - or what I believe. I'm not ashamed at all; I'm super proud to be a Christian. But there are two reasons why I rarely talk about these things.

1. I don't like talking about controversial subjects. I just don't. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings; I don't want to cause even minor squibbles in the comment section. I want this blog to be a peaceful place where the extent of the discussions are Pride and Prejudice 1995 vs Pride and Prejudice 2005 discussions (haha). I like reading posts about controversial subjects - and I don't mind reading hefty comment discussions on other blogs now and then (I enjoy reading different opinions) - but I don't like writing them. 

I don't quite know why... maybe it's also because very often I don't quite know what I think on these subjects - and then I'm afraid I'll write something I don't mean to write, or that'll write something which one day I'll disagree on. Or if I do have a decisive opinion on a subject, I don't want to come across as a ohh-I-know-it-all-and-I'm-just-really-right-on-this. I don't like writing posts like that, and I feel I can't, either. It's hard. 

(And seriously, why would you all be interested to know what my brain thinks on every subject? Sometimes one shouldn't 'say everything what I think on every single subject.' :-P)

2. As for writing posts about my faith - I want to write them, but I always feel I can't. There have been so many times when I've clicked on 'create new post' and wanted to write out my love of God, and share beautiful Bible verses with you - but I always feel like those posts, when I do attempt to write them, don't go deep enough. My faith has grown over these past months and years - and I love God, and I always want to learn more and more about Him - but it's such a big, huge thing, that I find I can't quite express the extent of my feelings and thoughts on it.

But now, with Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter coming on... I want to say that it's amazing. I know some of you don't celebrate Holy Week - but I personally don't know March/April without it. For me, it's a time to really sit still and think about what Jesus did for us - and how His resurrection is a foreshadowing of what is to come. Good Friday is a quiet sombre day - and then Easter day just bursts in jubilations. (I can't write down this paragraph properly. Ha. I told you I couldn't!)

All that is to say - I often grin and ramble about stuff on this blog. Movies, books and the like. But I know there are things more important than that. I want you to know that I know that, basically. :-) 

Have a good week, guys, and a very happy Easter! He is risen indeed. Hallelujah!


You might be in a Period Drama if...

... You had a cow, you would call it Bessie, and often add a 'dearest' at the end.
... The only reason you're scared to have kids is because your husband might die when he drives to tell your family the good news of the birth. Or, if you're male...
... The only reason you're scared to have kids is because your wife might die of childbirth all because your parents-in-law chose the wrong doctor.
... Mothers usually have nerves.
... You talk about the fine weather when awkward silences arise.
... You have many, many one weaknesses. (But 'food' is the most frequent one weakness.)
... If your cat swallowed lace, you would not only make him vomit it, but you'd wear it afterwards.
... Songs played in F-major are big, hooty jokes.
... Valets with a limp somehow remind you of endless prison visits.
... You think the best cardrivers are Irish.
... You once told Sparkler to be quiet when he said there was no nonsense about you.
... You wonder how you could exist without a piano. (Life would just be a blank to you.)
... You decide to start up a music club.
... Mauves are more becoming than blacks.
... You've always wanted a wooden coal shovel.
... The Wind Do Blow when it's Christmas time.
... The guy you don't like just happens to ask you - and nobody else but you - to dance at a ball, and you just have to, and then it's awkward.
... You've spotted exchanging notes with the previous love interest of your stepsister. (Plots are complicated.)
... You know someone who thinks puffed sleeves are so ridiculous because you have to turn sideways to go through the door.
... Using big words means that you've swallowed a dictionary.
... An old man once jilted you at the altar.
... Railways are romantic places.
... Romances always get second chances, and the second chance always works out perfectly well.
... You're engaged to someone you don't love.
... Your older sister will always be ten times prettier than you will ever be.
... You have a younger sister who walks about in the hallway without being properly dressed.
... Shells are strung up on strings.
... Engagements and Elephants are two very different things.
... You have a friend who can't figure out what love riddles mean. (Maybe Shipcourt? Is that a word?)
... Chicken thieves are annoying.
... You get told on your wedding that, "She is VEE-RR-EEE Beeauuutiful. Veerrreee Beautiful."
... You can't ride a bike, but you can ride a horse and that's pretty much the same, right?

(By the way, thank you SO SO much for all your lovely comments on my last post. The fact that you are excited for us makes us even MORE excited and gah, I love you alllll.)


Something very exciting is on the horizon and I'm trying so hard not to type this title in All Caps.

It involves money. For air-tickets. It involves long squishy hugs - long-awaited squishy hugs. It involves laughter and handsqueezing and little sleep. I WON'T MAKE YOU GUESS. (And seriously, if you haven't guessed right now... I mean...) WELL. LET'S JUST MAKE IT OFFICIAL:


*freaks out* I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS FINALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. AND I CAN'T STOP USING CAPS LOCK. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm so so ridiculously excited I can't stand it. Emma and I are going to meet in person. Emma and I are going to meet in person. Emma and I are going to meet. MEEET. MEEEEEEEEEEEEET. (I've seriously been saying this over and over to myself in my brain. It hasn't sunk in quite yet.)

I will be going to America - which is GOING TO BE SCARY AND CRAZY AND FANTASTIC (I've never taken the plane before in my recollection + gone out of Europe) -, we will meet in June, and will be in each other's swell company for three weeks. (Not enough, but hey, we can't complain. AND JUNE WILL BE HERE SOONER THAN WE THINK. *turns off caps lock for a few sentences to show that I have manners.*)

Please tell us one thing you think we should do together. (Not that we haven't got our own list of ideas, ha. We literally have so many things planned. We're watching about 5 months worth of movies.)

Let's just praise the Lord for this, 'kay? Because our prayers truly have been answered much sooner than we dared hope three weeks ago. (And we'd like to thank our wonderful parents for their support in this. You guys should go on a double date.)


PSS. (In case you're a new reader and wondering what on earth I'm talking about, Emma is my very best friend who I met through blogging 2-and-something-years-ago. You should know this.)
PSSS - For a better version of this post: Click here. :-D (Written by someone who I will See Soon.)


For the P&P05 lovers.

As you all know by now, Pride and Prejudice 2005 is not my favourite movie. In fact, it drives me crazy and it makes me weep and it makes me want to rip some of my hair out. (Wow, talk about dramatic post openers, guys.) I call it Pride and Pyjamas, I bash it, I once wrote a long negative post about it and I know not what. I have learnt that there are many who share my opinion. We will talk about it together in the comments, basking in delicious, malicious mutual dislike. We will laugh about the hairstyles, gossip about The Swing Scene and snort about the pig in the house. And well... not going to lie, I enjoy those conversations.

But there are also those who love P&P05. And yesterday, when I was replying to all the lovely comments on my last post, 6 Period Drama's I do not like, I suddenly realised, 'Wow. Those poor P&P05 lovers. These endless people who bash one of their favourite movies must really kind of hurt their feelings.' I imagined me being in their situation - me reading so many blogs laugh at my favourite movie, and say that it isn't Jane Austen. I don't quickly get upset about stuff like that, but I can really imagine this overload of P&P05-haters being very Tiring for P&P05-lovers.

Well, let me say something I Think. People's brains work very differently. There are many people who love P&P05, and there are many people who hate it. And the people who hate can be a bit harsh, and I try my hardest not to. See, I think it's fine to bash a movie - but when it goes to an extent that the movie-bashers bash the lovers-of-the-movie TOO, then I think it goes too far. I apologise if I ever wrote something like, 'If you like P&P05, you're not a true Janeite.' Or if I wrote, 'If you think P&P05 is a true adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, you're stupid.' I really apologise, because that's just mean.

I  don't see P&P05 as a true adaptation of Pride and Prejudice - I don't see it as Jane-Austen-like. But that doesn't mean that the same goes for other people. People interpret stories and characters differently; that's just the wonderful thing about this world of ours. The colourful diversity of everyone's brains ranges from A to Z, from 1 to a 100. We are all different; our brains all churn and dazzle differently. Some easily overlook historical accuracies, others weep at the mere thought of a regency lady in a Georgian corset and wind-blown hair. Personally, I can't fully understand how some people can love P&P05 so much, but that doesn't mean I have to tell them that they can't, ha. 

So, my dear P&P05 lovers, this post is for you. Keep on loving that Keira Knightley version - keep on falling in love with Matthew Macfayden's Mr Darcy - you can have him. :-P Stick together, you guys, and brush off zee unpleasant comments. I hate P&P05, but I definitely do not hate you guys. Let's do a group hug.

As for my fellow P&P95 lovers - WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER. :-P Let's wink and bash the movie together. It's fun.


6 Period Dramas I did not like.

First, a random gif of my darling Amy Dorrit, then the post.

You all know. I adore Period Dramas. You don't need to read any of my posts to know this; you just need to use your eyeballs and look at my header and the pictures/tags in my sidebar. Period-Drama-filled. I am unashamed - I LOVE Period Dramas. (My favourites being Pride and Prejudice 1995, Emma 2009, Downton Abbey, Lark Rise to Candleford, and Testament of Youth, and Little Dorrit, and...)

But there are some that were a disappointment to me. They made me sleep, or weep, or groan in dismay. You might be a fan of these, so yes, I am prepared for fierce-and-angry-comments. Here they are, people; Period Dramas I Did Not Like. (I don't necessarily hate them. I just didn't like them.) (And they are in no particular order, although there are some in this list that annoy me a lot more than others.)

1. Persuasion 2007

Ew. When I watched this, I kind of CRINGED a lot. Everything was just a bit cinge-worthy to me, and I feel very un-Jane-Austen-like to say this in Front Of Everyone, but I didn't like it. I didn't like Anne, to start with - not because she was 'old' or 'quiet', but because she had greasy hair, a creepy smile, and she looked straight AT THE CAMERA and it ANNOYED ME SO MUCH. (Hush, Naomi. Calm down.)

Also... Captain Wentworth. (Pssst. I don't think he's that handsome.)

2. Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree was okay - I just about liked it. (It's probably my favourite on this list, too.) But it definitely doesn't rank high on my list of Period Dramas. Heh. Heh. The main thing that annoyed me was Dick Dewy. :-P First of all, he wasn't handsome. (IN MY OPINION.) Secondly, the way he fell in love with Fancy Day was just so ridiculous it makes me want to weep for humanity. Thirdly, the way he invites Fancy to the 'Par-y' by simply SAYING 'Par-y' in front of her face twice makes me criiiinge. (The pastor also annoyed me so so much. And so did the old man with the big sideburns. Just everyone.)

Basically, I didn't really mind watching this movie because we had a lot of fun watching it and laughing at about just about every character.

3. Our Mutual Friend

Okay, so adding this one to the list is KIIIND of unfair, because I only watched one episode and that's it. (Emma says that if I had watched it all, I would have ended up loving it. :-P)

Buuuut, I didn't, and therefore I did not like it at all. It was CREEPY  (I mean... finding dead bodies in a lake??? Thank you for making nice tv-series, BBC.) and all the characters were CREEPY (like, yeah, keeping sculls in a house is normal???) and just... BLEH. I didn't like it. (I do want to give this another go, though. One day.)

4. Pride and Prejudice 2005

BLEHHH. This movie drives me cruuu-ayyy-zee. Click here for zee long, numerous reasons. MWUHAHA. (It's a very long post. And very hefty. Just warning.)

5. Les Miserables

I'm sorry to say that I didn't even finish this one. :-/ I have learnt to love the music and the characters now - and I have learnt to really love the stage musical - But the movie version?! NOPE. Nopeditynope. It was too miserable and gritty and spooky and sad and scary and poor-people-y.

(The music is nice though, and I would like to give this movie another go one day. But in the meanwhile I'll rewatch the dvd's of Emma's Les Mis performance whenever I'm in a Les Mis mood.)

6. The Mill on the Floss

When people ask me, "What is your least favourite Period Drama?" - I usually say, 'Ew, Mill on the Floss - it's awwwwful." And it is awful. :-P All the characters are either really mean or really melancholy, and although I liked the main character in some parts, she disappointed me hugely. Basically, she falls in love with a tolerably nice dude and then SUDDENLY OUT OF THE BLUE kisses someone else.

Like... UM. OKAY. (How did this story get published again?)

But that's not all, because after zee kiss and zee other-man-business, the main character's annoying brother (who I hate) comes along and they both DROWN. AND THAT'S IT. LIKE REALLY. UGHHHHHHHH. BLEHHH.

(Never watch this.)

Okay, ha. I hope you enjoyed this highly negative post. I'm sorry if I offended you, or bashed your very favourite movie once again - please don't take anything personally, and please tell me whether or not you agree with my controversial sentiments. And have a very good day. :-) Keep on smiling and don't watch bad movies. :-)

What are some Period Dramas you didn't like?


Inkling Exploriations / Post Office

I really really like the Inkling Explorations for March. (For more information about this swell Inkling Exploration series go over to Heidi's blog and read Stuff About It.) The topic for March is, in fact, a scene with a Post Office - AND I LOVE POST OFFICES. 

Post Offices mean letters, newspapers, the smell of ink, the smell of paper, news, gossip, love, words, sentances, handwriting, inkblots, folded leaflets of paper, addresses, envelopes, brown packages, surprises - gah, I love it. While I'm everlastingly thankful for emails and blogging, I do love real hold-in-the-hand letters and packages the most. You can hold them, smell them, feel them, store them in boxes, cherish them, re-visit them with nostalgic thoughts. And again, while I'm supes thankful that we have lovely postmen who come and put letters and news and Amazon packages in a cool box in front of our houses - can we just stop and imagine what it would be like if we had to walk to a post office to get our news? If I lived in those days, I'm sure the post office would be like, my favourite place in town. Me and the post office people would be best friends.

Obviously, Lark Rise to Candleford is the first that comes to mind. :-) Dorcas Lane with her corsetted post-office-y outfits, her gloves, her stamps, letter boxes - Thomas and Laura organising packages - Minnie fooling around with a cleaning mop at the back... SQUEE I LOVE THAT POST OFFICE.

The problem is... I can't choose A scene. There are so many, and I can't think of one specific Post-Office favourite. But here's a nice one. (It's Daniel's Very First Appearance and Minnie asks a funny question and it's just Lark Rise to Candleford and I like it a lot. :-D)

"They say whatever you might need in a small town... head for the post office." - Daniel Parish


Happy Birthday to My Dad!

We have a running joke in our family that this looks like Dad when he was younger.

Well, LOOK whose birthday it is!

Today is the birthday of my favourite 46-year-old, my dear old father. He's been with me along all the way - he was there at my birth, duh - and he's just an Amazing Person In General. I love you, Papa. Maybe I'm biased, but he really is the best Daddy out there, and... well, I frankly don't quite know how to start this post!

Firstly, his faith is amazing, and he inspires me to be a better Christian. And then behind that, my Dad works for his family, teaches us piano, cleans the toilets, loves all his ten kids and calls Mama 'darling' more than her real name. (When I was a little girl I seriously thought my mum's name was 'darling.' Not joking.) He loves coffee and he plays piano like a seriously talented person and he loves God and he wears glasses and he's just the best. (I know, I should have used commas in this sentance instead of 'and's. But hey, you didn't know that "<3" was a heart, so let me.)

In the realm of family-ness, my Dad is known for his puns. Some of them are scandelously bad (Like if we're taking the ferry to England. "It'll be ferry nice"), others are tolerable (Like if we have lettuce for supper. "Lettuce pray.") and then there are other puns which are very good. I cannot give an example of those, because they are always so good no-one but Granddad understands them.

My dad is also known for his coffee. No, he says, I'm not addicted. Everything in moderation, he says. But yet not a day passes without a cuppa coffee. And it's always the same cups. Either that white cup with the bird on it, or either that small beige cup with the word 'coffee' on it - (you know, the one you got for Christmas.)

Also, one cannot associate my dad without thinking of his hands flying over piano keyboards. My goodness, I wish I could play musical instruments like my dad can - he makes it look all so wickedly easy. (He's composed musicals of The Titanic, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and many other stories. Seriously, why isn't he famous?!!)

So dear Daddy, thank you so much for everything you do... thank you for watching Pride and Prejudice with me every year and for being a male fan of it. Thank you for not cooking (that wasn't sarcastic), and thank you for giving me embarrassing nicknames (that was sarcastic).
I do have some complaints, though - why don't you read fictional novels??? You're missing out on something so big. And seriously, don't worry about the shoes being lined up straight today, will you? A little mess in the hallway isn't the end of the world. (Repeat that after me.)

Happy Birthday, Papa! 

I hope you don't get stung by seven (or wait, was it eleven?) bees, and that your fingers taste nice today and that you'll watch sssssssilly movies.
(Those were all inside jokes. None of you will understand, and don't ask. :-P)


When your mother and your sister pull a prank on you...

I can't BELIEVE I got pranked. I'm SO ANGRY and NOT EVEN REMOTELY AMUSED. (Well, I am amused. But I shan't show it to my own kin.)

Anyway, read these comments. AND DON'T LAUGH, for I'm in a frenzy of furious-ness.

  1. Would you like it to rain on your wedding day?
    1. HAHAHA, dear Anonymous. :-D :-D Wellll - no. Wedding days, what with the white dress and the photoshoots and the high heels and all that, are indubitably better with The Sun. (But I would make the most of it if it did rain. :-P)
    2. Oh really? That's disappointing. Can't your darling Mr Rain come to your wedding? Your hair will get curly, your clothes will get wet (which is a nice thing), you can use pretty umbrellas, you'll be snug and cosy and you can even do singing and dancing in the rain! You will also have the most gorgeous smell of rain and maybe even a beautiful rainbow! Wouldn't that be so romantic? Come on, I thought you loved rain!
      One more question and then I'll stop bothering you. Do you think rain is suitable for a funeral?
    3. I do love rain. Your comment makes me want a rainy wedding. :-) And funerals? Pfft, I don't know. Funerals are so sad the weather is little thought of, I assume. (You ask tricky questions! ;-D)

      What are your opinions on our dear Mr Rain? I have the feeling you Don't Like It Much, do you? :-) And don't worry about bothering me! I like comments.

      ~ Naomi
  2. I think a funeral would be better with rain, like the sky is weeping.
    I live in a country where it rains a lot. It is raining here where I am as usual. What about where you live?
    I love the sun. It makes everybody happy. I see your point though about the cosiness of rain.
    Fun discussing with you!
    1. It rains a lot here, too. I love the sun, but I love the rain as well. :-) (The rain just gets a lot of Hate, therefore I wanted to defend it. :-) But I really love the sun, too. :-D) The Sun definitely is very happy. :-)
    2. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. We grumble and detest the rain because we always have it but people in hot areas welcome it with open arms.
      I know you like the queen, so this one is for you:
      "What's the queen's favourite precipitation? Reign!"
      I don't intend to go on and on, so enough about this subject. Next post about our darling Mrs Sun maybe?
    3. Yeah, exactly.
      Haha, very funny pun! :-) Do you live in England? Or America? (Or somewhere else.. :-))
      Ha, well my sister said I had to do a post on Mrs Sun, too. :-) I might.
    4. I actually live in Waterloo(in Belgium). You know, where Wellington defeated Napoleon. What about you? Where do you live?
    5. OH MY GOODNESS ANONYMOUS! So do I!!!! :-O (It's sunny right now, right?)
    6. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm only your boring mum!!!
    7. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In Which I Make Cinderella Ridiculous

... and I apologise in advance. (I also apologise in advance about the disastrous and cringe-worthy amount of times I use the word 'like' in this post. But sometimes one must pretend to be fashionable.)

So, there's this young girl called Ella. Has a mother, has a father. Never a moments sorrow. In fact, the first time she cries in her life is when her mother dies. (Which, it cannot be denied, is very sad.) Ella grows up, her father and best friend (the same person) grows up, too. Then one day the father's like, 'Hey Ella, I'm going to marry an evil stepmother bye.' And then he's like, 'Oh hey Ella, I'm going off and I'm going die bye.' So then Ella's stuck with three evil people who randomly decide to put the word of something which makes her dirty before her real name. Fortunately, it sounds quite elegant, the name. (It's Cinderella, for anyone who lives under a rock and has never heard of this story.)

Then one day Ella's like, 'Hey I'm going to go to ride on my white pony bye.' And she meets a man who is coincidentally three things: 1. Young 2. Handsome 3. Single. Oh, and hey, also a prince. They're like, 'We're madly in love guys' for days after exchanging like, three sentences and three eyeglances. Um, okay.

The prince is rather desperate to exchange the fourth sentence, so he's like, 'hey dad lets invite EVERYONE to my ball.' And the dad's like, 'Fine son.' Even though his idea means that terrorists and beggars and dogs and barmaids are welcome too. But okay, everything to exchange the fourth sentence; I get it. They need to meet again. But wait - will they? Because the stepmother's like, 'No Cinderella, madam will do and your dress won't.'

But it doesn't matter, that - in fact, it's a blessing in disguise because a white thing changes garden things into carriage things and suddenly Cinderella has a blue dress on. Like, wow, thanks, white thing. That was really much appreciated. So thus Cinderella walks into the ballroom and everyone's like, 'Okay let's look at that random girl so that the prince will notice her in this big crowd and so they can exchange the forth sentence.' Cinderella and the prince are like, 'Oh HEY! Let's dance' and they dance even though Cinderella has never had dance lessons and she has never practised dancing in a big dress. Then they walk in a garden and the prince is like, 'Hey let me put on your shoe.' Cinderella's like, 'Oh dear, it's midnight I gotta go, I gotta goooo!' And then her shoe falls off again and Kit's like, 'Wow couldn't she have put on shoes that fit?'

Anyways, back home the stepmother realises Cinderella had come to the ball, and she realises that the prince and her are on their way to matrimony. She's like, 'Mwuhaha, let me lock her up in the attic and break the glass slipper.' But the MICE are like, 'Let's save the day' and they open the window. Cinderella is like, 'I'm going to sing even though I'm locked in' and then Kit hears her et voila. They meet for the third time, exchange their tenth-or-something sentence and why, yes - why yes, they are ready to promise each other to have and to hold till death them to part.


"What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again."

{No, this is not another post about being happy and focusing on the positive and neither is is a post with a list of my favourite things. This is a post about rain; the title is a quote of a musical song, and you should have known that without me telling you.}

Inspired by Amy's Ode to Tea and Emma's letter to Snow (which she wrote back in December, but still), I am here to talk about Another Thing Which Can't Think Or Talk But Which I'm Going To Pretend That Can. (I'm making sense, right?) 

I'm going to talk about rain. Rain, to say in the least, is disastrously underrated. In Belgium; February, March, and just every single month in general, are often rainy months. I go to French Class every Thursday evening, and I'm telling you, every single time they complain about 'the terrible weather in this country.' (In French.) On Sundays, I'll hear at least one person at Church bash my darling and dear Mr Rain. When there's a sunny day, they'll say, 'Oh this is so much better than all that rain.' Which, you know, I respect, and all that - but which constantly reminds me of the fact that rain is extremely and terribly underrated.

My dear and darling Mr Rain, I will be putting you in the limelight today. You may start smiling, for one of your pluviophiles is finally shedding you some glory. (You deserve it and you're welcome.)

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” ― Bill Watterson

Dear Mr Rain, people say you are wet. Which, I cannot deny is a fact with extremely reliable sources as you are the very thing; wet. But by no means am I agreeing with the tone of voice in which people say that. They say this with disgusted faces; faces that look like my face when I watch Pride and Prejudice 2005. (Yes, I considered not writing down that about P&P05, but I decided to go for it because that movie just really irritates me and I ain't going to hide that.) People say 'ew, rain is so wet' as if it is a monstrous thing to be. Don't ever stop being wet, rain - I love that you are wet.

Why, if you weren't wet all the fun would be out of it. You wouldn't be an adventure, you wouldn't be cosy, you wouldn't want to make people go inside and warm their hands and put on new dry clothes.  You wouldn't make people's hair curly during rain-walks, and that would be a very sad thing indeed. That's the whole nice thing about you, rain - you are wet.

“The only noise now was the rain, pattering softly with the magnificent indifference of nature for the tangled passions of humans.” ― Sherwood Smith

Because you are wet, Liesl and Maria became friends rather than people with an 'oh-I-don't-need-a-governess'-relationship. No really, because if Liesl wouldn't have become wet, Maria wouldn't have given her her nightgown and Maria wouldn't have suggested to clean and dry her gorgeous pink dress for her. That started their good relationship. (No, don't say, 'Well, it would have happened sooner or later.' Be quiet, Sparkler.)

Because you are wet, Marianne Dashwood almost died but then didn't and then fell in love with Colonel Brandon. If you weren't wet, dear Mr Rain, Marianne Dashwood would never have fallen deathly ill, and she would have never really noticed Colonel Brandon at all. Colonel Brandon showed what a hero he was during her illness and without you being wet he would not have made such an impression on Miss Marianne. Also, because you are wet, Elinor looked really cute like that (see picture below) and Edward decided once and for all that he was really in love with her. Good job, Mr Rain.

Because you are wet, Emma Woodhouse was able to make her second match turn into reality. Miss Taylor and Mr Weston's love story only really started when He decided to share his umbrella with her. If you weren't wet, dear Mr Rain, they wouldn't even have had those umbrella's, and they would have never fallen in love! (Take that, rain-haters.) 

“Thunderstorms are as much our friends as the sunshine.” 

― Criss Jami
People complain also about you being cold. But just because you are cold and wet, you are just about the cosiest thing ever. I have several excellent memories of coming home from rainy walks and snuggling in dry pyjamas and drinking warm chocolate milk. You, my darling Mr Rain, make everyone appreciate the warmth and the dryth (I invented that word because it sounds very good) in our humble abodes. You make everyone nice and wet and nice and chilly so that we can feel that amazing feeling of coming home, drying ourselves, and treating ourselves with hot drinks and cosy evenings of dry blankets  and a good movie. That feeling is just about the best thing ever, and I really really really appreciate your coldness and your wetness.

And in the summer, your cold and wetness is even more appreciated. Ugh, it's just perfect when you decide to say hello when it's stifling hot outside - your wonderful fat and wet and cold raindrops are sheer glory on our burning skin during the summer.

Keep on being cold and wet, Mr Rain. Thank you. Let's shake hands.

“I love the smell of rain and growing things.” ― Serina Hernandez

People go on, complain that you are dreary. Who put that idea in their heads, pray? Okay, well, you can have the impression that you're grey and dark and grumbly - especially if you decide to thunder (which, don't get me wrong, I love) - but people don't see the good sides! I have said it already, but I shall repeat it again - you are cosy. There is nothing I love better than a long and dark rainy day. I love the pattern of your raindrops on my window, and I love spending time in my room when you are doing your thing outside.

You are romantic too, Mr Rain, for all of cinema's most epic love scenes are in the rain. (Except Mr Darcy's proposal in P&P05. That was just silly, Mr Rain.) 

Take Roger Hamely's adorable rain-filled proposal - Molly Gibson just loved it. And take Catherine and Henry's little rain-moment; not my personal favourite scene in Northanger Abbey, but millions adore it. And then there's that classic, classic scene in Singing in the rain, where the Gene Kelly guy dances and sings in the rain. (I know; it's not a romantic scene, because it's just him - but it's an epic and a famous cinema scene, sooo.)

“I love rainstorms...the thunder, lightning, wind, all of it. So much going on at once, so many emotions...just like me.” ― April Mae Monterrosa

Just like you, Mr Rain, Dr Seuss is a genius, because I'm pretty sure he loved you. First 'Sally and I' complain about not being able to do anything but 'sit sit and sit' (and they did not like it, not one little bit) just because it's raining. (Ha. They're so funny, aren't they?) But then The Cat comes in (which is really creepy if you think about it) and he says, 'I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can do lots of things that is funny!' And yes, I heartily agree with the good old Cat Hat.


There a millions of things you can do when it's raining. You can read a book, write stories (writing always comes easier when it's raining outside), make pancakes, watch movies, tidy your room (tidying your room is nice when it's raining), make scrapbooks, read blog posts and I know not what! And if you want, you can go outside and sing and dance in the rain. That's always possible too. 

“Heavy rains and a good book. A perfect extravagance.” 

― Carew Papritz
You are also really emotional, rain - you provide for a lot of tear-gerkers. In fact, there's this famous quote by Charlie Chaplin in which he says that he likes walking in the rain so no-one can see him crying. (Apparently Rowan Atkinson said this too once, but he was probably just quoting Charlie Chaplin - who forgot to copyright his quote.) There are several scenes in cinema with you, Mr Rain, in it - which make me choke up a Whole Lot.

Molly Gibson and Roger Hamely's proposal is an example, but the classic example is Eponine's death scene in Les Miserables - and her gorgeous rain-filled solo, On My Own

"There's nothing in the world that compares to the feel and smell of brand-new rain." 

— Colleen Hoover
Furthermore, my dear Mr Rain, you smell amazingly. You make the earth smell amazing; you make the earth bring forth fruit - you make the flowers grow, the blossom colour, the trees green and the fruit ripen. In retrospect, you give us books - because without trees there wouldn't be books, and without you there wouldn't be trees. And you give us chocolate, because without cocoa beans and milk there wouldn't be chocolate, and without you there wouldn't be cocoa beans, and without cows there wouldn't be milk, and without you there wouldn't be cows alive on earth. 

You are amazing, Mr Rain, and you do, quite frankly, not deserve all the hate comments and bullying you receive daily. I promise I never sang 'Rain, rain, Go to Spain' when I was a little girl, and I promise I never shall. Seriously, there are so many people who yearn for some raindrops, so I know it's foolish to complain when you're so gracious to bestow my country with your showers of generosity.

Finally and most importantly, without you, my darling and dearest Mr Rain, there would be no rainbows, and that would make the world a very sad place indeed. (And without you, one wouldn't be in need of umbrellas - and umbrellas are pretty darn cute objects of shelter.)

Do you like rain?
(Say yes.)