Two people in one ~ Game

What on earth is a 'two-people-in-one-game'? Uh-uh- that sounds suspiciously weird. And you are right- this game is weird, and some pictures look rather creepy. Just you wait and see when you scroll down.
How to play:
Guess the actor's face and the Period Drama Character body, and tell me in a comment. 200 points can be won, 10 points for each right answer. Enjoy!
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 

Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body: 
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body:
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body:
Actor's face:
Period Drama Character's body:
Either you shuddered or either you laughed... I did both while I made these. Thanks for playing and answers coming next week!
(This is a mixture of Julie Andrews and Diana Barry)


War Horse 2011 ~ Review

We watched this movie recently for my sisters birthday, and here's a review! This was the second time I watched this, and it was nice to recognise more actors the second time. This, dramatic, epic and moving story is about a horse, Joey, who gets sold, bought, and tossed around from owner to owner. He was happy with Alfred Naracott, but had to be sold when the First World War arrived, to be used in the army. Rest assured, all ends well with Joey, but there are many, many sad things about this movie.
I thought Alfred Naracott, the main character and owner of the horse, was very well cast. Alfred is a handsome young lad (he reminds me a little of John-boy, Emma ;) who, when he is determined to do something, he does it- whatever is in the way. He's tough, strong and has a passionate love for horses. He loves Joey dearly and it almost breaks his heart when his father is forced to sell it when a war breaks out.
Alfred was very well acted by Jeremy Irvine, who also acted in a very late production of 'Great Expectations' (which I have not seen). He had a very smart accent, and- he was just really good.
His parents, Ted and Rosie Naracott, were also very well cast by Peter Mullan and Emily Watson (Miss Potter, The Book Thief, The Mill on the Floss). Ted Naracott, a dreamy, empty-headed man who always seems to take the wrong decisions, and Rosie, a sensible and practical sweet lady, who constantly worries about her farm (understandable!)
I believe everyone was excited to see Benedict Cumberpatch (Sherlock, Amazing Grace...) and Tom Hiddleston (Return to Cranford) together, side by side in this film! I thought Captain James Nicholls and Major Jamie Stewart were so funny together, always competition-ing and- just those two actors together was priceless!
SPOILER Tom Hiddleston died. END OF SPOILER
Alfred Naracott's friend Andrew Easton plays a rather minor role, but I have to add him because, gentle readers, he was acted by Matt Milne, who's the footman Alfred in Downton Abbey! I recognised him this time, and squealed when I saw Alfreeed!
It was so funny because Alfred in Downton is shy, polite and serious, and Andrew is silly, giggly and cheeky. His character was so different that it made me hysterical!
Emilie is the girl who's into a surprise one morning when she finds two horses, Joey and the black one (forgot his name) in her grandpa's barn. She grows very fond of them both, but especially Joey. When the Germans steal away the two horses, she's immensely sad and almost breaks her heart. In fact she does because...
Her grandpa was sweet and always concerned about his grand-daughter's health and care. I felt so sorry for him, because he ends up all alone. I really think he ought to end happy.
Emilie was a sweet girl, but her accent annoyed me a little. She's supposed to be French, but just to please us watchers, she speaks in a rather aggravating accent. Anyways, she was sweet and she deserved more than she had. I loved the scene where she puts the two horses in her bedroom.
But my favourite scene of all of the 'no mans land' scene. That's just such a beautiful, lovely, touching scene. I cried when I watched this. A British soldier spots 'War Horse' wounded and stuck in barbed wire in 'no mans land' (land not belonging to either party) and, after waving a white flag, goes to help the horse.
Then a German soldier comes out of his trench to lend the English soldier a wire-cutter. Together, the two soldiers who normally shoot and kill each-others men, become friends and help the horse. They decide who the horse belongs to by tossing a coin. The English one gets it. :D
Quotes in this scene:
English soldier: You speak good English.
German soldier: I speak English well.
English: In a weeks time we'll be shooting each-other here again.
German: How are things over in yonder trench?
English: Couldn't be better. And with you?
German: We smoke, knit pullovers and teach our rats how to perform circus tricks.
English: If you ever need some more you can call us 'cos we've got enough of them.
War Horse in his best scene- on his way to no-body's land. Don't ask me how they filmed this scene.
The Schroder brothers, two German soldiers, Gunther and Michael grow to like the War Horse as well. When Gunther becomes really worried because Michael (only fourteen) goes to fight, he takes the two horses, grabs his brother whilst racing on the horses and they both run away from camp. They hide in a wind-mill, but get found in the night.

Of course, I have to write something about Joey- after all, he is the main character. Apparently, Joey was acted by a different horse in every scene, but I didn't notice anything about that.

Normally, I don't care much about horsey movies, but -although it was perhaps a trifle too horsey- it was okay.

Anyway, Joey, was a magnificent horse- so strong and courageous. A true War Horse!
The ending made me cry. When Alfred came back on Joey and silently hugs his mother and father after a long, horrendous war, that just made me cry. To see at least one family together and whole. After all the horrible scenes of war, fighting, killing and horrible circumstances, to see one family again like they were before the war, was so touching.
I am rather sensitive when it comes to movies, so I cannot say I really enjoyed this movie. It was very lovely, and I certainly understand why people love it, but it's just too sad and too scary for me.
After watching this, one grasps the full meaning and one realises how horrendous the WW1 was. They show it so well- and show us the full reality of how it was. Downton Abbey shows it well, but here it's shown even better- it seems even worse than shown in Downton.
What those poor men must have suffered then! I cannot bare thinking about it. My father said his grandfather fought in WW1 and that when he- as a boy- asked him about it, he simply would not talk about it. That war haunted and hurt and killed millions- there wasn't anyone who, when the war ended, didn't mourn about someone dying.
This movie shows us how horrible it was. How it was for a soldier to kill and fight and too see and survive. Actually, hardly anyone survives (you'll know this if you read all the SPOILERS in this post.)
I would recommend this movie, but only for older viewers. This movie isn't exactly my sort of film because, as I said, I am very sensitive about those sort of movies- I just cannot see all those people and horses suffering- I just don't like it.
But that's just me- My sister and my parents and my brother loved it, and I really understand why. So if you're a strong type who is 'strong' enough to watch these sort of movies, I do recommend. If you're like me, I do recommend it, but I also recommend you closing your eyes in some scenes. I did.
This movie had witty scenes, some funny scenes, lots of moving and crying scenes and some violent scenes. 
Oh yes, the scenery at the Naracott's farm was BEAUTIFUL. Really. I want to go and live there one day. :-)

Have you seen War Horse?
What did you think of it?


Multiple Coice Quiz- Answers

I loved creating this game! I shall make some others in the same genre in the future. You all did pretty well, and without further ado, here are the long-awaited answers!
#1. What are the names of Sophie Hutton's (from Cranford) two younger sisters?
a) Lizzie and Helen

#2. What are the names of the Dashwood's servants at Barton Cottage? (Sense and Sensibility)
c) Betsy and Thomas
#3.  According to Mr Collins, how much did Rosings chimney piece in the second drawing room cost?
b) 800£
#4. Complete the quote: This is a fine kettle of....
a) fish
(Marilla Cuthbert said this)

#5 Who's the first person speaking in the entire Downton Abbey show (aka- series one)?
c) The postmaster
#6 What did Pollyanna say when her aunt told her to eat bread and milk with Nancy, the maid (it was a punishment)?
a) Oh, thank you, Aunt Polly! I love bread and milk!
#7 At the end of 'My Fair Lady', Henry Higgins tells Eliza to find his...
a) slippers
#8 Finish this quote: I mustn't come any closer. I promised your...
d) father
(said by Roger Hamely)
#9 Gwendolyn Fairfax (the Importance of Being Earnest) thinks reading ones diary is...
a) sensational
#10 Tumnus the faun (in Narnia) tempts Lucy to come to his house by promising...
d) sardines
#11 In the Kings Speech, king George tells his daughters a story. In the end of the story the penguin changes into a...
b) albatross
#12 In North and South, Fanny Thornton is shocked to see that the Hales do not have a...
a) piano
#13 What does Lizzy Bennet think that not many wouldn't approve of?
c) Pemberly

#14 What would Anne Shirley have done had Matthew not come to pick her up?
b) climb into a cherry tree and spend the night there

#15 Who said this? "Seems a pity to miss such a good pudding"
c) Violet Crawley

 Players' scores:
Miss Laurie: 150
Emma Jane: 110
Kiri Liz: 110
Ella: 80
Evie: 60
Birdie: 60
Thanks for playing, girls!

Style Inspiration ~ Judy Garland

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else."
~Judy Garland
I love Judy Garland's outfits. Her dresses, her skirts, her hats, her shoes. I love, love, love her clothes. Seriously, she's such a person to envy. Of course, I also greatly, greatly, greatly envy her voice and  her lovely hairstyle and her dancing-talent, but most of all (after the voice maybe) her costumes! Almost every dress she wore is what I would wear. I love-- (stop Naomi. Saying the word 'love' too much in one paragraph does not sound professional.)
So. In this post I will show you the reason why, and just make you agree with me. You'll see, gentle readers- you'll be like me at the end of this post, when it comes to Judy's clothes.
What I like about her costumes that they are pretty almost modest and yet very beautiful and so purty! Oh! I envy, envy- stop it Naomi! Really. You should learn how to engage your readers better, no wonder you don't have one-hundred followers yet. *Lydia-snort*
Let's start.

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Judy Garland's white party dresses
In many movies and concerts we can see Judy wearing some lovely white dresses. I didn't say just 'lovely' did I? Oh dear. I meant very lovely.
Going on.
My very-favourite-of-all-my-favoured-Judy-Garland-dresses is a white and long dress, but I shan't show it now, it will come as a surprise at the end of this post. And no readers, please do not scroll down to see it. Hello, it's a surprise.
You've seen this dress on the far left of the picture above the picture above, but here it is again, just because it's too pretty not to be seen more than once. Twould be scandalous if I only posted one picture of this sheeny dress, would it not? LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS. I. want. it.
Judy Garland wore this dress in one of the 'Andy Hardy' movies (which I haven't seen but is on my too-see list. Don't laugh, Emma.) while she was singing 'I'm nobody's baby'. Of course she isn't, because she's a girl, not a baby. Oops sorry. That had nothing to do with the dress.
Anyways, the dress.
Oh yes. I love it. Those see-through puffed sleeves. Cordelia (Anne) Shirley would approve. And look at that bouquet at the belt! And that fluffy skirt!!!!

Another dreamily lovely dress which she wears in another 'Andy Hardy' movie, here.

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Other party dresses (not white I mean)

I found this dress, have no idea whatsoever where it comes from, but is worn by Judy Garland and had to appear on my blog. I mean, just look.

I call this cute lace-trimmed black party dress Judy Garland's Mickey Rooney's dress, because she always seems to wear it in pictures where she's together with him. This dress is adorable and so cute.

 Haha! I love this purple outfit! It's so cute, although I couldn't say I would wear it. I love that checked skirt! Call this an original dress. :D
Those petticoats.
My favourite other-colour-party-dress shall appear at the end of this post- surprise, surprise!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Judy Garland's day-dresses

Peoples, I know I've told you to 'look at this' and 'look at that' enough already, but I'm going to do it again. LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT ON THE LEFT! I love that outfit, people. Really- it's just sooo, elegant and vintage-y and suuper elegant. I have vowed to sew this for myself one day.

And I shall learn how to tap-dance and marry a man who does it as well. Hehheee. Watch the video clip here.

This dress is in the same sort of style, and again it's sucha cute outfit. She wears this in a movie where she sings a very catchy tune called 'It's a fine day for the Irish'. This is such a smart outfit. Those buttons. That collar. That hat.
(Click on this picture above to make it larger)

Some more 'day-dresses' Judy wore in different movies and shows. I especially like the one on the far right, but all of them are simply scrumptious, no?
I love this dress Judy Garland wears in another 'Andy Harvey' movie. She sings 'In Between'- which is a very sweet song and I love singing it. The dress is supposed to be 'plain' and very 'girlish', since she sings about wanting to have a 'party dress which boys will adore', but nevertheless I think it's very pretty. I looove the flower in the collar.

 Although this dress is very simple, it's very classy and pretty. I love the darker lines and the collar! So librarian-vintage-ish if you get what I mean. :-P She wears it here.

 Judy Garland looks perfectly dear in practically everything- even in trousers/pants like the picture above! I adore that striped shirt! Suits her so well.

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Judy Garland's old-fashioned clothing

In the former pictures in this post, you've seen Judy in most clothes which were considered 'modern' in her time. In these picture above you can see her in old-fashioned clothing.

I especially love the blue and white striped dress she wore in the 'the Boy next door' scene in 'Meet me in st Louis'. I am in love with the little bowtie! It suits Judy Garland so well!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Judy Garland's famous outfits
 Without doubt, her most famous outfit is the Dorothy one- of the Wizard of Oz. Indubitably. And I kinda understand why- it's extremely lovely. And her red shoes, of course. We can't forget them:
 I also have the feeling her 'Meet me in St Louis' dress (see above the picture above) is rather popular, and again I understand why. I love all the little tassels- it's such a unique dress! Normally I don't really like yellow with blue, but here I do.
 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Lesser outfits
I didn't say all her outfits were beautiful. I said almost all. There are some which are too weird to be nice or just plain not-very-pretty.
 Take this dress for instance. A net with little pon-pons- call that weird. But I must say, she wears it well! It looks quite good on her!
I also love the song she sings in this dress. Really, I strongly advise you to click here and watch it.
 Ugh. Sorry Judy- but you really chose wrongly here. You probably did it on purpose, I know, but you don't look very well in this outfit. Sorry. The net-dress was better.
Another clownish outfit! Although not as grotesque as the one before, this dress really looks rather ugly. But I must add that the song 'Ragtime violin' is very fun.
 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
My three favourite Judy Garland outfits ~ Surprise!
#3 Judy Garland's blue Fred Astaire dress.
Okay, I adore this dress, but it's so special that I don't think I would have courage to wear it. But forget about that- it's my third-favourite Judy Garland costume, and that means a lot! I LOVE IT!
#2 Judy Garland's 'Embraceable you' dress.
Words fail to describe my high feelings for this scrumptious dress! Although I don't really like the song she sings in it, that dress just- really. I need it. I need it. Just look at those long flowy flounces and the flowery pattern! Swooon.
#1 Judy Garland's Nelly Kelly dress!
Any need to say that this dress is just perfect? Just PERFECT. I am going to have this dress on day. I'm going to base my wedding dress of it. Look at that collar! With all the fluff and puff and cloudy-ness and frills and layers and tulle.... mumble, mumble. I LOVE it sooo much!
She sings in this dress here.
There! if that wasn't a surprise I don't know it.
What's your favourite Judy Garland dress?