3 Mini-Reviews of the 3 Movies I have seen in January

The Light Between the Oceans

Okay... so first off, I am not sure if I recommend this? On the one hand it left me with chills and in awe (and I went to amazon straightaway to order the book because I cannot get enough of this story), but on the other hand... IT IS SO MUCH. Like, the emotional turmoil this movie put me through was not okay. I went in it, knowing it was going to be dramatic and knowing that I was going to cry (and I put it on because I felt like a crying movie) (and because I'd seen the trailer so many times it was becoming pathetic), but man when I mean crying movie I didn't mean SOBBING LIKE A BABY MOVIE.

So warning: It is a very dramatic movie. Intense. Drama. Packed with it. Amen. The end.

But it's beautiful. So so so beautiful. The actors, the scenery (man, that little island with the sand dunes and the dry grass and the grey clouds and the pink, pink sunsets... it reminded me of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel 'The Blue Castle'. Isabelle and Tom also kinda look like how I imagine Barney and Valancy, so that made it even better.), the characters (TOM. 😍 That man has a heart of gold.), the love story (Isabelle's "Well, then marry me" was epic),the storylines, the stories behind it, the music... ahh twas good dangit.

(Still not sure if I recommend it though. :-))

The Greatest Showman

(I chose this poster because I love these two together and I loved that scene. And the moon and the pink dress.)

AHHH THIS MUSICAL. (This is the greatest show!!!!) (I sung that.) (That's what happens with musicals. One listens to the soundtrack and one sprouts out lyrics randomly.) I went with not-so-high-expectations, I left singing and dancing out of the cinema. My sister and I went to watch it for my birthday, in a small cinema room with comfy chairs and a bag of sweet popcorn between us. It started. We got chills. It went on. We loved it.

Personally, I think it is lacking slightly in plot. There could have been more to the storyline? I don't know. Maybe it was me being picky. But it was definitely a very spectacular movie. The best thing was obviously, the songs. "Tightrope", for instance (*insert HEART EMOJI*), and "The Other Side" (love that scene so so much haha) and "Reach out the stars" (yeah yeah Zendaya and Zach y'all have mad skillz. That scene was amazing) and, one of the best songs in my opinion, "This is Me." Oh and that opening song and scene. When they all stamp and sing and suddenly the Amazing Hugh Jackman goes, smooth and soft as ever, "Ladies and Gents this is the moment you've waited for." YES. THAT IS A GOOD MUSICAL INTRODUCTION.

If you get the chance, watch it. (Although it bugs me that Hugh Jackman's wife walks around in town with her hair loose. And the elephants are toootally fake.)


I saw this yesterday evening and it was so good! It's a family movie (unlike 'The Light between the Oceans' haha) and it really pleasantly surprised me. I didn't expect it to be so good, but it really was. It made me laugh and cry and left me wanting for more. (Also, it's all about people who are slightly nerdy and want to make things and I love that. This movie has a girls obsessed with books, a clock making boy with big dreams, a film maker, an actress, etc. Can't you sense how good this movie is? Smell it.)

Also it's set in the 1930's and it's in Paris so the scenes are all so pretty. (ALTHOUGH. That blue policeman dude with the ghastly moustache should leave. Him and his dog. NOW. Ugh. I do not like the man. The flower lady must know better.) (The way he talked was hilarious though.)

Asa Butterfield's acting is superb. I mean wow. That boy has talent. When his gorgeous blue eyes well up in tears, you just feel it. And then he lives in a clock. I mean, I kinda want to live in a clock.

Would I watch this again? I would.
Should you watch this? You should.

And with that I end this post. Go hence and spend thine hours watching these three movies. (Although maybe not the first. :-P)


wait what, I'm 19?

{things I learnt when I was 18}

I learnt that it's worth being tired if it means you get life-long memories
I learnt that it's not worth being tired if not
I learnt how to properly pluck my eyebrows so they look good
I learnt that the Bible is one big unified storyline about Jesus
I learnt how to sing a solo without feeling nervous
I learnt how to pray aloud for a group of people
I learnt that polaroid pictures are worth the money
I learnt that it's impossible for me to make close friends if we don't have Jesus as our mutual friend
I learnt that I can spend a month without Pinterest
I learnt that it is possible for me to read twenty-nine books in a year. Only. Twenty. Nine. (*cries*)
I learnt that God is too loving for us to even come close to understanding
I learnt that instagram was fun till it became an idol.
I learnt that deleting the instagram app isn't that big of a deal + I can survive perfectly well without it.
I learnt that writing down prayers brings me closer to God
I learnt that there a lot of stupid people in the world
I learnt that God loves all those stupid people
I learnt that my homeschooling life was not stressful next to my college life
I learnt that it's always a good time with good friends, no matter what you're doing
I learnt that my mum is the best encourager for me in my studies
I learnt that I LOVE to encourage people
I learnt that I have become one of those bloggers that rarely posts because of a busy schedule
I learnt a lot of things because this has been a truly blessed year.

Now I'm nineteen and I can't believe being eighteen is over already. There were ups and downs and laughs and tears and in the end, there was always God's love, there whether or not I always trusted or took complete hold of it. In the end, I have a solid rock to lean upon. My age is going up faster than I want sometimes - the people and the life around me are always slowly changing. But there is always a foundation in my life. I'm God's daughter and that will never change. I pray that we can all share that foundation.

Oh, Happy National Hugging Day :-)
*virtual hug*


Christmas, New Year, and Exams

Before I write this blog post, I should acknowledge the fact that I should not, in fact, be writing this blog post. I should be studying my socks off for my dreaded exam on Monday.

Just For Your Interest.

Christmas Eve was nice. We had my mum's side of the family over and we ordered 20-something thick, zizzly-with-fat pizza's. I love that we did pizza for Christmas Eve. Sometimes you don't need the whole spiced-potatoe-and-rich-homemade-gravy-deal. Sometimes you just gotta go for a fancy version of junk food. And it was awesome. I had four huge (like, almost American-kinda-huge) slices of pepperoni pizza. After the third slice, I told my aunt (and friend) (meaning my aunt is not only my aunt, she also my friend) (not meaning I asked my aunt and my friend, aka two people) (sidetrackkk), I told her, "My head says I shouldn't have another but my heart says I should." She told me to follow my heart. So I did.

Christmas Day was short and sweet. It was sisters and brothers and mum and dad. It was singing songs and Queen Elizabeth's speech and going to Church and opening presents. It was feeling thankful. But it ended with me returning to my room, where there were (and are, albeit slightly messier than then) 11 neat piles of paper with STUFF.

My dear readers, Belgium has a thing. It has a thing for placing exams in January, after the Christmas break. And it has a thing for making 'em (the exams) nice and difficult. Especially difficult. (Especially not nice.) In other words, I did not have a Christmas break. But that's okay. You're only a college-kid once. (#yoacko) (#?)

So every day these past two weeks, my day has gone as follows:

6:30 am - my phone buzzez. I grab it and read whatsapp messages and scroll through instagram (which I've now decided to delete because I scrolled through it too much) (and it's 2018, so I'm bettering my life! Of course!) and check inboxs' and BBC news and I do my Bible devotion on the app.
6:45 - I get out of bed and wrap my white fluffy blanket around me and go downstairs. Make tea. Have breakfast. Take tea up to my bedroom. While the house is dark and my family is enjoying their holiday hours of sleep. (Actually, I quite enjoyed doing that. There is a sense of great pride in myself at my accomplishment in waking up early to study. I felt pretty legit.)
7:00-12:00 - Work (sometimes good days, sometimes disappointing days) (but all in all, I was at my desk with books and papers)
12:00 - Time to get out of my cave and eat
12:30 - The hermit returns to her cave to freak out and study. Now and then the hermit gets interrupted by her loving mother who gives her nice things like mints and chocolate and - yesterday - a cute brand-new sweater. (LITERALLY COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY MUM.) (+chocolate)
17:00 - Dinner. Sometimes I had it on a plateau in my bedroom so I could study some more. Sometimes I went down to interact with humans.
19:00-21:00 - work. Sometimes I worked on till 10 pm. Not because I was enjoying myself, but because there were eleven piles to get through.
22:15 - sleep cuz I need it too (+ set alarm for tomorrow at 6:30)

So there you go. Now it's 21:25. Today I finally feel ready for the exams. They start on Monday and will go on till the 19th. I am ready for the 20th of January.

On New Years' Eve/New Year I did take some time off to welcome myself and my dear friends into the New Year. We had the best time. I love my friends so much, sometimes I just can't believe I'm lucky enough to be part of such an amazing, loving, God-honouring group of friends. When we went outside to listen (and try to see...) the fireworks me and Julia were just like, 'gah, thank you Jesus. Thank you for 2017. Thank you for 2018.'

I am so excited for this year, even though I know there's a very busy semester ahead, and even though I know it will be stressful for me at college because of all the work. But God is good and there is so much room inside of me for growth in His direction. I'm excited about growing deeper in faith and finding more and more possibilities for me to serve Him.

Here is a random picture of some of our feet. (Picture credit: Erik)

(guess what socks are mine)

I guess I don't need to explain further why I haven't been blogging much. Or emailing. Or writing. Or reading books For Pleasure. But you know, it's okay. It really is. Yes, I don't like exams, but do I have a loving family and loving friends and warm clothes and tea and chocolate and food and a room? Yes. I don't have time to reread Gone with the Wind or to watch Titanic with my family, but do I have an amazing Saviour who loves me and fills me with joy? Yes.

So all is well.

And I shall leave you now to go to bed. Happy New Year, loyal readers.

I shall leave you with my favourite song I discovered in 2017. (IT'S LITERALLY SO BEAUTIFUL + makes me sob.) (LISTEN TO IT.) (thx)

Never forget that you are worth more than words can express! x