Sybil's Gorgeous Room

Natalie, this post is for you. :-)

Several weeks ago, Natalie and I swooned over Sybil Lindsay's room in the comment box. You might have spotted our caps, written in great gusto. We were talking about this super, super, super short scene in the lovely movie 'Chariots of Fire' - where Harold Abraham's love interest, Sybil, hears that Harold won the race. She hears the news in her bedroom. And we happened to adore that super short scene. Screen-caps weren't available on the Internet, so I screen-capped my own!

This picture gives you the best view of the room. My GOODNESS isn't this so endlessly beauty-swamped?!!! I want to sit in that room and have a French maid curl my hair. I want to fiddle with glassy perfume bottles and little beautiful bits and bobs. I know, I know, I sound like a spoilt two-year-old who didn't get his second chocolate-cake-piece, but I can't HELP this state of jealousy. I can't help it at all, I can't.

First of all, this room has stained glass windows. I mean, of all the coolest things. And then we have elegant and fluttery pink flowers on the window sill. And then those mirrors, all hazy and morning-like. And then all the bits and bobs, shining femininity and glorious pinky-ness. I love how this room reflects who she is - it's not over-the-top chic, and I really appreciate that. I love the pictures on the wall, and the messy atmosphere.

And can you spot the little teddy bear? :-P

Ah! Now we get a closer look at the mirror and the little things in front of it. Pictures, necklaces, perfume bottles in the most adorable sizes, shapes and with the cutest little toppings. Gah, I love that sea of endless little things. Also, that pink fan. I'm proud to sat that I am the owner of one very similar to it. If I had a mirror in my room I'd try to put it that way and pretend I'm Sybil. But I don't have a mirror in my room, so.

So, what do you think?!! Isn't it gorgeousness alore, peeps? Corkers? Twinkly? Dazzlingly must-have-one-day? Yes?!? You have to agree, this room is to DIE for. (Almost, that is to say. Because why would a dead person benefit from such beauty?)

I hope you enjoyed my little swoon-post about a ten-second scene no-one in the world probably ever really noticed apart from me and Natalie. If you haven't ever noticed this scene (or watched Chariots of Fire, for that matter (but seriously, watch it)) I am very honoured to have introduced you to this charming little dressing room of Sybils. Now we can all mourn about not owning it together. :-D


5 things I do to make me imagine I'm in a Period Drama

I have the kind of brain that sizzles with imagination. It's quiet and dully dead when it comes to Maths, though, but that's beside the point, right? (Why do we want to talk about Maths, anyway? To start with?)

You all know I love Period Dramas. Just look at my header. You can seen Sybil Crawley from Downton Abbey, Amy Dorrit from Little Dorrit, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and Emma from Emma. All the Period Drama-est of Period Drama's, right? So yes, I adore Period Movies. And I love to use that imagine-brain of mine to get shifted into that world of Period Drama now and then.

Want to do it too? Here are five (easy) ways to make you shift into the world of Period Dramas...

#1. When you're in a car, bend closely to the window and pretend you're in a carriage.

This one isn't hard and the effect is very rewarding. Because how many Period Dramas have beautiful carriages? Yeah. All of them. 

This is not hard to imagine when you're driving in a country-side-like area. You look at the trees whizzing past, ignore the fact that you're in a car, and bingo - it's easy as anything to imagine you're in a beautiful gold-gilded carriage, wearing a bonnet and long swishes of gowns. 

(If you're driving past cars and other such un-Period-Drama-like piffle, on the other hand, then it's harder. Then you should look up at the sky. They had skies back then too, you see.)

#2. Peer dreamily in Mirrors

This one might sound extremely... silly... but seriously, it's such a Period-Drama-like thing to do. I know Scarlet O'Hara shouldn't be one's biggest role model, but Jane Bennet did it too. 

Basically, all the Period Drama Ladies stare in mirrors. So do it. At least once every day. For five minutes. Relax. Take your time. You'll be captured to Tara or Pemberly or whatever mansion you like best immediately. Just, look in mirrors in a whimsical way. Mirrors to the trick.

#3 Never lean against the backs of chairs/benches

Sit up straight, always. Pull your shoulders backwards, have that back of yours more erect as a ruler (not that that is actually possible, but hey, you never know until you try it out.)

Even when you are sitting on a bench or a chair with the most comfortable velvet cushion-y backs, don't get temped to lean back. Don't even think of touching the back of the chair. Just sit upwards, erect, in the most beautiful posture ever, and you'll be whimsically whooshed in the sphere of the Period Drama World.

#4. Drink your tea in the elegant way

My favourite way to drink tea (or whatever hot drink I have) is with the palms of my two hands snugly wrapped around the mug, warming my whole body with sheer cosiness. But that ain't Period Drama-like.

So forget about the warmth, m'dears. And this rule counts also for cakes and other such corking nonsense. Eat your cake on a plate, with tinkly silverware. If you want to be shifted into the Period Drama World, that is. Because that's the way they drink tea, holding the little ear and nothing else. Pure sophistication!

#5. Place your hand lightly on the banister when you go up or down some stairs.

I know, I know, that sounds weird. But it works! Ever so well, even. You don't have go down in a robot-style way. You're even allowed to tiptoe swiftly. But place one of your hands lightly on the banister. It does magic. Especially when you meet long stairs - stairs that have delicious curves. We have one at our Church - one that leads down to the coffee room - and it's crazily fun to go up and down in an elegant way.

There you have it! Five easy little things! Try them. And your brain will capture the most Period-Drama-Like moments in your whole life. You'll feel tingles of excitement. You'll love it.

And now, because I haven't had a randomly nice picture in about one-hundred decades (no I don't exaggerate. What? You said I did? You mean person!), I'll end this post with a gorgeous picture of Melanie Wilkes in a puffy dove-mauve gown, touching the banister of Twelve Oaks in a beautifully charming way. Look and learn, my friends.


20 Facts about Me

This is me, holding my youngest sister and wearing my favourite top and - oh dear, the box is on my face. :-)
Hello, lovely people. You know my Improvement Questionnaire? Well, I've been reading my answers and suggestions (32 people have filled it in so far - and please feel free to do it again or whatevs, because I love getting new filled-in-thingies), and quite a few of you said stuff like, 'Please share a bit more about your life!' or 'More posts about yourself, please.' 

One of you also asked me whether or not I'd ever show my face. A photo. For now, dear person, not quite yet. But maybe one day. :-)

But I understand COMPLETELY when people want to know more about me in general (because I'm, simply put, the most curious creature God ever made), and that's why I set out to make this post. Those of you who've known me longer (Emma *cough*) will probably know all these already, but hopefully it'll bring so more about-Naomi-Bennet-ness to the brains of most of you. Here are 20 random facts about me!

Also, I've noticed I have recieved some new followers during the past months, who don't know me at ALL. Twill be remedied, m'dear bricks.

1. I have five brothers and four sisters. I'm the oldest sister, but I have one older brother. We all have Bible names, and we're all noisy. So yeah, it's noisy. But it's not hard or tiring. I think it NORMAL. And I love it. :-) To link another little side-fact into a fact, we live in a big house and we're home-schooled.

2. I share a bedroom with my little sister. We have our bedrooms shared with one older sibling and one younger. Roughly like that, anyways. I love sharing my bedroom with my five-year-old sister who always comes up with the nuttiest one-liners I put in my books. :-)

3. I am British. Half-British, that is. I actually don't live in England (I live in a country close to it, Belgium), but I AM British. I'm proud of that. Deep-velvet-glimmer-in-the-bosom-kind-of-proud. That deep velvet proud little glimmer will, I believe, never fade.

4. I'm a regular choir-member of the Church I go to. And it's a fine, quality choir, I'm proud to say. A really English Choir With Authentically Gorgeous Music and all that.

5. Thick Books attract me. Some people go 'huuuhh' with frightened round eyes when someone offers them a five-centimetre thick book, but not I. My current favourite three books are Rebecca, Gone with the Wind, and The Book Thief and they are all thick. Especially GWTW. Which is sooo good (no, Emma, no talking, shh, shh, shh, don't say anything now, shh.) So yeah, I love thick books; classics; books that smell old. I also love new books, like The Book Thief, but my heart will always be in the literature of yesteryears.

6. I like following the Fashion. I feel comfortable following the fashions (most of the time, anyway) and yes, I enjoy doing it. I won't deny it. I love buying clothes and one day I just want to walk in a shop with 100 euros and spend it all at once.

7. I write on my hands. Mostly, it's school-work-facts I don't want to know but need to know (I've currently got something about blood tissues on my right hand), but sometimes I doodle some hearts on my hands. It's shameful, I know. But it's easily washed, so LET ME. My brothers say I have a tattoo. :-P

8. I LOVE WRITING. I didn't want to add this one first, because you are all supposed to know this, but then I thought, 'Oh why not mention it.' You have to know this, guys.

9. I don't enjoy Narnia and LOTR. I'm not against them, I just.don't.like. them. SORRY. Apparently this is the one thing about half of you don't like about my blog, but I can't help it! Arghghgh. I can say this though: I understand why people enjoy it. But I just don't.

10. I'm such a NOT animal person. I like looking at animals - they are all beautiful/weird creations, all amazing in their own way. But when it comes to touching them, or stroking them, or having them, or having-them-sniffling-at-you, I do not enjoy it. I'm scared of dogs, by the way. Like, ridiculously scared.

11. I love designing stuff. By 'stuff' I mean cards, wall-art, book covers, blog layouts, headers. I love being creative. The last card I designed was a birth-card with large rosy letters on the front, saying 'It's a girl!' and then underneath in black cursive and in small brackets, 'Just in case you forgot.' I like making things quirky. :-)

12. I do not like travelling. When it comes to holidays, I prefer spending it in my good ol' home, with Wifi and all my books and things near by. I like making day-trips, and I do like to go to England at least once a year to visit all my cousins. But in general, I do not enjoy travelling, sight-seeing, and all that jazz.
But I want to go to America one day, to visit Emma.

13. I love Blimey cow. Blimey cow is a Youtube channel which posts the always-hilarious Messy Monday videos every week, making my Mondays cool. They make Homeschooling the coolest, and laugh sarcastically about the Internet, things-people-say-and-do and other such things. I also love the bloopers. A lot.

14. Pink is my colour. The end.

15. I love the Royal Family. I mean to say: I love reading about them, even if it's just gossip. I have a huge big pile of Royalty Magazines in my room, and although some of them are so gossipy I just plain like them. Especially Queen Elizabeth. She's my favourite.

16. Historical inaccuracy really annoys me. In movies and books, although I don't always notice it, when I DO it annnooooys me. For example, if a book mentions the era and then something that doesn't belong in the era, I cannnnot read the book in a relaxing way. I also can't stand it when Period Drama ladies go to town with loose hair. IT WASN'T LIKE THAT.

17. My wall above my desk currently looks like this. The wall art is all done by moi.

I spend entire days doing boring work there, so it's nice to have some inspirational stuff to gaze up to. Every week or so, I'll add some new little things onto it.

18. I don't like watching movies longer than 2 hours in one go. My eyes go crazy - especially in the evenings. I have to split long movies up. (Although I still want to watch Pride and Prejudice 1995 in one go, one day. That's just something I HAVE to do. ONE DAY.)

19. I'm an early bird. I can't sleep in. CAN'T. Like, sometimes I want to, because I'm dead tired, but then I wake up at seven, or half-past-seven, in the latest. Maybe this is because I have siblings who are also early birds and therefore wake me up? I don't know. I just WAKE. I love it, though, because the longer the mornings, the better the days. Mornings are awesome.

20. SINK MEH! In other words - I'm obsessed with quoting quotable Period Drama people.

Did you learn something new about me today?
Tell me, which of these did you not know?
Or were there no surprises? :-)


Have you ever had those days...

Have you ever had those days where you just want to do nothing but be around beautiful things?

When you want to be around flowers...

You just want to look at them swaying drowsily in the wind...

You want to idly pluck bunches to make your interiors prettier...

You want to smell their beautiful fragrant smells forever...

You want to have fluttering leaves all around you...

You want to have fairy-tale-like mirrors...

Flowery mirrors... Pink mirrors...

You just want to droooowse in pinkness and perfume...

You want to dress up - ridiculously dress up...

When you just want to be in a still, budding fairy-tale...

You want to sit down in layers of sheer beauty stretching from your body...

You want to be surrounded by pearls and ruffles...

... lace and sparkles...

... beautifully dressy flimsiness...

Have you ever had those days when you want to try out expensive perfume...

And have pink bandboxes for your huge collection...

When you just want to eat pretty sugary things...

You just want nothing but to be around PRETTY-NESS...

Gorgeous gowns...

When you want to try out blinkingly stunning heels...

... Drink flowery tea out of the prettiest teacups in the world...

Get overwhelmed with sugary beauty...

... and just BE in a fairytale...

Eating pastel-coloured statements whilst decked in ruffles?

Have you? Have you?

I have.



My top 10 most beautiful movies

I stole this idea from Olivia, who posted her list here - she graciously allowed me to steal it. Thank you, Olivia! :-)

A lot of movies are good. Just plain awesome, and all that. But some really stick out in their beauty. There are some movies where every screencap is beautiful; every angle filmed is pause-worthy. These are the movies I want to drool over today. So here are my ten prettiest movies... in no specific order, because I'm cryingly bad at putting things in orders (although the ones at the beginning I love more than the ones at the end - roughly.)

1. Downton Abbey

My, my. Downton Abbey is beautiful. Every screencap makes me want to make a new header to put it in it. :-) No really - every single one (weeelll, practically all of them, okay) is just a delight to look at. The bobbing hats, the jingling dresses, the steamy kitchen, the fancy stairs, the crunchy village. It's a feast for the eyes. :-)
Gah, I can't describe how beautiful this series is.

2. Cinderella 2015

I haven't seen this yet, but I know is breath-takingly gorgeous. It's fairy-tale-like gorgeous, with twinkly swishes, colourful elegance and magical attic-rooms. I've seen pictures of the ball, and totally fallen in love with anything and everything about it. It's all so fresh and sparkly and.... *sigghh* I really have to see this movie so badly.

3. The Sound of Music

When I think of 'The Sound of Music', a picture of the beautiful gazebo, the elegant lake and the pink lemonade in tinkly glasses comes to my mind, and THAT'S BEAUTIFUL. This movie is also sheer delight for the eyes. The interiors of the von Trapp's house - the exteriors of the garden - and even the dark shades of the Abbey.

4. Anna Karenina

I haven't seen this movie, so I can't recommend it, but I've totally swooned over screencaps and pictures. The dresses are such pastel-coloured statements, and the men are so dashing in their blinking light costumes. The ball room is all twinkly and perfectos. I want to see this movie just for the beauty of the rooms and costumes and areas. It's beautiful.

5. The Great Gatsby

Again, I haven't seen this, so I can't recommend it - but I know this movie is BEAUTIFUL. In fact it's perhaps even over-the-top bling-ish. There's shattering glassy parties, with sparkling dances and bubbling champagne. There's breezy rooms with white fluttering curtains. I've seen pictures of darling houses with purple and yellow flowers all over the place. It looks so pretty. I just wish the story was good.

6. Gone with the Wind

Despite the fact that it was filmed in the days when camera tricks weren't possible to make it more swoon-ish, this movie is a feast for the eyes. Especially those scenes with the blazing red skies. I remember when I watched the movie first, I thought it was so beautiful - I really practically lived in Tara for several months. I wanted to have a white frilly dress and sit like a queen on the butterfly-like porch. Ahhh.... it's pretty.

7.  The Young Victoria

I remember, after watching this, emailing Emma in all caps, screaming about the sheer beauty of this movie. I did, didn't I, Emma? Because it's TRUE. This movie is beautiful. Julian Fellowes might get some things wrong, but he does know how to make a movie pretty. He really does. The Young Victoria is a royalty movie, so obviously there's loads of rich lavish-ness about it. But even the rainy out-side scenes and beautiful... ahhhh.

8. Marie Antoinette

This a movie I'm probably never going to watch because I've heard it has some very unsuitable stuff in it (argh movie makers.) But my, I wish I could, because it's BEAAAAUTIFUL. No really, it deserves all and every cap. It's EXAGGERATINGLY beautiful. It's scrumptious, sickly-pink, candy-sweet kind of beautiful. I've seen loads of pictures. The gowns are like cupcakes. The shoes are frilly and lavish. EVERYTHING is ridiculously over-the-top-amazing.

9. Chariots of Fire

I have an unquenchable fondness for the seaside, and Chariots of Fire starts with the seaside. Therefore I find this movie beautiful. But it really is. The Scotland highlands are perfectly beautiful - there are English garden scenes, with fluffy garden robes and perfectly creme-coloured fluttery dresses. It's charming, charming. And the prettiest part is the five-second scene where Sybil Gordon finds out that Abraham won and we see her bedroom - filled with glass perfumes and hair stuff. It's gorgeous. I wish I could find a screencap of it, but I can't.

10. Singin' in the Rain

This is another of those lavish, roaring twenties, magical-like movies. All the lights in the dark nights and movie-stuff. And the fact that it's a musical makes it all jumpy and cheerful and even more twinkly. I really love this. I also love that everything is so perfectly symmetrical (there's a musical for you. :-P)

What are some of your 'prettiest movies?'