Lucy Maud Montgomery - The Tag

My dear friend Eva is hosting a Lucy Maud Montgomery week! It's her (Lucy's, not Eva's) birthday today, which means a lot of celebrating is in order. You all know me. I AM A HUGE MONTGOMERY FAN. I even started a blog about Montgomery once (but took it down because I preferred having all my posts together in one place.) Anyway, it's a no-brainer that I'm going this tag. I mean DUH.

(Click here to join the fun, and here to find the post with the questions. Seriously, go.)

Even Google is celebrating. :-)
How did you first discover LMM's books?

Oh, I remember this magical moment. It was love at first hear; of course, and it started with me listening how Rachel Lynda hobbled over to Marilla to hear all about The Reason Behind Matthew Leaving. I LOVED IT. My mum got recommended the book by a friend and she read it for me and my siblings. I just wanted her to go on and on and on. My siblings were like, 'okay' when she stopped at a certain point (it was the point where Anne and Matthew went into the carriage and she talked about the blossom tree) but I was like, NO READ ON. PLEEEAAASE.

So yeah. I adored it to bits.

What's your favourite LMM book?

(Mwuhahah, I changed the favorite to favourite.)

My favourite LMM book is *guessguessguess* Rilla of Ingleside! Man, it's ridiculous how much I adore that book. I adore it to bits and pieces, to tears and shatters. No, really, it IS ridiculous. Every time I sit there to reread it, I have to reconsider. "Am I ready for all the huge feels?"

I also love, LOVE 'The Blue Castle' (which is her book I've read the most) and 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'Emily of the New Moon', 'The Story Girl', 'The Golden Road' and 'Jane of Lantern Hill.'

A collage I made for Rilla of Ingleside.
What's your least favourite LMM book?

I've read them all, and 'The Tangled Web' and some of the middle Anne books impressed me the least.

Who is your favourite character in alllll of LMM's works?

I have to say... Walter.

HE'S JUST MY BOY OKAY?!!! He's the fictional character that has made me shed the most tears, and has given me the most feels. He's just... my favourite. Seriously, when I read Rilla of Ingleside, I don't read the name 'Una.' I kind of replace it with my name. (No kidding.) (Hush, I'm sixteen. Let me do silly things.)

Basically Walter is awesome and he's a bluestocking and kind and AZAROEZIREUUUURAUT. I love him.

Eva and I agree that Eddie Redmayne would make a good Walter. :-)
What couple is your favourite?

I have to side with Hamlette and say Valancy and Barney from 'The Blue Castle.' As much as I love Anne and Gilbert, and Rilla and Ken, Valancy and Barney make me SO giddy with their cuteness. Their Christmas. Their wedding. Their car trips! IT'S PRICELESS. 

A collage I made for The Blue Castle.
What's your favourite quote from LMM (either a quote from one of her books, or from her personal life)?

Hard one. *Goes to Goodreads Quotes to make up my mind*

I'm going to go with the classic "Isn't it nice to know that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in them?" quote, said by the very charming Anne-spelt-with-that-important-last-letter Shirley.

How many LMM books have you read?

I haven't read many of the Anne books for ages, but I've read all LMM's books at least once. (Although I haven't read all the short stories yet. But I plan to.) Lucy Maud Montgomery is my favourite author. Her writing dazzles me.

*flings around hearts* (I love her books so much, people.)

Which LMM book would you most like to see made into a movie?

Basically EVERYONE knows this answer. BECAUSE IT'S RILLA OF INGLESIDE OF COURSE. *Tries to Calm Down* *Fails*


I also really want to see a movie of 'The Blue Castle', and 'Kilmeny of the Orchard' and a good one of 'Jane of Lantern Hill.' I can imagine all the beautiful scenery and romantic-looking actors and actresses, can't you? And the sweepy violin music on the background? Basically please.

Have you found a kindred spirit?

Of course! Many! Many very exceptionally good ones. :-)

I knew Eva would be a kindred spirit from the very first time we spoke of LMM together. We have a shared brain on LMM. Apparently.

And of course Emma. She's a kindred. And all of youuuuu.

Thank you for the lovely questions, Eva! And people, go check out the week. :-) Links up there in the post.


Black Friday Book Sale!

Sooooooooooo. Cheap books are always Good Things. Right?!!!

Click right here, then peoples.

Just saying.



The Christmas Truce

If there's something that makes me cry, it's the Christmas Truce that took place during the First World War. The more I think about it, the more it strikes me as one of the most beautiful and one of the saddest things that ever happened in history. Every Christmas, I find myself sitting in this trance, thinking about what it must have been like - what those lads must have felt. Last Christmas, it was mentioned several times, even in Queen Elizabeth's Christmas speech, because it marked 100 years since it happened, and since then I just can't get over it. It must have been amazing, emotional, terrible, beautiful; all at the same time.

Imagine you are a soldier in the cold, stony trenches. You've seen people die, you've suffered. You've shot men of the other side, doing your duty. You've probably seen some of your very own school-friends die; you've seen wounds, heard screams of pain and nightmares. I know life in the trenches must have been ghastly. My great-grandfather served in WW1, and my father says that he would never talk about it. People were traumatized for life.

I am currently writing a story, which has a thick chapter about a soldier telling his war story. I suppose this is a good excuse to show you some snippets. 
Douglas got killed. I saw him fall down. Part of an explosion bomb hit him on the chest. I saw his hat fly into a puddle, and I saw his khaki vest drenched with blood. I thank the Lord that I didn’t see more than that. I am traumatized enough.  
Michael and I clung on to each other. But he died, too. In the gas. The last thing I saw, Jane, was his face, yelling, getting more distant in the gas. I heard him yell. “Lionel! Lionel!”

And then you had that one Christmas, in the middle of it all, when several hundreds of men decided to have peace and get together in No Man's Land. They sang Silent Night Together, the British lads and the German lads. They played football together, gave each other gifts, swapped coats and hats, lighted each other's cigarettes. They took photographs of them together, casually giving each other hugs. They wished each other a Merry Christmas.

You see now why this makes me cry? The men weren't at war, the Countries were. The men so weren't. They were just doing their duty - they could totally be best friends with the Other Side.

"First the Germans would sing one of their carols and then we would sing one of ours, until when we started up O Come, All Ye Faithful, the Germans immediately joined in singing the same hymn to the Latin words Adeste Fideles. And I thought, well, this is a most extraordinary thing — two nations singing the same carol in the middle of a war."
"I walked across to my man and shook hands, I asked him how he liked it. ‘Terrible, I wish I was back in Germany’ (in Good English!). I wanted a souvenir so I took my knife out of my pocket and he let me cut a button from his coat. I could only give him a few old biscuits from my pocket."
"Eventually the English brought a soccer ball from their trenches, and pretty soon a lively game ensued. How marvellously wonderful, yet how strange it was. The English officers felt the same way about it.
Thus Christmas, the celebration of Love, managed to bring mortal enemies together for a time... I told them we didn’t want to shoot on the Second Day of Christmas either. They agreed."
"Really you would hardly have thought we were at war. Here we were, enemy talking to enemy. They [are] like ourselves with mothers, with sweethearts, with wives waiting to welcome us home again. And to think within a few hours we shall be firing at each other again."
"They say they won’t fire tomorrow if we don’t so I suppose we shall get a bit of a holiday — perhaps. After exchanging autographs and them wishing us a Happy New Year we departed and came back and had our dinner. We can hardly believe that we’ve been firing at them for the last week or two — it all seems so strange." 
"Even as I write, I can scarcely credit what I have seen and done. It has been a wonderful day."

(Actual WW1 letters about the Christmas Truce.)

War is so pointless - so ridiculously pointless. The Christmas Truce shows that more vividly than anything else can. These chaps were just... chaps. They fought against each other, killed each other - while they should have played football together every day. Imagine what they must have felt like, when they said goodbye after their time together in no-man's-land. They must have felt so emotional; they must have looked at each other and thought, "Tomorrow I might kill you."

It just breaks me, okay? Shush. Don't talk to me. Just watch this beautiful Christmas ad about it. You will probably cry, because I always do, and I've watched it loads of times. (And the music is from 'True Grit', if that makes some of you want to see it. Heh, heh.)

"Thus Christmas, the celebration of Love, managed to bring mortal enemies together for a time..." (A WW1 letter.)


Do you know the Period Drama?

Little Dorrit.
Firstly, this is not a game. Just clarifying. Well, you could call it a game, I suppose, only I don't know the answers myself.

So I often find pictures of Period Dramas online - Pinterest, etc. - and mostly, of course, I know what Period Drama it is that I'm pinning from. Because I like to call myself a bit of an expert when it comes to Period Dramas - it's my one weakness, it's a big passion of mine, I know plenty. But there are always some I've never heard of, and there are many random Period Drama pictures I have found online that I don't recognise.

Could you help me satisfy my curiosity?

1. This is the actress - Um, Holiday Grainger, or something like that? - who played one of the Ugly Sisters in 'Cinderella.' I have no idea what movie this picture is from. Probably some Period Drama filled with unappropiate scenes; it looks like it. I know there's a movie in which she acts with Richard Madden (not Cinderella), but the fashion in this picture looks different.

2. I THINK I know this one, but clarification would be satisfying, haha. I think it's from the-Period-Drama-I-absolutely-DO-NOT-want to see, 'A Royal Affair.' I know, I know, Alicia Vikander looks gorgeous, but if this picture is from 'A Royal Affair', I can tell you, I still don't want to see it. It looks like the icky-est movie ever: I cringe at the trailer alone.

3. This looks SO GORGEOUS. What is this from. Tell me. (I'm guessing maybe Howards End? No idea. It looks very pretty, but looks might be deceiving.)

4. NO REALLY WHAT IS THIS PICTURE FROM. A young girl? In Edwardian clothes? This looks like a really cool movie. Does any of you know, by any chance? Yes? (Maybe this is one of the girls in Mr Selfridge, but I'm not sure. That's my guess, anyway.)

5. This looks pretty... muddy. I thought it was Return to Cranford first, because of the building-tent-thing, but it isn't. I don't recognise the actress either. I love the dress, though, with the lace collar and the PUFFS and the blue and the gatherings. Oh yes. :-P

6. The only Period Film I know Jenna Coleman in is Death Comes to Pemberly (oh and the new Victoria movie, but that's not out yet.) So I'm wondering what this is...

7. ISN'T THAT DRESS GORGEOUS. I mean just look a the way the skirt drapes so sheenily and evenly. And the frothy swishhhh. I love it. But, as you know, I have no CLUE what the movie is. Maybe it's the same one as the one up there (the picture which had a lady walking on dunes with a parasol.) It might be the same movie.

8. We all know why I am curious. THE PARASOL. And the hat. This looks beautiful. I'm guessing maybe 'A Royal Affair' (again). I HOPE it's not 'A Royal Affair', though.

9. Keira Knightley absolutely rocks the 40's style! No, I don't think she's a good Elizabeth Bennet - you know it all - but she looks absolutely gorgeous and adorable in here! I love her hairstyle. Is this Atonement? Or The Imitation Game? 'Cos both those movies have her in it, and are set during the 40's. (Emma, do you know?)

10. Lily James in Regency Garb and blonde hair. Hmmm. This isn't 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' (a weird movie coming up) because Lily James has brown hair in there. I have NO idea where this is from. I'm guessing maybe, um, 'War and Peace'? I don't know why I'm guessing that. But I guessed it, so there. :-)

11. For some reason or the other I think this is from the same movie as the Lily James picture. I'm guessing 'War and Peace.' It looks Tolstoy-ish.

12. Okay, I'm REALLY curious about this one, because it looks frightfully ridiculously GORGEOUS. Does anyone know? It looks like it could be Downton Abbey - maybe it's a character from season 6 that I'm not aware of yet? I have NO idea. I'd be really happy if one of you knew this. I'd thank you and maybe give you cake.

Help me!!! :-)


Just life.

Reading: The Story Girl by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Once again.
Writing: A very sad novel. I don't know why I'm writing it, but I'm writing it.
Watching: Behind the Scenes of Newsies Broadway videos.
Starting to love: Corey Cott as Jack Kelly just as much as Jeremy Jordan as Jack Kelly.
Discovering: That I'm a Broadway fan.
Praying: For Paris.
Decorating: My room. For CHRISTMAS! You should see my lights, people, it's Very Pretty.
Listening: To 'Watch what happens' because I want to know all the lyrics. Also Christmas songs, and 'Baby it's Cold Outside.'
Wishing: That I could write better and that we owned the entire series of 'Road to Avonlea.'
Worrying: If my character cries too much and if it appears soppy.
Realising: How unimportant some things are. Like, why do I even worry about little things like.. like, I don't know. :-P
Dreaming: About my future, about actually finishing one of my full-sized novels, about meeting Emma.
Loving: that we ordered 'Saving Mr Banks dvd'. Because I've wanted to see that for a long time.
Talking: In an Oirish accent.
Singing: Christmas songs and Newsies songs. Not one more than the other. I can't choose between my dear songs.
Wondering: How on earth I have 90 followers.
Telling: You that this is my 300th blog post and that I wuv you completely.
Hoping: This post is post-y enough, because it isn't really right? Right. It's just a list of Me-stuff. Boring.
Musing: about whether I not I should buy more books. Hehehehe.
Yearning: to meet my very best of bestest friends in person and just BE with her. Bleh, why do we live so faaaar. *sobs in cushion*
Looking forward to: Eva's Montgomery week! SO excited for that, people, because I'm basically L.M.Montgomery's number one biggest fan. So go and check it out, here.
LOVING: this video. I can't tell you how much I love it, people. I've been rewatching it millions of times; I love iitttt. It's made my whole month, you know.
Hating: it when the Internet randomly decides to not work.
Having: to do some work.

What are you up to?


Favourite Pins #4

Why hello, all! I'm here with a 'favourite pins' post. Because this is the kind of post I do when I don't have much time. :-)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to watch EVERYTHING from 'Road to Avonlea.' I've seen the first episode, and little bits and bobs, and I'm a fan already. :-)
Haha. This is pretty awesome.
I'm not even a fan of Les Mis, but whoever made this - I LOVE YOU. Hahaha. Look Down. HAHAHAHAHA.
I'm pretty much obsessed with Judy and Mickey pins. They're way too cute.
Fred Astaire and all his wonder shoes. You've got to love Fred Astaire.
I want this sweater for. my. own. Just looook. Isn't it pretty?!!!
Have you HEARD, people?!!! Of the new movie, 'Brooklyn'?! I AM WICKEDLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. This is just one of the many pins I've pinned of it. :-P
Maggie Smith, 19 years old. She was so beautiful! She looks like Valancy Stirling. "I say, d'you ever see such eyes?"
Felix as a teenager. OH MYYYYY. He's adorable and handsome and AWW.
And finally, a picture of Gus and Felicity. I've raided Youtube and watched all the (too few) clips of those two together yesterday. I LOVE GUS.
~ Naomi


Memory Nest Tag - {aka. a really adorable tag}


My very dear old chap, Olivia, pecked me. I know, it's very bad of her. Pecking is awful. But not in this case! In this case pecking is an extremely Good and Cosy thing to do. In that case, I am thanking my dear chap Olivia very cordially. Thank you. :-)

(Do not ask me why I am referring to Olivia as a 'chap.' It just kind of seems to fit, although she's very much a girl. (Maybe I'm feeling a bit Woosterish today.))

The rules for this game are explained in the following paragraph. (Not by me. By Erudessa.)

Instead of having to answer questions or tell random facts about yourself {like a normal tag} you make up random nonsense that starts with:
'When I grow up and have my own house' And then list a random fact. It can be true example: 'When I grow up and have my own house, I am going to learn to play the Violin', or serious, 'When I grow up and have my own house, I want and Old English Garden with a sun dial' or complete nonsense like, 'When I grow up and have my own house, I am going to make a different chocolate dessert everyday.'

Instead of an 'awards tag' it's a Memory Nest. We are helping each other build a nest made out of Memories. And instead of 'tagging' a certain number of people that have to answer questions, you 'peck' ONE other person. One thing, is that this can last as long as our imaginations hold out because we can come up with the most ridiculous things and never say the same thing (I know that you eventually run out of random facts about yourself when answering tags) but as long as we have imaginations this can go on and on!!
The rules: 
1.)  Thank the person that 'pecked' you.
2.)  List five things that start with "when I grow up and have my own house..." (they can be true, or utterly ridiculous, whatever you feel like writing :-)). 
3.)'Peck' one other person and let them know you have done so.

Doesn't it sound like the most adorable tag ever?!! I'm getting fuzzies. I'm glad I got pecked.

This tag is pretty perfect for me, because I'm always dreaming about stuff like that. Not that I'm not happy now, (duh), but it's really nice to dream. (Only, the bad thing about this tag, is that we're only allowed to write down five things. That's nothing. Like, just five. I could write down 1000 things, at least. BUT, I'll try. After all, life is not perfect, and one must face the trials of it. :-P)

1. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will own my Very Own Library. This has been my dream for ages. To have a large-ish kind of room and fill all it's walls with books, and more books. And hopefully have a ladder to make it look all kind of authentic and Victorian, because one might as well make it look like that when one has a library. I think I'll colour coordinate it, and then photograph the amazing rainbow room and post loads of pictures of it on my blog. (Stay tuned...)

2. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will own all the Period Dramas out there. And seriously, I won't have a to-watch list, because I'll have seen them all. I'll be the queeeeeen of Period Dramas. Of course, the DVD's will be found in the library, between the books, whichever colour the dvd spine happens to be. I might or might not own more than one DVD of Pride and Prejudice 1995, just in case someone wants to borrow one.

3. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will have a writing room upstairs, with pink walls, and a lamp that gives a kind of golden glow. There will also continually be movie soundtracks running in the room, but not Newsies songs, because I can't concentrate on my writing when I listen to Newsies songs. All I can do when I listen to Newsies songs is pretend I'm a Newsie and sing the songs. (It's exhausting, but I love it.)

4. When I grow up and have my own house...

I might host a book club. Don't you love the sound of that? I will invite all the great booknerds in my street over on Saturdays and we'll talk about books. Wait. No, that'll be boring. Because they probably read modern stuff, which I don't care about, and they probably read reeeaaaally slow, and I read one book in one evening. Oh well, I'll probably host one online. Take that as a compliment, ladies. :-)

5. When I grow up and have my own house...

I will have identical twin boys. Maybe. Also, I'd like some dark-red Kate-Middleton-style heels one day. Also, I'm going to make a VERY big thing of Christmas. Like, it's going to start in November, and end in February, or something like that. (I'm going to have Celtic Women Christmas Album on throughout those months, non-stop. Maybe.)

As nice as it is to dream, guys, I'm really glad I'm not there yet.

I'm so glad I don't have my own house yet. Right now I'm super happy to live with my siblings and have my little room domain, and just be a nonsensical teenager. But one day... that might change. (Although I doubt I'll ever loose my nonsensicality. I'm a hopeless case.)

And I peck: Hayden!