Jane Austen Week Starts! + The Tag

I can imagine Jane Austen thought up the Harriet-portrait scene while she was sitting for this portrait.

It has begun. Today.

*waits for epic music to stop*

Time for an Introduction. Welcome to the PARTY, everyone. Take some cake (better hide from Mr Woodhouse), grab some wine ('cos I'm so fagged I can scarcely breathe) and Be Seated. I hope you'll enjoy all the games and posts I have ready for you. (I think you will, because they're all about Jane Austen. And we all love Jane Austen, right, right, RIGHT?!)

How does this party work?

There aren't really any strict rules. If you want to join, these are some ideas for you:

1. Read my posts. Kind of comment. Play the game-to-come. Just ramble about anything Jane Austen. It's all welcome. You can even comment a novel on that red cape in Persuasion. I don't care. I am all eyes.
2. Answer the Tag Questions. (See below.)
3. Write some Jane Austen-related posts on your blog. 
It can be about anything, as long as it's about Jane Austen. It doesn't have to be an amazing review (although that's nice, too) - it's allowed to be about anything - for example, 'Your three favourite Mr Palmer facial expressions.' Or, 'Why I think Mrs Norris and General Tilney would make a perfect couple.' Or 'my favourite dresses in Emma 1996.' Be creative! I'd love to read anything you come up with. :-)

Of course, we need a Tag. Every good party needs a list of Questions for everyone to answer. I am planning to answer these questions myself today, and I'd be delighted if you went ahead and answered them on your blog (or if you don't have a blog, the comment section awaits). I'm also planning to do a 'Tag Answers Round-up' at the end of this week, so if you do this tag you might have a chance of appearing on my blog, sooo. *Wiggles Eyebrows* (How about that, eh, Lizzy!)

The Questions:
(Most of them are JA related, of course, but I've added some random ones, for the party-spirit.)

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Jane Austen fan do you consider yourself?
2. If "they" would make a new Jane Austen Movie, and you would be able to be cast in it, which Jane Austen character would you most like to play?
3. Is there any felicity in the world superior to a walk?
4. Who's your favourite Jane Austen 'villain'? (As in 'villain' meaning 'the bad guy.')
5. What/Who introduced you to Jane Austen?
6. Did you love/enjoy Jane Austen immediately, or has there been a time when you hated (um, prejudged) it?
7. Who, in your opinion, is the funniest Jane Austen character?
8. Do you quote Jane Austen randomly in public?
9. Are children allowed to eat cake on weddings?
10. What is your reaction when you hear that an aquaintance (e.g. A lady at Church) of yours loves Jane Austen?
11. Who writes better letters, Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth? (If you forgot what the letters were, shame on you, instead tell me if you prefer Strawberries to Chocolate or not.)
12. Which Jane Austen heroine do you relate the least to?
13. What's your favourite Jane Austen house (from one of the movies)?
14. What's your favourite Jane Austen dress (from one of the movies)?
15. Can you turn off lit candles with your fingers?

Have fun! Don't forget to comment the link(s) of your post(s) - the Tag Answers and any other JA-related post you happen to write this week - so I can read it and comment.

Lets dooo thisss.


I finally got a pretty copy of Rilla of Ingleside!

So I went ahead and ordered the pretty Rilla of Ingleside copy. The copy I had before was tolerable, but as this is one of my absolute favourite books of all time I decided it was time for me to buy myself the copy the with the cover I had fallen in love with on Pinterest. The pretty purple one with the cake and the train and Dog Monday on the cover. I NEEDED ITTTT.

So I went to Amazon and bought it and NOW IT ARRIVED AND I'M SO HAPPY. (I was quite scared Amazon would make a mistake and end up shipping another copy with a different cover. But it didn't. *Sigh of relief*)

Looooook. Every chapter has a little picture in front of it. This one has a light feather (you can't see it very well in this picture because of the lighting) - OH MY GOODNESS. I have to re-read this tonight and bawwwl helplessly over My Darling Walter. I have to re-live all the amazing feels. This book drives me crazy with the sadness and the happiness and simplistic-feels... OHHH. 

Lucy Maud Montgomery is such a Gem. The WAY she writes. I'm jealous.

Look how goooorgeous. Are you in love yet?

And the Spine is swellegant as well. I always appreciate elegant and pretty spines. Ohh, I love new books. I also love really old books too - books that crumble and have care-worn spines and pages loosened with age. Those have scope for the imagination and we can imagine girls our age reading them in the 30's and the 40's.

But I also love Pristine books. New books - I'm their first owner - and it's all new and pretty and shiny and AHHH. (Actually my RoI copy was 'used', but it looks like new, sooo.)

No, I don't like Amish fiction. I tired of Amish fiction - I used to like it. :-)
All in all, I'm SUPER happy with it. Like, ridiculously so. :-D

Do you order books you already have for a prettier cover?
Do you prefer Old books or Pristine ones?


Busy, busy, busy

Pheww. I miss you.

It actually feels, for me, that I'm talking to you everyday. Because every day, I'm writing Jane Austen-related posts for the Jane Austen Week coming up. But of course, they all stay patiently in the drafts. I can't wait to publish them all - yesterday I wrote a long Pride and Prejudice 1995 review, chuck-filled with the most gorgeous pictures. (And maybe several capital letters, but I can't promise. Hahahaha.)

But I miss publishing posts and recieving those amazing comments of yours, so I thought I'd write a quick 'my life'-post for you. :-)

Is this a perfect gif, or what?

Mansfield Park. Poor Mansfieeeld. Poor Fanny Price. I am to write a defending-Fanny-Price post, and that's why I'm re-reading Mansfield Park, to make my post a bit 'meatier.' I've also made a Mansfield Park 'Fake Trailer' - and OH WE NEED A MANSFIELD PARK MOVIE. I mean, a good one. Where Fanny doesn't shout. (Because she doesn't. Heh.)

Lynn Austin novels. Currently reading 'A Woman's place' which doesn't only have the nicest cover ever but is also written so beautifully. I have a love-hate relationship with Christian Romance Fiction, but my relationship with Lynn Austin's novels will always be a PERFECT one. :-)

French books for school. Blehhh.


Loorna Doone! We saw the first episode last Saturday. And it ended with a village getting burnt!!!!! So of course we all couldn't wait for Monday to see the next episode. BUT THEN. My older brother wanted to see episode 2 as well, and as he left to college on Monday, this meant we had to wait till NEXT Saturday for episode two. So, anyway, that's tomorrow, and I can't wait. It's exciting but Loorna and John are ridiculous, sorry. Also, ughhh, the hair.

Sabrina. Because Audrey. :-)


Jane Austen related blog posts. Jane Austen related blog posts. Jane Austen related blog posts. Jane Austen related blog posts. Yeah. :-)


Not my novel, I'm ashamed to say. But I will pick it up next week, because we've got Autumn-holidays. (Only one week, but still, NO SCHOOL again. I cannot wait.)


Right now, those salty-crispy-peanuts. You know, the really unhealthy kind that look kind of orange. I LOVE them though. (Although ugh, my fingertips are greasy and now my keyboard is greasy. But 'oo cares.)


NEWSIESSSSS. I've discovered something which I should have discovered 16 years ago. WHERE HAS NEWSIES BEEN ALL MY LIFE. I'm obsessed with 'Now is the time to seize the day' and 'The King of New York' and ohhh, just Jeremy Jordan's voice and Newsie-look in general. *Swoon*

Vera Lynn's Lily Marlene and Bobby Darin's A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square.

The Young Victoria soundtrack. Because it's the sprinkliest goldiest music in the world.


For snow. I want it to snowwww! I mean, don't you? To have millions of snowflakes dribbling down so peacefully and beautifully, to have white pure-ness in vast twinkles streaming all around. I WANT SNOW. I mean, it's cold anyway, it might as well be really cold and snow. Right?

For like, ten plaid shirts. I have one, and I wear it all the time. I'd like ten. Or twenty. Or... *grins*

For GOOD movies of all Montgomery's books. Especially Rilla of Ingleside, of course, that one has the priority.


To stop this post because I have to do my French. I'm so sorry. :-(

Au revoir!


Jane Austen Week - Arriving on 1st of November

I've decided! I'm going to do it. :-D Your very encouraging words made me hit the bat - Thank you so much, dear people. I think this is going to be so fun!

Please spread the word! If you'd put one of these on your sidebar, I'd be very much obliged. :-)

In the meanwhile, posts might be scarce on here, as I am busily preparing for The Very Fun Week. There will be some reviews, some random Jane Austen -icy, some guest posts, and of course, GAMES. :-)

So, stay TUNED.


So I read Les Miserables

Pretty Much.

These last 3 days, I've been doing a lot of page-turning. I have read the colossal thing. It is read. I have done it. It is done.

I'm pretty proud of my Goodreads review, so I'm pasting it here for you.


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


Iiiii've read it!!!!! :-D

Goodness, how to review this! Like many, half of it bored me to death (not literally, although that would be fitting, considering how most of the characters end.) Like many, I thought a lot of it was very beautiful. It's epic. It's far to miserable and long, thus the four stars, but REALLY. Wow. It's a CLASSIC. I'm glad I've read it. :-D

Let me introduce the characters to you.

The Bishop: Kind Man. We know everything about him, even the sizes of all the objects in his bedroom.
Jean Valjean: Other Kind Man. One could call him the main character. Definitely acted by Hugh Jackman. Jean Valjean is SPLENDID. (Weird name to choose though, if that's your last time. That's like me being called Naomi Valnaomi.) (Spoiler: He dies, duh.)
Fantine: Poor Girl. I learnt that she was blonde. I was SO angry at Victor Hugo for making her wait for Cosette and then die before seeing her. This book is UNFAIR. I TELL YOU. UNFAIR. (Spoiler: She dies, duh.)
Javert: The tiger who always pops up. (Spoiler: He dies, duh.)
Eponine: A Rough and 'yet Beautiful' girl who I FEEL SORRY FOR. There wasn't enough Eponine. I have a special bond with Eponine. (Spoiler: She dies, duh.)
Enjolras: Probably my favourite character. Loves the colour red. Likes shouting. He's always shouting. But yet we all love him because he's beautiful and blonde and tall and angelically handsome. *Swoon* (Spoiler: He dies, duh.)
Gavroche: I LOVE THIS BOYYYY. The only miserable and happy person in this book. Obsessed with guns. (Spoiler: He dies, duh.)
Marius: Black hair. Dreamy. He only thinks about Cosette, and that makes him look like a bit of an idiot sometimes. (Spoiler: He almost dies, duh.)
Cosette: Completely adorable and lark-y and sweet. A Very Good Girl. (Spoiler: She DOESN'T die! Like, at ALL! *goes away singing 'wonders of wonders, miracles or miracles.*)

Some random things I liked:

1. The way the characters were described. I LOVED Eponine's description. I'd read it before, on Pinterest, and that's what made me decide to read the book. "But yet, despite all that, she was beautiful." Also, Cosette. She SO looks like she does in the movie. Amanda Seyfried is perfect. Also ENJOOOOOLRAAAAAS. Let me do a faint.
3. The barricade boys are purty cool.
4. EPONINE. I LOVE HER. The way she bites her lip. (Reminds me of a certain someone who knows who she is.) AND SHE DIED FAAAR TO QUICKLY. I wanted more Eponine and less Cosette sometimes. Although, don't get me wrong I like Cosette.
5. Cosette and Marius were pretty darn cute. Yes it's feverishly soppy, and Betram Wooster would vomit, but it's SO adorable. WHEN THEY ARE MARRIED AND SO HAPPY LIKE THEY CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT. Just, awwww.

Some random things that annoyed me to death:

1. I DO. NOT. want to read 20 chapters about the Battle of Waterloo. (Though it was cool recognising the names of the places, because I live in Waterloo, so yeah.) IT'S DEATHLY BORING.
2. I am NOT interested in school essays about Paris.
4. I mocked Victor Hugo whenever he said stuff like, 'To give you a better idea...' (I went: NOOO I GET IT ALLREADY.) and (he said this often): 'As it has been mentioned before...' (I went: NO DON'T TELL ME AGAAAAIN.)
5. Seriously. I skimmed SOOOO eternally much. I have spent these last days clicking on 'next page' on my kindle. It's all I've done, basically. (Sliiight exaggeration there, but still.) THIS BOOK IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOO LONG. *sweats* I'm relieved I'm finished, I must say.
6. Also, it's FAR to miserable. Everyone dies, basically, and everyone's hungry. I think Victor Huge decided to kill everyone off because it was the only way to make them not miserable. Or maybe he had the same problem as Diana Barry - he didn't know what to do with them.

I will finish off with a quote from the book, which kind of describes my negative points:

"... he had nothing to he eat; he remembered that he had not dined on the preceding day either: this was becoming tiresome. "

It was epic though. And it had it's beautiful parts.


Click here to follow me on Goodreads if you have an account and like my taste of books. (I have a pretty good taste when it comes to books, even if I do say so myself.)


What think you... of a Jane Austen week?

Jane Austen. (Spelt with an E.)

I am one of her many fans. I adore her world. I read her books; chew them like candy. I want to visit her house and see the dress she wore. I LOVE IT ALL.

What do you think of me hosting a Jane Austen week? It's just an idea at the moment. But I think it's a good one. With 'Talk like Jane Austen Day' coming up, I thought it would be a good time to ask you what you think of this idea.



"Look, Caroline," he said, "how Laura's eyes are shining."

I am a HUGE Little House fan. I've read all the books, of course, including ALL the Martha books, ALL the Charlotte books, ALL (but one because that one is SUPER expensive) the Caroline books, ALL the Laura books (duh) and ALL the Rose books. (I'll stop typing the word 'all' in caps - it sounds very obnoxious.) I've read all of them at least three time. Not kidding you, I promise. Most of them have been re-read about ten times, happily. I've also read a lot of About-Little-House books and Laura's diary and so on.

I'm STILL a fan. I never tire of those lovely golden-glowy-filled books. I love it all, from Ma's dress patterns to Mary's presents to her family when she comes home from the blind school.

I have such great childhood memories concerning Little House on the Prairie. That day when I read 'the Little House on the Prairie', 'Farmer Boy' and 'On the Banks of Plum Creek' in one. sitting. That day when Grandma bought my sister that entire Martha and Charlotte series for her birthday, and I was happier about it than my sister was. (I have them in my possession now. Hahaha.) That time when my other Grandma photocopied some of the Garth Williams Little House pictures for me to colour in. That time when I created a Little House folder and decorated with Laura and Nellie pictures. That time when some friends of ours gave us a Little House magazine which I went absolutely crazy over. That time when I memorized some Little House songs. Those many times when I yearned to go to a corn-husking like Caroline. Oh, and those times when I wanted to have Ma's raspberry dress. Those days when I Mama and I watched Little House episodes in the attic. (I mistook Mary for Pa and then Mama realised I needed glasses. Thank you, Little House. :-D)

As you can see, I could go on and ON.

I just LOVE the Little House world. I still do. I ALWAYS WILL. I will force my children to read them. :-P I recently re-read my favourite Laura-book, Those Happy Golden Years and fell in love with her whole life and the whole Little House world again.

Garth Williams is one of favourite illustrators. He's carved images in my brain and I love them all so much.

Don't you just love the bit in Little House on the Prairie where they go to town and dress up for it? I love the idea of dressing up to go to town. You know, ribbons, and Sunday clothes, and all that. And then Laura and Mary both get candy, and Mary's candy has a nicer 'poem' engraved on it. And then they get new dresses, and Laura's so happy. And Pa buys Ma a cooooaaat. (I'm always squealing over every tiny Pa-and-Ma-are-cute scene. I love it when Pa plays 'vulgar' violin tunes to tease Ma. Those two are so adorable. I love the latest Caroline book to bits and you know why.)

Oh, and Aunt Lottie. I think it's weird that Laura and Mary call her cousin Lottie. She's actually Ma's younger step-sister. But maybe this is another Lottie. (If you're a huge fan like me, read this touching letter Laura wrote to Lottie years later. I almost cried.)

And the Christmas. Laura's new dollll. I will never get over how cute that cousin-happy-pancake-man-Ma's-new-shelf Christmas is. I'll re-read it soon, for Christmas. :-D

Oh, and do you remember all those happy moments in On the Banks of Plum Creek?!! (This was my favourite book for years and years.) The house under the ground (which I still want to buy) and then the new house with the attic and 'two rooms (!)' And then all the Nellie Oleson scenes. I love all the Nellie Oleson scenes. I'm probably Nellie's biggest fan, haha. I love her doll and her dresses and her parlour and her whole birthday party. :-)

And Ma's Vanity cakes. I've ALWAYS and I STILL want to eat those. They sound like so much fun to eat.

AND THEN THE PLUM CREEK CHRISTMAS. Ahhh. It makes me so happy, that Christmas. All the Christmasses in all the books make me so happy - I can't pick a favourite. I remember the Plum Creek Christmas - the one where Laura gets a fur coat and muff - was my favourite for a long time, though. I even made a children's book about it, for my little sister.

In The Shores of the Silver Lake, I always felt so sorry for Laura because Docia let her daughter do crazy wild things, and she couldn't. Oh, and THE TRAIN TRIP. I don't know why, but it makes me so happy.

And then we have all the other books. I'll just go through some of my MANY favourite bits.

When Pa shovels snow from the beds. I've always thought it sounded ridiculously fun. When Laura sees Nellie agaaaain. And oh, the whole mean-but-hey-fun Eliza Jane plot. Poor Eliza Jane. (I still don't like her, though.)

Ida Brown and Mary Power. I Love them, especially Ida. Ida sounds like the kindest girl ever. Oh, and when Laura and Mary Power buy name-cards and Laura exchanges one with Almanzo. And when Ma's writes that poem in Laura's album - I love that poem. And when Reverend Alden comes again and talks with Mary, who's blind, and tells her that Blind Schools exist. And then Mary goooeees. And when Pa buys Ma a sewing machine. And when Carrie did her recital with her buttons inside out. And when Laura found Grace in the patch of violets. Oh and Mrs Boast. I LOVE Mr and Mrs Boast so much!!!!

(*coughs politely after another long badly-written paragraph and pretends nothing happened*)

Ohhh, and Those Happy Golden Years. I rambled about it here. If you want more of my rambles, that is to say. Which of course you don't.

Thank you for letting me ramble on a bit. I just needed my love for these amazing books to flow out SOMEwhere, for someone to listen.

Of course, I'm not really finished yet. I haven't told you how I want a whatnot, how I want a popcorn-ball and how I love it when Mary wore pink ribbons and Laura blue. I also haven't spoken about the Caroline series - how BADLY I want corn-husking parties to go back into the fashion - and how I love Charles as a booooy - and how I want to be part of the Ingalls-Quiner community. I love how two of Caroline's siblings married two of Charles' siblings. I also haven't yet expressed my love for the Rose books - how I hate that she never married Paul and how it makes me cry when Laura goes home for Pa's death.

Oh, oh, oh. I love the Little House books to bits. Thank goodness they exist.


Favourite Pins #3

I'm stealing this post idea from Eva, by the way. :-) 

The première of GONE WITH THE WIND. I wish I could have been there - all the pictures look oh-so-glamorous and elegant and BIG and epic. I think the premières really did the amazing movie credit!

Aww. They're so cute!!!

I'm rather obsessed with finding 'official pictures' of my favourite movies. I've found a lot of really beautiful Pride and Prejudice ones. :-)

Haha! Tom Branson in Mary Crawley's wig! Emma, this picture is for you. :-D

I love this picture. A boy reading a book after a bookshop/library got bombed. I love that boy - he's like, 'Oh, let's read.' I LOVE IT.

She's so beautiful.

I don't think I'l EVER stop pinning pictures of her and William's wedding. It's ALL SO STUNNING. Look how he looks at her hand. AHHHH.

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. AHH THEY'RE SO CUTE.


Have you heard of the new movie - the Go-Between? I think it has quite a bit of Content, so I'm not sure if I want to see it - but THAT PICTURE. It's so pretty.

A Ginger-Rogers-is-dancing-shot-of-her-amazing-skirt. So classic.

Hahaha! This is so true! I am very guilty when it comes to eye-rolling. AND snorting. (No, I am NOT like Lydia Bennet. Don't you dare.)

I love this picture of Aubrey writing a letter. Chariots of Fire is such a good movie.

We're watching Funny Face at the moment. This is a gif from the song 'Think Pink'. Isn't is squeeful?


In which I show you a story snippet because I don't have time to write a real post

I've started a new story. The kind that I'm better at. (Yes, I'm still writing the WW2 one, but there's no harm done with two projects at once.)

Well, the title speaks for itself. It's a lazy excuse for a blog post, I know, but here it is, anyway. I wrote it several minutes ago, and I hope you like it, and all that.

Mark that it has not yet been properly edited, please. And if you happen to stumble across one, tell me if there are any painstakingly embarrassing typos. Thank you; you really are a good sort. :-)

It was a marvellous occasion, Nathan Rum – or, as we called him, Rummy –’s engagement party. My good friend, Parker, and I were remarking on it on the duration of it. We were standing somewhere on the side, with a glass of champagne in our hands. I was also nibbling on a home-made jam biscuit; made by Rummy’s mother. They could have been better. 
“Nice party, right?” Parker started. 
“Yes? Um, oh, yes,” I said. I kind of half-woke up, as I was musing over my neighbour’s dare to his twin brother, which, I thought, was a very unreasonable dare and which, I decided, I had to tell him when I came home. 
“Oh yes,” I repeated. “Jolly nice party.” 
“Rummy looks very happy.” 
“Ghastly shoes, though, he’s wearing,” I remarked randomly. Because they were rather odd. Red and white; the tapping-kind. 
“I thought the same,” Parker agreed. “He’s not, after all, Fred Astaire. He has no right to wear tapping shoes to his own engagement party.” 
“Ah, but ‘right’ he has. He has every right. It’s just that I happen to think nothing of them.” 
“You don’t?” 
“I don’t.” 
“I think they make a gorgeous couple. Look how their smiles match!” Parker smiled broadly, looking rather oaf-like when the smile was at its broadest point. 
“Ah!” I chuckled. “Nonono – I didn’t mean that I think nothing of them – as in, Rummy and Laura. I think nothing of them, as in, his shoes.” 
“Oh. Yes. Yes, of course.” Parker smiled again, although he didn’t reach the oaf-like part. “So you do think something of Rummy and Laura.” 
“Oh yes, of course, yes.” 
We looked at them together for a moment. It was an awkward moment, because Laura just happened to kiss him as we looked, and Rummy just happened to stroke some hair behind her ears. Parker blushed. I don’t know if I did, but I don’t think so. I might have. 
“Ah, yes,” I said. “Very nice. Jolly sporting couple. But I disagree with you about their smiles. Laura’s smile isn’t half as crooked as Rummy’s smile.” 
“I suppose,” Parker mumbled. But he was thinking of something else. I asked him what, and he said, “I want to get married, too!” 
He looked like he was about to burst into tears. 
“Cheer up,” I awkwardly said. 
“No! I can’t!” 
“What do you mean, you can’t? Of course you can.” 
“But I want to get married!” At this stage, Parker reminded me of a spoilt one-year-old, with yellow curls and blue eyes, who was fed on caviar. 
“Oh, of all the things, Parker. Of course you can get married.” 
“How?!” Parker gasped, realising things he had never realised before. “How can I? No girls like me. No girl has ever liked me.” 
“Mmm,” I mused. He had a point. He had a reason to worry. 
“Do you want to get married, Marty?” 
“Me? Married?” I gave a scoff, and choked ever so slightly on a bit of Rummy’s mother’s home-made jam biscuits which could have been better. “Oh, nonono.” 
“Why not?” 
“Well. Well – I. Welll.” I spluttered a little, suddenly realising that I did, in fact, want to get married. Or engaged, at least. I looked at Rummy and Laura again, and saw how Laura’s arm was so snugly tucked into Rummy’s arm, and how they laughed so happily. 
“Well?” Parker asked. 
Parker simply looked. He always had been one of my more patient friends. 
I finally found my voice. “Well! I suppose – yes. Yes! Yes, old chum. I’m on the same boat as you, old chap. I want to get married too!” 
Parker and I shook hands. It felt like a special occasion, so we drank on it, re-filled our glasses, and drank on it again. “How jolly!” Parker exclaimed, and he smiled some.

Well? What say you?

And let's finish off with an adorable picture, just because.


Lark Rise to Candleford - The Very Last Episode - Review - With Spoilers - Also With CAPS



WE FINISHED IT ALL AND OH THE LAST EPISODE HAD ME IN TEARS AND MORE TEARS AND IN LAUGHTER AND OHHH IT WAS PERFECT. I literally just finished it and my heart seems to be popping with fireworks. Also, I love Alfie more than EVER now. I just want to marry him. But then, I'm happy that Minnie's there - okay, we'll talk about that later.

So yes. A Review is in Order. (Obviously, it will be spilling over richly in a glorious abundance of spoilers. Because it's hard to NOT write a review-filled-with-spoilers when one is writing a review of the last episode of the last season.)

So firstly.

Mrs Arless is back! 

I know some of you cannot stand this lady, and I get that. But seriously, I MISSED her so baaaad. When she said, 'Come and hug your ma before I die of happiness' we all laughed because, hey, Lark Rise really wasn't the same without her.

And I REALLY hope she changed for the better. I desperately hope all will go well for the Arlesses from now on. (I know these characters are fictional but, ohhh, I'm worried for them.) It was sweet of her, though, to go and buy presents. "I didn't even go and spend a PENNY on myself! I'm not BAD!"

She made the episode jolly jolly.

Oh! I normally don't think Thomas and Margaret are that 'cute' (I really don't like the word 'cute' anyways) of a couple, but that scene where Thomas realises Margaret is pregnant really WAS adorable. Seriously, it actually made me cry. (But then I was crying all the way through, so maybe I was still crying from the scene before.)

"Oh, Thomas, just KISS me."

I think they'll have a girl and call her Amelia. And then the dog is simply Cordelia.



Everything and EVERYTHING about that scene of theirs was perfect. From her 'I have many, many weaknesses' to his 'I want to love. And be loved. By you.' And then their kiss and their PERFECT HUG and then DORCAS' SMILE BECAUSE SHE FINALLY HAS SOMEONE.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I need MORE.

Oh, and when Minnie goes and makes her speech!!!

I loved that scene. "Oh it is so, is it?" "It is!" and "I ain't never seen such a three-legged girl!" (Poor Minnie. But the bike fall really was hysterically awesome.) And then she went, "Alfie can't even love a girl because his Ma is in his way! His house is his prison and you're his PRISONER!" And then Emma was like, "I think you mean jailer, Minnie."


And now.... Are you ready? Caps ahead. And not just one sentence of them. Because we all know Naomi get's embarrassingly capsy when it comes to MINNIE AND ALFIE.



Everything was perfect. From Sydney quickly taking the cabbage to the fanfare to Caroline quickly giving her ring to Alfie to give to Minnie even though her fingers are twice as big as Minnie's. AND THEN THE HUG AND THE SMILES AND THE KISSES.

The other scene earlier on, where Minnie goes, 'Will you propose?' and all that, made me soooooo have inner fireworks too. WHEN ALFIE SAYS, 'Husband?' OHHH I NEED TO SEE THEM HAVING BABIES AND A HOUSE TOGETHER. WHY DID THIS STOP HERE. I NEED A WEDDING!!!!!

*Naomi turns off all caps*

All in all, this episode WAS perfect.

I don't know how I will EVER sleep tonight. But I'll try. While squealing and turning on 'all caps' in my brain. Good night. AND OH let's start a petition for a series FIIIIVE. Because I need it so so SO badly right now.

And I have to remind you; I LOVE ALFIE.