Period Drama Dresses ~ Blue

I just love the colour blue. I always have you know. Blue is a colour which -according to me- every age and every gender can wear. Babies wear it, young women wear it and older people as well. Therefore I have a large range of blue dresses here for you to enjoy!
I have (sadly) not (yet) seen the older version of Little Women, but when I came across this lovely picture of the beautiful Meg March and saw her beautiful blue dress I just had to save it. It's a day dress, and not very fancy (the Marches were poor, remember?) but I adore it! That lace and the ribbon!
This dress of Maria's is just adorable! It's sooo beautiful and- I am without words currently. This dress reaches far beyond words can describe.

 Don't you agree, readers? Maria's blue gazebo dress is truly lovely.
Ah. It's about time I mentioned my dearest, darlingest most beloved Pride and Prejudice 1995 again- I have neglected this lovely movie in my several last posts, and oh dear, it is good to see them back again, even though it's not Elizabeth and Darcy.
Kitty's gown is very simple, but I really like it. Harriet Smith also wears it in the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma, and both of them seem to look so comfortable in it. This dress was made specially for Kitty Bennet.
I also love Lydia's blue and white dress. I am normally not a fan of Lydia's immodest wardrobe, but this dress is really stylish and pretty. I love the blue ribbon.
Although very strongly advised by someone very dear to me, I have sadly not yet been able to watch the Horiato Hornblower series. I have however, viewed quite a lot of pictures (I fell in love) and I became really fond of Maria (JULIA SAWALHA!)'s blue wedding dress. I've heard that the wedding scene is actually really sad (Horiato didn't love Maria), so probably I should really be supposed to like this dress. But I do. There. I said it.
Sybil's blue dress! Yes I know, this isn't a dress really. But it looks like one, and it's so pretty I just HAVE to add it- against the rules or not. This is just sucha cute outfit. And that headband to match- it's adorable!
This was my first profile picture, and looking at this again we can all see why. This dress his the beautifullest dress that I have ever beheld. This dress is definitely on my top-ten list and I don't know why I didn't mention it earlier on in the post. Oh Mary! You look so beautiful! Your dress is the envy of all who see you! That lace! That summer fabric!
Scarlett's child, Bonnie Blue, always wears blue (it's her second name, so she must) so it was really easy to find one I loved.
Amongst many of Dorcas Lane's stunning outfit, there's a very special, unique velvet blue one to which I have taken a great liking.
Another lovely blue dress worn by Meg- although this time from the version which I have seen. I don't understand why Meg's snobby friends advised her not to wear this dress- it's lovely! Okay, yes, it's not that fancy, but it's really lovely and it suits her so well.
Molly's darling blue jumper! Oh it's so cute!
And last but certainly NOT least, here's Gwendolyn's amazing blue and grey dress. All of her dresses are amazing, and this one is certainly not an exception. I've nothing to say but "WOW".
This is my favourite blue dress. Yes, I like it even more than Mary Crawley's blue one which says a lot indeed! It's everything. It's perfection itself. This is the dress I want to see Melanie wear the whole time- she's so nice she's deserves a dress to match her character. This is an amazingly stunning dress!
Now I'm going to think really well because I don't want to forget any. I forgot one of my favourite pink dresses in the "Pink Period Drama Dresses" post, and I'm so sad. :( I just have to show you- it's so amazing!
It's Eliza Doolittle lovely pink chiffon dress:
There. That last picture also had a blue dress in it. Oh and yes, Lizzy's blue spencer is perfectly darling as well (see underneath).
What's your favourite blue dress?
Is it in this post, or have I forgotten one?


Period Drama Dresses ~ Purple

In the old days, the colour purple was often used for widows, just out of their black morning clothes. There are however, many nice purple dresses, and not all of them are worn by widows.
Let's start with the widows first, shall we?
Violet Crawley. Violet by name and Violet and Purple by Wardrobe. No, she doesn't always wear purple, that would be unsuitable for a Countess, but the majority of her Wardrobe is purple. He most famous outfit, is the one in the picture above. It's not my favourite Period Drama Dress, but it's certainly not bad, looks extremely fine and luxurious and suits her excessively.

Another someone who wears purple and violet a great deal, is mean Mrs Gibson. She has about seven different purple-ish dresses! I counted them once! In the whole, I am not very fond of Hyacinth's Wardrobe (who is?) but there are a few which are just about good enough to find a place in my blog.
No really it isn't too bad. I mustn't be hard on poor darling Hyacinth. I said "poor darling" for a JOKE, people. Mrs Gibson is stingy and obnoxiously appalling. She is not poor and definitely not a darling! 
This one is really not bad.
I simply adoooore Mary's purple "train" suit. I call it her train suit because she always seems to be wearing it in the train-platform scenes. In this picture she's with the odious Mr-Whats-its-name (yes, IT not HIS) but she also wears it in the scene where she meets Matthew there. And she kisses him on the cheek. Ohhhh.
The steam makes it so romantic! I wish we still had steam trains!
Ah. Sybil's purple glory. This dress is simple, but divinely beautiful, as Anne puts it. It's made of silk-- isn't it? I love the white collar- everything in this dress suits Sybil so well-- and I love Sybil, so I love the dress.
We are currently watching the marvellous 'Lark Rise to Candleford' series, and I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it! I love Dorcas Lane (Julia Sawalha)- and she also has some lovely dresses, including this purple one! (see above picture.) It is not my favourite dress of hers for she has many others, but still I really like it a lot.

 The Pratt sister's clothes, however, is entirely another matter. They just wear anything that is in the latest fashion, but they make it slightly exaggerated and with weird, flashy colours. The only dress I can find myself 'liking' are the two in the above picture.
To conclude this post, I am going to mention Little Dorrit, who also seems to wear purple a great deal. 
 I love, love, love her purple wedding dress! It's silky, sheeny, scrumptious and elegant! This is definitely a dress I'd love to wear myself!
So... what's your favourite purple dress, and have I forgotten it?

PS. Sorry for mentioning Hyacinth so much in this post. It is not because I like her, or something. :-)


Period Drama Dresses ~ Pink

Pink is my favourite colour, so I've been looking forward to the pink Period Drama Dresses. Here they are! I hope you enjoy!
 Two randomly lovely pink pictures.... aaaand now we can start!
Liesl von Trapp's gorgeous pink dress. Oh how I love this dress. It's simply adorable. It's gorgeous. I just want it. I always have, as a young girl. I remember envying her pink dancing dress when I watched it as a wee kid for the first time. I remember wishing that I could make my dress so light at puffy and twirly as she could. I tried, but poor me, I couldn't. :(

I love Rose' pink garden dress as well. It's simple but elegant. She's also wearing it in the picture on my header- which proves that I really love it. Oh and by the way, don't you love the old-fashioned pram in the background of this picture?
Do you think that this dress is the same one? Because if it isn't... well I want to say that I love it as well. Edith's brown garb however- I do not care much about. Come one Edith- you should look a bit more glamerous.

I know Daisy is only an undercook, but I love her pink dress she wears on her outing to the sea. She looks so pretty!
I know this dress of Meg's is supposed to be unsuitable, but I can't help it- I like it a lot! Well, yes, it is too low-cut, but apart from that, I think it's absolutely delightful.
Oh dear. I have suddenly remembered something terrible. I have forgotten my favourite pink Period Drama Dress! I have forgotten it! Oh dear!!!

How could I have forgotten Emma's lovely, darling, pink ball gown! She wore it when she danced with Mr Knightley! How could I forget! I am sorry readers.
It has layers and layers of different colour fabrics to make a shimmery effect and I love it dearly.

Emma also has two other pink dresses which I admire greatly.

But then I admire all Emma's dresses greatly (especially her pink ball gown and her yellow flowered one.)

Which pink period drama dress is your favourite?
And have I missed one out?


Happy Easter!

I just wanted to pop in to say that I hope you are having a very blessed Easter day!

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!
Our triumphant holy day, Alleluia!
Who did once upon the cross, Alleluia!
Suffer to redeem our loss. Alleluia!
Happy Easter to all of you!


Period Drama Costumes ~ Red

So... it's time for the red Period Drama Costumes today! And mind you, I have a lot!
It was the easiest thing in the world to decide which dress would get the honour of standing at the top of this list. My favourite Period Drama dress: MARY CRAWLEY'S RED DINNER DRESS!!!
(Sorry but the capitalisation was necessary.)
Simply saying that this is my all-time favourite Period Drama Dress is enough, I suppose, but I'm afraid I shan't stop here. Oh I simply adore this dress. Those darling sleeves, for instance. That sweet little cut in the middle of it.
And the exquisite embroidery on the dress- it's just gorgeous. All those deep, evening colours- and the dark elbow gloves to finish it all off. This dress is simply beautiful and you can GO AWAY if you don't agree with me.
No. I didn't mean that. I take it back. Stay here and tell me your reasons in the comments. (I'm sure however that all my readers love this deliciously lovely dress.

Next on the list is Scarlett's O'Hara scrumptious red hoop-dress. By simply looking at this dress one get's obsessed by hoops. At least I do. I just ADORE this dress. As Caroline Tomkinson says in Cranford: It's red and there's lots of it!
As all of you surely know, this scene is my favourite scene in all film history (alongside the lake scene and the 'unhappy alternative' scene in Pr&Pr) and the dress Mary wears in it is red as well so... I must add it on my list.
Although it is not quite as pretty as her other red evening dress, I love this dress as well (although it's a tad too bare at the top). I know you can't see the skirt in the above gify, but I love her skirt. It's with a lot of layers, with scalloped edges. In short, this is a really pretty dress in a really, really pretty scene.
Some people may call this dress orange rather than red, but to me this is red. And again, I love it fiercely. Molly looks so pretty and mature and so elegant in it.

Again, a debate of colour. To me, this lovely simple dress of Elizabeth Bennet is red, but I have heard some people call it pink rather than red. Well it is me who takes decisions here at my blog, so there.
I love this dress of Lizzy's although it's not exactly my favourite of hers (since she has so many even more scrumptious outfits). But this red dress is really adorable and... I could wear it myself.
I almost wanted to leave this dress out, but I actually rather like it so I decided not to leave it out. It's a lovely long, warm nightgown with frills and ribbons. In case you don't know who's wearing it, it's Bobby from 'the Railway Children' (Jenny Agutter as a child). We recently watched this movie, and I noticed this pretty nightgown this time.

How could I forget my favourite Scarlett O'Hara dress? How come this isn't earlier on my list! Scarlett's red and white Christmas dress is absolutely adorable. I normally hate Scarlett but I love her in this dress. She looks so sweet. I love the white and red bits at the bodice! It's just adorable!
(By the way, my dear friend Emma has written a splendorious review on 'Gone with the Wind' and you should read it: here.)
But there are also ugly red dresses. For example, Scarlett has one. If you want to see it (which you probably don't) click on here. It's simply loathsome, is it not?
But most of the red dresses are beautiful!
Which one is your favourite?
Have I missed one out?