10 Reasons why you can't NOT like Bertie Wooster


Some of you may or may not know this: I am a big Bertie Wooster fan. While Jeeves is a good sport too, Wooster has always been my favourite one of the duo - both in the books and in the TV Series. And not to mention, Hugh Laurie's performance is so spot-on-ridiculously-perfect that it's not even funny. Wait... of COURSE it's funny. Wooster is the very key of funny-ness. 

So here are ten reasons why you can't not like Bertie Wooster. (Now I sound like Blimeycow.)

#1. He's Hilarious

I am not a big comedy person. In fact, I loathe practically every comedy laugh movie there is. I can't stand Mr Bean - he makes me squirm ashamedly instead of giggle hysterically. But there is one comedy series I can't get enough of and that is *ting* Jeeves and Wooster. 
Fact is, Wooster is hilarious. Just plain-inside-out funny. Everything about him is funny - the way he talks, the way he rolls his eyes, opens his mouth, walks, views people and solves problems. And what I like about his funniness is that it's not funny to him - or to any other character in the movie. People over there at the Jeeves and Wooster world look at Bertie as if he's the most normal person there ever was. 
But he isn't normal. He's soooo funny.

#2. He thinks he's a genius

 Let's face it. Wooster isn't the cleverest of men. The brain of the show is, as we all know perfectly well, Jeeves. There are times when Wooster fully admits that Jeeves is an amazing genius and that he has some what less knowledge. But then there are times when he proudly states that the Woosters have the cleverest ideas and solutions there ever were, and insists that he knows how to solve problems JUST as well as Jeeves does. This guy has a lot of self-confidence.
And his solutions and ideas are just SO freaking stupid it's HILARIOUS. :-P

#3 He's a boy

Wooster is ADORABLE. In reality he's a middle-aged bachelor, but to me, he's a boy. He's still a boy - he plays with a yellow ducky in the bath and loves eating and getting involved in silly schemes. He's cheeky. He hangs out at the Drones Club, which is a pretty boyish place, if you ask me.
And Jeeves is like his dad. :-)

 #4 He can't say no (and it's adorable)
He can't even refuse offers of marriage!
This is so adorkyble. He just can't say NO. Well, he can, but not in a persisting way. In more than one episodes, one of his annoying aunts will barge into his easy life with a task for him - often involving theft. He starts to stammer, 'I say! No! Aunt Dalia, I... I say, what a dashed thing to ask!' and stuff like that. But he never wins the say and always ends up doing what people ask him. HE CAN'T SAY NO AND IT'S SO ADORABLE.
Wooster is actually a really kind person. He's very careful about not hurting people, very careful indeed. Sometimes it causes him loooads of problems. 

#5 His fashion sense

Jeeves may not always agree, but I think Bertie Wooster's fashion sense is rather dapper and corny and fun. He goes for three-quarter-trousers and white-short-vests even if his valet doesn't agree. But then he gets rid of the special garments after a short time, because when Jeeves doesn't agree life can't go on. So, with the help of Jeeves, Bertie always looks like a good gentleman - good vests, tweed jackets, evening black wear. He really looks good.

#6 He's so innocent

Bertram Wooster? Innocent? He gets blamed for EVERYTHING!
Basically the average Jeeves & Wooster episode goes like this: Aunt tells Wooster he has to do something - he messes it up - he gets blamed by everyone for everything - Jeeves solves everything.
Poor little Bertie gets all the blame, while he's actually as innocent as a fella can be. Poor chappie.

 #7 He TALKS amazingly
This is the main thing I love about Wooster. THE WAY HE TALKS.
A list of Wooster-like words you are going to use in the future (you just are):
- What-ho! This is Wooster's famous way of saying 'hello'. He says it in practically every scene. :-P The word, I warn you, is seriously addicting.
- I say! Wooster says this when he's surprised or disappointed. It's a cool way of saying, 'NO!' or 'OH DEAR!' or other useless phrases such as that.
- Pip pip! Toodledoo! This is his way of saying goodbye. I told you he wasn't normal (wait, did I?)
- This takes the bally nerve, Jeeves! What he says after he realises he didn't say 'no.' 'Bally' is sometimes replaced by 'giddy' and 'nerve' is sometimes replaced by 'biscuit.' Creative, right? As a writer who loves to juggle around with word uses, I find this all very good. :-)
- Dashed. "How dashed kind!" or "Dashed friendly of you, old bean," are two examples Wooster would use the word in.
Oh, and if you're as big of a fan of his talk as I am, read the books. They are NARRATED by him and him only. Oh the joy.

 #8 He's never angry long

Wooster really is a NICE chap. He's awfully forgiving, and never angry for a long time. There are times when Jeeves stubborn-ness about, for instance, clothing, irritates him - but he always gives in and returns to the corny golden cheek he is. 
Even after getting blamed loads of times and tricked into cycling for hours in soaking rain, he goes back to the bacon-and-eggs lover with witty cheerful-ness in no time.

#9 His music style (not exactly mine, but it makes me like him more.)

My favourite scenes in the movie are probably the ones where Wooster rummages around on his piano, singing rediculously stupidly funny songs with embarrassing lyrics. Once he made Jeeves sings them too, poor chap. I know all the songs Wooster plays inside out, because I have a brother who's a huge Wooster-songs-fan and plays them on the piano like, almost every day. 
The video above is my personal favourite of the songs. I defy you not go to bed singing "Forty-seven Ginger-headed sailors." These songs are embarrasingly catchy. 
So yeah - I rather like his songs. *sheepish smile*

#10 He always forgets he's the boss

Jeeves and Wooster's roles often seem to reverse - Jeeves tells Wooster what to do, decides what will happen, and not vice versa. Sometimes though, Woosters pops into reality and realises this, but mostly he doesn't even realise. He treats Jeeves like a friend more than a valet and feels dashed lost without the organiser. As I said, Jeeves is like his father. :-P
The following quote describes their relationship perfectly:
Bertie: No, I think I'll wear the blue with the faint red stripe.
Jeeves: Not the blue with the faint red stripe, sir.
Bertie: But I rather fancy myself in it.
Jeeves: Not the blue with the faint red stripe, sir.
Bertie: Oh all right, have it your own way.
Jeeves: Very good, sir. Thank you, sir.

Well done Mr Wodehouse for creating such a character!
What's your favourite thing about Wooster?
Do you prefer Jeeves?


  1. :D :D ;D !!!!!!! Okay, I had made it through without laughing until I hit the musical style on point #9.

    *Collecting myself* Ohhhh my, Bertie is so splendid. Overall I like the books better than the tv show, but you simply can't not love Bertie. (That is, I suppose it can be done -- but it's near to impossible!)

  2. Wooster is awesome and Hugh Laurie's performance as him was perfection!
    At our house we definitely adore the songs in the movies! You're right! They're so ridiculously catchy!
    One of the lines we quote a lot from the show is when Bertie tells Jeeves that 47 Ginger Headed Sailors (at least I think that's the son he's talking about) is "all the rage at the drones" and then Jeeves says "I'm not surprised to hear that sir." :) We quote that about everything.... down to the most random stuff.

  3. I don't mind telling you, Naomi old chap, that you've really hit the proverbial nail on the head here. ;)

    I love Bertie! As a matter of fact, I'm reading one of the books right now!

    All the gifs and pictures you used!! XD

    YES THE WAY HE TALKS I JUST CAN'T. And everything else...yes. I love the way he has a rubber duckie in his bathtub;)

    A dashed creditable post, Naomi. Dashed creditable.

  4. Haha. Hahahahaha. ;-D

    I love Bertie! You've hit on everything just right. Makes me really want to see more of the series now. ;-P

    I almost expired laughing when I first saw the part where he plays "Minnie the Moocher" and tries to get Jeeves to sing along. Oh my word. That is the most hilarious thing ever!

    And the Drones club....bwahaha. They're like a bunch of little boys hanging around being silly. ;-P

    Wonderfully put, Naomi!


  5. This show sounds and looks so funny!! I really want to try the books too. How is it content wise?

  6. THIS. Jolly good, I must say.
    I haven't seen all of this lovely show, but I intend to when I get some time.
    Oh, THAT'S where 'dashed' comes from! I've heard other bloggers use it and I was Curious. :-)
    HIS SONGS I LOVE THEMMMMM!!! That one's lovely. My favorite's the one where Jeeves has to do the 'Tee-dee-hee-dee-hee, sir', bit. :-)
    I definitely prefer Wooster. I mean, I like Jeeves, but as you said, Bertie is so dashed innocent. And naive- I can't help liking him.
    This was dashed good. I can't WAIT to find the books for Jeeves & Wooster!!!! :-)

  7. Heehee! :-D This post gave me a good chuckle!

  8. What-ho all!

    Heidi, I knew you liked Bertie! And yes - his singing... my, how they make one happy. :-) Well, you're right - it CAN be done, but it's very rare indeed!

    Lois, Right-Oh! Another family who sings Bertie's songs again and again! Oh yes, 'I'm not surprised to hear that, sir,' - that bit is SO funny. The drones club is so stupid. :-P

    Olivia, I say! Jolly good sport of you to go off and compliment me so dashed kindly and whatnot. HAHA his yellow ducky. So silly. :-P What book are you reading now? My favourite is the one where he sends telegrams about sausages. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about. :-P

    Emmy-award, HAHA back. Ooooh yes: MINNIE THE MOOCHER. Its.too.funny. I wanted to put that one up first, but then I decided on 47 ginger-headed-sailors because I like the tune better. I want to be part of a Drones club. :-) No, really, although it's a stupid place, I WANT A DRONES CLUB. I once thought of making a blog called 'The Drones Club' and devoting all my nonsensical posts to it. :-) I won't, though, I have too many blogs already.

    Natalie, it IS funny. :-) The books are hilarious. Both the books and the TV series are pretty clean - we enjoy it with the whole family (although the younger ones find it boring) - the word 'blasted' is the only mild swearing word, I think. It's clean and funny, as far as I can remember!

    Miss Elliot, I haven't seen ALL of the show - I watched the first three series, but the forth was so different and Jeeves wasn't Jeeves anymore and it was nothing like the book, so we didn't watch the forth series. But yes, you should watch as much as possible. :-) Oh my yes, 'Minnie the Moocher', you mean - Teedeeheedeehee... it's hilarious!
    Haha, most people, you know, prefer Jeeves - I'm glad you've joined the prefer-Wooster-bunch with me.

    Evie, thank you! I know, Wooster is so chuckle-giving. Dashed generous, the old chap is.

    Cheerio! Pip pip all!
    ~ Naomi

    1. As a matter of fact, old bean, I'm currently reading a largish book called, "The Jeeves Omnibus." It rather takes the bally cake for witty one-liners, what!

  9. Wooster singing?! I must see this show. I read the first book and it was absolutely hilarious. Thanks for an other really great post. (-:

  10. Naomi,
    Good! It sounds delightful! I put in a request for the first series at the library. Hopefully I can find the books soon too. :)

  11. I've only read 3 or 4 of the books and seen the first two episodes, but I am definitely a fan. When I hit "Forty-seven Ginger-headed sailors" in your post, I gave up and laughed aloud. So funny!

  12. Hugh Laurie is a great Bertie, but to me, TV series miss quite a bit of the magic of the writing, and the reason is that the stories are narrated by Bertie. Everything is worded and explained in Bertie's manner of speaking. He goes off on tangents that add to the story and you wouldn't want to miss. I don't put down Jeeves at all, but their roles are complimentary and it would be hard to appreciate either one quite so much without the other. And they both can put so much into a word or two. For example, if told something outrageously unexpected or farfetched, Jeeves might say "Indeed, Sir!" Bertie might say "Ah!'

  13. What-ho all,

    I know I'm a bit late to the party and all that, but dash it, I just had to tell you all to check out he audiobooks narrated by Jonathan Cecil. They will rather change your life. Buck you up, give you all a bit of vim. If vim is the word I want.

    Audible is the place to find them.

    Jolly good ambience in here. Almost as good as the Drones.



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