Cinderella 2015 - Review

This was on my to-see list before the trailer was even available. You want to know how long I had to wait to see this? About a year. I heard of it first back in 2014 December (or maybe it was even-longer-ago; it might have been in 2014 SUMMER) and I watched it last month, FINALLY and YES. OF COURSE IT WAS SPLENDID. 

Of course I loved it. My heart will always be this place which delights in glitter and fairylights and gowns and blue eyes. I LOVED it. :-)

My Cinderella History, first.

1. I didn't actually grow up with the animated "classic" Disney Cinderella. I have, in fact, never even SEEN it (and I don't care to because why would I when the 2015 one exists). I was, however, as a little girl, very familiar with the Cinderella story, as was every other girl in my continent. 
2. My favourite Dinsey princess was (and IS) Cinderella; and, at the age of about seven, when I got this notebook with Cinderella on the cover I was ELATED. (Sleeping Beauty was on the back cover but humph, I didn't look at her. Cinderella was my favourite.) 
3. I also got a rubber with Cinderella on it. 
4. And a pack of cards with the Disney Princesses on it. (I took out the one of "the weird fish-lady", as I called her, and kept the ones of Cinderella especially. My favourite cards were the two where Cinderella dances with The Prince because DUZH.)
5. Anyway. Point of story: I loved Cinderella. (Ah, those years when I only had three fandoms. Little House, Heidi and Cinderella. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of those years. Now I can't even start to count my fandoms.) 
6. Then my teens doomed close and I discovered Jane Austen and Anne of Green Gables, and poor Cinderella was shoved in the fartherest corner of my brain. (No, my-fourteen-year-old-brother, don't say 'do you HAVE a brain?!') 
7. But then... I saw that one first-released picture of Lily James in an old, exotic-but-worn blue dress on a white horse (the first picture of this post) and I thought OHH DARN HOW PRETTY.
8. Wait, that was a lie. I actually thought, 'Ohhh! LOOK it's LADY ROSE on a HORSE with her HAIR DOWN.' :-P But I soon got really exited about the movie. I got reallyreallyreally excited.
10. *Naomi rewatches the trailer every day for three months*
11. Then came those months when everyone saw it except meeee and OH the torment.



What Cinderella did to me:

1. It transformed me back to being seven years old. I loved that feeling a LOT.
2. It made me believe in love at first sight for a few hours. (Because basically Cinderella and the prince are ENGAGED after 1. A conversation in the woods 2. A dance and 3. A conversation in the garden and it seemed perfectly natural and perfect to me.)
3. It made me love Patrick Doyle's soundtracks even more.
4. Blue is one of my favourite colours now. I used to quite dislike it; but now it's just perfectly elegant.
5. Blue eyes aren't too bad, either. :-P
6. It made me want to be in a ball so badly. Not that I didn't before watching Cinderella, of course.
7. *Me when I finished the movie* Oh. Oh. Oh yes, Fairy godmothers don't really exist. (Because I thought they did for those two hours while I watched the movie.)
8. All the glitter of the palace made me SWOON.
9. And it made me super angry at a certain lady.
10. It gave me THRILLS.

The scenery of this movie was GORGEOUS, the COSTUMES I CAN'T EVEN (will ramble about the amazing, epic blue ballgown shortly, BRACE YOURSELF), the music was twinkly and sweeping, and the characters vivid and real.

I loved that the Prince had a name.
I loved that the stepmother had a past.
I loved that the stepsisters had a good side.
I loved that Cinderella was unique.
I loved that it felt so fresh and real, despite that fact that this story is hugely overdone in the history of cinema.

The scenes of Ella's childhood were gorgeous - summery, colourful, happy, simple, childlike. Ella's mother was a darling; and her father was a darling, too. The butterflies, the sunlight, the flowers, the tinkly music - it was definitely fairy-tale-ish. (I thought the girl-Ella looked a lot like a mini Taylor Swift. Anyone agree?)

And then the mother died. That was so sad. (Hayley Atwell looked gorgeous in blonde, by the way.)

Just look at the happy family. And Hayley's white-and-yellow dress. (I see what you did there, costume-designer.)

And then we saw the Lily-James-Ella, and a some-what-older Father. The house is still the same; and life is still good, although in a more quiet way. But theeen. BAMBAMBAM. The father marries again. (For some reason or the other, I didn't feel badly about him for doing so. He didn't seem to realise, the poor chump.)

Then we met lady Tremain. And Daisy Anastasia and the other one. What's-her-name.

Cate Balnchett made a stunningly evil and wicked and slimy step-mother. Her hair was exquisitely and shockingly un-Victorian (it looked vintage) and her silky wine-and-green-coloured dresses were evil and elegant and EVIL.

(My sister and I LOVE the way she laughs. SO EVIL. And horrible.)

The step-sisters were good too. UGH. The way Daisy (I call her Daisy) plays the piano. And the way the other one draws. They were pathetically bad and silly and stupid; but it was funny and good and it strangely enough seemed real. :-P

And then POOR ELLA. An endless list of woes comes knocking at her door.
1.Her father dies.
2. The servants get expelled.
3. She has to sleep in the attic.
4. She has to do all the work.
5. She gets nicknames; including 'Cinderwench', 'Dirty Ella' and - Oh, I know one! I know what we'll call her! - Cinderella.
6. She can't sit at her seat at the table.
7. She doesn't have much food.

In the middle of her woes, Ella escapes to the woods one day, on horseback. And GUESS WHAT.

I'll tell you by pasting a picture here. A picture of a blue-dressed, blonde-haired, horse-back-ed damsel in distress and a gold-trimmed, dashing-looking, sword-on-his-hip-ped Prince, meeting for the first time in sunlit, light-green woods. *Cue darling fluttery music and call all the butterflies and bluebirds to come and fly in the air because it fits.*

She meets this blue-eyed guy who is an apprentice (just kidding, he's a prince. Good try.) and whose name is Kit, and who really is quite handsome you know. Quite. And he's also super kind and he also believes in love at first sight.

(Because duh. It's a disney movie just saying.)

(Awful jacket, but handsome face. No really. He's really good-looking. And he wears the jacket well. He even wears the turquoise waistcoat well. And the white skinny jeans.)





(Wow, now I sound like a fangirl. I might be slightly exaggerating, but of course I won't admit that now because I'm reviewing Cinderella and this is the climax of the review. And guys - girls - really; everything about and before and after the ball scene dazzled me like a bird entranced by Tinklebell and fairy dust... and seriously, what am I even saying. You guys don't want to hear me talk. Pictures. That's what you want. Pictures.)

(I might or might not have this picture as my desktop background right now. Of course it's not true. I mean, why on earth would I choose to put this picture on the entire screen of my laptop. That's just absurd. (I told you I was sarcastic.))

Anyway, basically everything about the ball is perfect. I can't even start.
1. First, her pink dress. It was cute and adorable and gorgeous, and I'd wear it in a heatbeat.
2. But then hopes were shattered, dreams were crushed, and fabric torn.
4. Fairy godmothers exist. Remember?
5. And they change pumpkins into exquisite carriages; and lizards into green-faced footmen, and ducks into carriage drivers. Very clever.
6. And what's more... THEY MAKE BLUE DRESSES. And such blue dresses.

7. The dress seriously was EVERYTHING. (Look I italicized and capitalized the word. That means it really is beyond my description.) It was dazzling; huge; and had SUCH A SWISH. I do envy any girl who owns a gown with a luxurious, gorgeous, extravagant SWISH. And then the butterflies and the sparkles and the sheeny white and blue...
12. And then they arrived; after riding in the gorgeous gold carriage, and after getting the glass shoes which fit no-one but her. (Quite amazing, that. She really must have tiny feet.)
13. And then the ball room. THE BALL ROOM. (I should have warned you about the caps in the post. Sorry.)

14. All the CANDLES and all the GOLD and all the sparkles and coulour and glitter and glamour and bizazz and sheen and... you get the point. It was glamorous beyond measure and I sank into the glory of it with all my happy heart.
16. Loook, his collar matches her dress. Such a coincidence. This really IS true love. That proves it. (And his eyes fit the dress too! WOW. Match made in heaven. SO match made in heaven.)
17. Okay... here's the video of the dance. Because there's no way I can put my girlish love for it in words.

18. And after the dance, they somehow manage to leave the room without people following them; and Kit shows Ella his garden. (Which means he really IS interested in her. Because he even swings her on the swing, and puts on her shoe when it falls down.)
19. Oh, we need a picture of the swing garden, you said?
20. I'd be happy to oblige. I'm rather fond of this picture. Not very, just rather. (Sarcasm, again.)


Then the clock strikes twelve; and before Ella knows it, she's on the road in her wet, torn, not-very-pink dress, holding horses mice in her one glass shoe. (What I've never understood is why the shoes didn't change back to normal after the clock struck twelve. Doesn't make sense. But who cares, right? This is Cinderella.)

Anyway; then we have all the everyone-fits-the-shoe-but-no-one-can-squeeze-their-foot-in-the-darn-thing-calava.

But Ella sings "Lavender's Blue" in the attic, and the horses open the window...

And then that happens.

My thoughts on the wedding:
2. Her wedding dress... all the flowers and the tiny detail had me in awe. It really didn't get enough screen-time. We needed a camera which gave us close-up detail of it. (I don't love it as much as the blue one, of course. But it's still stunning.)
3. Kit looked pretty good too. He's rocking the boots.
4. ALL THE FLOWERS. The balcony kind of looked like heaven.
5. And they kiiiiissed and people cheered and all was right in the world forever and ever. They had children and sang songs and fed the mice and held balls every fortnight. (But they forgot all about the stepmother, Anastasia and Drisella, and the fairy godmother.) (I had to write it.)

This movie is amazing. The end. 


  1. I love your comment about childhood fandoms; Heidi (NOT the Shirley Temple version) was one of mine . . . now I want to do a childhood fandoms post.

    Anyway, I grew up with the Disney Cinderella (although when I was quite young I think that I preferred Pocahantes and Thumbelina). When I was a teenager I was introduced to Ella Enchanted (the book) and Ever After. My sisters and I love any fairytale retellings, so of course we looked forward to the movie. When the previews came out, one sister pointed out that the filmmakers were basically making a live-action version of the classic Disney version for which I was glad (I am not as crazy about some of the recent fairytale versions; I mean Mirror, Mirror was funny, but it was really a true fairytale). I loved how they kept many of the similar aspects to the Disney version while developing the story a bit more although not as much as Ever After. My sisters and I have been talking about watching both Disney versions and Ever After all in one day sometime, but it has not happened yet.

    1. Yeah, NOT the Shirley Temple version. *Snort* "My" Version was the Jane Seymour one. GAHH. SO GOOD.

      I haven't seen Eve After OR Ella Enchanted OR Mirror Mirror! Perhaps I should...

  2. Oh, the Cinderella 2015 review!!! Yayyyyy!!!! *scatters blue and gold glitter everywhere*


    I loved reading this SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much--I Need To See This Movie. Badly. (I did enter the giveaway over on Heidi's blog so . . . here's hopin' . . . ;-) )

    Blue has ALWAYS been my favorite color, for almost as long as I can remember . . . So obviously I am THRRRILLLLLLLED by her blue ball gown. Just. So. Gorgeous. One of my favorite shades of blue, too . . . gee. I'm lovin' it.

    I seriously cannot believe how cute and adorable and all-around-swoon-worthy Kit and Cinderella are together. Separately, they're fantastic, and together . . . don't even get me started.

    What?? Love at first sight IS an Actual Thing. I could've told ya that.

    Oh--and that is NOT an awful jacket. It's a very nice jacket. AND THOSE ARE NOT SKINNY JEANS THOSE ARE BREECHES. Ahem.

    Long story short: I love this review. Thanks SO MUCH for posting it--you've made me really happy :-)

    1. Oh, I hope you win the giveaway!!! :-) (Your chances are doubled, because you have a sister who can enter too... haha!)


      I personally don't think Love-at-first-sight is a true thing. I definitely believe in ATTRACTION - and interest - at first sight, but I think the 'love at first sight' thing is... I don't know. It's a bit overdone, in my opinion.

      I don't mind the jacket THAT much. And I know they are breeches. I WAS KIDDING. :-D

      ~ N

    2. I know, right? I'm really hoping one of us gets it--I REALLY WANT to see the movie!

      Okay, so . . . my personal views on love at first sight are kinda complicated, but I'll try to explain them quickly here. Basically, I believe that it IS occasionally possible for an individual to fall instantly or almost-instantly in love with another person. To be like, "okay, yeah, I know I only just met you but I ALSO know I want to marry you." It hardly ever happens, true--but that doesn't mean it NEVER happens. I've never actually seen it in my own life, but I just feel like I can't rule out the possibility--especially since there HAVE been real-life couples who say they experienced this phenomenon and who am I to tell them they didn't?

      However. Even though I believe in love at first sight, I definitely DON'T advocate instant engagements or instant marriages of the "Frozen" variety. Because, you see, since genuine love-at-first-sight is so very rare, the chances are excellent for somebody (especially somebody young and impulsive) to THINK that they've fallen in love when they most definitely haven't. In other words, you can never be quite sure that you've really fallen in love at first sight until AFTER it happens. You always have to wait a decent interval and make absolutely sure before you do anything.

      For instance. In my current WIP, one of the main characters (a guy) meets a girl and knows, immediately, that he wants to marry her. Because, you see, he's the kind of character who actually WOULD fall in love at first sight--decisive, outgoing, impetuous, etc. But the girl isn't--she's just the opposite, very shy and very slow to make friends. So it takes a while for HER to fall in love with HIM. And so he has to wait, whether he likes it or not.

      Does that make sense? I know it's a very long-and-drawn-out explanation, but I wanted to try and tell you how I feel about it :-)

    3. Yeah, that does make sense.

      I suppose it can happen when it's the hand of God being in it, and all that. However, I DO think the "okay, yeah, I know I only just met you but I ALSO know I want to marry you" thing sounds... I mean, mehhh, IF that happens it REALLY really doesn't happen OFTEN. I think quite a lot of couples go, 'It was love at first sight' while they actually mean 'I was attracted to him and interested about him from the start.' (Seriously.) Because LOVE - LOVE, true LOVE - it's more than one glance and a click-in-the-head, in my opinion - one generally loves someone after knowing what he/she's gone through, when one knows what he/she is like, what s/he's done, what his/her plans are, etc. So I think that in most cases, when couples SAY it was 'love at first sight', they mean the attraction-thing. Without realising, perhaps.
      So while yes, it might be able to really happen in some occasions - my general thought is, 'It's attraction at first sight.'

      SOOO. Yeah. My two cents.

      Your story sounds wonderful, though! Seriously! :-)

      Maybe I should do a post on this! :-)

      ~ Naomi

    4. Yes, I agree with you that it doesn't happen OFTEN. What I'm really saying is, we cannot rule it out altogether as a possibility, for SOME types of people at least. (I do think, in general, the whole how-people-fall-in-love thing has quite a bit to do with individual personality types.) Like, my guy Fran Brady (yeah, his name is actually Fran, it's a Thing)--I just felt like he was the type of dude who WOULD be likely to experience genuine, honest-to-goodness love-at-first sight. So I made him do that. :-)

      I don't expect it ever to happen to me, for example ;-) But I'm not everybody, and what works for me isn't going to work for everybody. Fulton Sheen once said, in reference to this topic, "Every person carries within his heart a blueprint of the one he loves. What seems to be 'love at first sight' is actually the fulfillment of desire, the realization of a dream." Now, I don't actually agree that every person has a "blueprint" like this in his heart--or, if they do, most of the time they don't recognize it right away. HOWEVER, I do believe that there are a few lucky souls who DO have such a blueprint and can immediately recognize its fulfillment in a girl/guy they just met, and can truly and honestly say, "I loved them from the first moment I saw them." So yeah. Basically, that's the way I look at it.

      Definitely, you should do a post on this! It's always a fascinating topic to discuss :-)

    5. Oh--thank you! That makes me happy :-)

  3. Hahah this was fun to read! I like that you went back to one of your older headers- it's one of my personal favorites! My younger sister taught herself the waltz Cinderella and the Prince do, then she taught the guys part to my brother- and then they put it to music. ;) I went twice to see Cinderella in theater, and then bought it (I think on it's release day!). :D

    1. Thanks! This is my favourite header, too. :-)

      Oh, really?! MY brothers wouldn't dream of waltzing with me. :-D

  4. Ah, I love this movie way too much!!! It's SO fuzzy and beautiful and elegant and breathtaking and imaginative and charming and cute and sweet and darling and many more adjectives I could squeeze in there. :-D I don't have much time to comment, but I'll just say that I love this movie for the Prince's blue eyes and his lovely character to go with them (and I personally find nothing wrong with that green jacket! :-P) and Cinderella's soft voice and kind personality, the hairy dogfather - excuse me - fairy godmother's weird neck cracks and funny quotes, the evil step mother's amazingly evil laugh (I laugh every time I hear it!) and the two stupid step sisters. I love it for the music, (how sweet that they play "Lavender's Blue" while she enters the ballroom...aww) and the OUTSTANDING costumes and setting and scenery and general beautifulness. And don't even get me STARTED on Cinderella's blue dress. That's the most beautiful dress I've seen in my entire life, and I would TOTALLY wear it. Even if Lily James did say she could hardly breathe in it. :-P
    Also, I may or may not have saved a heap of those gorgeous pictures into my collection of background pictures. :-D (Much to my sisters' disgust.)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Hahaha, your adjectives. :-P

      Okay, the green jacket IS elegant. And it fits with a fairytale. :-D HAHA; The fairy godmothers weird neck cracks! HAHA.

      I KNOW. I would totally wear the dress. :-)

      Thanks for the comment, dear! (And for all the comments on the New Years Tag post. LOVED reading your answers. :-))

      ~ Naomi

  5. Oh Naomi. This was so good!!! I loved the way you wrote it!! And this movie. It's all just happiness and butterflies and glitter, and warm fuzzies. I wuvs it. (And I'm planning to watch it again soon!)

  6. Oh my goodness! That was wonderful. I am sighing and swooning and wanting to see this movie. Thank-you for the glittery review. I love it.

  7. I love this post!!! ALL THE PICTURES. Gah, it's all so GORGEOUS!!! I love Ella's pink dress . . . and OF COURSE that lovely BLUE BALL GOWN!!!! And her wedding dress. I need a wedding dress like that myself!! Anyone got one for sale? :P

    YES. Kit (WHAT A NAME ;)) is rockin' those boots :D I love the swing scene so much! I think it's my favorite scene of all - you know, I need to watch this movie. I REALLY DO.

    Did I mention that I love this post? 'Cause I do. In case you didn't notice :)


      (I know. I hate the name Kit. :-P) The swing scene is ADORABLE; although a bit too short, in my opinion. You must seeeee this. :-)

      ~ N

  8. IT'S UP IT'S UP IT'S UP!!!!! ;D

    And oh, what complete and utter gorgeousness!!! I could lose myself in the pictures alone. (And that end wedding collage is just toooooo tingly sweet. :D)

    *And coughing* NAOMI. I LOVE Kit's jacket!!! ;D (Of course, I have a weakness for turquoise anyway. But then the combination of green and turquoise and gold-braid and boots?!?!?! *coughs* We'll leave it at that. ;D)

    Yes, this movie's just... EEEEESH. I can't get enough!!! ;D :D

    1. YAY; I'm so glad you loved it!!!! :-) Thank you for your kind words!

      Well, the jacket IS nice - and it fits perfectly in the movie. If it were in another movie (like, say P&P) I would hate it, though. But yes. It's really nice. Sorry. :-D

      ~ N

  9. I was never all that into fairytale princesses when I was little. That is just the way it was. Winnie the Pooh ranked much higher. When Cinderella came out last year, I heard about it from several people about how they liked it and went to see it more than once. At the time I couldn't quite understand going to see it in a theater more than once. When it came out on DVD, I was able to borrow it from a friend, and needless to say I then understood. ;)I think it is sufficient to say that I now love that movie.

    1. Yeah, I have a sister who never was princessy like me - but she LOVED this movie. Glad you did, too! :-)

  10. Such a delightful post.
    you poor thing, having to wait so long to watch it! I wouldn't have had that patience.
    But splendid review! Nothing less than caps and fangirling can describe the brilliantness of this move. And everything is just so pretty!!
    And all those pictures you found...sigh... No I do not think it absurd at all to have that picture as background (and as I currently have Ella coming down the stairs as background I'm hardly in a position to judge)
    But all in all: a great post! Loved every word of it!

    1. I know - poor thing, me. :-)
      Aww, THANKS! I know - it's not absurd at all, about the desktop. That was 100% sarcasm in it's finest. Hahah.

      ~ N

  11. Yaayyy I was hoping you would watch this movie soon so I could hear your opinion on it! Isn't it perfectly wonderful? Also, when you said you couldn't remember the other sister's name, I was GOING to comment and tell you that it was Anastasia, but I see you remembered at the end.
    We bought this movie as soon as it came out on DVD. I love it so much. Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast have always been my favorites. <3 Now I go around the house and quote it all the time. :)

    1. Yeah; I remembered. And my sister reminded me that "Daisy" is DRISELLA and not Anastasia. :-)
      Lucky you, because Beauty and the Beast will be coming out this year! Can't wait for THAT, either. :-)

      ~ Naomi

  12. I'm not a girly-girl by any stretch of the imagination, and I don't go for gorgeous gowns and sparkly, super-sweet romances like my sister, Elisabeth does...BUT I LOOOOOVED THIS MOVIE. It was pretty much perfect.

    As was this review. :)


      And thanks!!

  13. The review to end all Cinderella '15 reviews! ;D

    SQUUUUEEEEEE I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE IT. The second time I watched the ball sequence when she's making her grand entrance (THAT PART I MEAN WOW), I kept thinking, NAOMI. NAOMI MUST WATCH THIS. And I'm so happy you did and love it :D

    Wasn't the wait to watch it awful?!?! I had to wait awhile, too, but nothing as bad as you, poor dear.

    I seriously loved this review. Like all the caps and sighs and flutters and insights and pictures and butterflies and italics and EVERYTHING YES.

    Siiiiiiiiigh. I almost wish I hadn't already reviewed this movie ;)

    Thanks for this!

    1. AWWW. SHUCKS.


      Thank you for the comment, dearrr. :-)

  14. Aw no - you have to watch the classic Disney Cinderella! If just for the songs, and the cat. I did love this version though :)

    1. Maybe one day, Catherine. :-/ But seriously, after watching THIS ONE?!! I don't think anything else can top it. :-)

  15. LOVELY review, Naomi! I had SO much fun reading it! :D It was glittering and sparkling and delightful!

    ...And funny!

    "Look, his collar matches her dress. Such a coincidence. This really IS true love. That proves it. (And his eyes fit the dress too! WOW. Match made in heaven. SO match made in heaven.)" Hahaha! Okay. That was HILARIOUS!

    Oh, and I love that little insert about your fourteen-year-old brother. "Do you HAVE a brain?" Haha! :D I have a fourteen-year-old brother, too. ;)

    ~Miss March

    1. Awww, thank you so much dear!

      Haha, I'm glad that amused you. And HEEHEE, I'm glad you understand me about 14-year-old brothers. :-/

      ~ Naomi

  16. Oh my goodness, Naomi, I've been reading your post and smiling and laughing inside because you are so witty and I loved all the points you made about this movie. And then you called Kit's tights white skinny jeans and I laughed aloud.


    Okay, basically I just love this entire post. The End. It was all kinds if beautiful, dazzling amazingness. I need to watch Cinderella agaaiiinn.

    1. Aw, Natalie, thank you!!! :-D I'm glad you thought my "wit" was funny. :-P THANK YOU.

  17. This review is absolutely epic! And I didn't like the movie NEARLY as much as you did (though upon rewatching it was better than the first time I saw it... of course, the first time I saw it I was also corralling 2 small children in a movie theater who weren't really as interested in the movie as I had thought they would be... so... that kind of put a damper on the whole experience for me). Anyway, I loved this post! :)

    I always assumed that the slipper didn't change back because it got separated from its pair and thus the magic was somehow suspended... or that the fairy godmother made that shoe a teeny bit too big so that it would fall off so that the prince would go searching for her, so that she could escape her wretched life of misery... and that her true reason for appearing was NOT merely to send Cinderella to the ball, but to save her completely and reward her for remaining good and kind under duress.

    That's my theory, anyway. :)

    1. I know what you mean - I saw 'Meet me at St Louis" with a bunch of people who hated it, which made me like it less than I would have had I watched it on my own. These things happen.

      I LOVE the theory. :-D

      Thank you for commenting!

  18. :-D

    Really, that's basically my whole comment: a big, happy grin :-D

  19. I completely agree with this review! :D
    Cinderella (the animated one from 1950) was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so I was really excited about it getting a live-action remake. I had high expectations, but this movie exceeded all of them! I honestly think this version is even better than the animated one; Ella is much stronger and much more relatable in this version, the prince actually has a name and a personality in this version, and don't even get me STARTED on that blue dress! I feel so sorry for the (stupid) people who say this movie is anti-feminist or backwards or that the message is bad (how is "have courage and be kind" a bad message?! That's a beautiful message!) or that Ella is weak and a bad role model for young girls (yes, because teaching girls to be good to other people and animals and to turn the other cheek is TERRIBLE!). They COMPLETELY missed the point of this PERFECT MASTERPIECE of a movie.

  20. Finally saw this fully today.. Just GOSH


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