What gets said during P&P95

We finished re-watching my beloved Pride and Prejudice (I LOVE IT OKAY IT'S SO SO GOOD), and this time I decided to note down, for you all to see, some of the comical commentary coming from the couch. (Wow, good use of alliteration there, Naomi. Not bad.) (Unfortunately more is said than just the things mentioned in this post - but here are just some of the stuff I can remember from memory.)

Screencaps from this place here.

"They're ruining the crops!"
"Mr Darcy is winning."
"So mean, they're ruining the crops." (Yes, that got said twice. Strong opinions here.)
"So typical that Mr Bingley has the white one and Mr Darcy has the dark one."

"They're a lot of horses in this movie."
"Lizzy really likes horses."
"If I were her, I would stroke them! She just walks past!"
"Yes, she doesn't think they're special."

"Why are they wearing Napoleon hats?"
"Mr Bingley wears his hat differently than Mr Darcy."
(My family is really fashionable. A lot of serious fashion critique going on here.)

"This is my favourite scene." (What?!)

(In this scene, the footman tells Lizzy that Mr Bingley is in the drawing room.)
"How does he know that Lizzy wants to see Mr Bingley?"
"Because he's the only nice one."
"Oh yes. He just tells her where the nice one is."
"Maybe his name is Pigeon, too." (If you've seen Sense and Sensibility 95, you should get that.)

"In love."
"Oh LOOK, look. It's the dog."
"The dog Lizzy played with in the garden!"

"What on earth IS so funny about Denny?"
"They really AREN'T poor. Look at all the food!"

"What's so funny about throwing loop rings in a stick?"
"Why are they LAUGHING about that?"
"What a babyish game."

"Wow, she's walking!"
"She's actually quite young."

"He's cycling."

"What's so special about dining nine times at Rosings?"
"Yes, I wouldn't even want to go there. So boring."
"She thinks that's special. NINE times."
"So NOT special."
(We emphasize things in our household. I know.)

"He has three dogs."
"No, two."
"No, I think there were three first."
"No really, come on, there are two."
"Why does he need a candle? It's not THAT dark?"
(I was like, Be QUIET I want to enjoy Darcy being in love and dreamy and cute.)

"She sounds like a chicken."

"Hill is scared."
"Lady Catherine de Bough looks like the child-catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."
"Yes, she DOES!"

"He's smiling?!!"
"He's actually smiling WITH HIS TEETH."
"Oh no, now there's the kiss. I'm going." (I did not say this. I said practically none of these things.)
(I love how Mr Bennet is looking at Mr Darcy's big smile in this picture. He can't believe it.)

There you go - that was some of the comical commentary coming from our couch.


  1. She DOES look like the child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! O_O

  2. This was such fun to read!! Aren't families the bestest?! They say the most incredibly original and hilarious lines. It's really good for writing . . . :)

  3. I love the commentary! Ah yes, my siblings stand there shrieking when any sort of kissing is going on. They are so loud I cannot enjoy the moment. :/

  4. This was soooo sweet!! I loved it. *I might have to do this sometime*

    "this is my favorite scene" I laughed so hard at that one!!

    "She sounds like a chicken." Yes she does.

    Again, lovely post!!

    1. Thanks, Abigail! You should do a post like this, too.
      (And one of my brothers really did say that about the favourite scene. No joking.)

  5. Oooh!! I LOVED this post, Naomi! I got really excited when I saw the title, because I love hearing what other people say during movies! This post was so much fun! And funny! Seriously. It made me laugh! :D

    "This is my favourite scene." (What?!) Hahaha!! :D

    The comments about Lady Catherine walking!! HILARIOUS!!!

    And the last comment at the end "Oh no, now there's the kiss. I'm going." Hahaha!

    This was great!! Thanks, Naomi! :D

    1. Miss March, your comments make me absurdly happy - I can always count on you to make my day. :-D
      HAHA. My siblings hate the kiss. :-P

  6. The kiss is terrible to be fair. He doesn't even take his hat off :/

    1. Ahem, my dear Catherine. The kiss is NOT terrible. :-)

  7. Very funny! Hee. I always get startled by Lady Catherine actually walking out to talk to Fitzwilliam. :) And some Members of My Family generally end up making observations about the dogs during the Dreamy Dark Sitting Room @ Pemberly scene, too. (I'm always like, "Pleasepleaseplease I-don't-mind-but-please-WAIT?!? ;D) Love Mr. Bennet looking at them at the end!


  8. Haha, I never even noticed the white horse/dark horse, but that's so true and funny!
    And Mr. Bennett in that last picture :)
    I loved this post - I definitely need to see P&P again!

  9. Thanks for sharing Naomi. Some of the comments that people make during movies can be so funny. My mom and I recently watched the 2005 P+P. The comments we were making through that were rather ridiculous because the whole movie seemed like a comedy when you really like P+P 1995.

  10. This is fun! When I watch movies with a group of people, I often find the things we say more entertaining than the film itself.

    Oh my goodness, she does look like the child-catcher! How creepy!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS. Lady Catherine is secretly the child-catcher from Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang. WHO'DA THUNK.

  12. Hahaha this was so fun. :D

    "I was like, Be QUIET I want to enjoy Darcy being in love and dreamy and cute."

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA I was quite amused by that. ;)

  13. Of course, Mr. Darcy is riding the villainous horse. And of course, he is winning the (not) race. He always wins. Except for when Lizzy rejected him. That wasn't a win. But then he won in the end. Of course. Because he always wins. :D
    Note how Lizzy leaves kicking space when she walks behind the horse. Because she has been well versed in the antics of equines. I'm sure there's some deeper interpretation of how she knows how to behave around large, dangerous animals, but then she doesn't know how to handle Darcy when he is head over heels for her, but I'm too fatigued from a late night of dancing to figure it out. (Just kidding. I didn't dance last night. But it sounded good. So Austenesque. :) )
    The favourite scene. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! The guy that falls into the watering trough does a good job on that part. Makes it look not too out of the ordinary/fakey that he would dance over and then fall into the water.
    Pigeon! Haha! The Austen households just share the same footman/butler/manservant. :) But not Hill. HIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! :) Bless her heart, she has enough to do keeping up with Mrs. Bennet alone.
    The dog! I don't think I've noticed him before in the Bingley-says-good-bye-to-Jane-and-Lizzy-in-the-carriage scene! Good catch! :)
    Can you IMAGINE how awkwardly, ignorantly, overwhelmingly silly the family meals would be (if you actually had to sit through an entire one, not just catch bits of it)? Poor Mr. Bennet and Lizzy and Jane! No one cares about Mary anyway. Not even Mr. Collins...
    Kitty and Lydia do a rather superb job of laughing/giggling, don't they? Although, I might be laughing hysterically too if I was not in the immediate company of Mr. Collins. *shudder*
    Mariah Lucas is a bit impressionable and, shall we say ditzy, but she is at least sweet.
    Darcy adoring Lizzy after she helped Georgiana. *sigh* :)
    Have you seen any of the Muppets shows? Mrs. Bennet sounds like Miss Piggy. :) Not exactly flattering, but she does. Her cry especially.
    Oh wow! The CCBB child-catcher (who is extremely creepy!!!) and Lady Catherine DO resemble each other! Poor Lady Catherine! ("Poor she most certainly is not!")
    And Lizzy has finally taught Darcy to smile. :D :D :D Of course. Because they both win. :) "I am happier even than Jane. She only smiles. I laugh."

  14. Families are hilarious sometimes ;-) (Well, okay, make that ALL the time.) Hey, I think I spot a trend here--your siblings really like animals. Like, they REALLY like animals. :-)

    ARE they ruining the crops? I don't know. I don't even know if those are crops or not. (Yes, I am a shockingly ignorant city-girl. Hush. ;-) )

  15. Well that just blew my mind. She DOES look like the child catcher! These are hilarious! You're family is so funny. It sounds like my commentary when watching movies. I talk a lot and all of my siblings tell me to shut up. Some of the comments though (like leaving when the kissing happens) sound like my little brother. :)

  16. Hahaha!! This is great, Naomi! :D
    Seriously, this sounds exactly like my family watching a movie. So much fun-- thanks for sharing! ;)

  17. Hilarious! I love this. I have one sibling who can't watch a kiss without making an EXASPERATING comment.It's INEVITABLE.
    And the first time you see Lady Catherine walking!!*her theme music* I was like, DON'T HER SERVANTS JUST CARRY HER AROUND IN HER CHAIR?? Walking is beneath her dignity,no?;)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  18. Okay, so I've been meaning to comment on this ever since you first posted it, but time is just so quick I have to scramble to catch up with things. And by the time I've caught up, it's a few days late. >:/
    Yes, I've commented about the Napoleon hats before (and how Bingley and Darcy wore them differently). :D
    You know, I'm SURE one of my siblings once said 'this is my favourite scene' for that particular one too!!! (I have absolutely no commentary for this movie normally, 'cause nobody else watches it with me, and I'd look crazy talking to myself. :P)
    Haha, yup, I get excited seeing Mr. Darcy cycling! ;) I always feel like Anne Shirley when I ride my bike in a skirt, haha. (I LOVE the bike scene with Gilbert and Anne in the sequel. One of the best scenes with them two, together. Oh, and basically THE BEST scene with them is the end one of that movie.... "I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want you." Ohhh.....*sniffles* It's ssooo sweet!)
    Haha, yes, I'm sure I'm guilty of saying Mrs. Bennet sounds like a chicken. ;P
    OH. MY. WORD. She SO DOES look like the child catcher off Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!! Wow....that is....creepy. (And your siblings pick up on more things than I do, haha.)
    Well, I INWARDLY squeal "He's SMILING!" when I see that scene, although I most often say it out loud if someone is walking past. :D (It's such a grand and glorious moment in television history, it just HAS to be pointed out, you see. ;D)
    Well, I for one heartily enjoyed your comical commentary coming from your couch. :D
    ~Miss Meg

  19. Love it! Your family sounds like such fun!

  20. That's hilarious xD

    "She sounds like a chicken." Thanks for sharing this, Naomi! It was really fun to read :)

  21. Hahaha, this was so fun! Thanks for sharing, Naomi!
    "I was like, Be QUIET I want to enjoy Darcy being in love and dreamy and cute." hahaha


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