Why I love Period Drama so much.

{Many pictures are grabbed from this wonderful place.}

{Warning: There are a toooon of pictures in this post, because it's a post about Period Dramas, and you all know I get rather nuts when I come to this particular topic. So if your Internet is in a bad mood (*cough*  What am I saying, it always is) I'm sorry if all the pictures don't load properly. Come back later, because you'll want to see them all. This is a post very pleasant to the eyes, even if I do say so myself.}

An explanation of this post: WHY I LOVE PERIOD DRAMAS SO FREAKING MUCH. Here are the reasons, the explanations and futher gushing, appreciation and love-showing towards these wonderful shows and movies.

1. The fascination of another era.

I love watching stories and characters in other eras. I don't enjoy modern-set movies; I just don't like them as much. This isn't just because of the eye-candy (you know, zee frills and co, which I will talk about very very soon) it's also because it's the past and that's just fascinating to see carried out on stage. It gives us scents and whiffs of what it was like, and it sends us to a whole new realm; a whole new sphere. When I watch Emma, I'm not in 2016, I'm in the Regency Era, wearing a muslin gown and buying bonnets in Meryton, or whatever. When I'm watching Call the Midwife I'm dipped into a slice of 1956, and I live there for a minute.

And that is wonderful. I'm fascinated, and I always want to learn more about the way they lived, acted and dressed, etc.

{Period Dramas that especially dip me into another era: Call the Midwife / War Horse / Anne of Green Gables / Pride and Prejudice 1995 / Little Dorrit.}



The frills and the silk and the SWISHES. I LOVE THEM. I would watch any terrible movie if the costumes were good. (Well. Maybe not, but really. I just so enjoy watching actors and actresses in Period Costumes. They just all look so terribly gorgeous and beautiful and fantastical and majestic. Especially the rich ones, and there are always plenty of rich ones.)

{Period Dramas with especially good costumes: Belle 2014 / Downton Abbey (SERIOUSLY)/ Emma 2009 (again, just... wow)/ Cinderella / The Young Victoria}

3. This obviously includes the hairstyles and the hats.

No explanation needed, really. We just need to sit down together and appreciate the amazing wigs and hair designers and curling irons and ribbons and hats and bows. Because they're wonderful. (And a Period Drama without HATS? Is that possible? NO. LIFE WOULD BE A BLANK TO ME.)

{Period Dramas with particularly good hairstyles and hats: Wives and Daughters (some of the hairstyles are ridiculous, but MAN they are impressive!) / Amazing Grace / Again, Downton Abbey (the hats in there - *swoon*) / Emma 2009 / Pride and Prejudice 1995}

4. Everything is epic.

Seriously though. When I walk on the beach - is it epic? Is it even slightly epic? No, um, no sir. When step up the stairs? Is it epic? Nope. But whenever someone in a Period Drama even walks in his own HALL, it is epic. The shadows fall on the right places, and the sun shines in the right places, and gahhh... HOW. Sometimes it looks cheesy, but most times it looks EPIC and they wear these swishy things and the right kind of hats and ohh, I get chills.

{Especially epic movies: Horatio Hornblower / Gone with the Wind / War Horse / Testament of Youth / North and South}

5. Focus on Period Details.

THIS MAKES MY HEART HAPPY. I don't know why. But all zee details. All the shots and glances at those authentic Period pieces; whether it be a paintbrush, a close-up of a gown, a typewriter, or a wine-glass... I love it.

{Some Period Dramas that make me happy with a lot of details: Downton Abbey (I mention this a lot, haha, but there's a reason for this) / Belle / Saving Mr Banks / Sense and Sensibility (both versions, actually.)}

6. Scenery

I love that Period Dramas focus a lot on beautiful natural surroundings. People in the past did spend a lot of time outside, and especially those ones who lived in this mansion in the middle of no-where. I always love some excellent, soaring, rollicking green scenery. (Green really is a beautiful, flawless colour. Never tire of it.) (Imagine if we were sick of the colour green! That would be rather problematic, wouldn't it?)

{Period Dramas with especially breath-taking scenery: Sense and Sensibility 2008 / War Horse / Pride and Prejudice (okay okay, both versions) / Bright Star / Far From the Madding Crowd and Poldark (judging from screencaps) / The Sound of Music.}

7. The colours are just... GAH.

SO many period dramas are just VIVID with colour. Especially if they feature rich people. (Yeah, Dickens Movies might not be too colourful. Although, still, there's that marvellous ridiculously pink room in Little Dorrit, right?)

{Some especially colourful movies: Belle / Brooklyn and A Royal Night Out (judging from screencaps!) / The Paradise / Pride and Prejudice 1995 / Emma 2009 / Northanger Abbey / Sense and Sensibility / Anne of Green Gables / Saving Mr Banks.}


They do. Sooo many Period Dramas (specifically looking at you, cruel and heartless BBC) just crumple me and kill me a bit on the inside. I love it when I cry and cry and cry while watching a movie; it fills me while yet making me feel terrible and useless. It is ridiculous and wonderful and HEARTBREAKING.

(Seriously though, that gif of Testament of Youth up there almost made me cry. Just by LOOKING at it. Pathetic.)

{Particularly heartbreaking Period Dramas: Testament of Youth (wins the prize, fursure) / Call the Midwife episodes / Downton Abbey / Miss Potter / Finding Neveland / The Book Thief / Little Women.}

9. The houses.

They're just fascinating and spark up all my imagination and dreams. We have the lavish in-and-exteriors of the Crawley Family, and the marvellous grounds of Pemberly. We have darling cottages with honeysuckle gardens, and pink-patterned bedrooms. Period Dramas are filled with detail, especially with the houses. The architecture, the windows, the carpets, the way they make everything look perfect... love it. :-)

{Period Dramas with particularly good exterior and interior eye-candy: Downton Abbey / The Great Gatsby and Marie Antoinette (judging from screecaps, they are really amazing in that department) / The Paradise / Lark Rise to Candleford and Cranford (for cute-houses)}

10. Zee HUMOUR

If you know me, you know I always appreciate a good laugh. Yes, I love crying while watching movies, but Oh I LOVE the humour soooo many Period Dramas offer! All the humorous characters, all the witty one-liners, famous facial expressions and funny scenes. Some simple examples right off the top of my head? Mr Collins and his proposal. Sister Evangelina in Call the Midwife and the way she sets Chummy and Peter off on a date. The conversations between the Palmers: "I wish the rain would stop"- "I wish YOU would stop."

There is so much excellent humour in Period Dramas and I love it because I dearly love to laugh. :-)

{Period Dramas with particularly good humour: Saving Mr Banks / Pride and Prejudice 1995 / Jeeves and Wooster (DUHH) / Sense and Sensibility 1995}

11. The romance.

BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. And epic and I shiiiiiip.

I mean, NEED I SAY MORE. JUST WATCH P&P AND EMMA AND DOWNTON. (*calms down*) Seriously though, Tom and Sybil, Elinor and Edward, Emma and Knightley, Minnie and Alfie, Dr Turner and Sister Bernadette - SO MANY DARLINGS. I don't think my heart can stop bursting just thinking about these adorable, good, wonderful, real romances. I love them all so much... they fill my heart with joy. (This is my inner Mrs Jennings coming out here.)

{Period Dramas with my favourite romances: All the Jane Austen movies, but especially S&S and Emma and P&P / Downton Abbey / Lark Rise to Candleford / Call the Midwife / Little Dorrit / Wives and Daughters / Miss Potter}

12. The Quotes and the Accents

 Let us not forget the gift of Period Drama quotes that we have so graciously received in our lives. And let us also likewise not forget those lovely accents that we hear with those quotes. THANK YOU. Thank you. We owe you a lot, Period Dramas. <3

{Period Dramas I constantly quote: Little Dorrit / Pride and Prejudice / The Scarlet Pimpernel / Downton Abbey / My Fair Lady / Cranford ("I have a headache of phenomenal dimension")}
{Period Dramas with fun accents: Our Zoo (DEFINITELY Our Zoo!), Downton Abbey (especially Tom's accent), Lark Rise to Candleford ('You must unbu'un.'), My Fair Lady (of course, garn!)}

13. Dance.

I always love a good ball-room scene, or a romantic dance... and well, Period Dramas DEFINITELY have a lot of those. Matthew and Mary had the swooniest dance till Lavinia came, Beatrix Potter had the CUTEST dance in her bedroom, Emma and Knightley were the adorablest couple in the ballroom, and Lizzy demonstrated real levels of sass as she danced with Mr Darcy at Netherfield. I love them all. :-)

{Period Dramas with my favourite dance scenes in 'em: Pride and Prejudice ("Mary, play Grimstock!") / Emma 2009 / DA / Miss Potter / Northanger Abbey / And very well, very well, Becoming Jane.}

14. Zee Music

Music matters so much, and Period Dramas always go for the sweepy and SWOONY kind of music which just finishes the perfectness of it all. I love that each Period Drama has their own theme song, which one just recognises IMMEDIATELY. There's the Lark Rise song, the epic Downton Abbey song, the goooorgeous Call the Midwife theme song, and the galopping beloved Pride and Prejudice 95 theme song... <3

{Period Dramas with particularly good music: The Young Victoria / Finding Neveland / Belle / Sense and Sensibility 1995 / The Book Thief / Little Women / A Royal Night Out.}


I know, I know, not all Period Dramas have good endings (cough, The Book Thief and Testament of Youth and Downton Abbey Christmas Special no.2, cough) but ohhh, MOST OF THEM DO AND... and... I cry. :-)

I do, really. I mean, just look at the happiness - the joy - look at that gif of Amy and Arthur hugging as if their lives depend on it. I've been watching that gif over and over. :-) And those endings... so often so happy and so EMOTIONAL. I so often cry when a movie ends; sometimes because they're so happy and they deserve it SO much; sometimes because I'm sad it's over; sometimes because they look back at the death of someone in the end; and mostly because of all three reasons.

{Period Dramas with excellent endings that MAKE ME CRY because of happiness: Emma 2009 / LITTLE DORRIT / Belle / Lark Rise to Candleford / Downton Abbey (I've not yet seen the last episodes, but I KNOW 100% sure that I'm going to weep for weeks.)}

This post took AAAAGES to write, but I had so much fun and I experienced so many feels while searching all the pictures. Gah, I love Period Dramas. I'm glad I live in 2016, so I can enjoy them. ;-)

(Warning for the foreseeable future: Now I've saved millions of Period Drama pictures into my laptop, a new header might pop up. I'm sick of the one I have now; it's boring, just with one picture.)


  1. *blissful sigh*

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . this post is FUN.

    I do love period dramas, too :-) I wouldn't necessarily they're my favorite kind of movies--I don't really HAVE a favorite kind, I just like all kinds and sorts of different ones--but still, I do LOVE many period dramas. For a lot of the same reasons you mentioned :-)

    I think for me, it's the scenery and costumes, and the colors, and the romances, that gets me most of all. ESPECIALLY the scenery and colors. It's just soooooooooooooooo GOOD. (Oh, and thank you very much for mentioning S&S08 and P&P05 in those categories :-) ) I really love how each movie has its own color-scheme and all the costumes and backgrounds fit into that. Of course, other movies definitely do this well, too--I just think period dramas pay special attention to it.

    You know, you really oughter watch "October Sky." It's set in the early 1960s, so it's not precisely a Period Drama (or maybe it is? I dunno) but it's Just. So. Amazing. Like, GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It actually made me cry a teeny bit--and a movie which can do that to me is no ordinary movie, I promise you. You've got to watch it.

    (Oh, and Emma Jane loves it too. See? It's GOOD.)

    1. Thanks. :-) I KNOW. They do pay extra attention to the colours in Period Dramas. And I love that.

      Oh yes, I want to watch October Sky - but I don't think I'll love it that much, to be honest. And yes, I know you love it, and I know Emma loves it. I've been informed before. :-P

      Thanks for the comment, dear!

      ~ Naomi

    2. You might like it more than you think . . . not to sound patronizing and all that, I just really think you MIGHT like it :-)

      Because even though it's "supposed" to be about outer space and science and all that, it's really more a story about people. And you do love stories about people, so there's that :-) Basically, it's about an adorable, sweet, curious, scatterbrained teenage boy and his equally adorable but less scatterbrained friends and his gruff-and-annoying-but-actually-kind-of-sweet dad . . . and let's just say I am in Love. Because I am :-)

  2. THANK YOU. This was just beautiful. I can't even comment on specific parts of this, it's just all beautiful. Quite lovely.

  3. This is an amazing post and it makes me want to WATCH ALL THE PERIOD DRAMAS!!!!!! ;)

  4. I just started watching Downton Abbey, and I love love love it! <3

    ~Felicity King~


  5. Gah! This was such a lovely post!! :)

    Now I'm all eager for the new header! Although, out of the one-picture headings I've seen, this one is definitely a favorite, with how you did the colors so nicely and the blog title.

  6. Thank GOODNESS, Naomi, we were all DYING to know why you love period dramas so much!!!!!

    I read this post this morning while eating muffins for breakfast before going to church and gave a full commentary to Sadie (who was sitting behind me at the table) but for now I'll just say YES TO ALL. And all zee gorgeous pictures!!!!! You know which one's my favorite? THE POLDARK GIF. HIS CAPE IS MOVING. IT'S MOVING. *faints* *dies*

    Oh, and Sadie and I both really like the picture of the field with the sheep. What is that from?

    I am so so so excited to watch oodles of period dramas with you, dearest. :-)


    1. I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE THE POLDARK GIF. Like, I just put that there for you. (Well, also because it really is epic. :-D)

      The sheep screencap if from 'Far from the Madding Crowd.' Whiiich I want to watch. :-)


    2. Beautiful! I love all the screencaps you use in your posts Naomi!

  7. *cries* Yes, Period Dramas are so good. :)

    1. You are no longer under Anonymous! And you have a blog!!! :-) I'm going to check it out immediately. :-)

    (I cried literally uncontrollably for the last fourth of it, so you know it's amazingness.)

    1. Actually nooo... I haven't. :-P (Where did I say I did?)

  9. 1. Yes! Although I doubt I would truly want to live in another era, it is so delightful to watch a story that is set in another time. You get to enjoy all the good things about that era without suffering through the bad (Dickens movies not included, of course - they add in all the suffering :( ).

    2. Yes, Yes, Yes! :D Overwhelmingly gorgeous, with yards and yards of fabric used, and a fit that is spot on. This is obviously one of the good things about past eras that make them oh so tempting. :)

    3. Hahaha! I have been known to fix my hair after watching a movie. :) Of course, it isn't quite the same when you have a period drama hairstyle while wearing modern clothes, but sometimes you just do what you have to do. :)

    4. Yes! Incredibly epic! :)

    5. :) :) :)

    6. Period dramas definitely do their best to encourage tourism, don't they? :) To quote Lizzy Bennet as she was scampering about on the rocks, "Beautiful." :)

    7. Yay for color! :)

    8. Waaaaaahhhhhhhh! The realness of period dramas can tear one's heart into pieces. :( But somehow they are still lovable in spite of that. Hope, courage, and bravery rise up again. And they survive. Well, unless they are in dramas authored by Gaskell or Dickens. :D

    9. Just where would Lizzy be if not for Pemberley, would you tell me, please? Still single, that's where. :) Even the pokey old staircase and a chimney that smokes are nothing where there is true love. Wait, that really is true. True love, not the mushy-gushey stuff, but the real steadfast-through-a-disaster-of-mammoth-proportions-or-simply-everyday-real-life-stuff true love does conquer all. And I know that one of the main draws of period dramas is the whole growing-relationship-between-hero-and-heroine which typically culminates in a wedding at the end of the movie. I get that and it's so lovely to watch, but it's not the only true love that exists. Friendship can be a beautiful, self-sacrificing love, too. And after that detour, let's get back to your list. :)

    10. Oh, yes, the humor of period dramas. :D There is snark and wit and sarcasm and teasing, but it's not crude like modern humor which really isn't humorous. The Palmers are hilarious! :D

    11. *sigh* :D

    12. The accents are so much fun to hear. As an American, I am surrounded by non-British-accented people (as well as being a non-British-accented person myself) and that makes hearing the accents on period dramas even better. And the quotes are fabulous, too. (Which you sprinkle into your posts in a most delightful fashion, Naomi. :) )

    13. They make the dances look so easy even when you know there was some extensive choreography practice happening to make it look that good. :) And you can't forget the Laendler dance with Maria and the Captain. *sigh* The poor Baroness had no chance after that. :D (Except she did because the Captain went and did something silly like get engaged to her {ARGH!!!}, but then he wisened up.)

    14. Period drama music is dreamy. :) Of course they need epic music for the epic dances, but even the non-dancing music is fantastic, too. And the recognizableness of the music is a bonus. :)

    15. :) The endings that (usually) wrap everything up neatly into brown paper packages tied up with strings. :) Oh and I'm not giving spoilers (but how have you managed to avoid them about DA?!), but the last episode of DA is an almost perfectly perfect ending. There is a bit of sadness, but overall it is satisfactory. :)

  10. Basically, YES TO EVERYTHING! :) I love all the gorgeous pictures too.

  11. This post is a feast for the eyes!!!
    So many pretty pictures!

    I agree wholeheartedly with all your reasons. Period dramas are the best!

  12. Ahhh! What a lovely, lovely post, Naomi! ALL THE GORGEOUS PICTURES!!!

    I totally agree with what you said about period dramas being epic. Like, seriously! Who ever knew the simple act of walking up the stairs could be so entirely romantic? Haha. Love it. :)

    And THE ENDINGS! Oh my goodness! So many wonderful endings. That gif of Amy and Arthur is way too adorable!!

    ~Miss March

  13. Wow. This was amazing! All the time and work this must have taken certainly paid off! I've just been scrolling up and down the whole post, letting my eyes take in the stunningly beautiful pictures. Yes, and yes a thousand times to everything said in this post, especially...well, especially everything! :)

  14. This post is full of epic amazingness. A.) three cheers for Dr. Turner and Shelagh (I heart those two), B.) yay for Downton Abbey love and C.) Jane Austen rules! Love all of her adaptations. Gorgeous pictures too, Naomi. Great post. :)

  15. OKAY SO I REALLY LOVED THIS POST A LOT. I mean, I love most all of your posts (obviously), but this one especially!!!

    All the pictures, Naomi! They really are mouthwatering. Gosh.

    You know what's really sad? Anna Karenina '12 looks AMAHZING, and like it would be a good adaptation of the book, but it's got so much content :-/ 'Tis a sad thing.

    Okay, I'm not a huge fan of Little Dorrit, as you know, but THAT GIF IS SO STINKING CUTE. Daaawwwwwww.

    Basically, as I said, I adored this post--especially numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, and 15. But all of them :D

  16. Okay. This is one huge blog post, Naomi. ;)

    My computer downloaded all the photos with ease! Yay! (It DOES have its good days, I'll give it that...)

    YES. The fascination of another era! Because it's just SO jolly fascinating!

    Oohh... all those pictures and gifs of Brooklyn are really beginning to make me anxious to see it! I HOPE our library gets it in. Otherwise it will have the wrath of me to deal with.

    Ohh... that Testament of Youth gif... and I haven't even seen the MOVIE yet! OH OH OH!!! Our library just got it in!!! YAY!!! Our library recently bought a whole heap of new movies (recent releases) and heaps of them are treasures (only Brooklyn isn't among them :() and they must have got the hint they NEEDED to add ToY to it, probably because of the amount of times I searched for it on their website, heh. :P

    YES!! 13!!! The DANCES!! I LOVE those scenes. *happy sigh* One of my favourites is the one in Mis Potter ("Let me teach you how to dance...") Hey actually, I just got into a little craze with that song and one of my sisters found a gorgeous arrangement of it and she discovered that the man had them out their for download - FREE. He has bunches of other stuff too (like gorgeous pieces from Anne of Green Gables) so we now have those added to our collection. I'm so happy. :D


    Oh, you ended this post with a picture from Little Women. I loved that. :D (That movie is for sure one of my favourites. <3)

    *happy sigh* Yes. This post was so scrumptious. The end.

    ~Miss Meg

  17. Oh yes I do agree with all of these points! No one understands me when I rave about how I love period dramas :'( I especially love your point about the hats because my family laugh at me when we're watching a movie together and I comment on a lady's hat and say I wish I could wear it!
    Naomi x

  18. Such a delightful post! Nice to meet you ;)

  19. I love love LOVE this post. This end. <3

  20. Such a lovely, lovely post. I just love Period Drama's, I am love them. They are amazing.


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