You are beautiful in a non-cliché way.

Confession time: I roll my eyes at stuff like, "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL." And "BE YOU." And even the plausible "YOU ARE UNIQUE."

When I was fourteen, I used to hang these kinds of words up on my wall. I was all about the positive-Pinterest-y-Naomi's-da-bomb-because-she-says-she-is-phase. I was like 'boo yeah I'm Me' and honestly, I was getting excited about nothing. I was doing it in selfish la-di-da-feelsies and I needed those words to make me feel good. I needed constant convincing.

Then I realised that wow, God, I need to humble myself; I am a sinner; and I should not be who I am by human nature because without you, I am nothing. I still agree with all of this, of course, but I had a phase where I swung a little too far in the opposite direction. I was like, nah, we shouldn't be ourselves because what if you're selfish by nature? We should strive to be who God wants us to be.

THAT IS ALSO TRUE. We all naturally have sin and the 'BE YOU' phrase should not mean 'be who you aaaaarrree and get druuunk and steaaal and sleep arouuund because that's who you aaarrreee.' In a sense, we should, therefore, not be who we are as humans in a world of sin. We should strive to be as non-human-like as possible.

But I took this idea too far for a while, I think. We are creations of God and to disregard the 'you are perfeeect' message is saying that God does not create people perfectly. I mean, God made us unique, right? So now I'm sort of re-learning the non-cliché-ness of the cliché message: "You are beautiful just the way you are. You are unique. Be yourself."

Yes, I still roll my eyes at that. Because let's be real, it is overdone and it's pretty stupid when you forget about the Maker. It is stupid when you leave out the Very Reason Why we are beautiful and unique and the Reason why we can achieve amazing things and why we should be confident in our own quirks and our personal dreams and talents. If you're just like, drumming it in yourself: I am epic. I am cool. I am hashtag queen.... then I'm like, "OKAY. WHY."

And the reason why is God. And theeen it all makes sense. Then self-love becomes a beautiful, important thing rather than this selfish cliché thing for 'positive vibes's sake. Yes, socially, some are prettier than others. I'm not going to deny that. Some are more talented. Some are in better condition. 

But isn't everyone worth the same sacrifice of Jesus?

If you're think you're not unique and special and beautiful, then you're saying God's not a good artist. AND HE MADE THIS:

(random picture from pinterest duh)

I want to quickly change the subject and talk about mountains. I love love love mountains. There are literally no ugly mountains in the world. Each one is different and each one is wretchedly perfectly gorgeous. Why... WHY are they so beautiful? "Just because they... are." No, no, not satisfied with that answer. WHY ARE THEY SO RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS. Why did my heart fill with this swell when I stood on one last year at the Alps in France; looking down on clouds and sunshine and rocks and white tops and trees. WHY. Why is rock and tree so beautiful? WHY. Why. 

I'll tell ya why. God. It's a snippet of God's glory.

And us then? Aren't we snippets of God's glory? Aren't we? Aren't we the one creation made in God's image? 

WHAT IS WRONG WITH US. Why do we not think we are beautiful?! Unique? Each and every one of us individually and specially designed with a different purpose?!

Today I wrote a kids book. It's only 16 pages and 500-something words; with tons of blank spaces for pictures I haven't drawn yet (and will probably not be that pretty.) It's written in rhyme (bringing out my inner Dr Suess here ya know) and it's about this 'perfect' mountain who tells all the other mountains that they're not good-looking with their weird shapes and rocks sticking out in odd places, and then a girl comes along and she can't believe that these mountains believe that they're not beautiful. 

Have you ever seen an ugly mountain? Well, God has never seen an ugly person. 

That's the little moral of the story. Anyway. I made it on a whim because it is an important message, and I'm kinda proud with the way it turned out, so I'll show you the last two verses.

No matter how spotty, different, dirty and sooty 
Listen to God because He should know about beauty 
He made those mountains, and He also made zillions of stars, 
He made little lambs, colourful flowers and huge planets like Mars 
And the One that made all these gorgeous things, 
The lions, the colours, the rainbows, the birds’ tiny wings  
He also decided to make you; I know, it’s kinda bizarre, 
But that means that you are beautiful just the way you are.

Yes, you are beautiful. Yes, you should accept yourself and embrace your quirks.  Yes, you are more beautiful in God's eyes than mountains are to your eyes. Yes, you are a sinner and probably not that beautiful on the inside. But you're covered by a huge love; your worth is tons and you are crazy beautiful as a result.

But please remember who to give the credit to. 


  1. "And God looked on all He had made, and behold, it was very good."


    Hear that, all you low-self-esteem people (myself included)? God made you, and God says that you are good.

    Thank you for the reminder, old bean <3

    1. Indeed yes. :-) You're welcome, Jessica. x

  2. Okay, so this post is just a little bit awesome. (More than a little bit, actually. ;)) Seriously, Naomi, what you said here is SO GOOD! And SO TRUE! And so vitally important to remember. THANK YOU!

    "Have you ever seen an ugly mountain? Well, God has never seen an ugly person." Wow. There's just so much more meaning to life, and to every individual person, when you see them through God's eyes and not your own. <3

    Nice job writing a children's book! It sounds great! :D Thanks for a very thought-provoking post!

    1. Thank you so much, Miss March!!! Indeed God's eyes are the eyes we should look out of. :-) You're welcome!

  3. Thank you Naomi! I really, really, needed this.
    I always deny when people say I'm beautiful. I always try to change the subject when they do. I felt like we could be talking about different things. I wanted to yell, "I'm not perfect, why are you praising me!!!!?????"
    But with this, I realized that they are not praising me, they are praising God. They are saying, "Thank you for her, that you made her." <3
    This doesn't me we say, "No one can look at anything but me." But we thank God that he made us all the way we are.
    Thank you so, so, so, much Naomi for helping me understand!!!!

    1. Wow, I am so happy to hear that this blog post helped you in some way! You ARE beautiful, my dear, and it's true. :-)

  4. *sobs* this is so well written and I STILL WANNA SEE A MOUNTAIN

  5. Oh my goodness, the first part of your post is what my semester-long essay project was on the nature of man...I was saying that we had way too much ego as a human race and needed to take ourselves down a peg. And I totally agree with you...I wish you'd published this a few months ago so I could improve the wording of my argument!
    Yes, mountains are beautiful, and YES you're poem is great! And I lovelovelove you're last paragraph. Can I quote you? ;)

    1. What a cool topic to write an essay on! I'd be honoured to be quoted. Thank you for your lovely comment. :-)

  6. I'll have to agree with you, Naomi, I'm getting fed up with the "be yourself" thing too. It's equal to complacency in my book. We need to go higher, to die to ourselves before we get true humble happiness.

    Farm Lassie (Catherine)

  7. Such a lovely post dear! It inspired me. <3 <3

  8. This was beautiful. Such a wonderful point, and such remarkable illustrations - how you come up with them is beyond me!

    So thank you, God, for blessing Naomi with the gift of a creative mind. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

    P.S. Also, your children's book sounds amazing! I love Dr. Suess style books. :D And that kind of poetry is the most fun to write, haha!

  9. Ahhhh... thank you so much for this post! I, too, get a little annoyed at all the "be yourself" stuff out there... it just seems to be an excuse to do what you want without having to worry about consequences. This post is perfect. Thank you again. :)


  10. This post was just perfect! You never disappoint, Naomi.

  11. I loved reading this post!!

  12. Amen, a million times over. Just... the thoughts in here are amazing. Words cannot express what it means to me right now. :))

    Jazzy @ http://thrivinghope.blogspot.com

    1. Your comment encouraged me so much, Jazzy. I'm so glad you were encouraged by this! ♥

  13. This post was simply beautiful and so inspiring, Naomi, and I loved the little poem that you wrote! <3

  14. Dude, basically you described my own experience perfectly. It was uncanny, almost. :)

    I guess I'm still in the very skeptical-of-all-this-self-love-stuff stage. Because I have a huge issue with people embracing the BAD things about themselves in the name of "being myself." And... I don't know how to word the VERY TRUE fact that we are all unique and beautiful and precious without using cliches or phrases that could easily be twisted to mean something VERY VERY WRONG.

    That said, this post was lovely and I related to every single bit of it.

    Also the pictures were lovely. :)

  15. TRUE. Thank you, Naomi.!

  16. Naomi, Naomi, you have done it yet again. That was BEAUTIFUL (I am not making a pun, your perspective is truly beautiful to read.) I have wanted to write something along these lines for months now and just hadn't formulated the words yet, so thank you for this, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks like this :)

    And by the way, CAN YOU PLEASE PUBLISH THAT STORY?!?! It sounds awesome! I want to read it!!!


  17. Aww, I love this, Naomi. And that snippet of your kids' book is adorable! I approve. :)

  18. "But isn't everyone worth the same sacrifice of Jesus?" Great post, Natalie, and definitely something we all need to be keeping in mind more.

    Also, mountains and looking down into nature and feeling your heart swell and wondering why you feel so elated and then realizing it's God and being even happier? YAASS. We should talk sometime.


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