4 fictional characters that may have like 2 things in common with me.

First, here are three random facts I want to share with you: 1. I discovered Jack Johnson yesterday on Spotify and I just love his songs. Better Together is my favourite and I want to dance to it on my potential future wedding because I love it that much right now. 2. My grandma is friends with the film producer of Sherlock. (No seriously.) So my grandma practically hangs out with Benedict Cumberbatch. Guys, beat me. My grandma is the coolest. 3. I was in Scotland for a grand 15 minutes on Saturday. I walked in Glasgow and spotted four men in kilts. I have no pictures to prove it, so you'll have to rely on my word.

(Two sisters. Two very different personalities. I seem to be an odd mixture of both. Although I think more Elinor.)

My dear friend Eva tagged me with the four fictional characters tag (thank you!) and I've been wanting to do this thing for a while now, so here I am. Here I am, I hasten to add, before I start another busy week - this time less merrily occupied; replace spending time with fun-loving Christians with cleaning tables and emptying plates of breakfast in an old people's home - life is life, I shall refuse to complain! - I don't even know what this sentence is; let's just do the merry old tag, shall we. (I don't know why I say 'we' when I am writing this alone. You should not get any of the credit! :-P)

Okay, I thought this would be an easy job, but finding four characters that 'are very much like myself' is no easy feat for me. I told you in this blog post, I am a confusing human being. Extroverted one week; relishing in silence and just-me-and-wifi-and-notebooks-and-my-Bible-in-bed the other. Fond of poetical metaphors and nostalgic whimsies one week, mocking them in a Marilla-Cuthbert-no-nonsense-fiddlesticks way the other. However, of course, some things are generally and all-around Naomi traits (even though even those can differ and disappear for an odd hour or two), so okay. I'll try. But bear with me. I'll probably read this again next week and be like meh NO. :-P

Number Uno! The first that came to mind, in fact...

Jerusha Abbott in Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

I remember when I read this first I was 100% sure I had found my fictional twin. Of course, Judy is way cooler than I'll ever be and her letters are way more entertaining than mine will ever be, but yah, we doodle odd stuff and we pop random thoughts in random places and we like reading and stuff. Just yeah, she reminds me of me. She's quirky and I want to be quirky. (She probably reminds me of the me I wish I was.)

Secondly, the gal I see myself in muchly is, and has to be, the main character from Lynn Austin's Wonderland Creek. There's reasons my blog is named so, after all.

Alice Grace Ripley from Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin

We're both book lovers. (Although, I have to be honest! I haven't been reading much lately. Eh. I still love it though, okay.) We're both not exactly animal people. We both love the idea of adventure but when it comes to sitting on a horse eh nope that's disgusting no. We both like a bath. We both love seeing people happy. Just... Alice and I are two of the same kind of peas in the same kind of pods. (Only, I'm not blonde. Although I was as a 3-year-old. There's a little tidbit about me.)

Thirdly, my friends, I must slight Celia Garth by suggesting that we have some common traits.

Celia Garth in Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow

I MUST REREAD THIS; it's been way too long, but one thing I can remember is that I wished I was like Celia Garth. Well, I'll never be like Celia Garth. But maybe we have some things in common - maybe the sense of humour, the love of being teased. Also, the things she thinks and says I really, really relate to. Maybe in a wishful way. I don't know. I'm adding her to this list anyways. I flatter myself.

And fourthly, and this is the one I had to brainstorm for for ages - I thought of Elizabeth Bennet (but I'd never go for a quiet guy and oh, I wish I was as well-spoken as Lizzy!) - I thought of Anne Shirley (but I don't talk that much and I'm not that poetical sorry) - I thought of every Montgomery heroine because I feel like I relate to ALL of them - and then I thought, well let's just be boring and go with Jo March because I like writing and... yeah, I like reading. (Lame.)

No. That will not do. I must be original.

Valancy Snaith/Stirling in The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I alllmost did Rilla of Ingleside but I think I just did that because that book just wrenches the life outta me (I don't relate to Rilla that much actually), but you know what Valancy and I like the same guy. Barney. Kay, enough. (Also, we appreciate nice clothes and quirky outings and views and cosy houses. And we both enjoy a good joke and a tease. I think this gives us enough in common.) (Of course, our situations are very different, so it's hard to weigh.)



This'll have to do. (Maybe I should have said Elizabeth Bennet. We do have the same personality type, according to the Meyes-Briggs Personality test.) (Never mind.)

For those of you who know me better, do you think I chose a good sample of characters to represent me? Who would you have picked? Also. How are you doing, my friends? Tell me something about life. It's so funny, when you grow up, life seems to get harder and harder and better and better. That's because life is super super complex and every day we learn something more about its complex-ness. There, was was your philosophy session.

(Should I tag people? Okay, I tag any of my readers that I've met in real life and that have a blog. Emma, Sadie, Hannah... that's bout it, I think. (And you, Sarah, if you've got your blog yet!))

PS!! Oh, I just thought of a character that I relate to so much! Barbara in Call the Midwife. (Too late. Let's just click publish.)


  1. Great list! I think each character (with the exception of Celia Garth, 'cause I haven't read that yet) relates to you really well. <3 (And speaking of relations, I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR GRANDMOTHER. My siblings and I have zipped through the first three seasons of Sherlock and I. Am. Sherlocked.)


    1. Thank you again for tagging me, Eva - it really was fun!
      (My Grandma HASN'T actually met Benedict Cumberbatch. But she DOES know the producer. :-))

  2. Okay first of all . . . the photo of the little boy and the little girl is PRECIOUSNESS. I can't take it. I need to hug them <3

    Do I think these characters are like you? Hm. Truth be told, I'm only familiar with the last one--Valancy--all the others are from books I've never read. BUT when you describe them, they do sound like you, because they sound quirky and fun and enthusiastic and sweet :-)

    How am I doing? Pretty good! My weekend was ROUGH, but things are calmer and happier now. And I'm going to write more on my contemporary Snow White retelling (it's for the Rooglewood fairy tale contest), and I'm super excited about that :-)

    And something about life: Human beings are so valuable. Like, precious-stones-and-diamonds-and-gold valuable. Priceless, actually. Every single one.

    1. I know right - it's from Forrest Gump. :-)

      I really should've replaced Valancy with Barbara from CTM, on second thought. But oh well. Thanks for complement, dear. :-)

      Glad you're okay! And Aymen about yer last paragraph. :-)

  3. Aww. This was fun! :D It really is hard to decide which characters to include though, isn't it? Because for all the things you have in common, there always seems to be something you don't have in common and then it all gets really confusing. For me anyway. (Which is why I have yet to fill out this tag even though I was tagged with it way back in April!)

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this and it made me smile when you said "You should not get any of the credit!" Haha. :D

    And oh! Do you imagine Barney to look like Fisher? I'd never thought of that before, but Fisher might actually make a pretty good Barney. :)

  4. That little boy in the first picture looks a bit like Christian Bale, don't you think? (Or maybe it's just me.) (And they're reading Curious George!)

    Better Together has a very fun rhythm!!
    YOUR GRANDMA KNOWS THE PRODUCER OF SHERLOCK?!! NO. WAY. Heck, you win, hands down. I need to go out and meet me some celebrities.

    I sort of change personality too, don't worry - you're definitely not the only one!

    I'm actually only familiar with one of these - Alice Grace Ripley. Yes, she is quite similar to you! I'm really not sure who I would pick to resemble you in character. I always felt Perri from "The Sweetest Thing" was a bit like you (artsy and imaginative and likes pretty things and quite popular) but then in other ways she doesn't. And besides, I haven't read that book for aaages.
    I don't know, I'm hesitant to pick people out because you're YOU and I don't want to pick the wrong one, haha. :P

    "Tell me something about life. It's so funny, when you grow up, life seems to get harder and harder and better and better." Well that's for sure! It's really weird how it does that.

    Tell you something about life. Well... I recently discovered a girl who plays piano ragtime style and has really made me wish I could play the piano like that. (Especially 'cause I'm trying to learn "You've Got a Friend in Me".) I basically drool while watching/listening to her arrangements. Her name is Kristen Mosca and one of my favourites of hers is "Beauty and the Beast/Be Our Guest" medley. Seriously, it's SSOOOO AMAZINGGGG. Go listen to it!!

  5. Firstly.. your grandma knows Sue Virtue? (Or I've got the wrong producer)

    Secondly I'd adore to do this tag but alas I haven't met you (yet!)

    Thirdly isn't spotify great! I've got a playlist for my current book, if you were interested I could email you the link :-D

    Something about my life, well I've started a new blog and preparing to move to the country :/ I have mixed feelings about the latter.


    I am Elinor too. ;)))

    Also!! By the way!!! I read Wonderland Creek because... well because I'm trying to read all of Lynn Austin's books because she was recommended to me and I REALLY liked her Civil War series... but I especially wanted to read Wonderland Creek because DANGIT IF YOU NAMED YOUR BLOG AFTER IT, IT'S PROBABLY GOOD, RIGHT??? And I did really enjoy it, so huzzah for me!!! It reminded me supermuchly of Christy by Catherine Marshall??? Have you read that book and am I just being weird or are they ODDLY similar???? I must also admit that I was the tiniest disappointed by the ending... I wanted something a bit more sweeping and romantic... Like THE ENTIRE BOOK is setting up this romance and then she starts going out with the violinist and I'm confused and then she's like, "it never would've worked but it was fun while it lasted" and is that really a good philosophy for romance and then the dude shows up at her house and is like "Lilly said we should!" and then it ends. OTHER THAN THAT, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

    So! Thanks for naming your blog thusly/inherently recommending that book to everyone who follows your blog!! :)

    Alas, I don't know many of these characters??? But you made me add some books to my TBR so... ;)

  7. Whaaaaaaat. I don't even watch Sherlock but I sure know who Benedict Cumberbatch is and just....wow. Is this the Grandma who is married to your Grandpa who borrowed a water bottle from C.S. Lewis? Oh wait...that was probably your great-grandfather. Well anyhow, is this the same side of the family? The ones also somehow connected to the filming of Little Dorrit? (Sorry. All these random cool things you've told me are coming to mind at once. :P)

    You were in Scotlanndddddd. *dies* That is amazing. :D

    You are definitely very similar to Jerusha/Judy. *nods*

    Awww, Wonderland Creek. I need to read that again. (Also. Your collage is BEAUTIFUL.)

    THE BLUE CASTLE. <33 I'm hoping to re-read that soon, maybe on a trip my family is taking next week. :)

    1. Yep, that's the grandma who's married to that grandpa. And that's the one who saw Little Dorrit being filmed (from a distance but still.)
      Dey's cool right. :-)

    2. Ahhhh I see! Wow, then. They are definitely VERY cool. ;D

  8. Daniel Paniel Cocker Spaniel25 August 2017 at 03:44

    hello hello Naomi hello yes yes

    1. Daniel Paniel Cocker Spaniel25 August 2017 at 03:46

      you are an idiot

    2. Daniel Paniel Cocker Spaniel25 August 2017 at 03:46

      you twit

    3. Bahaha, this conversation made me laugh. ;D Glad my brother and I aren't the only ones who act like this. :P


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