Just William (2010) ~ Review

I have recently watched 'Just William' (2010) with my siblings, and we all enjoyed it a lot (more than I expected.) But still, it is not a perfect movie, and definitely not on my top-ten list (because there are so many which are far nicer.)
For those of you who have never heard about the William series, it is about a very cheeky schoolboy of about ten, who gets into mischief the whole time and so on. It's a very funny movie, and it's very well cast!

The Brown Family
William is the cheekiest boy probably ever put to screen. Unfortunately he's a tad too rude sometimes and looses his respect towards the elder generation, including his dad and mum. As me and my many siblings watched this movie, I almost began to feel afraid that my brothers would mayyybe copy that example a bit.
Luckily, they didn't. :-P
But some children might think that William is a perfect role-model, which he isn't. William is played by the very talented Daniel Roche, who- I believe- has not acted in any other movies I know of.
Some funny "Just William" conversations:

Mother: William, just to say that Ethel's in quarantine.
William: What! It's so unfair! You get to go to Africa, and now Ethel's in Quarantine! Why don't I get to go somewhere?

Father: William, you should be kind to everyone.
William: Should I be kind to Hitler?

Ethel's boyfriend (talking about Ethel with the measles): This is awful news.
William (talking about his dead mouse): Yes, it is. Awful.
Ethel's boyfriend: 'Cos she seemed all right yesterday.
William: She was. I think it was eating those berries.
Ethel's boyfriend: What berries?
William: The one Ginger gave us.
Ethel's boyfriend (Ginger's older brother): Ginger? Ginger gave some berries?
William: Yeah. He got them from his garden- she ate them all.
Ethel's boyfriend: But I heard in the village it was measles!
William: No, it's worse than that. She's dead. She died in the night.
Ethel's boyfriend: What!

Haha. I love that scene!

Another rather "silly" thing in this movie which annoyed me excessively was the boy-girl relationships between tiny little kids. It's like a romance is going on! Come on guys, they are KIDS. It
always annoys me terribly when young children go and do mushy and sentimental stuff.
Okay yes, I do it, and I'm young, but that's different. I'm in love with fictional characters, such as Mr Knightley, Matthew Crawley and Mr Darcy. That's different. MUCH different.
William normally abhors girls- he cannot STAND Violet Elizabeth, the new neighbours girl- but he likes the other side neighbours girl, who gave him the skin of a dead frog, which- according to William- was the best present he had ever received.
So to make a long story short, William is hilarious, but not a good role model. But still, I cannot help but like him.
I really loved William's mother (in all the episodes but one), Mrs Brown (Rebecca Front). Some of you may recognise her as Mrs Bennet in 'Death Comes to Pemberly' (which I have not yet watched).

I like Mrs Brown, because she so calm and handles things so wittily. For example when her oldest son Robert says he leaving house to go on strike, she says something like 'Thank you for telling me, now I know I will have to cook for four instead of five.' She didn't say that, but it was something like that.
Mr Brown was also extremely funny. He is somewhat less calm than his wife, but he always has dry and sardonic comments, and the his facial expressions crack me up completely (same about William, by the way.)

Ethel Brown, William's older and boy-crazy sister is acted by no-one else but Lily James, who is Rose in Downton Abbey. It was nice to see her as a brunette.

Ethel is similar to Rose in Downton Abbey- they both attract too many men and wear clothes in the utmost fashion. Plus both of them are slightly spoilt and giggly. Ethel had some very pretty dresses and skirts, and although she isn't in the show terribly much, she's a funny character.

Ethel annoyed me because she was a terrible flirt and only used men to get the things she wants. In one of the four episodes called 'Parrots for Ethel' she tells her two current boyfriends that she'd like a parrot.
"Marry me!" the boy on her right squawked.
Ethel looked at him, frowning.
'I-I was just imitating a parrot,' he stammered apologetically.

Like all of the three Brown children, Ethel is silly and not a role model. But as this movie is just a comedy and silly movie, it appears pretty understandable.

Robert Brown, William's older brother is- to my opinion- the worst of the three children. Again, like Ethel, he's not one of the main characters, but he does have a fairly big-ish role. He's always off to somewhere, saying he's going on strike for something, but he always comes back again.

In one funny scene with him, he is writing poetry. My brothers like to quote his stupid poetry: "Oh trees, you make me angry... because your bark is worse than your bite!"
Robert is always unhappy and negative and I really do not like him. Go away.
The annoying and very rich neighbours, the Bott family, were-- um, really... um-- special. Mr Bott whose picky wife keeps on nagging him to lose some weight, is acted by Warren Clark (he had a role in "Call the Midwives" and "Bleak House"). Mrs Bott was downright stingy and irritating, and Violet-Elizabeth their very spoilt girl who teases William excessively, was acted by the very talented Isabella Blake-Thomas.
There were some very lovely dresses in  the Bott family, especially on Violet-Elizabeth's part.

I haven't much to say about the Bott family apart from that they weren't very nice neighbours. Heehee.

There weren't any other familiar characters, apart from the head-master who was acted by Dennis Lawson (Horiato Hornblower, Bleak House and the Importance of Being Earnest).

The Music and the Scenery was very good, especially the Music. It's a vey catchy tune which our family kept on humming for weeks afterwards!
Here's the trailer for you to watch:

I'd rate this movie 7/10. I couldn't rate it more than that because of the silly characters, the disrespect William shows and mushy scenes between young children. But I must say we all enjoyed this movie, and it is suitable for younger children. It's lovely if you're sad and want some cheering up!


  1. I've never heard of this movie before, but it looks rather amusing. Once in a while I like to watch quirky, silly movies. :-) And this looks startlingly hilarious.

    William sounds hysterical. Those quotes-- BWAHAHAHAHA. "She's dead. She died in the night."

    Arrrgghhhh, yes I know, little kid romances are SO annoying! That really bothers me in books and movies. It's just so silly.

    Rose! She looks so cute! Haha, Ethel sounds a lot like Rose. Boy-crazy? Spoiled and giggly? Yep. That's Rose.

    Haha, Robert Brown's poetry is hilarious. This show just sounds so absurdly funny.

    Denis Lawson is in it!!!! I love Denis Lawson! In fact, Sadie and I were just remarking the other day about what a fantastic actor he is.

    Lovely review! If I find this at the library, I might get it. It looks awfully funny and sometimes it's nice to just watch something silly. :-) And if you say you enjoyed it, I probably would too.


  2. I'd never heard of this film before but it looks funny. Thanks for a great review! :)

  3. Oh that excessively annoys me when little children are "in love". It drives me crazy. :)

  4. Ooh! I'd never heard of this before, it looks absolutely hilarious! We'll have to watch it!

  5. Hello! I recently started reading your blog, but have never commented before! I just wanted to quickly say that I have always been a fan of the Just William books, and I love very much! At the moment I am reading them to my eight year old brother, and sometimes it is all I can do not to keep laughing as I read! However, I had no idea that they had been made into a film, so thank you very, very much for reviewing it, as I now feel as though I have missed out, and shall do all I can to remedy the situation!
    Thank you again for this delightful review, and all the rest of your wonderful posts. :)

  6. Danielle, thanks for your sweet comment! I'm glad you liked the review. At first I didn't know there was a movie of Just William either, and I had only read the books.
    When some friends of ours asked us whether we wanted to borrow the movie, I was surprised, because I didn't even know that it existed! I love it when something like that happens.

    Thank yeee so much for your loverly longggg comment. No seriously m' dear, tis so sweet of you.

    Miss Laurie, Nathalie and Sadie, thanks as well for your comments!

    Comments are my one and only weakness!


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