(#3) Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,
Today my mamma and I went to visit the Hales, a pecksy-wecksy family from down South. I must say, I'm rather appalled at the state of their home and living. I could sum up millions of things, but, to start with, they did not have a piano. Imagine, Diary - if you can imagine, for I doubt that you can - to have a life without a piano! I know I could not live without a piano. I am a very musical young lady, with outstanding talent - people say so, you know - and life without a piano seems to me horrendous, appalling and absolutely miserable. That, I suppose, proves that I'm extremely musical, does it not?
Anyhow, I was quite appalled to see they didn't own a piano. I told them so, but their faces remained listless and uninterested. Oh dear me! I was quite appalled.
Their parlour is about half the size of our hall! Imagine living in such a cramped way, day after day! Oh, that coincidentally rhymed! I am quite giddy. I'm always giddy when I accidently rhyme.
Margaret Hale, the daughter of the family is such a stick-in-the-mud! She hardly spoke a civil word and did not know anything about Paris and the latest fashions. She was insipid and dull, whilst I was cheerful and bubbly. She has it after her mother, who is pretty much the same, only even worse. My poor mother tried hard to converse with her, and I could feel her agony when Mrs Hale just kept silent. How do they manage to be so uncivilized! I am quite appalled!
And the biscuits they offered us, diary, the biscuits. From far off they looked rather pleasant, and I was gingerly looking forward to a little afternoon treat. But, diary, as the plateau with the biscuits neared my poor nose, I could smell that they were badly cooked and smelled as if they were rather out of date! I refused as politely as I could, gesturing lady-likely with my hands. I do not mean to be impertinent, but the biscuits looked positively horrible from nearby. I was quite appalled!
But of course, I am determined to remain civil and treat the Hales like neighbours, just as a civilized lady such as myself should do.
Yours truly,
Fanny Thornton
Is their any particular Period Drama/Literature person you'd like me (Naomi, not Fanny:) to write a 'dear diary' entry from?


  1. Oooooooh lovely lovely lovely! :-) well done you! Do you think pretty please you could do

    Col. Brandon or Matthew Crawley? :D

  2. Well, Evie, I'll try to give it ago, but since those characters are so 'good' and 'serious' it's VERY hard! It's much easier to write a diary entry of someone very witty/funny/silly/nonsensical/special. But thanks, I'll certainly give it a try. :)

  3. Hmmm...maybe Elizabeth Bennet about Mr. Bennet's "joke"? :P Thanks for commenting on my blog, though! Can't tell you how surprised I was that you would come BACK! Thanks a lot!


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