Weddings Galore!

I love weddings, don't you? It's always such a happy, pretty, romantic occasion. I myself, of course, being not sixteen, know my own wedding is far to go yet, (I said 'not sixteen' in order to sound like Lizzy Bennet - I don't mean to say that I think I will be old enough once I am sixteen.) and I'm happy that way. I want to be a young girl as long as possible!
But I do like thinking about weddings, as a lot of girls my age do. I love looking at wedding dresses and thinking 'this is how I want my future wedding dress to be like' and that sort of thing. Here's to some of my all-time favourite wedding-dresses in Period Dramas, Royalty weddings and whatnot!
Grace Kelly's wedding gown
Ahhhhhh. Let us just stop for a minute in our busy lives and swoon over this glorious, glorious wedding gown. This is probably my favourite wedding gown ever --- I love it SO much. Grace Kelly was such a stylish lady with exceptionally fine taste. Her wedding gown is not only modest, it is lacy, princessy, breath-taking and yet it has a simple side to it. I don't know how this dress manages to be so beautiful, but it is. It's just amazing. A lot of people have been inspired by this dress (including, I think the makers of Maria von Trapp's wedding gown!), and I'm sure I'm one of them.
Kate Middleton's wedding gown
Oh dear, this is just perfection, no? Look, I love this dress so much, it's even on my header. I think Kate Middleton was also inspired by Grace Kelly- her dress is rather similar! Good thing, of course, because this dress is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone was and still is admiring it and that's no miracle. It is beautiful. I also love the way she wears her hair down - one does not need an elaborate hairstyle - loose hair is so pretty, especially with Kate!
Marianne Dashwood's wedding gown
Although not an absolute favourite, Marianne Dashwood's wedding dress has great personality and I love it. Lined with straw, I've heard. Very original! I love all the detail and fancy gold embroidery. And I also love how she's holding hothouse flowers. :-)
Queen Elizabeth's wedding gown
Right, I know Queen Elizabeth was in the middle of the war and couldn't be picky about a wedding dress. I know many don't *love* this dress. But I don't care. I love it. I love the flowery lace and the bead-ery and the girlish design. But best of all, I love the way they look at each other. It's so obvious she and Philip were/are greatly in love. This couple is probably my favourite celebrity couple.
Sophie Hutton's wedding gown
Sophie Hutton and Dr Harrison's wedding is just the cutest! Her precious wedding dress so graciously offered by Miss Mattie looks stunning on the Sophie! Absolutely beautiful. I also really love the puffed sleeves and the LACE. I'm a bit addicted to lace at present. And the yellow ribbon around the waist is darling.
Colleen's wedding gown
Do you remember when I said that elaborate hairstyles weren't needed? Well, I take that back now. I've just been looking for some more Period Drama weddings and I've seen this one of a certain Colleen in 'Dr Quinn Medicine Woman'. And her hair looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. And so does the veil and the frilly dress, of course, but the HAIR. Love.
Cosette's wedding gown
What I love about Cosette's wedding dress is that it's not white. I mean, I love white dresses, but it's nice to have very light rosy pink for a change. So I love this colour - and, of course, the puffs.
What's-her-name's wedding gown
This wedding dress is a great favourite of mine! It appears in a Little House on the Prairie episode, on I-can't-remember-who (not a very important character). I remember when watching it, loving this dress immediately. I love the ribbon and the old-fashioned-ness... and the lace.
Mary Ingalls' wedding gown
This leads us to my next! Mary Ingalls' sweet baby blue wedding gown is simple, but beautiful!
Diana Spencer's wedding gown
All right, I'll admit it. I love this dress. I know it's supposed to be too puffy and too overwhelming and too big... but I love it. Besides, no list is complete without Diana Spencer's famous dress. This dress is amazing.
Diana's wedding dress was a puff ball meringue wedding dress, with huge puffed sleeves and a frilly neckline. The dress was made of silk taffeta, decorated with lace, hand embroidery, sequins, and 10,000 pearls. It was designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel, and had a 25-foot train.
Yes. A 25-foot train. Yes. Ten-hundred pearls. I told you it was amazing.
What's your favourite wedding gown?
Is it on this list?


  1. Beautiful post, Naomi!

    (It's early here) and as my brain is still waking up :P I don't think I can give a definitive answer as to all my absolute favorites (it's quite a list and I know I'd miss something :-)), but Grace Kelly's is certainly right near the top!!! I looove her veil! And I've actually really liked using a couple of those pictures for desktop backgrounds-- as she looks a lot like my current heroine! (My heroine has blue eyes...but otherwise the similarity is striking. ;-))

    But the dresses... I know I also like Diana's from the Megan Follow's Anne, and Emma Woodhouse's in the '09 (also a different take with its gold tones).

    Btw, where is the picture from that you used for your signature?? It's lovely!

  2. Heidi,

    I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

    I know, Grace Kelly's dress and beautiful veil deserve to be at the top of everybody's list! I like it, that you put desktop backgrounds of people looking like your characters - very charming idea!
    I still haven't done those desktops for you... very busy at the moment!

    Is Emma's gold dress in the last scene really her wedding dress? I didn't know that? I thought it was just one of her other dresses.

    That picture is from Princess Diana Spencer's wedding-- I cropped off the heads to make it look special... focusing on the dresses, you see. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  3. Ooh, I love this post! My favorites of this list are Grace Kelly's, Kate Middleton's, Sophy Hutton's, and Mary Ingalls'.
    I'm happy you included Mary's. I always loved that dress, but forgot about it until your post!
    Another wedding dress you may like is Christine's from the Phantom of the Opera. I don't know if you've seen it or not, but here's a picture if you haven't:

    Isn't it beautiful? So lacy and elegant. I love the sleeves!
    Anyways, wonderful post!

  4. Natalie, lovely to have you commenting again!

    Yup, Mary Ingalls' dress is very pretty. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves it.
    No, I've never see Phantom of the Opera, so I didn't know about Christine's wedding dress. It's very pretty, thank you for the link!
    I love the sleeves too. :) AND THE LACE.

    ~ Naomi

  5. Oh Naomi, Grace Kelly's wedding dress is my favourite. I love it. So classy, elegant, pretty, lacy... Oh it is wonderful!

    I didn't like Kate's at first, but it looked almost exactly like I thought it would. Then I noticed the embroidery on the skirt and gradually started to love it more... :)

    Did you know that even though it was after the war (1947) that Elizabeth got married she had to save up fabric rationing coupon thingies to make it. Personally I love the casual forties styles, but I don't like formal/evening wear from the thirties/forties. Her dress was also a bit plain for me. Her skirt wasn't bad, but the shape of the top is the part I have an issue with. I do like her bridesmaid's dresses. Oh, and the pageboys were adorable in their kilts!

    Have you seen Princess Margaret's dress? She was married in 1960, and I love her dress. Her veil was really pretty too. So classic. Her poor bridesmaids though...

    And I am so sorry, but as much as I love Diana, her wedding dress is far too puffy for me to like. I can see why people might like it, but I prefer simple, classic, and details (Like embroidery and lace) instead of lots of big-ness. I think her bridesmaid dresses looked absolutely charming on the younger girls, but made the older two look ridiculous!

    I just realised that this comment is too long, sorry! And it might seem a bit negative! Don't mind my negative-ity, but I am well known to be *very* particular about clothes... I thought it was a beautiful post!

  6. Danielle,

    I loved your comment!

    Grace Kelly's dress seems to be the most popular one! You are right... it's just wonderful. Perfect.

    Yes I did know that about Elizabeths dress... I love it anyway, though. But it's nice to hear your opinions!
    Yes, I think her bridesmaids and adorable page-boys were VERY pretty too. :)

    Yes, I've seen princess Margaret's dress but it's not an absolute favourite.

    Haha, I know and I understand completely! Diana dress IS very "big". I would not want to wear it, but I do like it. That's just how I am. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  7. Beautiful post! :-) I LOVE Grace Kelly's dress. She was such a stylish lady. Have you seen any of her movies? I haven't yet, but I really want to see High Noon ad Rear Window.

    And Kate's dress! I love how it's so classy and modest, and not too overdone.

    I've never seen Queen Elizabeth's before-- that's quite something. The huge veil isn't my favorite, but I do really like the dress.

    SOPHY AND FRANK!! Ah, they're just so adorable. I love the puffed sleeves on her dress.

    And you included Colleen! Did you know that's the dress Dr. Mike wore at her wedding too? And her hair is gorgeous-- but then, Colleen's hair always looks gorgeous. Her wedding is at the end of the last episode in the last season of the show, so it's kind of sad, but very sweet.

    Whoa. Diana Spencer's dress-- just, whoa. That's quite something. I don't think I'd want t wear it, but it certainly looks marvelous on her!

    This was really cute, Naomi!


  8. Em,

    Haha, another Grace Kelly lover! I know her dress is JUST. Perfect. No I haven't seen any of her movies, but the one I want to see is High Society.

    Yes, Elizabeth's veil *is* a little big. Fun fact for your day: Did you know her tiara BROKE in two on the morning of her wedding? They had to get it mended quickly.

    I know, Sophie and Frank are ADORABLE.

    No, I didn't know DrMike also wore the same dress. I saw her dress, but I didn't realise it was the same. I like it, but what bothers me is the way it slips down her shoulders. You know my opinions on that. :)

    My opinions exactly on Diana's.

    Thanks for your comment, sweetums!

    ~ Naomi

  9. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! I just LOVE all the dresses here, although Diana's is a little Poofy.. my mums was like that. I guess it was just the fashion of the time. I can't choose a favourite, but if you said "quick first one that comes to mind" I would probably blurt out ermgracekelly's! I just love it, and I think Catherine got some inspiration there dont you? Lovely lovely post!

  10. my favorites are Diana Spencer's and Kate Middleton's. is wots her name in the episode where ma and pa "get married" again?
    the pictures were amazing!

  11. I love Kate Middleton's dress! I also always thought that Queen Elizabeth's dress was pretty.

    I also liked Anne's (Megan Follows) dress.

  12. Naomi~
    Thank you! It's wonderful to be commenting again! We're finally in our new house and have internet access. Yay! :)

    I'm glad you liked it! She has many pretty gowns in the musical, but I think her wedding dress is probably my favorite.
    Haha, I thought you'd like the lace... :) I do too! :)

  13. Great list! I've got to say Kate's is a favourtie of mine
    Wow! That last wedding gown is just crazy!

  14. Hello, Naomi dear. I know this is a dreadfully old post but I really enjoyed reading it. :)
    I pretty much love all those wedding dresses you posted. Hopefully I'll get to wear one myself someday. ;)
    I do have to share another one with you, from a British series, no less. That would be Mary Watson's wedding dress from Sherlock BBC.


    (I must confess: I rather like off-white wedding dresses) And I love her veil and headpiece too. :)
    Just thought you might like that one, if you haven't seen it already, that is. :)
    Goodbye, now!


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