Happy Valentines day!

No, I don't do much for Valentines day. Actually, I don't do anything. I might write down a romantic scene for the occasion, and wear a red top, but that's as far as it'll go. And no, I am not against Valentines day - I like the festive occasion, and maybe one day, if it's God's always-perfect-plan for me to have a romantic relationship with a second Mr Knightley, I shall start really celebrating it. But now it's kind of this weird-festive-day we tend to ignore.
But still! I have scrambled up my favourite sweet-romance-scenes for you all to enjoy! I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, and I thought today was the perfect occasion to actually get to it.
I have to say, I planned on ignoring all the Jane Austen romance scenes in the post, because I've talked about these SO many times. But yeah... ignoring THIS Emma-Knightley scene? IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE. I HAD TO DO ZTIS ONE. (Eck, loads of capital letters. Beh, I don't care - it shows you how enthusiastically I am grinning and Knightley and Emma's faces right now.)
Honestly, THESE TWO.
I jest... jest... adore this scene to shatters and letter-by-letter. Her dress, his sweet words, their TENSION.
Oh, and Emma and Alex in the adorable Youtube series Emma Approved have sooo many squeeful moments that I can't pin down on one. But this one - the one with the cuuuuute explosion noise - is definitely one of them. And then the way she stares as he leaves the room.... D'AWWWW.
I adore Rose and Atticus as a couple, and their engagement scene in the little private dark hall was so adorable. I personally thought it perhaps a little too hasty, but it was Adorable with a capital A. I absolutely love Atticus, and he and Rose are SO well suited. It's a pity about his father and her mother, though. huh.
Just cuz. Yeah. Mary and Matthew will NEVER get old.

I loved Matty and Ned in Berkerly Square. There were times I wished their relationship went a bit faster (read: a LOT faster) and when I wished they'd forgive each other and so on, but seriously, those two gave me warm fuzzy feels inside. They were adorable.

There was this ridiculously romantic scene on the roof tops too. It was sooo romantic and sooo fuzzy feels-ish. :-) And I lovelovelove the way Ned says, 'Matty.' He says it like this: 'Mah-y.' Yup. These two are sweeeet together. And the silent filled looks they give each other - and when they hold hands in the park. LOVE THAT.

Every Period Drama couple with Dan Stevens as the guy is one of my favourites. Loved these two as Elinor and Edward. Great E's.

The only person who treats Amy Dorrit in the way which she deserves is Arthur Clenham. He's so sweet towards her and caring and gentlemanlike. And it takes SUCH a long time before they are finally reunited, but my word, it's SO worth the wait. The scene where those two hug and openly love each other in the Marshalsea... SO PRICELESS.

I was crying. :-) Cuz I was just soo happy to see those two happy and cuz they're gorgeous.

I can't even tell you how my insides are smiling right now. I love my favourite couples sooo much. :-)

How do you spend Valentines day?
What are some of your favourite couples?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Naomi!! :-)

    I like Valentine's Day a lot, because it's one of those holidays that's just like a normal day, only it's special. :-) It doesn't have to be all gushy-wushy romantic, of course. It' s just about love. I'll probably celebrate by writing scenes of passionate romance for the {three} stories currently floating around my head and giving other thoughts little chance to reveal themselves. ;-P And wearing red, haha. And maybe watching Belle tonight!!!

    Loved this post! I always love swooning over my favorite couples. :-) I've gotta say, of the ones you mentioned Amy and Arthur are definitely my favorite.


  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Ah yes, Mr. Knightley and Emma! I really want to see the 2009 version again....I haven't seen it in sooooo long! And squee!! Arthur and Amy just make me feel so warm and fuzzy and happy inside. They're SO adorable.....
    But we covered this already. ;)

  3. Ack! I didn't know Rose was getting engaged! (We are only part way through Downton Abbey Season 5 in the U.S.) That's great, though! And lovely post...as usual!:)

  4. I'm sitting here grining like a huge idiot in the middle of our musical break.. (On my phone)
    This is PERFECT! I will be back later with a loooooooong ocmment for this post deserves such splendour

  5. Emma, of you have three stories currently floating around your head? I'm surprised. I always thought you stuck with one.
    Just kidding. :-P I'm not surprised you have three. :-)
    Ohhh, please tell me what you thought of Belle. It looks SOOO good. Yes, swooning over couples is fun indeed. :-)

    Natalie, yes, we have covered Amy and Arthur, haven't we? Me too - I have to see the 2009 version again, because it's been a year (and that's too long.)

    Abby, oh dear! I hope I haven't spoilt anything for you! But yes, she does, and it's adorable. As Season Five goes on, it get's better. :-)

    Evie, aww thanks! I'm looking forward to your long comment!

    ~ Naomi

  6. Ooh, the engagement episode of Downton Abbey came out Sunday night. It was lovely! I think Rose's dress and hair that night was the prettiest I've ever seen in the series!

  7. Oh, this is glorious, dear. What movie are Rose and Atticus from, by the way? All the ones you picked are soooo good. And haha, 'you're officially juvenile'. I wuv dem too!! :-)
    ~Miss Elliot

  8. Yay for Ned and Matty! Hardly anyone I know has seen that little show. SO happy to meet a fellow fan! I love those two. And YES! That rooftop scene? The handholding scene at the park? The way he looks at her? *melts* :)

  9. Oh YOU KNOW NED AND MATTY, you know ned and matty?!!! I'm so happy. :-) I thought I only knew them. AREN'T THEY THE SCRUMPTIOUSEST COUPLE EVER? :-)


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